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Of Cambridge. Rev. William Collings Lukes, B.A., Tri

nity College. Rev. Osman Parke Vincent, B.A., Magdalene College.

LITERATES. Rev. Frederick Langhorne. Rev. Charles Percy Badger, of the Church

Missionary College, Islington, for her Majesty's foreign possessions, by letters dimissory from the Bishop of London.

The Bishop of Salisbury also ordained the following gentlemen for the Bishop of Bath and Wells, who was too indisposed to hold an ordination in his own cathedral, as announced.

DEACONS.--Of Oxford. Edward Machen, B.A., Exeter College.

Of Cambridge. Richard Burridge, B.A., St. John's College.

Sunday, Feb. 20, the following gen-
tlemen were admitted into holy orders by
the Lord Bishop of the Diocese :-

DEACONS.— Of Oxford.
Fred. Wm. Cartwright, B.A., Christ Ch.

Of Cambridge.
Rd. Henry Killick, B.A. Queen's College.

PRIESTS.-Of Oxford.
Rev. Charles Clarke, B.A., Trinity Coll.
Res. John William Deane, B. A., St.

John's College.
Rey, Michael Watts Russell, B.A., Christ

Rev. Anthony Hart Smith, B.A., St. Ed-
mund Hall.

of Cambridge.
Res. Dd. Pooley, M.A., St. John's College.
Rev. Samuel Alford, B.A., Queen's College.
Rey. Robert Bickersteth, B.A., Queen's

Rev. William Adderley Francis, B. A.,

Christ's College
Rev. Henry Harris, B.A., Catherine Hall.
Rev. Robert Matthew Sharpe, B. A., St.
John's College.

Rev. Edward Robinson.

At a general Ordination, held in the Cathedral Church of SALISBURY, on Sunday, Feb. 20, the following gentlemen were admitted into holy orders by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese :

DEACONS.Of Oxford.
Hen. Browne Mason, B.A., New Inn Hall.
Henry Phillips, M.A., Queen's College.
James Tyler, B.A., Balliol College.
Robert Fitzgerald Meredith, M.A., Wor-

cester College.
Paul Ford Britton, B.A., Exeter College.
James Jones Reynolds, B.A., St. John's

Of Cambridge.
Rupert James Rowton, B. A., St. John's

Of Dublin.
William Badham, B.A., Trinity College.

Of Lampeter.
Richard Jones, St. David's College.

PRIESTS.—Of Oxford.
Rev. Robt. Cosens, B. A., Pembroke Coll.
Rev. Cullen Forth, Wandsworth, S.C.L.,

Magdalen Hall.
Rev. Charles Francis Baker, B.A., Exeter

Rev. Hy. Jn. Dixon, B.A., St. Mary Hall.
Rev. Edward Stewart, M.A., Orieľ Coll.
Rev. Edw. Golding, B.A., Brasenose Coll.
Rev. Charles Leslie Courtenay, M. A.,

Christ Church,

PRIESTS.-Of Oxford.
Rev. John Cave Browne, B.A., Wadham

Rev. Edwd. Holland, B.A., Magdalen Hall.

Of Cambridge.
Rev. John Burton D’Aguilar, B.A., St.

John's College.
Rev. Joshua Rundle Watson, B.A., Mag-

dalen College.

At a general Ordination, held in the Cathedral Church of LINCOLN, on Sunday, Feb. 20, by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, the following gentlemen were admitted into holy orders :

DEACONS.—Of Oxford.
Henry Neville, B.A., Trinity College.
Edward Shepherd, B.A., Exeter College.

Of Cambridge.
Richard Eaton Monins, B.A., St. John's

Stephen Lea Wilson, B.A., St. Peter's Coll.
Richard Baldock, B.A., St. John's College.
John 'Teague, B.A., Emmanuel College.

PRIESTS.--Of Oxford.
Rev. Rich. Eddie, B.A., Brasenose Coll.
Rev. Nathaniel Morgan, B.A., Brasenose

Rev. Robert Drummond Burrell Raunsley,
B.A., Fellow of Magdalen College.

Of Cambridge.
Rev. Edward Balston, B.A., Fellow of

King's College.
Rev. William Lawrence Elliott, M.A.,

Fellow of King's College.
Rev. Henry Denson Jones, B.A., Pem-

broke College.
Rev. Henry Stockdale, D.A,, Cath. Hall.

Of Dublin.
Rev.John David Hare, LL.B., Trinity Coll.


The Lord Bishop of Winchester purposes to hold Confirmations throughout Surrey, at the latter end of the spring.

The Lord Bishop of London will bold his annual Confirmations for the metropolitan parishes at the following times and places : Monday, May 2, in the parish church of St. Marylebone ; Tuesday, May

3, St. James's, Westminster ; Wednesday, May 4, Christ Church, Newgate-street Monday, May 9, St. Luke's, Chelsea; Tuesday, May 10, St. Mary's, Whitechapel; Wednesday, May 11, St. Mary's, Islington. Divine service will commence each day at eleven o'clock.



JAN. 27.--In a Convocation holden this
day, the following gentlemen were admitted
ad eundem :---
Rev. Francis Duncan Gilby, M.A., Clare

Hall, Cambridge.
John Fleming, M.A., Trinity Coll. Dublin.

In a Congregation holden at the same time the following degrees were conferred :

Rev. Thomas Evans, Oriel College.

Edward Francis Witts, Magdalene Hall.
Chas. Edw. Thornhill, Christ Church.
Rev. Edw. Wm. Garrow, Brasenose Coll.
Rev. Edw. Rawnsley, Brasenose Coll.
Rev. Gilbert Sandbach, Brasenose Coll.
Rev. Henry Wm. Steel, Jesiis Coll.
Rev. Fred. Asheton Iremonger, Scholar

of Pembroke Coll.
Rev. Henry Combs, Fellow of St. John's

Rev. Geo. Armstrong Blakely, Worcester

Paul Butler, Student of Christ Church.
Greville Phillimore, Student of Christ Ch.
John Fenwicke Burgoyne Blackett, Student

of Christ Church.
Wm. Edw. Rawstorne, Student of Christ

Cornwall Simeon, Christ Church.
Melville Portal, Christ Church.
Nathaniel Midwinter, Magdalene Hall.
Timothy Jones, Magdalene Hall.
Theodore Percival" Wilson, Scholar of

Brasenose College.
Chas. Hartley Langhorne, Exeter Coll.

In a Convocation holden the same day,
for the purpose of electing a Professor of
Poetry, in the room of the Rev. John
Keble, M.A., late Fellow of Oriel College,

the Rev. James Garbett, M.A., late Fellow of Brasenose College, was unanimously elected.

In a Congregation holden the same day, the Rev. T. Evans, of Oriel College, and Head Master of the College School at Gloucester, was admitted Doctor in Divinity.

FEK. 3.-A Congregation was holden this day for granting degrees, &c., when the following were conferred :

MASTERS OF ARTS. Rev. James Ward, New College. Geo. Joseph Bell, Balliol College. Rev. James Carthew, Exeter College. Hon. Gilbert Chetwynd Talbot, All Souls

College. Rev. Robert Powell, Worcester College. Rev. James Thompson, Lincoln College.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. Stenning Johnson, Merton College. Isaac John Innes Pocock, Merton College. Chas. Cavendish Clifford, Christ Church. Frederick Bowles, Oriel College. Edward A. Ferryman, University Coll. William Savage, Queen's College.

In a Convocation holden the same day, the following gentlemen were admitted ad eundem :Rev. Jas. Henry Wilding, M.A., Trinity

College, Cambridge. Rev. Francis Vansittart Thornton, M.A.,

Trinity College, Cambridge. Rev. Chas. Mayor, M.A., Trinity College,


The Rev. Robert Middleton Dukes, M.A., of Lincoln College, has been elected and admitted a Fellow of Queen's College, on Mr. Michel's foundation.

FEB. 17.- A Congregation was this day holden for granting degrees, &c., when the following were conferred ::

open to


North Allertonshire or Howdenshire, in Rev. Henry Crawley, Balliol College.

the county of York; or of the counties of Rey. W'm. Hulme, Balliol College.

Leicester, Oxford, or Northampton. Rev. B. Hill Adams, Exeter College.

Corpus Christi College.--An election of a G. E. H. Vernon, Christ Church.

scholar will be held on Friday, the 22nd Rev. O. J. Humphreys, Jesus College.

of April. The scholarship is Rev. T. Pearse, Magdalen College.

natives of Lancashire, Hampshire, Surrey, Rev. C. Davenport, Worcester College. Lincolnshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, BACHELOR OF MEDICINE.

Kent, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, and of George Joseph Bell, Balliol College.

the dioceses of Bath and Wells, Exeter


St. John's College.--Three founders-kin Charles S. Slocock, Trinity College.

fellowships are vacant in this college, which H. Champernowne, Trinity College.

will be filled up on the 27th of June, 1842. The next Congregation for conferring de- Austin, Mr. W. E. C., scholar of New grees. &c., will be on Thursday, March 3. College, has been admitted actual fellow of

Lincoln College. --Three open Scholar- that society. ships, and two Exhibitions, on Lord Pearse, Mr. G. W., of Trinity College, Crewe's Foundation, will be filled up on to a scholarship at Corpus Christi. Thursday, March 17. Candidates for the Reade, Charles Esq., M.D., to a fellowExhibitions must be natives of the diocese ship on the Vinerian foundation. of Durham; and in default of such, of


The Theological Prize, at Queen's College, for the year 1841, open to those of B.A. standing, has been awarded to the Rev. Joseph Ketley, B.A. The subject, Rom. i. 16.

Jan. 29.-Mr. George Jarvis. B.A., and Mr. John Fenwick, B.A., of Corpus Christi College, in this University, have been elected Fellows of that Society.

Robert Merry, Esq., B.A., Lay Fellow of Jesus College, to a Foundation Fellowship in their College.

Mr. G. M. Sykes, of Trinity College, has been elected a Fellow of Downing College.

FEB. 5.- At a Congregation on Wednesday, Feb. 2, the following degrees were conferred :

BACHELOR IN THE Civil Law. Richard Coote, Fellow of Trinity Hall.

John Green, Caius College.
William S. Chalk, Caius College.

The Master and Fellows of Caius Coll. have elected the Rev. Joseph Henry Jerrard, M.A., a Senior Fellow, and the Rev. Charles Clayton. M.A., a Frankland Fellow, of that Society.

Dr. Smith's Prizes of 251, each to the two best proficients in Mathematics, have been adjudged as follow :

First Prize.—Ds. Cayley, Trinity Coll. (1st Wrangler).

Second Prize. -Ds. Simpson, St. John's (2nd Wrangler).

Bell Scholarships.—The Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge has given notice, that an election of two Scholarships upon this Foundation will take place on Friday, the llth of March, 1842.

DURHAM. At a Convocation holden on the 1st of February, James Hill and R. W. Bitton Hornby, were admitted to the degree of B.A.




J. R. Hope, Esq., J. H. Markland, Esq., J. D. Powles, Esq., Rev. W. Short, Dr. Thomas Watson.

Books were granted for the performance of divine service in four new Churches and Chapels, and three licensed School-Rooms.

Twenty grants of books and tracts were made.

Seventy-three new members were admitted.

At the General Meeting of the Society, held on Tuesday, the 1st of February, 1842, the Secretary read the recommendation made by the Standing Committee at the last General Meeting ; namely, “ That a Grant of One Thousand Pounds be made towards the support of Divinity Students in Trinity College, Scotland ; to be paid when it shall be certified that the sum required for the erection of the buildings has been raised.”

A Grant of One Thousand Pounds was accordingly made for this purpose.

The Secretary then laid before the Board the following recommendation made by the Standing Committee at the last Meeting:

“ The Standing Committee beg to report to the Board, that they have taken into consideration the subjects connected with the expedition to Kurdistan, together with some recent communications respecting the state of religion in that and the neighbouring countries; and they beg to recommend, that the sum of Five Hundred Pounds be placed at the disposal of his grace the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lord Bishop of London, for the purpose of promoting the objects of the Society in Chaldea and Kurdistan."

A Grant of Five Hundred Pounds was made accordingly.

A portion of a letter was read from Edward Masson, Esq. of Athens, in which, speaking of the Society's having undertaken to print the Holy Scriptures and other works for the use of the Greek Church,

" Your undertaking has been sanctioned and extolled by a solemn and unanimous act of the Synod (of Greece), and will be heartily encouraged by the king.

The principle of non-interference is beginning to be understood here, and to accomplish admirable effects. If your Society and the Church of England but adhere to that principie, they may accomplish wonders in the East. If they do not adhere to it, I fear nine-tenths of the good that might be done will be frustrated.''

The following Members of the Society were elected as the Committee of General Literature and Education for the year ensuing :--The Dean of Chichester, J. L. Adolphus, Esq., the Rev. John Allen, Thomas Bell, Esq., Rev. Professor Browne, Rev. Thomas Dale, Rex. Professor Hall,



79, Pall Mall, Feb. 4, 1842. The following extracts from a letter of the Bishop of Newfoundland, dated 16th Nov. 184), will be read with much satisfaction by all who take an interest in the progress which the Church is making in that colony :

" It would not be easy to express the deep gratitude which I feel to Almighty God, and the noble Society which has been the instrument for enabling me to bring the lately drooping Church of this colony into its present healthy and vigorous condition.

“ I have the happiness to know, that not only has the number of churches, schools, ministers, and teachers been largely increased, but that the principles of Church unity, doctrine, and discipline are now gaining ground in this community, and beginning to produce their legitimate effect.

* The district missionary now inspects and exercises a just influence over the school with which he had been heretofore disconnected. His people, awakened to a sense of the importance of Christian education in direct union with the Church, willingly enrol themselves as members of a Diocesan Church Society, whose object is the support of those institutions, and I look forward with inexpressible satisfaction to the prospect of a gradual supply of wellqualitied missionaries from the seminary of lay-readers and students in theology, which the exceeding liberality of your Society has enabled me to found.

“ But while I am writing on this subject I would beg leave to invite the attention of the Society more especially to the new missions which have been this year commenced.

In several of these, founded amongst a people poor to the utmost extremity of poverty, and where both churches and school-houses are to be built, at least partially, at their expense, it will be absosolutely impracticable to find any perma

he says,

Cadeleigh, Ermington, Marsworth, Dewsbury, Meare, Market Weighton, Rainow, Bishop's Frome, Worcester St. Clement, Weston Old, Atherstone, Swinton, Lambeth, Stepney St. Philip, Cowton East, Brightlingsea, Liverpool St. Simon, Shoreditch St. James, Battye Ford, Binbrook, Evercreech, Kilndown, Owston, Pershore, Plaitford, Prince's Risboro', Christ Church, Rotherhithe, Scremerston, and Shenley.


Ordination of Missionaries.—The Rev. Frederick A. Hildner was admitted to priests' orders, and the Rev. John R. T. Lieder, Mr. Isaac Brittain, and Mr. Samuel Franklin, to deacons' orders, by the Lord Bishop of London, on the 19th of December.

Departure of Missionaries.—The Rev. F. A. Hildner and Mrs. Hildner embarked at London, on board the steamer, on the 6th instant, on their return to Syra.

The state of the Rev. G. A. Kissling?s health having unfitted him to resume his labours in Sierra Leone, his services have been transferred to the New Zealand mission. Mr. Kissling and Mrs. Kissling, and Mr. Seymour Mills Spencer and Mrs. Spencer, sailed from Plymouth, on board the “ Louisa Campbell," on the 17th ult., for New Zealand. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer embarked at Gravesend on the 6th, and Mr. and Mrs. Kissling at Plymouth, on the 16th ult.

The Rev. C. F. Schlienz, is again suffering from severe indisposition.

nent lodgement for the missionary, unless some aid may be obtained from your board, for the erection of this humble dwelling. In Fortune Bay, in the bays of St. George and Placentia, at Burin, on the Cape shore, and in the district comprising King's Cove, and Salvage in Bonavista Bay, the missionaries and their families are literally houseless wanderers, and pursuing their arduous labours under difficulties and perils which God's special grace can alone enable them to sustain.

“ Unwilling as I am to tax the funds of the Society for the erection of parsonagehouses, which generally the people ought certainly to provide, I must implore their assistance in behalf of these zealous and distressed labourers in the more desolate parts of the Lord's vineyard.

" I would not devolve on the Society the cost of a single pound that might be borne by the people, whom their missionaries instruct ; but in the instances to which I refer, without the aid of the Society, the privations of their servants would be insupportable.

" There are a few capable persons in this country who have not been penurious in the support which they have given to our Church. Mr. Slade, a merchant whom I met in the course of my northern visitation, has liberally contributed to the building of fire churches in his vicinity, and has lately promised to complete a tower and steeple for the church of Twillingate, at the cost of 7001. from his private funds.

“ A planter at the same place who was recently at the point of death, but who has since recovered, has bequeathed his whole substance, amounting to 20001., to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, to whose ministers 'he has felt himself indebted during fifty years for all the comforts of our blessed religion. These are instances of pious benevolence worthy of record, and I gladly relate them, as auspicious of the spread of true piety in this land.”


The Society has recently received two very liberal donations of 100l. each ; one from the Bishop of Durham, being his lordship's second contribution, and the other from the Cambridge Church Union. The grants of the Society within the last two months towards building, fitting up, and enlarging school-rooms, amount to 1938., and have been voted to the following places, viz. :-Somborn Kings, Chalford, Wrecclesham, Barnsley St. Mary, Walcot St. Swithin, Bishop's Tawton, Diss, Heywood, Ripon, Chorley (Botany Bay),



At the January meeting of the committee, the Lord Bishop of London in the chair, grants of inoney were voted for the following purposes :- Towards enlarging the Church at Blackpool, in the parish of Bisphan, Lancashire ; erecting a gallery in and repewing the Church at Ebbesbourne Wake, Wiltshire ; for enlarging and repewing the Church at Brotherton, Yorkshire : for rebuilding the Church at Honby, in the parish of Aldmondbury, Yorkshire; crecting a gallery in and repewing the Church at Bradsworth ; erecting a gallery in and repewing the Church of Stoke Holy Cross, Norwich ; repewing the Church at Pembridge, Herefordshire; for enlarging, by rebuilding, the Church at Rodborough, Gloucestershire ; towards repewing the Church at Alwalton, Huntingdonshire ;

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