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Columbia College.

Catalogue of the Officers and Students, for the Year 1864 - 65. 8vo. New York. 1864. Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.

Proceedings. 1864. No. 2, 5. 1865. No. 1. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1864 – 65. American Philosophical Society.

Transactions. N. S. Vol. XIII. Part 1. 4to. Philadelphia. 1865.

Proceedings. Vol. IX. No. 71, 72. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1865.

List of the Members of the American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for promoting Useful Knowledge, formed on the 2d of January, 1769. .... 8vo pamph. Philadelphia. 1865.

List of the Surviving Members of the American Philosophical Society, January, 1865, in the Order of their Election to Member

ship. 8vo pamph. Philadelphia. 1865. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

American Journal of Pharmacy. Ser. 3. Vol. XII., XIII. No. 1, 2. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1864 - 65. Smithsonian Institution.

Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. Vol. XIII. 4to. City of Washington. 1864.

Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Vol. V. 8vo. Washington. 1864.

Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, for the Year 1862. 8vo vol. Washington. 1863. Department of State.

Papers relating to Foreign Affairs, accompanying the Annual Message of the President to the First Session of the Thirty-Eighth

Congress. Part I., II. 2 vols. 8vo. Washington. 1864. Navy Department.

Report of the Secretary of the Navy in relation to Armored Vessels. 8vo vol. Washington. 1864. Mercantile Library Association of the City and County of San Francisco.

Eleventh and Twelfth Annual Report of the Treasurer and Librarian. 2 pamph. 8vo. San Francisco. 1864 - 65. Magnetic Observatory, Toronto, C. W. .

Abstracts of Magnetical Observations made at the Magnetical Observatory, Toronto, Canada West, during the Years 1856 to 1862 inclusive, and during Parts of the Years 1853, 1854, and 1855. 4to vol. Toronto. 1863.

Abstracts of Meteorological Observations .... during the Years 1854 to 1859 inclusive. 4to vol. Toronto. 1864.

Results of Meteorological Observations .... during the Years 1860, 1861, and 1862. 4to vol. Toronto. 1864, Royal Society of London.

Philosophical Transactions, for the Year 1863. Vol. CLIII. Part II. For the Year 1864. Vol. CLIV. Part I., II. 4to. London. 1864.

Proceedings. Vol. XIII. No. 60 - 69. 8vo. London. 1864.
List of Fellows, etc. 1863. 4to pamph. London. 1864.

Report of the Astronomer Royal to the Board of Visitors of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Read at the Annual Visitation of the Royal Observatory, 1864, June 4. 4to pamph. London. 1864.

Astronomical Observations made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in the Year 1862. 4to vol. London. 1864.

Abstracts of Meteorological Observations made at the Magnetical Observatory, Toronto, Canada West, during the Years 1854 to 1859 inclusive. 4to vol. Toronto. 1864.

Results of Meteorological Observations made at the Magnetical Observatory, Toronto, Canada West, during the Years 1860, 1861, and 1862. 4to vol. Toronto. 1864. Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Proceedings. Vol. IV. Part III., IV. 8vo. London. 1864. Royal Astronomical Society.

Memoirs. Vol. XXXII. 4to. London. 1864. Royal Horticultural Society.

Proceedings. Vol. IV., V. No. 1, 2. 8vo. London. 1864 - 65. British Association for the Advancement of Science.

Report of the Thirty-Third Meeting, held at Newcastle-uponTyne, August and September, 1863. 8vo vol. London. 1864. Geological Society of London,

Quarterly Journal. Vol. XX., XXI. Part 1. 8vo. London. 1864 - 65.

. List of the Society, November 1st, 1862. 8vo pamph. Linnean Society of London.

Transactions. Vol. XXIV. Part II. 4to. London. 1863.

Journal of the Proceedings. Zoology, Vol. VII., VIII. No. 29 : Botany, Vol. VII., VIII. No. 29, 30. 8vo. London. 1863 – 64.

List of the Linnean Society, 1863. 8vo pamph. London.

Address of George Bentham, Esq., F. R. S., etc. The President .... Monday, May 25, 1863 : Address . ... on Tuesday, May

24, 1864. 2 pamph. 8vo. London. 1863 - 64. Zoological Society of London.

Transactions. Vol. V. Part III. 4to. London. 1864.

Proceedings for the Year 1863. Part I., II., III. 8vo. London. 1863. Chemical Society of London.

Journal. Ser. 2. Vol. II., III. No. 25, 26, 27. 8vo. London. 1864 - 65. Society of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce.

Journal of the Society of Arts and of the Institutions in Union. Vol. XII. 8vo. London. 1864. Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Transactions. Vol. XX. - XXIII. 4to. Edinburgh. 1853 - 64.

Proceedings. Vol. IV., V. No. 59-64. 8vo. Edinburgh. 186364. Royal Irish Academy.

Transactions. Vol. XXIV. Antiquities, Part I., II: Science, Part III. : Polite Literature, Part I. 4to. Dublin. 1864.

Proceedings. Vol. VIII. 8vo. Dublin. 1864.

On the Tides of the Arctic Seas. By the Rev. Samuel Haughton, M. A., F. R. S., etc. Part I. On the Diurnal Tides of Port Leopold, North Somerset. 4to pamph. Dublin.

On the Reflection of Polarized Light from Polished Surfaces, Transparent and Metallic. By the Rev. Samuel Haughton. .... 4to pamph. Dublin.

Experimental Researches on the Granites of Ireland. Part III. On the Granites of Donegal. By the Rev. Samuel Haughton. .... 8vo pamph. London.

Experimental Researches on the Granites of Ireland. Part IV. On the Granites and Syenites of Donegal: with some Remarks on those of Scotland and Sweden. By the Rev. Samuel Haughton. ....

8vo pamph. Dublin. 1864. Royal Dublin Society.

Journal. Vol. IV. No. 31 – 33. 8vo. Dublin. 1864 - 65. VOL. VII.

Government of India.

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India. Vol. III. Part 2: Vol. IV. Part 2. 8vo. Calcutta. 1864.

Palæontologia Indica. Part 3, 2 – 5. 4to. Calcutta. 1864.

Annual Report of the Geological Survey of India and of the Museum of Geology, Calcutta — Eighth Year, 1863 – 64. Svo

pamph. Calcutta. 1864.
Académie des Sciences de l'Institut Impériale de France.

Mémoires. Vol. XXXII. 4to. Paris. 1864.
Mémoires. Morales et Politiques. Vol. XI. 4to. Paris. 1862.

Comptes Rendus. Vol. LVIII., LIX., and LX.' No. 1-18. 4to. Paris. 1864 - 65. Société de Géographie.

Bulletin. Sér. 5. Vol. VI., VII. 8vo. Paris. 1863 – 64. Société Impériale Zoologique d'Acclimatation.

Bulletin. Sér. 2. Vol. I., II. No. 2, 3.. 8vo. Paris. 186465. Société Académique de Maine et Loire.

Mémoires. Vol. XI., XII. 8vo. Angers. 1862. Académie Impériale des Sciences, etc., Caen.

Mémoires. 8vo vol. Caen. 1864. Société Linnéene de Normandie.

Mémoires. Vol. XIV., XV. Années 1862 - 63. 1863 – 64. 4to. Caen. 1864 - 65.

Bulletin. Vol. VIII. Année 1862 – 63. 8vo. Caen. 1864. Société Impériale des Sciences Naturelles de Cherbourg.

Mémoires. Vol. IX., X. 8vo. Paris and Cherbourg. 1863–64. Société de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle de Genève.

Mémoires. Vol. XVII. Part I. 4to. Geneva. 1863. Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Bern.

Mittheilungen aus dem Jahre 1863. 8vo. Bern. 1863. Société des Sciences Naturelles de Neuchatel.

Bulletin. Vol. VI. Cahier 3. 8vo. Neuchatel. 1864. St. Gallische Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft.

Bericht über die Thätigkeit, 1862 – 63. 8vo vol. St. Gallen. 1863. Schweizerische Naturforschende Gesellschaft.

Verhandlungen. 47 Versammlung zu Samaden, den 24, 25, und 26 Aug., 1863. 8vo vol. Chur.

Königl. Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin.

Abhandlungen. 1863. 4to. Berlin. 1864.

Monatsberichte. 1863. 8vo. Berlin. 1864. Universitas Frid. Guil. Rhenana, Bonna.

Academical Dissertations and Indexes. Bonn. 1863. Naturhistorischer Verein der Preuss. Rheinlande und Westphalens.

Verhandlungen. Vol. XX. 8vo. Bonn. 1863. · Naturforschender Verein in Brünn.

Verhandlungen. Vol. I. 1862. 8vo. Brünn. 1863. Kaiserl. Leopoldinisch-Carolinisch Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher.

(Academia Cæsarea Leopoldino-Carolina Germanica Naturæ Curiosorum.) i

Nova Acta. Vol. XXX., XXXI. 4to. Dresden. 1864. Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Isis zu Dresden.

Sitzungs-Berichté. 1863. 8vo. Dresden. 1864. Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Emden.

Neunundvierzigster Jahresbericht. 1863. 8vo. Emden. 1864.

Kleine Schriften. XI. 4to. Emden. 1864. Zoologische Gesellschaft, Frankfurt a. M.

Der Zoologische Garten. Vol. V. 8vo. Frankfort-on-the-Main. 1864. Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Freiburg im Briesgau.

Berichte über die Verhandlungen. Vol. III. Part 2. 8vo. Freiburg i. Br. Oberlausitzische Gesellschaft zu Görlitz.

Neues Lausitzisches Magazin. Vol. XLI. 8vo. Görlitz. 1864. Königl. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen.

Abhandlungen. Vol. XI. 4to. Göttingen. 1864.

Nachrichten von der Georg-Augusts-Universität und der Königl. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften vom Jahre 1863, 1864.2 vols.

16mo. Göttingen. 1864 - 65. Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Halle.

Abhandlungen. Vol. VII., VIII. 4to. Halle. 1863 – 64. Königl. Physikalisch-Ökonomische Gesellschaft zu Königsberg.

Schriften. Vol. IV. 4to. Königsberg. 1863. Königl. Sächsische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Leipzig.

Abhandlungen. Math.-Phys. Classe. Vol. VI., VII. pp. 1-399. 8vo. Leipsic. 1864.

Berichte über die Verhandlungen. Philol.-Histor. Classe. Vol.

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