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1025 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Win Nov. 11 Passports: The forms of application for passports
chester (No. 108).

general, and do not preclude other tests of citi.
zenship by the minister; a passport to be re.
fused to expatriated Americans ; manner of fill-

ing a blank by children of naturalized parents. 1036 Mr. Winchester to Mr. Bay. | Nov. 28 | Passports : Requests to know whether the lega. ard (No. 173).

tion is right in keeping the old passports of ap

plicants when new ones are refused them.
1027 Same to same (No.174)..... Dec. 9 International Copyright Convention: Russia, Hol.

land, Greece, Austria, the United States, and
Sweden and Norway not parties : importance
attached to the refusal of the United States to
sign the convention; the bureau not yet organ-

1028 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Win- | Dec. 15 Passports: Old should have a pen stroke drawn
chester (No. 111).)

through the signatures, "canceled" written on

their faces, and be returned to the bolders. 1029 Wr. Winchester to Mr. Bay. Deo. 15 Political: Organization, duties, etc., of the Bun. ard (Wo. 176).

desrath or Swiss Federal Council.
1030 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Win- | Dec. 19 Protection of the American consulate at Zurich,
chester (No. 113).

when threatened by anarchists, by the Swiss
Government; the appreciation of the Depart-

ment to be expressed.
1031 Mr. Winchester to Mr. Bay. Dec. 22 Pasaport for Mrs. Weiss, a native of Switzerland,
ard (No. 178).

whose husband, a naturalized American citi.
zen, deserted her, and who is now a pauper and
insano; a passport asked for her by the can.
tonal ministry of Zurich; probability that it is
intended to return her to the United States;

instruction requested.

1032 Mr. Bayard to Mr, Win. Jan, 5 Passport for Mrs. Weiss: The case similar to that
chester (No. 116).

of Mrs. Blumenthal; her continued residence in
Switzerland since her desertion by her husband
in 1880 revived her Swiss domicile; if a Junatic
at the time, the local guardians could have

1003 Mr. Winchester to Mr. Jan. 31 Anarchist refugees numerous and violent: Three
Bayard (No. 188).

leaders expelled from Switzerland; other expul.
sions expected if quiet is not restored, and the
Zurich municipality requested by the federal
council to superviso publication of the Socialist

1034 Same to same (No. 190).... Feb. 13 Passport for Mrs. Weiss: Her husband reported

to be alive in America; inquiries requested to
be made for him by the Swiss minister; Depart-
ment, after inquiry as to the husband, orders a
refusal of a passport; instructions asked, in case
her stay abroad was involuntary, as to the law
giving the wife the citizenship of the husband,
if Mr. Weiss be alive, and as to the etfect of his

life or death on her citizenship.
1035 Samo to same (No. 191).... Feb. 17 | Political: The Swiss Confederation; review of

its constitutional, cantonal, and Federal juris.

1036 Mr. Bayard to Yr. Win. Mar. 19 Passport for Mrs. Weins: No necessity for con.
chester (No. 129).

sidering the supposititious case put; the only
use of a passport for her would be to send her to
the United States, where she would be without

friends or support.
1037 Same to same (No. 130).... Mar. 22 Mormon emigration to the United States: Emi.

gration agents actively at work in Switzerland;
representations to be made to the Swiss Gov.
ernment to prevent Mormon emigration to the
United States; such emigration probably in vio-
lation of the statute against the iniportation of
contract labor; suggestion to be made to the
Swiss Government that endeavors be made to

secure evidence on this point.
1038 Mr. Winchester to Mr. | Apr. 20 Anarchists in Zurich: Four of their leaders ex-
Bayard (No. 210).

pelled from Switzerland.
1039 Same to same (No. 212)... Apr. 21 | Mormon emigration to the United States: Co.

operation to prevent einigration and discover
the agreements made by the emigrants promised
by the Swiss Government; emigration laws re-

vised and made more strict.
1040 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Win. May 11 Mormon emigration to the United States: Mr.
chester (No. 137).

Winchester's course in presenting the case to

the Swiss Government approved.
1041 Mr. Winchester to Mr. Aug. 17 | Congress of the Institute of International Law
Bayard (No. 230).

to meet next at Lausanne; list of subjects to
be discussed.





1533 1534



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1042 Mr. Kloss to Mr. Bayard... Aug. 13 Industrial Property Convention: The adhesion of

the United States, with the reservation in the
protocol of 1880, notified to the other Govern.
ments; request of the French Government to
know the position of the United States, under
the Constitution, in regard to trade marks: the
answer to which was sent, defining the position :
the French Government not satisfied. Is the re-
striction in the law of 1881 in regard to marks,
which consist merely of a name, applicable to for.
eigners in the United States ! Such marks recog.
nized by the convention; answer requested :
the law of 1881 can not be maintained in regard
to the States; it is a Federal ordinance, and can

be changed by Congress. 1043 Same to same..

Aug. 20 Prepayment of diplomatic and consular corto

spondence: Circular note on the subject from

the federal council inclosed. 1044 Same to samo...

Sept. 13 | Industrial Property Convention : Interpretation

given by others of the reservations under which
the United States acceded to this convention, an
explanation of wbich was requested from the

1045 Mr. Adee to Mr. Klogs..... Sept. 16 Prepayment of diplomatic and consular corre.

spondence: All such correspondence wholly
prepaid by the United States; correspondence
with the postal administrations of the states of
the Postal Union franked according to treaty;
the arrangement proposed not considered ad.


1046 Mr. Frey to Mr. Bayard.... Jan. 5 Trade-marks: The treaty of 1885 between Swit-

zerland and the United States not ratified by
the Senate; the approval or disapproval of the

Senate regnested to be obtained.
1047 | Mr. Bayard to Mr. Frey.... Jan. 11 | Industrial Property Convention: The power of

Congress in regard to trade-marks not free from
doubt; an opinion will not be expressed pend
ing judicial decision; trade-marks registered
according to the statutes on the subject; a de-
cision of the legality of the statute can be ob-
tained by appeal to the courts; the treaty.
making powers of Congress; general power over
trade-marks, etc., not passed upon by the decis.
lun of 1879; an opinion from the Executive with

out legal weight, but possibly misleading.
1048 Mr. Frey to Mr. Bayard.... Jan. 31 Industrial Property and Literary and Artistic

Conventions : Note in regard to their manage

ment from the Swiss Federal council inclosed. 1049 | Same to same.............. Feb. 18 Literary and Artistic Works Convention: Com.

munication from the Federal council in closed. 1050 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Frey.... Mar. 17

Mar. 17 | Trade-inarks: The treaty between Switzerland

and the United States prepared by Mr. Bayard's
predecessor and not submitted to Congress; the
question raised under the Industrial Property
Convention; the power of Congress in the mat-
ter in doubt; legislation and judicial decision :

the treaty not thought necessary or advisable. 1051 | Mr. Rives to Mr. Kloss...../ June 23 | Industrial Property and Literary and Artistic

Works Conventions: Arrangement for the
economic administration of the two unions ap.

1052 Mr. Bayard to Dr. de Cla- Nov. 28 Death of President Hertenstein: Sympathy of

the United States.










1053 Mr. Barard to Mr. Straus Oct. 31 | Expulsion of Jews from Palestine: Copy of a dia.

patch from the United States consul at Jerusa-
lem, covering a communication from the goy.

ernor of Palestino inclosed.
1054 Same to same (No. 53)...... Nov. 2 American missionaries in Turkey: Copy of a let-

ter from the American Board of Commissioners
for Foreign Missions commendatory of the De-
partment's and legation's action inclosed.


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1065 Mr. Stras to Mr. Bayard Dec. 5 Seizure of a book on Mormonism, published with.
(No. 46).

out authorization: Requested by the Turkish
Goveromept to instruct the consul.general to
assist in entering the house of ladje, an Ameri.
can, to seize the book; the instruction gives ;
translation of a note verbale from the Sublime
Porte; copies of dispatch to Mr Pringle and

bis replv inclosed.
1056 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Straus Dec. 7 Petroleum: The Russian Government reported

to be tndenvoring to obtain exclusive concession
for the erection of tanks for Russian petroleum;
investigation to be made, and American inter-
ests protected; Mr. Cardwell similarly in.

structed; copy of Mr. Flagg's letter inclosed
1057 Mr. Stranss to Mr. Bayard Dec. 27 Regulations concerning public instructions pro-
(No. 47).

posed placing obstacles in the way of foreign
schools in the empire: opposed by all the for.
eign ministers; translation of the regulations
and Mr.Straus's memoranda to the Turkish min-

istry inclosed.
105 Same to same (No. 49). Dec. 30 Missionary schools in Syria and the Vilayet of

Adana closed; disposition in the empire to
obstruct missionary teaching; permission ob.
tained to open the Syrian schools if the curricu.
lum, text-books, and teachers' certificates be
submitted to local authorities; missionaries fail
to comply with the reqnirements; an arrange-
ment anticipated : schools of Alana closed on
account of alleged lack of authorization; tele.
gram sent br the grand vizier to the goverbor.
general of Adana to allow them to open; permis.
sion to make a tour in Syria and Adana re.
quested; copies of dispatches from Consul-Gen.

eral Pringle and Consul Bessinger inclosed.

1039 Same to same (No. 52)...... Jan. 5 Petroleum: The Porto has no knowledge of the

proposed concession to Russia for the erection of
tanks ; a communication to the Egyptian Gov.
ernment on the subject promised; copy of note

verbale to the Porto inclosed.
1060 Same to same (No.56)...... Jan. 17 Archæological explorations : Permission to make

explorations, formerly given to all, withdrawn,
because of its abuse; explorations being con-
ducted by the Turkish Government; foreign
societies allowed to take articles not wanted by
Turkish museum; scientific explorations will

be favored.
1061 Mr. Bavard to Mr. Strans Jan. 28 Missionary schools in Syria and Adana: Action
No. 67).

in regard to approved; permission given for a

tour through Syria and Adana.
102 Mr. Straus to Mr. Bayard Jan. 28 Expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem: The limit of
(No. 57).

the stay of Jews at Jerusalem exteniled to three
months; the prerention of conflicts between
Jews and Christians and tho rumored intention
of Jews to seize Palestine alleged as the reason;
the grand vizier promises to consider the case of
the oxpulsion of American citizens in view of
treaty stipulations: United States consul in.
structed to report all cases, the British am bag.

salor agrees with Mr. Straus's views.
1053 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Straus Feb. 3 Regulations concerning public instruction in Tur.
(No. 70).

key, Mr. Strans's course in opposing, approved. 1964 Mr. Strang to Mr. Bayard Feb. 18 Missionary schools in the Vilayet of Allada re. (No. 61).

opened in obedience to the order of the grand

vizier. 105 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Straus Feb. 21 Expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem, Mr. Straus's ! (No. 74).

protest against, approved.
1656 Mr. Strans to Mr. Bayard Feb. 24 Customs immunities previongly enjoyed by mis.
(No. 63).

sionaries in Turkey lately restricted: Note rer.
bale to the Porte formulated by the dragomans
of the foreign legations; similar notes sent by
most of the legations ; copy of note of American

legation inclosed.
10. Same to same (No. 64).... Feb. 27 Eviction of the cavasg of the United Stateg consu.!

late at Jerusalem from his bouse: The granit
vizier of opinion that he has the right of domi.
cile of an American citizen, and an explanation
asked of the governor of Jerusalem.



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1888. 1068 Same to samo (No. 65)...... Feb. 27 Passport regulations in Turkey: The dragomans 1563

of the foreign missions formulato a note rerbale
objecting to them; copy of Mr. Straus's note

verbale to the Porte inclosed. 1069 Same to samo (No. 66


Protection of naturalized American citizens who 1563

return to the pative country: Copy of corre

spondence with Mr. I. L. Barton inclosed. 1070 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Straus Mar. 5 Expulsion of Jows from Jerusalem : A commu. 1566 (No. 78).

nication from Mavroyeni Bey on the sub.
ject, stating that passports are given only to pil.
grims and a further permis de séjour required ;
creed distinctions of American citizens not re-
cognized ; acquiescence in the requirement of a

declaration of religion impossible. 1071 | Same to same (No. 81) .... Mar. 13 Customs immunities of missionaries, Mr. Straus's 11568

note protesting against the abridgment of, ap.

proved. 1072 Same to same (No. 84)......Mar. 17

Mar. 17 | Eviction of the cavags of the United States con- 1568

sulate at Jerusalem : Letter from the consul
giving particulars of the case; treaties and
agreements with Turkey in regard to extrater.
ritoriality of employés; was the carass employed
when the suit was begun! Unwilling to stretch
the extraterritoriality of natives employed by
United States legation and consnlates, and un
willing to instruct Mr. Gilman that real estate
of Ottomans employed as guards at United
States consulates is taken out of Turkish juris.
diction; position of the Turkish Government
to bo ascertained ; copy of Mr. Gilman's letter

inclosed. 1073 Same to samo (No. 83)...... Mar. 20 | Eviction of the cavass of the United States con 1572

sulate at Jerusalem : Informal presentation of

the case to the grand vizier approved. 1074 Same to samo (No. 88)...... Mar. 23 Passport regulations: Complaint received from 1572

consulat Jerusalem of harsh application of them
in Palestine; copy of the consul's dispatch and

Department's answer inclosed. 1075 Mr. Straus to Mr. Bayard Apr. 5 | Extradition of H. A. Proios: Note verbale received 1573 (No. 68).

from the Porte claiming Proios to be a Turkish
citizen: Mr. Proios holds a passport granted in
1887 in place of ono from the State Department
dated 1871; information in regard to Proios's

naturalization desired.
1076 | Mr. Bayard to Mr. Straus | Apr. 14 Missionary schools: Copy of dispatch from consul

1574 (No. 92)

at Sivas on the attitude of Turkish provincial

authorities in regard to, inclosed. 1077 | Mr. Straus to Mr. Bayard Apr. 24 Missionary schools re-opened: Tour through the 1581 (No. 69).

empire; courtesy met with; good understanding
between the governors-general and United

States consular officers. 1078 Mr. Bavard to Mr. Straus Apr. 25 Extradition of Hercules A. Proios: No valid 1582 (No. 95).

ground for remonstrance against the Turkish
Government's action; Proios, apparently by
long residence in Turkey, has renounced his
American citizenship; proof to the contrary to

be carefully considered. 1079 | Mr. Straus to Mr. Bayard | Apr. 30 Extradition of H.A. Proios: Note verbale from 1583 No. 71).

the Porte requesting that the United States con.
sul at Odessa be instructed not to oppose the
extradition of Proios; the Porto informed that
the legation had no jurisdiction, and would re-
fer tho matter to the Department; advises its
being made a condition that Proios be tried by
United States consul unless not naturalized;

copy of the Porte's note verbale inclosed. 1080 | Same to same (No. 77)...... May 9 | Missionary schools: All except ono reopened ; 1584

copy of dispatch from Consul Bissinger inclosed. 1081 Samo to same (No. 78)......May 9 | Archäological explorations: Norelaxation of the 1584

Turkish law in regard to explorations and ex.
cavations obtained by European archaeologists;
little hope of obtaining any for Americans ; du.
plicates of discoveries obtainable through
Hamdy Bey; support promised by the grand
vizier in obtaining the Porte's permission for
excavators to retain a portion of their discoy.
eries ; translation of Turkish law on the sub-

ject inclosed. 1082 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Straus | May 17 Extradition of HI. A. Proios: No. 71 received ; con- 1588 (No. 96).

sul at Odessa called upon for information.

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1083 Yr. Straus to Mr. Bayard May 19 Expulsion of Jews from Jerasalem is in obedience
(No. 80).

to orders of the Porte: The English and French
ambassadors instructed to protest against; im.
mediate protest made by Mr. Straus in view of
the reference of the matter to the Porte's legal

advisers; copy of note to the Porte ioclosed. 1081 | Mr. Bayard to Mr. Straus | May 24 Missionary schools and tour, No. 69, in regard to, 1 (No. 101).

received: the portion relating to the reopening
of the schools printed in Consular Reports and
forwarded to missionary societies; acknowl.
edgments of the Department for ability and

tact displayed
1085 Yr. Strans to Mr. Bayard May 25 Expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem : Copy of

English minister's note, and translation of the
French minister's to the Porte in regard to, in.

1086 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Straus May 31 Eviction of the cavass of the consulate at Jeru.
(No. 104)

salem: Mr. Gillman writes that the appoint-
ment of the cavass was bona fide, that a special
permit is not always required, and its absence
was cured by the certificate recognizing Kassas
as consular cavass and exempting him from
mintary service; copy of Mr. Gillman's dispatch

1057 Same to same (No. 107)..... June 5 Expulsion of Jews from Palestine: Mr. Straus's

presentation of the matter to the Turkish Gov

eroment approved.
1088 | Mr. Straus to Mr. Bayard Tune 8 Joint-stock companies: Translation of a note ver-

bale from the Porte inclosing a regulation in
regard to joint-stock companies, and copy of a
note verbale identique sent in reply by the Amer.

icap and other legations inclosed.
1080 Same to same (No 87)...... June 8 Printing offices, New Turkish law in regard to,

conflicting with the rights of foreigners ; evi.
dence of jealousy of foreigners; protest of the
legations; translation of the law and copy of
note verbale identique sent by the legations to

the Porte inclosed.
109 Mr. Bayard to Mr. Straus June 28 Printing.otlice regulations of Turkey, Note ver.
(No. 115).

bale objecting to, approved ; Article V, requiring
the renunciation of the right to the protection
of his legation, chiefly objectionable; similar
Mexican and South American laws; such a con.

dition not recognized by this Government. 1091 Mr. King to Mr. Bayard Sept. 1 Execution of consular judgments, the disposi. | (No. 103).

tion of the foreign missions is to accept the
Porte's regulation in regard to; copy of the col.
lective notes on the subject sent by all the for-
eign missions, and the Porte's reply, covering

the regulations, inclosed. 1082 Same to same (No. 109)..... Sept. 11 | Eviction of the cavass of the consulate at Jeru. |

salem: The manner of the eviction doubtless
unwarranted, but Mr. Pringle's suggestion will
be adopted and no action taken without in.
structions; note to Mr. Pringle and his reply

1093 Same to same (No. 112)..... Sept. 18 Extradition of H. A. Proios: Notes to Porte, ask.

ing, at the consul-general's request, the evidence
against Proios, not answered; intention of the
Porte not to give evidence made plain at inter-
view ; Proios refuses to be examined by the
sanitary commission; two notes from the Porte,
requesting such examination, answered that
Proios could not be forced to answer; copy of
correspondenco with Consul-General Pringle

and the Porte inclosed.
1094 Mr. Bayard to Mr. King Sept. 21 Extradition of H. A. Proios: Copy of protest of
(No. 134).

Proios inclosed.
1095 Mr. King to Mr. Bayard Sept. 24 Expulsion from Jaffa of three Jews, bearing
(No. 115).

American passports, threatened: The minister
of foreign affairs and grand vizier requested
to send preventive telegrams; copy of Mr. Gill.
man's dispatch to Mr. Pringle and Mr. King's

note to the Porte inclosed.
1098 Same to same (No. 124)..... Oct. 5 Restoration of real property on termination of

lease, note from the Porte in regard to; it will
be considered by foreign ministers ; copy of note

1097 Mr. Rives to Mr. Straus Oct. 13 Expulsion of Jews from Jaffa : Mr. King's action
(No. 140).

approved : copy of instruction to the United

States consul at Jerusalem inclosed.
H. Ex. 1, pt. 1-yol 2— III


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