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son, 1788.

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First (The) book of geometry, including plane Fisk (Rev. George). A memorial of Egypt, the

and solid geometry, and an introduction to Red sea, the wildernesses of Sin and Paran, trigonometry. 3 p. 1. 84 pp. 320. London, Mount Sinai, Jerusalem, and other localities Soc. for prom. christ. knowledge, 1835.

of the Holy Land, visited in 1842. 2d ed. First lessons in botany. By Theodore Thinker. 451 pp. 2 pl. 120. New York, Robert Car

(pseudon). 141 pp. 1 pl. 16o. New York, ter, 1847. A. S. Barnes & Co. 1851.

Fitch (George W.) Outlines of physical geFirst (The) settlers of New England; or, con- ography. Revised by A. J. Robinson. With

quest of the Pequods, Narragansetts, and questions, etc. by C.C. Morgan. vi, 112 pp. Pokanokets. By a lady of Massachusetts. 15 maps. 4o. New York, Ivison, 1867. [anon.] 282 pp. 1 pl. 18o. Boston, Munroe Fitch (John). The original steamboat sup& Francis, (about 1822].

ported; or, a reply to Mr. James Rumsey's Firth (William). Remarks on the recent state pamphlet, shewing the true priority of John

trials, and the rise and progress of disaffection Fitch, and the false datings, etc. of James in the country. 89. London, 1818.

Rumsey. 34 pp. 89. Philadelphia, 2. PoulFischer (Friedrich Ernst Ludwig). Enumer

atio plantarum novarum a cl. Schrenk lecta- Fitz-Geffrey (Rev. Charles). The life and rum. 113 pp. 2 pl. 89. Petropoli, G. Fischer, death of Sir Francis Drake: poem. xxiii, 1841.

101 pp. 120. Lee Priory (Kent), John WarFischer (Kuno). Commentary on Kant's wick, 1819.

critick of pure reason; translated from the Fitz Gerald (F.) An expanding currency, history of modern philosophy. With intro- for preventing injurious fluctuations in the duction, notes, etc. by J. P. Mahaffy. 12°. rate of discount, and consequent stagnation of London, Longmans, 1866.

trade. 2d ed. 20 pp. 89. London, Delizy, Fischer (Leopold Heinrich). Orthoptera eu- Davies & Co. 1866.

ropæa. XX, 454 pp. 18 pl. 4o. Lipsiæ, G. Fitzgerald (Percy). Charles Townshend, wit Engelmann, 1854.

and statesman. xv, 360 pp. 1 pl. 12o. LonFischer ( major). Memoir über die karte don, R. Bentley, 1866. von Kleinasien. See Kiepert (H.)

Fitzinger (Leopold Joseph). Bilder-atlas zur Fisher (A. quakeress). A few lines in love to wissenschaftlich - populären naturgeschichte such that frequent the meetings of the quakers. der vögel. 1 p. I. 164 pl. col. 49. Wien,

sm. 49. London, T. Sowle, 1694. 1864. Fisher (Alexander). A journal of a voyage of Neue classification der reptilien nach

discovery to the arctic regions, in H. M. ships ihren natürlichen verwandtschaften. 4 p. 1. 66 Hecla and Griper, in 1819–20. 3d ed. xi, pp. 1 tab. 4°. Wien, J. G. Heubner, 1826. s. 520 pp.

2 maps. 80. London, Longman, 1821. Systema reptilium, fasciculus primus : Fisher (George, accomptant). Arithmetic, in amblyglossæ. 110, vi pp. 89. Vindobonæ,

the plainest and most concise methods hitherto Braumüller f. Seidel, 1843.

extant. 334 pp. 16°. Paisley, A. Weir, 1780. Wissenschaftlich - populäre naturgesFisher (Joseph). Where shall we get meat ? chichte der säugethiere in ihren sämmtlichen

The food supplies of western Europe; being hauptformen. Nebst einer einleitung in die letters written in reply to the question, where naturgeschichte überhaupt. 6 v. 89. Atlas, is England to get meat? during a tour in 123 pl. (in 248 col. fig.) 49. Wien, k. hof-und [western Europe] in 1865. [Also] a paper staatsdruckerei, 1860-61. on the production of food, read at the inter- Fitzmaurice (George William Hamilton, visnational social science congress at Berne, count Kirkwall). Four years in the Ionian 1865. xvi, 272 pp. 160. London, Longmans, islands. Their political and social condition, 1866,

with a history of the British protectorate. xiii, Fisher (Thomas). Dial of the seasons; or, a 305 pp; viii, 336 pp. 120. London, Chapportraiture of nature. 2171


80. Phila- man & Hall, 1864. delphia, Carey & Hart, 1845.

Fitzwilliam (G. W.) The pleasures of love; Fisk (Fidelia). Recollections of Mary Lyon, being amatory poems, original and translated,

with selections from her instructions to the from the Asiatic and European languages. pupils of Mt. Holyoke female seminary. 333 xii, 188 pp. 4 pl. 16o. London, J. Cundee, pp. 1 pl. 12o. Boston, Am. tract soc. [1866]. 1806.

8 pp.

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x. 303 pp.

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Flaccus (Marcus Verrius). Fragmenta post Flaxman, by Sir R. Westmacott.

editionem augustinanam denuo collecta atque 52 pl. 89. London, H. G. Bohn, 1838. digesta. Sexti Pompei Festi fragmentum ad Fleetwood (William, bishop of Ely). Chronfidem ursiniani exemplaris recensitum, etc. icon preciosum; or, an account of English Edidit A. E. Egger. xxiv, 358 pp. 18o. money, the price of corn and other commodiParisiis, Bourgeois-Maze, 1838.

ties, for the last 600 years. [anon.] 8 p.1. Flack (Captain of the Texan rangers). A hun- 181 pp. 31. 120. London, C. Harper, 1817.

ter's experiences in the southern states of Fleischmann (C. L. ) Erwerbszweige, fabrikAmerica; account of the quadrupeds and wesen und handel der Vereinigten Staaten von birds, the objects of chase in those countries. Nordamerika. 20 ausg. 2 p. 1. 617 pp. 8o. 2 p. 1. 359 pp. 89. Londou, Longmans, 1866. Stuttgart, F. Kohler, 1852.

The Texan rifle-hunter; or, field sports Fleming (Robert). The history of hereditary on the prairie. viii, 333 pp. 120. London, J. right, from Cain to Nero. 2d ed. 8 p. 1. 156 Maxwell f. Co. 1866.

pp. 120. London, A. & W. Bell, 1717. Flan:bo: a brief treatise on the persecuting and Fletcher (Ebenezer). Narrative of captivity

dangerous character of popery. By a pres- and sufferings. 4th ed. 24 pp. 160. New byter of the diocese of New York. [anon.] Ipswich, ( N. H.) 1827. 80 pp. 12°. New York, Pudney & Russell, The same. Narrative of a soldier of the 1855.

revolution, written by himself. With introFlammen der liebe; ein katholisches gebetbuch duction and notes, by C. I. Bushnell. 86 pp.

zur verehrung des göttlichen herzens Jesu, 89. New York, (privately printed), 1866. beim besuche des heiligsten altarssakramentes; Fletcher (Giles). Christ's victory and triumph. bearbeitet von Joseph Peter. 349, 64 pp. 4 pl. 8o. Edinburgh, 1793. 320. New York, Benziger Bros, 1866.

(Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 4.) Flanagan (Thomas). A history of the church Fletcher (Henry Charles). History of the

in England, from the earliest period to 1850. American war. Third and fourth years of the 2v. xx, 633 pp; x, 549 pp. 89. London, C.

v. 3. 89. London, R. Bentley, 1866. Dolman, 1857.

[Completing the work.) Flanders (W. A.) Nature's bee book; a

Fletcher (Phineas). Piscatory eclogues, with manual (of ] bee culture. 3d ed. 64 pp. 18o.

other poetical miscellanies. 8, 151 pp. 21. Mansfield (0.) L. D. Myers & Bro. 1867.

12o. Edinburgh, Kincaid & Creech, 1771. Flaubert (Gustave). Madame Bovary; mæurs

Poetical works. 8°. Edinburgh, 1793. de province. 2 v. in 1. 490 pp. 16°. Paris,

(Anderson's Brit. poets, v. 4.) Lévy, 1858.

Fleury (Claude). A short history of the Israel

ites. Translated from the French by Ellis Flauti (Vincenzio). Analisi algebrica delle

Farneworth. vi, 210 pp. 89. London, J. quantità determinate. 5° ed. xviii, 256, xvi

Whiston, 1756. pp. 8o. Napoli, autor, 1844.

Geometria di sito sul plano e nello spa-

Fleury (Lamé). Sec Lamé-Fleury (Jules Ray

mond). zio. Parte i, 3a ed. xlix, 208, xxiv pp.

Flindall (John Morris). Amateur's pocket 80. Napoli, autor, 1842. Della trigonometria rettilinea e sferica

companion; or, description of engraved Britlibri sei. 14a ed. xxxix, 176, xlviii pp. 7 pl.

ish portraits, curious books, etc. 141 pp. 24°.

London, Gale, Curtis & Fenner, 1812. 8o. Napoli, autor, 1846.

Flint (Austin, M. D.) The physiology of man; See Archimedes; also Euclid; also

designed to represent the existing state of Fergola (N.) Flavel (Rev. John). Husbandry spiritualized;

physiological science, as applied to the func

tions of the human body: alimentation, or, the heavenly use of earthly things, etc. 295 pp. 120. Elizabethtown, (N. J.) S. Kol

digestion, absorption, lymph, and chyle. 556 lock, 1794.

pp. 89. New York, Appletons, 1867.

S. Flaxman (John). Compositions of the “

Flint (Henry M.) Mexico under Maximilian. of mercy;" engraved by F. C. Lewis. 8 pl.

258 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, [etc.] National obl. fol. London, Misses Flaxman & Denman,

pub. co. [1867). 1831.

Flint (Timothy). Biographical memoir of DanLectures on sculpture. 2d ed. [With]

iel Boone, interspersed with incidents in the address on the death of T. Banks, and of

early annals of (Kentucky). 252 pp. 16o. Canova; and an address on the death of

Cincinnati, George Conclin, 1812.

18 pl.

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215 pp.

Flint (Timothy). Biographical memoir of Dan- rapports avec la science de l'homme, et priniel Boone, etc.

16o. Cincinnati, cipalement avec la médecine et l'hygiène pubGeorge Conclin, 1842.

lique. 2 v. 508 pp; 520 pp. 80. Paris, J. Flloyd (Thomas). Bibliotheca biographica : B. Baillière, 1854.

s. a synopsis of universal biography, ancient and Foix-Pino (F. L.) Galerie choisie d'hommes modern. 3 v. 89. London, J. Hinton and célèbres de l'antiquité grecque et romaine. others, 1760.

357 pp. 100 pl. 16o. Amsterdam, 1823. Flora parvula; or, gleanings from favourite Folard (Jean Charles de). Commentaire (sur

flowers. [anon.) iv, 87 pp. 89. London, W. Polybe) ou un corps de science militaire. Macintosh, [1860]?

( With POLYBIUS, Histoire. Paris.) Florez (Henrique). Clave historial, con que

The same. Nouvelles découvertes sur se abre la puerta à la historia eclesiastica y


guerre, dans une dissertation sur Polybe. politica, etc. Ed. 124. xxxviii, 447 pp. 1 map.

2e éd. xxxii, 272 pp. 4 pl. 18o. Brusselle, 1 pl. sm. 4o. Madrid, Ibarra, 1786.

F. Foppens, 1724. Florian (Jean Pierre Claris de). Guillermo Folengo (Teofilo). Orlandino di Limerno [0, Tell, libertador de la Suiza: y Andres Hofer,

merlino.] pitocco. Nuovamente stampato, et el "Tell” del Tirol. Con la vida del autor.

arrichito di annotazioni. xi, 249 pp. 189. xx, 254 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Nueva York, Appletons,

Parigi, Molini, 1773. 1866.

Folger (Robert M.) Exchange tables of British (The life of Hofer is a compilation by the translator.] sterling in United States and English currenFlorida. Journal of proceedings of a conven- cy. 211 pp. 89. New York, author, 1849. S.

tion of delegates to form a constitution for the Follen (Theodor Christian Charles). Practical people of Florida, at St. Joseph, Dec. 1838. grammar of the German language. xvii, 120, 20 pp. 89. St. Joseph, 1839.

282 pp. 129. Boston, Hilliard & Co. 1828. Florus (Lucius Annaeus). See Justinus and Folsom (Benjamin). A compilation of bioFlorus. Epithome, etc.

graphical sketches of distinguished officers in Flourens (Marie Jean Pierre). Cuvier. His- the American navy. 187 pp. 80. Newbury

toire de ses travaux. 2e éd. 120. Paris, port, Horatio G. Allen, 1814. Paulin, 1815.

Fonseca (Fabian de), and Urrutia (Carlos De l'instinct, et de l'intelligence des de). Historia general de real hacienda. 6 v. animaux. 2e éd. 207 pp. 16°. Paris, Paulin, sm. 4o. Mexico, V. G. Torres, 1845-53. 8. 1845.

s. Fontaine, or La Fontaine (Jean). A tale of Recueil des éloges historiques lus dans the Huguenots; or, memoirs of a French les séances publiques de l'académie des scien- refugee family. With an introduction, by F. ces. le série. 412 pp. 120. Paris, Garnier, L. Hawks, D.D. 266 pp. 160. New York, 1856.

1838. Flower (Benjamin). Flower's political review, Fontaine (P. Jules). Manuel de l'amateur

and monthly register. Jan. 1807, to July 1811. d'autographes. 89. Paris, Morta, 1836.

9 v. 8°. Harlow, M. Jones, 1807-11. Fontaine. See La Fontaine. Flower (William Henry). Diagrams of the Fontanini (Giusto). Biblioteca dell'eloquenza

nerves of the human body. 8 pp. 6 pl. fol. italiana; con le annotazioni del signor [AposLondon, J. Churchill, 1861.

tolo] Zeno. 2 v. 4o. Venezia, Pasquali, Foa (madame Eugénie). pseudon. for Rodrigues 1753.

(Eugénie Rebecca). Boy artists; or, sketches Fonte (Bartolommeo). In Persivm poetam of the childhood of Michael Angelo, Mozart, explanatio [et opusculum de mensuris et ponHaydn, Watteau, and Sebastian Gomez. deribus.] 90 l. unp. sm. 4o. Florentiæ, From the French. 176 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Bos- Sanctus Jacobrs de Ripoli, 1477. ton, E. P. Dutton of Co. 1868.

Fontenelle (Be nard Le Bovier de). A disFoderé (François Emmanuel, M. D.) Traité covery of new worlds, from the French.

de médecine légale et d'hygiène publique, ou [anon.] Made English by Mrs. A. Behin. 22 de police de santé. [2e éd.] 6 v. 8o. Paris, p.l. 158 pp. 160. London, Wm. Canning, Mame, 1813.

1688. Foigny (Gabriel). New discovery of terra History of oracles, and the cheats of the

incognita Australis, or the southern world. pagan priests. Made English [ by A. B.] 2

4 p. I. 186 pp. 24°. London, John Dunton, 1693. pts. in 1 v. 10 p. 1. 227 pp. 21. 16o. London, Foissac (Pierre). De la météorologie dans ses 1638.



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80 pp.

Fontenelle (Bernard Le Bovier de). Lettres Forde or Ford (Thomas). A theatre of wits,

galantes (du chevalier D'Her]. Translated ancient and modern, represented in a collection by Geo. Russel.

of apothegmes. 3 p. 1. 90 pp. 160. London, (With RUSSEL (George). Works. v. 2. 12o. Cork, W. Grantham, 1660. 1769.)

(With his Virtus rediviva, etc. 160. London, 1660). Fontenelle (Julia de). See Julia de Fonte

Virtus rediviva; or, a panegyrick on the nelle.

late K. Charles I, second monarch of Great Foot (Joseph I.) Historical address at West

Britain. 5 p. 1. 27 pp. 31. 10°. London, Brookfield, Mass. Nov. 27, 1328; with Capt.

W. Grantham, 1660. Thomas Wheeler's narrative. 96 pp.


Fordun (John de). Scotichronicon, sive ScoWest Brookfield, Merriam f. Cooke, 1843.

torum historia. fol. O.conice, 1691. Forbes (Charles Stuart). A standing navy; its

(GALE (Thomas) and FELL (John). Rerum anglicanecessity and organization. v, 120 pp. 160. rum scriptores reteres. v. 3. Oxoniæ, 1684-91). London, J. Murray, 1861.

Forme (The) of prayers and administration of Forbes (Edward). Monograph of the echino- the sacraments, etc. used in the English

dermata of the British territories. (Echino- congregation at Geneva. [anon.] 6 p. I. 23 derms of the crag.] vii, 36 pp. 41. 4 pl. 4o. pp. sin. 4°. London, 1613. London, 1852.

Forney (John W.) Letters from Europe. 406 (Palæontographical society. No more published.)

pp. portrait. 12°. Philadelphia, T. B. Forbes (Rer. John, of Alford). Certain re- Peterson & Bros. (1867).

cords, etc. See Scot (Rev. William, of Cu- Forrest (James). Some account of the origin par). State of the kirk of Scotland. Edin

and progress of trinitarian theology in the 2d burgh, 1816.

and succeeding centuries, and of the manner Forbin (Louis Nicolas Philippe Auguste, comte in which its doctrines supplanted the unitade). Voyage dans le Levant en 1817-18. 2e

rianism of the primitive church. 4th Am. éd. 5 p. 1. 460 pp. 1 pl. 8°. Paris, Delaunay, ed. x, 104 pp. 4 charts. 12o. Boston, Nichols 1819.

8. Noyes, 1867. Force (William Q.) The builder's guide. vi, Forster (Edward, F. R. S.) Collection of en

16o. Washington, Peter Force, gravings from the Italian, Flemish, Dutch, 1812.

and English schools. 52 pl. fol. London, Picture of Washington and its vicinity W. Miller, 1830. for 1850; also, the Washington guide. viii, Forster (Johann Reinhold). Observations made 188 pp. 38 pl. 18o. Washington, W.Q. Force, during a survey round the world, on physical 1850.

geography, natural history, and ethic pliFord (Edward). The most famous, delectable, losophy. iv, 619 pp.

1 map, 1 tab. 40. and pleasant history of Parisius, prince of London, G. Robinson, 1778. Bohemia. 12th impression. 2 pts. 2 p. 1.

See Kalm (Peter). 184 pp; 235 pp. 12 pl. sm. 4o. London, J. Forster (Thomas Farleigh). Flora tonbriWright, 1684.

giensis; or, a catalogue of plants growing Ford (E. L.) Madelaine Darth. [A novel]. 71 wild in the neighborhood of Toubridge Wells.

pp. 89. Chicago, Western news Co. 1867. vii, 216 pp. 129. London, R. & A. Taylor, Ford (Henry A.) History of Putnam and 1816.

Marshall counties, embracing an account of Forster (Thomas Ignatius Maria). Recueil the settlement of Bureau and Stark counties. de ma vie, mes ouvrages et mes pensées. 30 vii, 160 pp. 180. Lacon, (II.) author, 1860. éd. xxxvii, 122 pp. 189. Bruxelles, A. Stap

leaux, 1837. Ford (Richard). Hand-book for travelers in Eloge de chiens favoris. [anon.] Tra

Spain. 2d ed. lxii, 645 pp. 2 maps. 12o. duit de l'Anglais. 31 pp. 1 pl. 189. BruxLondon, 1817.

elles, Deltombe, 1840. Forde or Ford (Thomas). Foenestra in pec- ( With his “Recueil de ma vie," etc.)

tore; or, familiar letters. 3 p. 1. 158 pp. Forsyth (Joseph). Remarks on antiquities, 16o. London, W. Grantham, 1660.

arts, and letters, during an excursion in ( With his Virtus rediviva, etc. 169. London, 1660). Italy, 1802–3. 3d ed.

672 pp. 16. Fragmenta poetica; or, poetical diver- Geneva, P. G. Ledouble, 1824. sions. 24 pp. 16°. London, 18. Grantham, Forsyth (William, surveyor). Plats of subdi1660.

visions of the city of Washington, D. C. 4 p.1. (With his Virtus rediviva, etc. 16o. Lonilon, 1660). 62 pl. fol. Washington, R. A. IVaters, 1856.

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v. 1-2.

roort, 1839.

Fortia d'Urban (Agricole Joseph François Fourcroy (Antoine François de). Elémens

Xavier Pierre Esprit Simon Paul Antoine, d'histoire naturelle et de chimie. 5e éd. 5 v. marquis de). Essai sur l'origine de l'écriture, 89. Paris, Cuchet, 1794. sur son introduction dans la Grèce et son Fournier (Édouard). Variétés historiques et usage jusq'au temps d'Homère. 306 pp. 4 littéraires; recueil de pièces volantes, rares et pl. 8°. Paris, H. Fournier, 1832.

curieuses, en prose et en vers, revues et anFortini (Pietro). Novelle.

notées. v. 1-4. 16°. Paris, P. Jannet, (In v. 1 of Novelle di autori senesi. 18o. Milano, 1855–56. 1815).

Fowler (George). Wandering philanthropist; Fortmann (Heinrich). Abriss der oldenburg

or, letters from a Chinese, written during his ischen geschichte bis auf unsere zeit, für den

residence in the United States. Discovered bürger und landmann. 138 pp. 16o. Olden

and edited by George Fowler. 300 pp. 18o. burg, J. H. Stalling, 1836.

Philadelphia, Geo. Fowler, and B. Grares, Fortnightly (The) review. Edited by George

1810. Henry Lewes. Aug. 15, to Dec. 1, 1866. Fowler (John). Journal of a tour in the state v. 6. 89. London, Chapman & Hall, 1866.

of New York, in 1830, and return to England The same. Edited by John Morley.

by the Western islands. 333 pp. 120. London, Jan. to Dec. 1867. New series.

Whittaker, Treacher and Arnot, 1831. (Whole series v. 7–8). 89. London, Chapman Fowler (Orson S. and L. N.) Phrenology & Hall, 1867.

proved, illustrated, and applied. 4th ed. Foss (H.) See Sagen (L.) and Foss (H.)

420 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Fowler & BreBergens beskrivelse. Foss (John). A journal of captivity and suffer- Fowler (P. H. D. D.) Employers and the ings at Algiers. 2d ed. 189 pp. 16o. New

employed; their relation and duties to each buryport, A. March, (1798?)

other. 180 pp. 18o. Utica, Wm. S. Taylor, Foss (Dr. R.) Die geschichte des deutschen

1865. volkes. [Ein erläuterung zum]grossen bildern Fowler (Thomas, M. D.) Medical report of dargestellt von Karl Heinrich Hermann.

the effects of blood-letting, sudorifics, and 8 p. 1. 434 pp. 89. Gotha, J. Perthes, 1854.

Llistering, in the cure of the acute and chronic

rheumatism. xxi, 287 pp. 61. 89. London, Foster (B. F.) The merchant's manual. 252

J. Johnson, 1795. pp. 12o. Boston, Perkins & Marvin, 1838. Fox (Charles). A portrait of George WashFoster (Rev. Benjamin F.) Debate on univer

ington, from an original drawing, as he apsalism. See Lozier (J. H.) and Foster.

peared while reviewing the army, Boston, Foster (G. G. editor). The gold regions of

1776; with its history and evidence of corCalifornia. 80 pp. 80. New York, Dewitt

rectness. 37 pp. 1 pl. 80. Boston, Crocker & Davenport, 1848.

& Brewster, 1851. Foster (John Welch). Memorial. [Letters, Fox (Charles James). Speech at Shakespeare addresses, and religious writings]. Edited

tavern, Covent Garden, Oct. 10, 1797, with by A. P. Peabody. vi, 400 pp. portrait. 12o.

speech of T. Erskine. 24 pp. 89. London, Portsmouth (N. H.) J. F. Shores, jr. 1852.


(With TURNBULL (Robert J.) Visit to the Philadel. Fothergill (Samuel). Discourses, delivered phia prison. London, 1797.)

extempore at several meeting-houses of the Fox (George). A collection of many select and people called quakers. xv, 270 pp. 16o.

christian epistles, letters, and testimonies. Philadelphia, B. & J. Johnson, 1800.

v. 2. 575 pp. fol. Lmdon, T. Sowle, 169 «. Foucaud (Édouard). Les artisans illustres.

(Imperfect; wanting last two leaves.) 2 1. 643 pp. 89. Paris, Béthune & Plon,

A few words to all such (whether papists p. 1841.

or protestants) as observe dayes contrary to Foudras (Marquis de). Soudards et Love

Christ and his apostles. Also, the quaker's laces. 317 pp. 16°. Paris, Cadot, (1860).

challenge to the papists; and the quaker's Fouqué. See La Motte Fouqué.

testimony concerning magistracy. By G. F. Four (The) colonies of Australia; [with] an

[anon.] 14 pp. sm. 4o. London, 1669. account of the discovery of gold. [anon.]

Gospel truth demonstrated, in a collection

of doctrinal books. 7 p. I. 1090 pp. 21. fol. 64 pp. 160. London, Cradock & Co. [1852?]

London, T. Sowle, 1706.

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