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Again the chief, with friendly smiles, invites
His guest to share his festive board's delights, 2675
The bowl presenting with fresh liquor crown'd,
Emboss'd with forms of burnish'd gold around.
Then Neptune, as he rais'd it in his hand,
Pronounc'd a blessing on the Captain's land,
His awful brow relax’d, and soft address'd 2680
The plaided Piper bowing low his breast :
Now swell a strain—and shed with nectar'd lays
O’er Freedom's land the perfume of thy praise ;
None so barbaric but has heard her name,
Columbia, daughter of immortal Fame. 2685

Shelty unclasp'd his bonnet from his brow,
And laid it on the deck with reverence low,
His hoary head, made bare, display'd to sight
And set his features in an open light :
Then, as the bag-pipe to his lip he prest, 2690
The strain awak'd the patriotic breast.




Columbia's shores are wild and wide,

Columbia's hills are high,
And rudely planted side by side

Her forests meet the eye.
But narrow must those shores be made,

And low Columbia's hills,
And low her ancient forests laid,

Ere Freedom leaves her fields,
For 'tis the land, where, rude and wild,
She play'd her gavibols when a child.

And deep and wide her streams that flow

Impetuous to the tide :
And thick and

the laurels

river's side.

2705 But should a transatlantic host

Pollute her waters fair,
We'll meet them on the rocky coast,

And gather laurels there :
For oh! Columbia's sons are brave, 2710
And free as ocean's wildest wave.


The gales that wave her mountain-pine

Are fragrant and serene :
And never clearer sun did shine

Than liglats her valleys green.
But putrid must those breezes blow,

That sun must set in gore,
Ere footsteps of a foreign foe

Imprint Columbia's shore : For oh! her sons are brave and free; *Their breasts beat high with liberty.


For arming boldest cuirassier

We've mines of sterling worth,
For sword and buckler, spur and spear,
Embowelld in the earth.

2725 And ere Columbia's sons resign

The boon their fathers won,
The polish'd ore from every mine

Shall glitter in the sun:
For bright's the blade, and sharp the spear
Our warriors to the battle bear.

Let Britain boast the deeds she's done,

Display her trophies bright; And count her laurels bravely won

In well-contested fight.


Columbia can a hand array

Will wrest the laurel wreath ; With truer eye and steadier hand

Will strike the blow of death : For, whether on the land or sea, Columbia's fight is victory.



In purple streams let Gallia wade,

And frantic in her mood,
With civil discord draw the blade,

And spill her country's blood.
Too dear the skill in arms is bought

Where kindred life-blood flows,
Columbia's sons are only taught

To triumph o'er their foes :
And then to comfort, soothe and save
The feelings of the conquer'd brave.



Then let Columbia's eagle soar,

And bear her banner high;
The thunder from her dexter pour,

And lightning from her eye.
And when she sees from realnıs above,

The storm of war is spent;
Descending, like the welcome dove,

The olive branch present:
And then will beauty's hand divine
The never-fading wreath entwine.


The sightless piper ceas'd, and lowly bow'd,
While rung the deck with the tars' plaudits loud;
Full was the bursting of the naval roar,
As billows when they lash the rocky shore. 2765
A hectic flush'd the trident-bearer's cheek,
Then spoke he with the smile that calms the deep :
Come, minstrel, gang with me, thy pleasing strain
Would soothe my hours beneath the azure main.
Striding a dolphin, thou should'st blissful roam
My coral caves, and make the deep thy home,
There, where the snowy nereids love to dwell,
In sea-bright grots o'er-hung with speckled shell.
Restor'd to youth, the grasp of hateful age
Should lose its hold, nor bend thee with its rage.
Thus to the Scot the sea's sole sovereign cry'd ;
He heav'd a sigh, and calmly thus reply'd :
Neptune, to change these hoary locks that spread
The snaws of age round sightless Shelty's head,
Is not his wish-he knows 'tis fate's decree 2780
That sanguine youth is not from sorrow free.


The gaily conscious seamen feel their pow'r,
In the wild Saturnalia of the hour,
And, while fresh bowls the cabin-guests inspire,
Approach with rolling gait their ocean-sire, 2785

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