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December 11, 1989

House Interior Subcommittee on Insular

and International Affairs House of Representative

Subject: Public Hearing Test imony on the

Commonwealth Act of Guam in Hawaii

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Insular and International Affairs:

I am here today to participate with my fellow people of Guam to plead our rights to self determination before this august body of the U.S. Congress. Wr, the American people from Guam have passed the Commonwealth Act expressing our desires and firm believe that we are ready, willing and able to self govern, just like our brother and sisters in the "Commonwealth of the Northern



support of our


initiative recognizes

America's guidance and assistance for almost a century to bring Guam to economic, social, and political adulthood competent and eager to assume her placr in the world society. I earnestly appeal to all of you to act favorably and speedily in the passage of Guam's Commonwealth Act.

My name is Carl J. c. ? juon.

I was born after World War II

in in the village of Barriga ia, Guam. My parents, Juan Upingco Aguon (deceased) and Maria Castro Aguon are both indigenous to Guam. I have eight (8) Oty brothers and sisters most of which are residing on Guam an Others in the continental U.S.A. I reside with my wife and fouildren on Guam.

My mother and father : * always spoke proudly and joyously

of the American occupation prior to World War II and after the

war as American citizen.

They instilled in us a deep and abiding

sense of "American Heritage and Values."

America is a great and

beautiful nation, I remember them repeating, because her heart is

pure, she is a democracy and protect and defend freedom, liberty, social and economic equality and justice world wide.

My father fought along side U.S. forces in the mop up operation as a combat Patrol Sergeant leading a troop of about sixteen (16) Guamanians seeking Japanese stragglers immediately after the invasion. His gallantry in combat for his island and freedom he was awarded the "Silver Star" by the United States Arm Forces.

My mother who was a school teacher for several years prior to the war gave up her profession so she can provide a motherly home for her then three children. She strongly believes that rearing her sons and daughters is far more important and rewarding than a professional career.

The mother in a home, she often tells us, provides the foundation upon which children develop strong moral, ethical, and social values that will make them become good members of our society. This task was not easy especially during the Japanese occupation and several years after the war. It took tremendous

courage and commitment, and above all, LOVE. Yes, my mother

loves us so very much that her love continues to nourish us not

only in our respective endeavors but as parents as well.


is like a child of the United States of America. Like


father she taught us to be self reliant and responsible. She defended us against invaders and freed us from their tyranny. Like a mother she treated us with love and affection. She milked us with nutriments that made our bodies healthy and strong. She taught us moral values and ethical conduct that made us good


citizens of the world.

And like children who go through stages of growth and development with its joys and sorrows, peaks and valleys reach adulthood prepared to face the world independently. Guam has grown and matured and has achieved the economic, social, and political threshold that she is now ready to leave the American family and assert her self determination.

Do not fear for your genre for America has bestowed in her

genes the imprint of democracy: in her heart the love of freedom

and liberty and in her body the permanent hunger for peace and

justice. Give to your child what is her inalienable right of self determination and the pursuit of happiness.

Listen to your sons and daughters as we present our

petition. Please do not treat us like little children though we have your economic, social, and political blood flowing within our veins. But give to us your encouragements and blessings that we may become, just as America has since it cut the umbilical cord of the "Mother country" and declared her independence, equal peoples of the earth. Si Yuus Maase, Thank you yery much and God Bless all of us., que creur Carl J.C. Aguon 132 Capitan Reyes St., Barrigada, Guam; Tel.: 671-734-3234

Statement of

Soledad A. Lujan,

Chairperson, Membership

Committee, Guam Association of Retired Persons, before the House


and International Affairs Subcommittee at Honolulu,

Hawaii, 11 December 1989.

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee: I am grateful and honored to be here to testify in support of the proposed Commonwealth Act for Guam. My name is Soldedad Anderson Lujan, a native chamorro of Guam. I am here in behalf of the Guam Association of Retired Persons to present to you a resolution going on record in support of the proposed


Act. With your permission,

I would like to read

the resolution.

Thank you again and hope you give this matter your kind attention and consideration.


of the


WEREAS, the government and the people of Guam are seeking a changed political and economic status in association with the United States of America, and

WHEREAS, the House Interior Subcommittee on Insular and International Affairs is seeking public comment on the provisions of H.R. 98, otherwise known as Guam's Commonwealth Bill, and

WHEREAS, the members of the Guam Association of Retired Persons 're both intimately familiar with the experiences of the Island of Guam under the colonial administration of the United States ind directly impacted by the current and prospective political and economic status of the island, and

WHEREAS, the members of the Association are whole-heartedly supportive of Guam's efforts toward political and economic change, and have been carefully following the events surrounding Guam's efforts in support of this change.

HOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Guam Association of Retired Persons does hereby express its full and undivided support for each of the provisions of the Guam Commonwealth Bill, and calls upon the Congress of the United States to expedite its passage in order to relieve the Island of Guam from the adverse effects of its status as a possession, and encourages a full partnership between Guam and the Federal Government through the adoption of Commonwealth; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution shall be transmitted to Congressman Ron de Lugo, the Chairman of the House Interior Subcommittee on Insular and International Affairs, at their first, historic hearing on H.R. 98 in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 11, 1989.


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