Love for Love. A Comedy: Acted at the Theatre in Little-Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, by His Majesty's Servants

Jacob Tonson: and sold, 1704 - 78 páginas

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Página 16 - But my inclinations are in force. I have a mind to go abroad, and if you won't lend me your coach, I'll take a hackney or a chair, and leave you to erect a scheme, and find who's in conjunction with your wife.
Página 21 - Hum — truly I don't care to discourage a young man, — he has a violent death in his face; but I hope no danger of hanging.
Página 35 - Dick ! body o' me, Dick has been dead these two years. I writ you word when you were at Leghorn. Ben. Mess, that's true. Marry, I had forgot. Dick's dead, as you say — well, and how ? I have a many questions to ask you.
Página 60 - I am no married man, and thou canst not lie with my wife. I am very poor, and thou canst not borrow money of me. Then what employment have I for a friend?
Página 37 - Nay, you say true in that, it's but a folly to lie. For to speak one thing, and to think just the contrary way, is, as it were, to look one way, and to row another. Now, for my part, d'ye see, I'm for carrying things above board, I'm not for keeping any thing under hatches, — so that if you ben't as willing as I, say so, a God's name, there's no harm done.
Página 17 - I defy you, hussy ! but I'll remember this, I'll be revenged on you, cockatrice ; I'll hamper you. — You have your fortune in your own hands, — but I'll find a way to make your lover, your prodigal spendthrift gallant, Valentine, pay for all, I will.
Página 77 - Had I the world to give you, it could not make me worthy of so generous and faithful a passion. Here's my hand ; my heart was always yours, and struggled very hard to make this utmost trial of your virtue.
Página 65 - I have warm blood about me yet, and can serve a lady any way. Come, come, let me tell you, you women think a man old too soon, faith and troth, you do! Come, don't despise fifty; odd, fifty, in a hale constitution, is no such contemptible age.
Página 76 - Tis true, you have a great while pretended love to me; nay, what if you were sincere? Still you must pardon me if I think my own inclinations have a better right to dispose of my person than yours. SIR SAMP. Are you answered now, sir? VAL. Yes, sir. SIR SAMP. Where's your plot, sir? and your contrivance now, sir? Will you sign, sir?
Página 69 - I'm as tired as any thing in the world. Tait. O pox ! how shall I get rid of this foolish girl ) [Aside. Miss P. O, I have pure news, I can tell you pure news — I must not marry the seaman now — My father says so. Why won't you be my husband ? You say you love me ! and you won't be my husband.

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