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Harrisse 177

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dell' Indie Occidentali, ouero Mondo Nouo, da ... Gieronimo Giglio. Venetia : per D. & A. Giglio, fra., 1566. 240 l. 8°.

Bottschafft des Grossmechtigsten Konigs David, ausz dem grossen vnd hohen Morenland, den man gemeinlich nennet Priester Johan, an Babst Clemens den Siebenden, zu Bononia verhort in offnem Consistorio am 29. tag Januarii Anno 1533. Dresden : Wolfgang Stöckel, 1533. 24 1. 4°.

This edition is not mentioned by Harrisse. It contains a letter from Bishop Zumarraga of Mexico, giving an account of the progress of missions in the new world.

Botschafft des Grossmechtigsten Konigs David, ausz dem grossen vñ hohen Morenland, den man gemeinlich nennet Priester Johan, an Babst Clemens den Sibenden, zu Bononia verhört in offnem Consistorio am 29. tag Januarii Anno 1533. (n. p., 1533?] 191. 4°.

A different edition from the preceding. Bourne (William). A Regiment for the Sea, containing verie necessarie matters for all sorts of men ... Added an Hydrographicall discourse .. Corrected and amended by Thomas Hood who hath added a new Regiment... London : T. Est for Thomas Wight, (1596 ?] 10 p.l., 79, 3 1. 4°

Bd. with: Cortes (M.) T'he Arte of 'Navigation. London, 1595.

Boussut (Nicolas de). Nicolai de Boussut... trium questionū quodlibetarum diffinitio... Lovanii : G. Maes, 1528, Mense May. 26 l. 4°.

Not mentioned by Harrisse. Contains several references to America,

Brerewood (Edward). Enquiries tovching the diuersity of Langvages, and Religions, through the chiefe parts of the World. London : John Bill, 1622. 12 p.l., 203 pp. 4°. Contains some curious particulars relating to America.

Byfield (Nathanael). An Account of the Late Revolution in New-England... With the Declaration of the Gentlemen, Merchants, and Inhabitants of Boston ..., April 18. 1689. Edinburgh, 1689. 7 pp. 4o.

Campora (Serafino de). Il perpetvale delle Feste mobile, e Lunario ... Roma : Antonio Blado, 1553. 64 1. 8°.

Bd. with: Oviedo (G. F. de) Libro vltimo de le Indie occidentale. Roma, 1535.

Caracciolo (Virgilio). Compendio della descrittione di tvtti il mondo, raccolto da diversi avtori, et ordinato sovra le tavole di Clavdio Tolomeo., Napoli : appresso Mattio Cancer, 1567. 76 pp., 6 l. 4o.

[Caradoc of Llancarfan.] The historie of Cambria, now called Wales : A part of the ... Yland of Brytaine, written in the Brytish language [by Caradoc] ... Translated into English by H. Lhoyd ... Corrected, augmented, and continued

by D. Powel... London : Rafe Newberie and H. Denham, 1584. 8 p.1., 22, 401 (1) pp., 61. 4o

The first publication containing an account of the voyage of Madoc to America in A.D. 1170.

Catanæus (Joannes Maria). Io: Mariae Catanaei Genua. [A poem.] Roma: Iacobum Mazochium (1514). (10) 11. 4o. Harrisse 75. It contains some verses in praise of Columbus.

Cenalis (Robert), Bishop of Avranches. Antidotym ad postvlata de (Interim :) authore... D. Roberto, diuina clementia Episcopo Abrincatensi... Lugduni: apud Mathiam Bonhomme, 1548. 471. 8o.

Bd. with Gemma Phrystus. De principiis Astroaomiae et Cosmographiae. Parisiis, 1547-48.

Chemnitius (Martinus). Navigatio Lvsitanorvm in Indiam Orientalem, heroico carmine descripta ... Lipsiae : in officina typographica, Iohannis Rhambae, 1580. 161. 4°. Contains references to Columbus and Magellan.

[Clerke (William)]. Polimanteia, or the meanes lawfull and unlawfull, to ivdge of the fall of a common-wealth, against the friuolous ... coniectures of

Added, A letter from England to her three daughters, Cambridge, Oxford, Innes of Court [etc.]... Cambridge: John Legate, 1595. 4o.

The book contains references to America, and is one of the earliest publications to mention "sweet Shakspeare."

Columbus (Christopher). La première relation de Christophe Colomb. (1493.) Lettre sur une édition de l'“ Epistola Christofori Colom,” appartenant à la Bibliothèque Royale de Bruxelles, par Ch. Ruelens. Avec réproduction en fac-simile. Bruxelles : Institut National de Géographie, 1885. 50 pp., 4 pp. fac-simile. 8°.

Common-wealths (The) Great Ship commonly called the Soveraigne of the Seas, built in the yeare, 1637. With a true and exact Dimension of her Bulk and Burden ... Shee is besides her Tunnage 1637. Tuns in burden : Shee beareth five Lanthorns, the biggest of which will hold ten persons to stand upright, without shouldring or pressing one another. With the names of all the Ropes, Masts, Sailes, and Cordage that belong unto a Ship. As also the names of all our Commanders at Sea ... With all the Fights wee have had with the Hollander, since the Engagement of Lieutenant-Admirall Trompe neere Dover, against the English Fleet under the Command of Generall Blake, at the same Time that three of their Embassadours were here treating of Peace. With a perfect rehearsall of an Act for encrease of Shipping, and Encouragement of the Navigation of this Nation, which so much displeaseth the Hollander.... London : Printed by M. Simmons, for Tho. Jenner, 1653. 32 pp. 4o.

The book contains "A true Relation of a most bloody, treacherous, cruell Designe of the Dutch in the New-Netherlands in America, in supplying the Indians with Arms and Ammunition, to burn and slay the English on a Sabbath day when they were at Meeting,” pp. 24-26.

Contarini (Ambrosio). Il viazo del clarissimo Messer Ambrosio Contarini Ambasciator della Illustrissima Signoria di Venetia al Signor Vxuncassan Re de Persia. Venetia, 1543. 40 l. 8°.

Cook (Ebenezer). The Sot-weed Factor: or, A Voyage to Maryland. A Satyr. In which is describ'd the Laws, Government, Courts and Constitutions of the Country; and also the Buildings, Feasts, Frolicks, Entertainments and Drunken Humours of the Inhabitants of that Part of America. In Burlesque Verse. London : B. Bragg, 1708. I p.l., 21 pp. 4°.

For the same author's “Sotweed Redivivus," Annapolis, 1730, see page 47 of this Bulletin.

Copp (Johan). Wie man diss hochberumpt astronomischer uñ geometrischer kunst Instrumēt Astrolabium brauchen soll... Bamberg : G. Er. linger, 1525. 401. 4°.

Bd. with: Schoner (J.) Luculentissima quaedä terrae totius descriptio. Noriberga, 1515.

Cortes (Geronimo). Libro de phisonomia y varios secretos de naturaleza : cötiene cinco tratados de materias differentes ; todos ... mejorados en esta 4.

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tercera impression ... Valencia : en casa de Juan G. Garriz, 1599. 5 p.l., 245 pp. 8°. An account of America is given on pp. 146–148.

Cortes (Hernando). Copia delle lettere del prefetto della India la nuoua Spagna detta, alla Cesarea Maesta rescritte. Alla Sereniss. & Catho. Maesta Cesarea. (Florence ?) 1534. (2) 1. 4o.

Not mentioned by Harrisse. One of the first publications relating to Pizarro and the conquest of Peru. There is another copy of this edition (Harrisse 193) in the library, the same in every respect, except that it omits the date MDXXXVIII and the Con gratia, & Priuilegio which appear at the end in this copy. The library also possesses an octavo edition of the same letter, (Florence! 1534) in 4 11., dated at the end " Data a di XVI Magio M.D.XXXVI. Îl Prefetto della India."

Cortes (Martin). The Arte of Navigation ... First written in Spanish by Martin Curtis, and translated into English by Richard Eden... Corrected and augmented by John Tap. London : Edw. Allde for H. Astley, 1596. 5 pl., 90 l. 4°.

Cosmographiae introdvctio cvm qvibvsdam geometriae ac astronomiae principiis ad eamdem necessariis. Insuper quatuor Americi Vespucii nauigationes. Vniuersalis Chosmographiæ descriptio tam in solido quam plano eis etiam insertis quæ Ptholomæo ignota a nuperis reperta sunt. Ad dominvm Robertetvm .. [Lyons :] Impressa per Johānem de la Place (1517?]. (32) 1., of which 8 l. (sheets C and E) are lacking, I map, 2 pl.

Harrisse 63. The map and plates, which were engraved on copper, have been removed from the volume and are mounted separately. The first plate, 6% x 7% in. in size, is called Astrolabium physicum and shows within a circular figure the various divisions of the heavens, etc.

The second plate, about 636 x 734 in., bears at the top: motus , noue . spere. et.trepvdacionis.octave . spere . 1514., and below, the following verses:

Adte candentis terre diademate friltum

Robertet nostre mittitur artis opus
Invenies istic cursus quos sidera servent

Zodiaci: fixvs grid ve planeta ivvet
Noua valet sphera qvid : coelvm qvod ferat orbes
Hinc lune ac phebi per sva signa giros

wale Artificio Lvdovici Bovlengier Allebie 1514 This plate shows the four quarters of the winds, the twelve signs of the zodiac, and a general aspect of the heavens.

The third plate, about 14 x 7 in., consists of a map in the form of gores ready either to be cut and mounted as a globe, or, as the surrounding border would indicate, to be used Aat. It is called vniversalis cosmographie descriptio tam in solido qvem plano. In the place of the new world appears a long triangular shaped island accompanied by smaller islands and called America noviter reperta. The map is the oldest one in the library containing the name America.

This book, with the map and two plates, was first brought to notice by the Paris bookseller Tross in 1881, in whose catalogue it is described, no. 4924, with a fac-simile of the gore map. The date of its publication is fixed by D'Avezac in his Waltzemüller, p. 123, and by Harrisse in his Discovery of North America, pp. 494-496. See also Winsor's Narrative and Critical History, vol. 2, pp. 120, 172-173:

Another copy of the book, complete in 32 leaves, is also in the library.

Cosmographiae introdvctio cum quibusdam Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam rem necessariis. Ingolstadii, 1532. 31 l. 8°.

This edition is not mentioned by Harrisse. The title is dated 1529 ; the colophon 1532. The book is a different work from the one preceding, and has been attributed to Petrus Apianus. It mentions the discovery of America by Vespucius.

Cosmographiae introdvctio cum quibusdam Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam rem necessariis. Venetiis : per Jo. Antonium ... 1533. Mense Julio. 31 (1) 1. 8°.

Harrisse Additions 100. Both the title and the colophon are dated 1533.

Cosmographiae introdvctio cum quibusdam Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam rem

necessariis. Venetiis: Jo. Ant. de Nicolinis de Sabio, 1535, Mensis Januarii. 32 l. 8°. Harrisse 202.

Both the title and the colophon are dated 1535, but the former has been altered with a pen to 1534.

Cosmographiae introdvctio cum quibusdam Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis ad eam rem necessariis. Venetiis : Francisco Bindone et M. Passini, Mense Maii, 1537. 311. 8°. Harrisse Additions 113.

Coverte (Robert). A Trve and almost Incredible report of an Englishman that (being cast away in the good ship called the Assention in Cambaya, the farthest part of the East Indies) Trauelled by Land through many vnknowne Kingdomes ... London : Printed by William Hall, for T. Archer and R. Redmer, 1612. 3p. 1., 68 (1) pp. 4°.

Coverte (Robert). A Trve and almost Incredible report of an Englishman, that (being cast away in the good ship called the Assention, in Cambaya, the farthest part of the East Indies) Trauelled by Land through many vnknowne Kingdomes ... London : Printed by N. 0. for Thomas Archer, 1614. 2 ed. 3 p. I., 68 pp. 4°.

Cuevas Aguirre y Espinosa (Joseph Francisco de). Extracto de los autos de diligencias, y reconocimientos de los rios, lagunas, vertientes, y desagues de la capital Mexico, y su valle... Mexico : Impresso por la Viuda de D. J. B. de Hogal, 1748. I p. 1., 71 pp., I map. fo.

Darien. A Letter, giving a description of the Isthmus of Darian : (Where the Scot's Colonie is settled;) From a Gentleman who lives there at present... Edinburgh : Printed for J. Mackie and J. Wardlaw, 1699. 24 pp., i map. 4°.

Denys (Nicolas). Description Geographique et Historique des costes de l'Amerique Septentrionale. Avec l'Histoire naturelle du Païs... Paris : chez Louis Billaine, 1672. 2 v. 8°. Large map, plates.

Dodoens (Rembertus). Cosmographica in Astronomiam et Geographiam Isagoge. Antuerpia : ex officina Joannis Loči, 1548. Mense Maio. 58 1. 8o.

Harrisse Additions 167. Contains a reference to America and Peru in the chapter on the Antipodes.

Domingo de la Anunciacion. Doctrina Xpiana breue y cõpendiosa ... en lēgua castellana y mexicana ..

... Mexico : en casa de Pedro Ocharte, 1565. 84 1. 4o.

Donne (John). Five sermons vpon speciall occasions ... London: Thomas Jones, 1626. 4°.

Five separate publications, bound together, with general title prefixed. The second one relates to Virginia. They are as follows:

1. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse. London, 1626. 1 p.1. 68 pp. 40.

2. A sermon ... to the Honourable Company of the Virginian Plantation, 13 Nouemb. 1622. London, 1624. 2 p.1., 49 pp. 4°: 3. Encaenia. The Feast of Dedication

Sermon ... vpon Ascension day, 1623. London: Aug. Mat. for T. Jones, 1623. 3 p.1., 41 pp. 4°.

4. The first sermon preached to King Charles... 3 April 1625. London: A. M. for Thomas Jones, 1625. i p.1., 59 pp. 4o.

5. A sermon preached to the Kings M.tie... 24 Febr. 1625., London: T. Jones, 1626. 3 p.l., 50 pp. 49.

Doolittle (Rev. T.). A Short Narrative of Mischief done by the French and Indian Enemy, on the Western Frontiers of the Province of the Massachusetts- Bay; from the beginning of the French War March 15th, 1743,4; . to August 2d 1748. Boston: S. Kʼneeland, 1750. I pul., 22 pp. 8°.

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is dated 1527.

Drake (Sir Francis). Le voyage de l'illvstre Seignevr et Cheualier François Drach Admiral d'Angleterre, alentour du monde... Paris : che s Jean Gesselin, 1613. 4 pl., 90 (1) pp. 8°.

Drake (Sir Francis). Le voyage cvrievx, faict avtovr du Monde, par François Drach, Admiral d'Angleterre. Augmenté de la Seconde partie. Paris: chez Antoine Robinot, 1611. 4 p.l., 229 pp., I pl. 8o. Bd. with the preceding volume of 1613.

Drake (Sir Francis). Voyages and Travels, of the ren owned Captain Sir F. Drake into the West Indies, and round the World... Coventry: 1. Turner, (1820 ?] 24 pp. 12°.

Dryander (Joannes). Annvlorvm trivm diversi generis instrvmentorum Astronomicorum componendi ratio atque


Marpurgi: E. Cervicornus, 1537, mense Julio. 43 l. 4°.

Bd. with: Apianus (P.) Cosmographicvs Liber. Antuerpiæ, 1534.

Dryander (Joannes). Cosmographiae introdvctio: cum qvibvsdam Geometriae ac Astronomiae principiis, ad eam rem necessariis. Marpurgi: per Andream Colbium, 1543. 30 1. 8°.

Not mentioned by Harrisse. Contains a description of America.

Emanuel, King of Portugal. Copia de vna littera del Re de Portagallo mádata al Re de Castella del viaggio & successo de India. Roma: per maestro Joanni de Besicken, 1505. (8) 1. 4o.

Harrisse Additions 18. The first account in print of Cabral's voyage to India and of the discovery of Brazil.

Enciso (Martin Fernandez de). Suma de geographia que trata de todas las partidas & prouincias del mundo: en especial de las indias. & trata largamente del arte del marear juntamente con la espera en romance: con el regimiēto del sol y del norte: agora nueuamente emendada de algunos defectos que tenia en la impressið passada, Seuilla: Juă Cröberger, 1530. 58 [i. e. 70] 1. Fo.

Another edition of the same date (Harrisse 153) is also in the library. This edition is not mentioned by bibliographers.

Erasmus (Desiderius). Apologia aduersus articulos aliquot per monachos quosdam in Hispaniis, exhibitos... Basilea: per Hieronymum Frobenium el 1. Hervagivm et N. Episcopivm, 1529. 8 p. 1., 251 PP.

Bd. with Gemma Phrysius De principiis Astronomia et Cosmographiæ, Parisiis, 1547-48.

Espejo (Antonio de). Histoire des terres novvellement descouvertes ... par Antonio de Espeio & nommees le nouueau Mexico. Traduict de l'Espagnol ... par M. Basanier ... Paris : chez la htfuz Nicolas Reffet, I586. 47 (I) pp. 8°.

Bd, with : Jesuit Relations, Lettres novvelles dy Jappon. Paris, 1584.

Ferdinandina Mexicana insvla Mariæ Dei Parentis avxilio ad fidem conversa ... [Munich ? 1652?] 141. 4°.

The book gives an outline of the drama of Ferdinando and Adelhaidi, of which the complete text in Latin, with a summary in Italian, is added in manuscript, at the end of the volume, 81 pp., 141.

Fernelius (Joannes). Cosmotheoria, libros duos complexa. Prior, mūdi totius & formam & compositionem : eius subinde partium ... situs & magnitudines : orbiū tandem motus quosuis solerter

reserat. Posterior, ex motibus, siderū loca & passiones disquirit. Parisiis : in aedibus Simonis Colinaei, 1528. 46 1. Fo. This edition is not mentioned by Harrisse. The colophon

Contains references to America. Fernelius (Joannes). Monalosphaerium, partibus constans quatuor. Prima, generalis horarii & structuram, & vsum, in equisitā monalosphaerii cognitionem præmittet. Secunda, mobilium solennitatum, criticorúmque dierū rationes, ... complectitur. Tertia, quascūque ex motu primi mobilis depröptas vtilitates elargitur. Quarta, geometricã praxin ... dilucidat ... Parisiis : Simonis Colinaei, 1527. 36 1. Fo.

Harrisse Additions 84. The title is dated 1526. Contains some allusions to America.

Ferrer (Jaime de). Sentencias catholicas del Divi, poeta Dant Florenti. Barcelona, 1545. 63 1. 8°.

Harrisse 261, Additions 154. Contains brief references to America.

Ferrus (Alphonsus). Alphonsi Ferri . . . de ligni sancti multiplici medicina, & uini exhibitione Basiliae, 1538.

201 pp., 61. 8°. Not mentioned by Harrisse.

Ferrus (Alphonsus). De l'administration du Sainct Boys, en diuerses formes ... contenues en quatre traictés.

Ensemble la forme de ministrer du vin ... Traduict de Latin en Francoys, par ... Nicoles Michel ... Poictiers ; par Jehan & E. de Marnef, 1546. Il., 2–495 pp., 7 1. Sm. 8°. Harrisse Additions 16o.

Finé (Oronce). Sphaera Mvndi, sive Cosmographia quinque libris ... in qua tum prima astronomiae pars, tum geographie, ac hydrographie rudimenta pertractātur.

Lutetiae Parisiorum : Michael Vascosanus, 1551.

7. p.1., 60 1. 4o. Bd, with: Postel (G.) De Vniversitate liber. (Paris), 1552.

Flaminius (Joannes Antonius). Io. An. Flaminii foro corneliensis ad Adrianym sextvm pontificem maximum epistola.

Bononiae : per Hieronymum de Benedictis, 1523. (14) II. 4°.

This edition is not mentioned by Harrisse. The author speaks of the missionary zeal of the Spaniards in their voyages to the present West Indies.

Flaminius (Joannes Antonius). Jo. Antonii Flaminii Foro Corneliensis epistola ad Paulum III... Eivsdem belli recentis Aphricani descriptio

Eivsdem de qvibvsdam memorabilibus noui Orbis nuper ad nos transmissis ... Eivsdem conflictvs ille Pannonicus cum Turcis .. Bononiae : apud Vincentiū Bonardum Parmen. & Marci Antoniū Carpen. 1536. Mensis Martii. 20 l. 4° Harrisse 216, Additions 110.

Focard (Jacques). Paraphrase de l'astrolabe, contenant Les Principes de Geometrie. La Sphere. L'Astrolabe.. Le Miroir du Monde ... Lyon : par Jean de Tovrnes, 1546. 8 p.l., 187 pp,, 2 l. 8°. Harrisse 273.

Contains references to America, p. 155. Focard (Jacques). Paraphrase de l'astrolabe, contenant Les Principes de Geometrie. La Sphere. L'Astrolabe... Le Miroir du Monde ... Revue

par Jaques Bassentin ... Lyon : Jan de Tournes, 1555. 6 p.l., 192 pp. 8°.

Fracastorius (Hieronymus). Syphilis sive morbvs Gallicvs. [Lib. iii.] Veronae, 1530, mense Augusto. 36 l. 4o.

Harrisse Additions 91. Contains references to the new world.


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Fvrievse (La) defaite des Espagnols, et la sanglante Bataille donnée au Perou, tant par mer que par terre. Entre lesdits Espagnols & les Hollandois, conduits par leur Admiral, Jacques l'Hermite. Paris : chez Jean Martin, 1625. 16 pp. 8o.

Garcia (Gregorio). Origen de los Indios de el nvevo Mvndo, e Indias Occidentales. ... Valen. cia: en casa de Pedro Patricio Mey, 1607. 14 p. l., 535 pp., 12 l. 8°.

Garimberto (Hieronimo). Problemi natvrali, e morali. Vinegia: Vincenzo Valgrisi, 1549. 8 p.l., 229 (1) pp. 897

Harrisse 292, Additions 174. References to America, pp. 113-116.

Gassarus (Achilles P.) Historiarvm et Chronicorvm Mvndi epitomes libellus. ... Venetiis: per Jo. Antonium, 1533.

15 p.1., 60 l. 8°. Not mentioned by Harrisse. Alludes to the discovery of America.

Gassarus (Achilles P.) Historiarvm et Chronicorvm totivs Mundi Epitome. .. Venetiis : J. A. de Nicolini da Sabio, 1540. 16 p.1., 60 l. 8o. Not mentioned by Harrisse. Notes the discovery of America

in 1492.

Gemma Phrysius. De principiis Astronomiae & Cosmographiae, Deque vsu Globi ab eodem editi. Item de Orbis diuisione, & Insulis, rebusque nuper inuentis. Antuerpiae: J. Grapheus, 1530, mense Octob. 42 l. 4°.

Harrisse 156, Additions 92. Chapters 29, 30 and 31 relate to America.

Gemma Phrysius. De principiis astronomiae & Cosmographie. Antuerpiae: excudebat Joannes Richard, 1544. 92 1. 8°. Harrisse 252.

Gemma Phrysius. De principiis Astronomiae et Cosmographiae :... Eiusdem libellus de locorum describendorum ratione.... Parisiis: apud Thomam Richardum, 1547. [Colophon: 1548.] 179 pp. 8°. Harrisse Additions 168.

Gemma Phrysius. De principiis Astronomiae et Cosmographiae. Ioannis Schoneri de vsu Globi Astriferi opusculum, Antverpiae, in aedibus Joan. Steelsii, 1548. [Colophon: Typis Joan. Graphei, 1548.] 1191. 8°.

Giovio (Paolo). Descriptio Britanniae, Scotiae, Hyberniae, et Orchadvm... de imperiis, et gentibvs cogniti orbis, cum eivs operis prohoemio. ... Venetiis : apud Michaelem Tramezinum, 1548. 4 p.1., 1251. 4°.

Not mentioned by Harrisse. The discovery of the new world by Columbus is mentioned on folio 42.

Girava (Geronimo). Dos libros de Cosmographia Milan : Juan Ant. Castellon, y Christoual Caron, 18. de Abril, 1556. 4 p.1., 271 (1) pp., 6 l., I chart. 4o. Indias o Nuevo Mundo, pp. 186-242.

Girava (Geronimo). La Cosmographia, y Geographia .... En la qual se contiene la descripcion de todo el mundo...y particularmente de las yndias, y tierra nueua. ...

Con tablas, y instrumentos.... Venetia : por lordan Zileti, y comp. 1570. 4 p. I., 271 (1) pp., 41. 4°.

Giustiniani (Agostino). Castigatissimi Annali con la loro copiosa tavola della ... Republi. di Genoa. ... Genoa : Antonio Bellono, 1537, 18. de Mazzo. 14 p..., 282 l. Fo. Harrisse 220. An account of Columbus is given on folio 249.

Glareanus (Henricus). De Geographia, liber vnvs, ab ipso avtore recognitvs. Apud Friburgum Brisgoicvm : Joannes Faber Emmevs, 1530. 35 (1) 1. 4o. Harrisse 147. Contains a reference to America on 1. 35.

Glareanus (Henricus). De geographia Liber unus ab ipso authore iam tertio recognitus. Venetiis: apud Joan. Ant. de Nicolinis de Sabio, 1534. Mense Augusto. 461. 8°. Harrisse 184, Additions 103.

Glareanus (Henricus). De Geographia liber vnvs, ab ipso avthore iam tertio recognitvs. Apvd Friburgum Brisgoicum : Ioannes Faber Emmevs, 1536. 35 1. 4o. Harrisse 212.

Glareanus (Henricus). De Geographia Liber unus ab ipso authore iam tertio recognitus. Venetiis: Jo. Ant. de Nicolinis de Sabio, 1538. Mense Augusto. 40 1. 8°. Harrisse Additions 115.

Glareanus (Henri s). De Geographia liber vnvs, ab ipso avthore iam novissime recognitvs. Apud Friburgum Brisgoicvm Ioannes Faber Emmers, 1539. 35 l., I map. 4°. Harrisse 228, Additions 125.

Glareanus (Henricus). De Geographia liber unus, ab ipso authore iam nouissimè recognitus. Parisiis: apud Gulielmum Cauelart, 1550. 40 1. 4°. Not mentioned by Harrisse.

Goes (Damianus a). Aliqvot opvscvla. Fides, Religio, moresque Aethiopum . Hispaniae ubertas & potentia ... Item aliquot Epistolae Sadoleti, Bembi, & aliorum clarissimorum uirorum .. Lovanii : Ex Officina Rutgeri Rescii, 1544. Mens. Decemb. 152 1. 4o. Harrisse Additions 144. Contains references to America.

Gomez (Alvar). El vellocino dorado: y la historia de la orde del Tuson... Traduzido agora nueuamente en ... prosa Castellana, por ... Juan Bravo ... Toledo : Juă de Ayala, 24. dias de Nouiembre : 1546. 99 1. 4°. Gomez de Castro (Alvar). De rebvs gestis

Francisco Ximenes, Cisnerio, Archiepiscopo Toletano, libri octo ... Compluti, apud Andream de Angulo, 1569. 16 p.1., 2401. Fo.

Harrisse 279.

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Geraldinus (Alexander). Itinerarivm ad Regiones svb Æqvinoctiali Plaga constitvtas. ... Nunc primo edidit 0. Geraldinus de Catenacciis. Rome: Typis Guilelmi Facciotti, 1631. 20 p.1., 284 pp., 18 l. 8°.

One of a few copies printed on thick paper. A copy of the ordinary edition is also in the library. The author was a friend of Columbus.

Gerritszoon (Hessel). Histoire du Pays nommé Spitsberghe. Monstrant comment qu'il est trouvée, son naturel & ses animauls, avecques la triste racompte des maux, que noz Pecheurs... ont eu a souffrir des Anglois. ... Amsterdam : a l'ensiegne du Carte nautiq, 1613. 30 pp., 2 pl. 4o.

Gilberti (Maturino). Grammatica Maturini tractatvs omnivm feré que Grammatices studiosis tradi solēt. Mexici : Excudebat Antonius Espinosa, 1559. 168 1. 8°.

Icazbalceta 36. The first Latin grammar printed in America.


Hood (Thomas). The Marriners guide. Set forth in forme of a dialogue, wherein the vse of the plaine Sea Card is ... deliuered ... London : Thomas Est, for Thomas Wight, 1592. 21 (1) 1. 4o.

Howgill (Francis). The Deceiver of the Nations Discovered : and his Cruelty Made Manifest. And How he hath deceived the Nations, and wrought his Works of Darkness ... More especially his cruel works of Darkness laid open and reproved in Maryland in Virginia, And the sad Sufferings of the Servants of the Lord there, by his cruel Instruments ... London: Thomas Simmons, 1660. 27 pp.


Gonzales de Merchado (Luis de). Copia di vna Lettera: che a scritto Luigi Gonzales de Merchado, di Vagliadolit, della India, del Porto de buon' Giesu, al. S. Comandatore. S. Stefano Gouernator di Vagliadolit: sopra la Presa del India del Peru, Chiamata la nuoua Castiglia, e dell gran Richezza d'Oro e d'Argēto che la si troua l’āno 1532. Firenze : Antonio Mazochi (1534 ?]. (3) 1. 4°.

Not mentioned by Harrisse. One of the first publications relating to Pizarro and the conquest of Peru.

Guazzo (Marco). Historie di tutte le cose degne di memoria qvai del anno 1524 sino a questo presente sono occorse nella Italia, nella Prouenza, nella Franza... Venetia: Nicolo d' Aristotele detto il Zoppino, 1540. Adi 8. di Aprile. 8 p.l., 215 l. 4o.

Harrisse Additions 124. Contains an account of Pizarro and Peru.

Guazzo (Marco). Historie di ... tutti i fatti degni di memoria nel mondo svccessi dell'anno 1524 sino a qvesto presente ... Vinegia : Appresso Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1546. 8 p.l., 375 l. 8°. Harrisse Additions 157.

Guazzo (Marco). Historie di... tvtti i fatti degni di memoria nel mondo svccessi dal 1524 sino a l'anno 1549... Vinetia: Appresso Gabriel Giolito di Ferrarii, 1549. 8 p.l., 329 (1)l. 8°. This edition is not mentioned by Harrisse.

[Heylin (Peter).] Microcosmvs, or, A little description of the great World. A Treatise Historicall, Geographicall, Politicall, Theologicall ... Oxford : lohn Lich field, aw lames Short, 1621. 8 p.l., 417 (1) pp., 1 l. Of America, pp. 400-417.

Holder (Christopher). The Faith and Testimony of the Martyrs... persecuted in New England vindicated, against the ... slanders cast on them by Nathaniel Morton in his Book intituled New Englands Memorial ... (London? 1670 ?] (1) 11 pp. 4o. This is the Brinley copy, no. 3530. Honter (Joannes).

Rudimentorvm Cosmographiae libri duo. Quorū prior Astronomiae, posterior Geographiae principia, breuissime complectitur ... Cracoviae: Mathias Scharfenbergivs, 1530. 161. 8°.

This edition is earlier than any mentioned by Harrisse. It contains references to America.

Honter (Joannes). Rvdimentorvm Cosmographiae libri duo. Quorū prior Astronomiae, posterior Geographiae principia, breuissime complectitur ... Cracoviae: M. Schar fenbergivs, 1534. 161. 8o. Sabin 32792. Not mentioned by Harrisse.

Honter (Joannes). Rvdimenta Cosmographica. Tigvri : apvd Froschouerum, 1546. 30 l., 14 l. of


It deals with the persecutions of the Friends in Maryland.

Howgill (Francis). The Heart of New-England hardned through Wickednes : in Answer to a Book, entituled the Heart of New-England Rent, published by John Norton ... London : Thomas Simmons, 1659. 40 pp. 4°.

Hudson (Henry). Descriptio ac delineatio Geographica Detectionis Freti, sive, transitvs ad Occasum, supra' terras Americanas . . . ducturi ... Item, Narratio . . . Australiae Incognitae . . . per ... P. Ferdinandez de Quir. Vnà cum descriptione Terrae Samoiedarvm & Tingoesiorvm in Tartaria ... [Edited by H. Gerritszoon.] Amsterodami : Ex officina H. Gerardi, 1612. 23 I., 3 charts. 4°.

Bd. with: Jacobus, nobilis Danus. Hodoeporicon Ruthenicvm. Francofurti, 1608.

Hutten (Ulrich von). Guaiacum. L'Experience et approbation Ulrich de Huten ... Touchant la medecine du boys dict Guaiacum. Pour circôuenir et dechasser la maladie indeuement appellee francoyse ... traduicte et interpretee par maistre Jehan Cheradame Hypocrates... Lyon (1520 ?] 39 1. 4o.

Initium speciminis, quasi preces vobis offero. [Tolosa, 1550.] (4) l. 4.

Verses in praise of “Faber." Bd. with: Martin de Valencia. Passio gloriosi martyris ... Andree de Spoleto. Tholose, 1532.

Instituta ordinis beati Francisci. Mexico : en casa de Antonio de Espinosa, 1567. 69 l. 4o. Icazbalceta 49.

Interiano (Paolo). Ristretto delle Historie Genovesi. Lucca : per lo Busdrago, 1551. 233 1. 4. Contains an account of Columbus.

Isolanis (Isidore de). In hoc volumine hec continentur. De Imperio Militantis Ecclesiae libri quattuor ... Habes quoque lector ingenue suis locis ordinatas disputatiöes philosophis : ... de predicatione euangelii apud Insulas magni maris Oceani : De couersione Infideliū... Mediolani : apud Gotardum Ponticum, 1517. 130 1. Fo.

Harrisse Additions See leaf biji recto for references to the new world.

Jacobus, nobilis Danus. Hodoeporicon Rythenicvm in qvo de Moscovitarvm Regione, Moribvs, Religione... exequitur ... Francofurti : Typis Matthiae Beckeri, 1608. 4 p. 1., 66 pp., 5 pl. 4°.

Jesuit Relations. Avisi particolari delle Indie di Portugallo, Riceuuti in questi doi anni del 1551 & 1552, da li... Padri de la copagnia de Iesu ... Roma: Valerio Dorico, & Luigi Fratelli Bressani, 1552, 316(1) pp., [i.e. 150 l.) 8°.

Bd. with: Oviedo (G. F. de) Libro vltimo de le Indie occidentale. Roma, 1535.


maps. 8°

Harrisse 271.

Honter (Joannes). Rudimentorvm Cosmographicorum ... libri III, cum tabellis Geographicis... Tigvri : apvd Froschouerum, 1548. 30 l., 14 1. of maps. 8°. Harrisse 287.

Honter (Joannes). Rvdimentorvm Cosmographicorum ... libri III. cum tabellis Geographicis... Tigvri : apvd Froschouerum, 1549. 301., 14 1. of maps. 8°.

Harrisse Additions 175.

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