Decisions of the Superintendent of Common Schools of the State of New York

Croswell, Van Benthuysen & Burt, 1837 - 479 páginas

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Página 422 - To lease the same for such time not exceeding twentyone years, and upon such conditions as they shall deem expedient.
Página 379 - Whenever the site of a school house shall have been changed as herein provided, the inhabitants of the district entitled to vote, lawfully assembled at any district meeting, shall have power by a majority of the votes of those present, to direct the sale of the former site or lot, and the buildings thereon, and appurtenances, or any part thereof, at such price, and upon such terms- as they shall deem...
Página 428 - In case any person shall refuse or neglect to pay the tax imposed on him, the collector shall levy the same by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of the person who ought to pay the same, or of any goods and chattels in his possession...
Página 380 - ... district, in the same manner as if the same had been authorized by a vote of...
Página 403 - Taxes for the time being, who are hereby empowered to employ all such officers or other persons, and to do all such other acts and things, as may be...
Página 383 - Every person owning or holding any real property within any school district, who shall improve and occupy the same by his agent or servant, shall, in respect to the liability of such property to taxation, be considered a taxable inhabitant of such district, in the same manner as if he actually resided therein.
Página 118 - In other words, as the cases universally hold, a statute specifying a time within which a public officer is to perform an official act regarding the rights and duties of others is directory...
Página 428 - Every collector, upon receiving the tax list and warrant, shall proceed to collect the taxes therein mentioned, and for that purpose shall call at least once on the person taxed, or at the place of his usual residence, if in the town or ward for which such collector has been chosen, and shall demand payment of the taxes charged to him on his property.
Página 364 - Plans for the improvement and management of the common school fund, and for the better organization of the common schools ; and, 4. All such matters relating to his office, and to the common schools, as he shall deem expedient to communicate.
Página 423 - To render a just and true account of the proceeds of the sales, and the interest on the loans thereof, and of the rents and profits of such gospel and school lots, and of the expenditure and appropriation thereof, on the last Tuesday next preceding the annual town meeting in each year, to the board of auditors of the accounts of other town officers.

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