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Their idol gods with rites profane,
No more their guilty altars stain,

No more those rites recall.
I see the Lord, my Saviour, rise, ...,
He claims his throne beyond the skies,

Eternal as his days:
For judgment he prepares his seat,
The trembling world his justice meet,

But saints enjoy his grace.

JEHOVAH reigns; your tribute bring,
Proclaim the Lord, th’ eternal King :
Crown him, ye saints, with holy joy,
His arm shall all your foes destroy.
Thou, Lord, ere yet the humble mind
Had form’d to pray'r the wish design’d,
Hast heard the secret sigh arise,
While, swift to aid, thy mercy flies.
Thy spirit shall their heart prepare,
Thine ear shall listen to their pray’r :
Thou righteous Judge; Thou pow'r divine!
On thee the fatherless recline.

The Lord shall save th' aflicted breast,.
His arm shall vindicate th' opprest;
Earth's mightiest tyrants feel his pow'r,
Nor sin nor satan grieve them more,

THE Lord in Heav'n bis throne prepares,

There all his glories sbine;
Tbence the whole earth his wisdom shares, ,

With Providence divine.
His piercing eye, with one rast view,

O'er all creation runs;
His eye-lids search, his eyes pursue

Man's bold presumptuous sons.
Though by his hand the just are tried,

Still faithful is his love :
But sinners arm'd with pow'r and pride,

His boly hatred move..,
Lo! o'er their souls the fatal snares

And sulph'rous deluge pour :
Their cup th' eternal Lord prepares,

Where endless tempests roar.
In righteousness the righteous Lord

Hath plac'd his whole delight:
And saints his mercy shall record,

Io realms of endless liglit.

LORD, let thine arm arise to save,
See-sinking to the silent grave,
The faithful fail, the godly cease,
And none supply their vacant place.

The rest, with vanity and lies,
Their secret purposes disguise,
And, through their flatt'ring lips, impart
But half the counsel of their heart.
The flattring lips, the tongue of pride, ,
In their vain boasts shall God deride ::
“Our tongues," they cry, “control disdain;
“ Who shall our free-born lips restrain?”.
Now, says the Lord, my arm shall rise,
Since o'er my saints oppression lies :
Nor shall the vaunting foe defy
The poor who on my grace rely.
Then let the needy cease their fear, .is
Their plaintive sighs engage my ear, :
My arm their freedom shall maintain,'
And sin and satan boast in vain.

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HOW long, thy visits, Lord, forborne,
Thy absence shall thy servant mourn?
Wilt thou, my God, averse to grace,
In endless frowns conceal thy face?
How long, with anxious thoughts, distrest,
Shall doubtful counsels vex my breast ?
While griefs incessant load my heart, . .
And triumph to my foes impart..

O Lord, my God, observe my cry,
Let not my pray'r unnotic'd lie : ....
My eyes with beams of mercy, bless,
Lest death's long sleep my soul oppress.
Say, shall the foe the vict'ry claim
O'er bim who rests upon thy name?
If faith decline-if hope decay,
My griefs their triumphs will display.
But still on mercy I rely,
To mercy's sov’reign aid'I fly;
Let thy salvation, Lord, impart,
Its boly raptures to my heart.
Then to the Lord with joy I'll raise
The song of gratitude and praise :
His grace in endless blessings flows !
How vast the bounty he bestows !

“ NO God,”—the foolish sinner cries,
And sends his gloomy fears away :
His heart corrupt the law defies,
In sin's delusive paths to stray.
From heav'n the mighty Lord directs
His eye the guilty race around :
Not one but sin's vile stain infects! ..
Not one in paths of duty found !
Madly they rage, his saints devour,
Nor to bis throne their pray’r ascends

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They mock the counsel of the poor, Who trust in God, whom God defends ! But ab ! 'when earthly hopes have fail'd, Where can the trembling soul confide ? Guilt frights the troubled mind, assail'd With num'rous causeless fears beside ! Who then shall save the impious race, . So stain'd with guilt, so sunk in woe? On Calvary's mount behold the grace! From Zion see salvation flow! Our ransom'd souls, our joyful voice, The great Deliv’rer shall proclaim : Let Jacob's tents aloud rejoice, And Israel shout the Saviour's name.

JEHOVAH—who, in bliss supreme,
Shall thy eternal dwelling claim ,

Within th' ethereal dome?
Who fix with thee, beyond the skies,
Where Zion's sacred bills arise,

His everlasting home?
The man who, fill'd with sacred awe,
Directs his conduct by thy law;

His heart and words sincerc :
His soul abbors the sland'rous joy,
That dares a neighbour's fame destroy,

Nor lends th' indulgent ear.

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