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and testify at the next court to be held in the parish at which an indictment for such an offense can be found; he shall also return to the court the inquisition, written evidence, and all recognizances and examinations by him taken, and may commit to the jail of the parish any witnesses who shall refuse to recognize in such manner as he shall direct.

SEC. 431. If any person charged by the inquest with having Power to ar. committed such offense shall not be in custody, the coroner shall rest accused arrest and conduct him before some conimitting magistrate in the parish in which the inquest is held, to be examined and proceeded with according to law. SEC. 432. The expenses of the inquest, with the coroner's

Expenses, fees, shall be paid by the parish, incorporated city or town within how paid. which the inquest shall be held, when the coroner shall make out an account of the expenses of the inquest, and certify under oath that the charges are no more than allowed by law; and in case the charges in the certified account exceed those allowed by law, he shall be liable to the penalties of perjury. SEC. 433. Any coroner shall, in case of sickness or necessary

Deputy coroabsence, have power to appoint a deputy to perform his duties, ner. Said deputy shall possess the qualifications required for the office of coroner specified in articles 120 and 147 of the Constitution; and the coroner appointing him shall be responsible for his acts, and shall pay him out of the fees to which the said coroner may be entitled.

SEC. 434. Every person who shall serve as a juror on any Pay of jurors. inquest shall be allowed the sum of two dollars for each day he shall so serve, and five cents for every mile he shall necessarily

mileage allowed travel to attend such inquest and to return home; provided, That in parish

Orleans. mileage shall in no case be allowed more than once going to and once returning from said inquest; and provided further, That no pay or mileage shall be allowed in the parish of Orleans.

SEC. 435. It shall be the duty of the coroner, immediately 1868–207. after the jury shall have been discharged, to deliver to each Certificato of juror a certificate specifying the number of days he has attended, ble for parish the distance for which he shall be entitled to receive mileage, taxes. and the amount due, which shall be ascertained by the oath of the juror, to be administered by the coroner, and such certificate shall be receivable in payment of parish taxes, or paid out of any money in the parish treasury not otherwise appropriated. SEC. 436. It shall be the duty of every coroner, throughout

Annual report the State, to transmit to the General Assembly of the State, to tho general through the Governor of the State, within ten days after the assembly. opening of every regular session of the said General Assembly, a report of the inquests held by him, of bodies viewed by him without inquest being held, and of bodies buried by him, specifying the name, if known, of the deceased, the verdict of the jury in each case in which an inquest shall have been held, the cause of death in which he shall have viewed bodies, but shall have adjudged an inquest unnecessary, and the total amount of fees received by him during the period covered by his report.

SEC. 437. It shall be the duty of the clerks of the district courts throughout the State, the parish of Orleans excepted, to keep a suitable book, which shall be known as the book' of quests—by inquest, to be open to the public at any time during office hours, Kepu

1874-117. No




1875-60. Record of in.

whom and how


for inspection, in which he shall inscribe the proces-verbal of the proceedings of any inquest or post mortem examination held by the parish coroner, or coroner pro tempore, or by any person acting in that capacity or conducting a post mortem examination,

under penalty of a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars for Penalty. neglect or non-compliance with the provisions of this section, to

be collected by the district attorney or the attorney representing the parish, by suit before any justice of the peace of the parish, and when collected shall be paid over to the parish school fund, less the cost of prosecuting the said fine.

SEC. 438. It shall be the cluty of the parish coroner, or coroDuty of coronor to furnish ner pro tempore, or of any person acting in that capactity or proceedings to conducting a post mortem examination, to furnish the proceed

ings of the proces-verbal of the inquest or post mortem examination, within ten days of the holding of the same, to the clerk of the district court of the parish, for recording, as directed in the preceding section, under a penalty of a fine of not less than

twenty-five dollars for neglect or non-compliance with the proPenalty. visions of this section, to be collected as provided for in the pre

ceding section, and the fine when collected shall be paid over to the parish school fund, less the cost of prosecuting the said fine.

SEC. 439. The clerk shall be entitled to and shall receive from the parish treasury the sum of two dollars and fifty cents for each proces-verbal recorded as herein directed, payable on his Own warrant.

SEC. 440. Any person who shall have knowledge of a son inding a drowned person, or shall find a corpse adrift, shall be authorized

to take it ashore, and shall be required to cause notice to be given to the nearest coroner baving jurisdiction; provided, That in case a coroner can not be uotified in time to hold an inquest thereon forthwith, a justice of the peace of the neighborhood, or two witnesses, shall be immediately called to view the body, ascer. tain its condition, and draw up a proces-verbal thereof, to be forth with transmitted to the clerk of the district court.

SEC. 441. The justice of the peace in and for that portion of the parish of Orleans lying on the right bank of the Mississippi river is authorized to act as coroner whenever a dead body shall

foupd lying within the limits of that portion of the parish.

SEC. 442. Justices of the peace, in the country parishes, are

empowered to perform the duties of the coroner, in case of there the peace to act being rione, or of his absence or inability to attend.

Clerks' fees.

Duty of per

согрее. .


Authorized to aet as coroner.

1855-83. Justices of

HA coroner in certain cases.





Qualifications of voters.. .443
Persons eligible to office.. .444
Municipal corporations prohibited

froin levying a tax upon cer-
tain articles....


Restrictions upon police juries and

municipal authorities in contracting debts....

.446 Until what time certain ordin

ances shall remain in force...447


SECTION. Mode of enforcing payment of CHANGE OF MUNICIPAL CHARTERS.

debts due by police juries or Manner of changing charters of corporations .... .448 citios and towns

.473 No parochial or municipal corpor- How elections shall be held......474

ation to levy per capita tax..449 Public notice of such election to Special road taxes. .450 be given.....

.476 Road foud......

.451 How salaries of officers and emPolice juries and municipal cor

ployes may be increased or porations limited in appropri


.476 ations ....

.452 How often such elections may be Claims not to exceed the revenues


.477 of the year.....


Mayor and condcilmen to act How the revenues are to be ap

promptly on the provisious of plied .454 this act.......

478 Police juries may contract to pay II. PRIVATE CORPORATIONS IN GENparish officers salaries instead

ERAL. of fees....

.455 Corporations to establish their No warrant to be issued except

domicile in wonisiana........ 479 against money in the treas- Meetings, elections, etc., to be ury.....

..456 beld at the place of domicile, City councils vested with power under pain of nullity....... 480

to punish with fine persons Railroad companies may mortgage contravening regulations rel

their roads in whole or in ative to keeping gunpowder. .457 part....


Effect of the mortgage upon the MENTS.

property so mortgaged..... .482 In what manner political corpora

Mortgages, where recorded... .482 tions may levy special tax for

Corporation charter, when forpublic improvements.........458

feited, how proceeded against.485 PAROCHIAL AND MUNICIPAL AID TO

Duty of institutions, companies

and associations receiving ipPUBLIC WORKS.

propriations from the State..484 In what manner parishes and

CORPORATIONS FOR LITERARY AND towns may levy special tax in

OTHER PURPOSES. aid of railways and other public enterprises......


Act of incorporation, how adopted.485

To be approved by the district INCORPORATION OF TOWNS.


..485 Manner of proceeding to incorpo

To be recorded in the vffice of the rate a town or city.... .465


.485 Notice to be given prior to the

Mode of proceeding in case of the .466

district attorney's refusal to Justice to designate commission

approve it...

.486 ers, etc....

...467 Who shall vote at such election .. 468

How amendments may be made..487

Powers of such corporations......488 Officers elected to be commissioned

Additional powers and privileges.489 by tbe Governor....


Restrictions upon such corporaCharter to be submittel to the


490 people


Religious and benevolent societies If charter receive a majority of

to be authorized to hold fairs votes to be declared adopted..471

or entertainments for chariProceedings to be had in case the table purposes.....

-491 officers fail to carry out the No special tax to be levied or colprovisions of this act...... 472 lected therefor....


tions .......




SECTION. CORPORATIONS FOR PUBLIC WORKS, | Judgments, how obtained........509

Certificate to be obtained from Manner of forming corporations Secretary of State..

for works of public utility....493 | Copy of charter filed in Secretary Restrictions upon such corpora

of State's office, admitted in tions..... 494 evidence....

......511 Powers and authority of such cor- Penalty for contravening this act.512 porations.....


Life insurance companies to fürWhat shall be contained in the

pish certain statements to the charter of said corporations..495


.513 Charter to be recorded and pub- Penalty against any life insurlished.....


ance company for not filing Charter, bow' amended or, dis

statement with the auditor..:513 solved.....


Statement to be furnished anCharter forfeited for insolvency..498 nually by life insurance com- » How liquidated...

.498 panies to the auditor........514 Consent of the municipal council Deposit to be made by life insurnecessary before such works

avce companies.....

..514 can be carried through the Penalty against any life insurstreets....


ance company for pot filing Liability of stockholders.. ..500 such annual statement.......515 Duty of corporations whose works Attorney General to enjoin such cross public roads or navi


...516 gable streams..

.501 Receiver to be appointed; his · Power of such corporations to bor


duties..... row money by issuing bonds..502 Penalty to be sued for before any Mortgage, when recorded, to be

court of competent jurisdicbinding....


..517 Right may be granted to convert Lite insurance companies not in

bonds into capital stock......503 corporated may avail themCertified copies of certain papers

selves of the benefits of this may be received in evidence..504 act.....

.518 Statement required by the charTELEGRAPH COMPANIES. Right of way given to telegraph

ters of all life insurance comor telephone companies for the

panies to be furnished to the transmission of intelligence..505


...519 Expropriation necessary to secure

Life insurance companies to be such right......

..505 enjoined for not filing state

ments with the Auditor......520 INSURANCE COMPANIES. Annual report to be made by in


.506 | Railroad companies organized Report to be made annually by the

under the laws of this State agent of insurance companies

may consolidate with comnot incorporated....


panies of other States........521 Penalty for neglect or refusal to Formalities for such consolidamake the report.....

.507 tion. A protest in New Orleans to be Form for such consolidation......523

evidence, in certain cases, of Effect of such consolidation.. ...524

the cause of fire, etc....... 508 Act of consolidation to be reDuties of insurance companies be

corded in the parish of the fore acting as such.... .509

domicile of the company thus Validity of warrant of agents.....509 consolidated and promuigated Legal process, how executed... ..509 as above provided for........525


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SECTION. Right of railroad companies to

capital stock under certain consolidate.. .526 restrictions .....

.535 Proviso.....

.526 Manner of proceeding for that Powers, rigbts and privileges of


..536 such company....

.527 | Stock increased l'y vote of stockOffice of the company.

528 holdery representing majority Proviso..... 528 of stock...

...537 How manufacturing companies

PREVENTION OF ACCIDENTS, may be consolidated..


Ropes to be hung across railroad TRANSFER OF CORPORATE RIGHTS.

track to notify Dearness of Rights of purchasers of railroads..530 bridge...

...538 Powers, rights, privileges, etc., These provisions to be carried out

granted to such purcbasers...531 before railroads go into operaDutios of the board of directors..532 tion.....

.539 Duty of the Secretary of State....532 Penalty for violatibg the proAgthority granted to said com

visions of this act...

.540 pany..


Company to keep an office in this

.533 Associations for promoting the Non-interference with the rights

fine arts..

..541 of prior mortgages....

.....534 Corporatious for mining or
chanical purposes..


Corporations for military and Corporations may increase their social purposes..

.543 I. POLITICAL CORPORATIONS IN GENERAL. ! SEC. 443. In all elections by the people, for officers under political charters, granted or to be granted by the General 1855–325.

Qualifications Assembly of Louisiana, the qualification of voters shall be the of voters. same as those prescribed at the time being by the Constitution of Louisiana for the electors of Representatives of the General Assembly. SEC. 144. All persons shall be eligible to hold office under

Persons eligt all political corporations granted or to be granted by the General ble to office. Assembly of Louisiana, when, by the Constitution of the State for the time being, the same class of persons are eligible to the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of this State. SEC, 445. It shall not be lawful hereafter for any municipal

Municipal cor

porations procorporation within this State to lay any tax on persons engaged hibited rom,

levying a in selling articles of their own manufacture manufactured within

upon certain arthis State.

SEC. 446. The police juries of the several parishes and the Restrictions constituted authorities of incorporated towns and cities in this por polico ju State shall not hereafter have power to contract any debt or cipal authori. pecuniary liability without fully providing in the ordinance thies contract

ing creating the debt the means of paying the principal and interest of the debt so contracted.

SEC. 447. The ordivance of enactment providing for the payment of the principal and interest of any debt created by time certain or; any board of police or authorities of incorporated towns and remain in force. cities shall remain in full force until the debt and interest are paid.

SEC. 448. Whenever police juries or authorities of incorpo- Mode of onrated towns or cities shall have provided for the payment of a

forcing, pay: debt by levying a tax, and shall fail or refuse to cause the tax to duo by police be collected for the purpose of paying the debt and interest for jurios or

. which it was imposed, it shall be the duty of the district judge on motion of the attorney of any of the creditors of the parish



Until what


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