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ALBERTHOMA, Robert. The Principles of the Christian Religion, as

taught in the Reformed Protestant Dutch churches. Collected from the Holy Scriptures by...R. Alberthoma... Trans. from the Dutch by E. Westerlo, Minister at Albany. Printed in Albany, 1789. 84

p. 120.

ALBERTINUS, Ægidius. Historische Relation, was sich inn etlichen

jaren hero, im Konigreich Japon... zugetragen. Zum andern, von dem Standt... der gantzen Ost Indien... Drittens, kurtze beschreibung des Landts Guinea und Serra Lioa .... München, 1609. 360

p. 4o. ALBRO, John A. The Life of Rev. Thomas Shepard. Boston, Mass.

Sab. School Society, 1847. 324 p. 18o. ALBUM DU CANADIEN. Choix de morceaux littéraires, historiques, scientifiques et artistiques. Québec, 1849. 73 p. 8!..

Contains BOUCHER (P.), Histoire de la Nouvelle France, 1663. ALCIATUS, And. Andreæ Alciati v. c., Emblemata cum Claudii Minois

I. C. Commentariis ad postremam auctoris editionem auctis et recognitis. — Ex Officina Plantiniana Raphelengii, 1608. 218, 698

p. 12o. ALCOCK, T. St.Leger. Observations on the Poor relief bill for Ireland,

and its bearing on...emigration. , and the Brit. N. Amer. Colonies.

London, 1847. 30 p. Pam. v. 434. ALDEN, Ebenezer, M.D. Early History of the medical profession in

the county of Norfolk, Mass. With an Address delivered before the

Norfolk Dist. Med. Society.. Boston, 1853. 8o. Pam. v. 89. ALDINE (The) MAGAZINE of Biography, Bibliography, Criticism and

the Arts. Vol. 1, No. 1, Dec. 1838 – June 1839. By W. West.

London. 1 v. 8o. ALDINUS, Tobias. Exactissima Descriptio rariorum quarundum plan

tarum, quæ continentur Romæ in Horto Farnesiano : Tobia Aldino Cesenate auctore, illust. et rev. principis et card. Odoard Farnesii

medio chimico, et ejusdem horti præfecto. Romæ. , 1625. 101 p. fo. ALEMBERTÍ, J. Le Rond d’. Mélanges de littérature, d'histoire, et de

philosophie. Nouvelle édition, corrigée et augmentée très considéra

blement par l'auteur. Tome I, II, III. Amsterdam, 1760. 3 v. 18o. ALEXANDER (Archibald ), D.D. Suggestions in Vindication of Sunday

schools .... and the enlargement of the plan of instruction. 1829.

32 p. 8o. Pam. v. 289. ALEXANDER (Caleb), A.M. A Grammatical System of the Grecian

language. Worcester ( Mass.), 1796. 12o. ALEXANDRE, C. Dictionnaire Français-grec, composé sur le plan des

meilleurs dictionnaires français-latins .... Par MM. Alexandre .. Planche .. et Defauconpret. Paris, Hachette, 1856. 1014 p: 89. - Dictionnaire Grec-français, composé sur un nouveau plan, où sont réunis et coördonnés les travaux de Henri Estienne, de Schneider, de Passow..Par C. Alexandre, Inspecteur générale de l'instruction

publique .. Paris, Hachette, 1857. 1632 p. 8'. ALEXANDRIA (Va.) BOARDING School. Catalogue, 1853. Pam. v. 458.

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ALFIERI, V. L'America Libera : Odi di Vittorio Alfieri da Asti. ***

Dalla tip. di Kehl, 1784. 44 p.- La Virtu Sconosciuta, Dialogo di

V. Alfieri. Dalla tip. di Kehl, 1786. 59 p. 80.
ALFORD, Henry. See Bible, Greek; New Testament.

- Sermon, 1845. See Practical Sermons.

York, 1859. 80. Pam. v. 479.
ALGEMEENET KONST- EN LETTER-BODE, voor meer- en min-geoffenden.

Behelzende Berigten uit de geleerde waereld, van alle landen ....

XI deel. 1793. No. 262 – 287 : July 5 – Dec. 27. Haarlem. 1 v. 4". ALGEMEENE VADERLANDSCHE LETTER-OEFENINGEN, waarin de boeken

en schriften, die dagelyks in ons Vaderland en elders uitkomen, vordeelkundig tevens en vrymoedig verhandeld worden. Vyfde deel.

No. 14, No. 8. Amsterdam, 1783. 8o. Pam. v. 107. ALGERT, William Rounseville. The Genius and Posture of America :

An Oration, July 4, 1857; with preface and appendix. Boston, 1857. 60 p. 8u. Pam. v.532. - An American Voice on the late war in the East. Boston, 1856. 47 p. 8o. Pam. v.521. - Inferences from the pestilence and the fast. A Discourse ....

Roxbury, Mass. : 1 Cor. xii, 6. Boston, 1849. 80. Pam. v. 558.
- Lessons for Mankind, from the life and death of Humboldt. A

Discourse... Cambridge, 1859. 26 p. 12°. Pam. v. 494.
Alisont, Sir Archibald. History of Europe, from the fall of Napo-

leon in MDCCCXV, to the accession of Louis Napoleon in MDCCCLII.

.... Vol. v, vi, vii. Edinburgh and London...1856 – 58. 3 v. 8o. ALISON, W.P. Letter to Sir John M'Neil, on Highland destitution,

and the adequacy...of emigration as a remedy. Edinburgh, 1851.

62 p. 89. Pam. v. 403. ALLAN ( Thomas), C.E. Ship’s Compasses. 10 p. 80. Pam. v. 402. ALLEGHANY RAILROAD and COAL COMPANY. Second Report : Char

ter, by-laws, reports, certificates and remarks. July, 1855. Phila

delphia, 1855. 8o. Pam. v. 281. ALLEGHENY COLLEGE. Catalogue of the officers and students. Mead

ville, Pa., 1846. 8o. Pam. v. 247. ALLEGHENY VALLEY RAILROAD. 2d, 3d Report. Pittsburgh, Pa.,

1855, 56. 8o. Pam. v. 544. ALLEN's Patent Improved Mowing Machine, and Combined Mower and

Reaper. New-York, 1855. 8°. Påm. y. 230.
ALLEN, C. Speech, H. of R. on the Mexican indemnity bill, Jan. 23.

Washington, 1852. 89. Pam. v. 486.
ALLEN, Rec. David 0. India Ancient and Modern : Geographical,

historical, political, social and religious; with a particular account

of the state and prospects of christianity. Boston...1856. 8o. ALLEN, E. G. Catalogue of Boks for sale on North America. London,

1856. 26 p. 80. Also Cat. v. 87. - Old Books relating to America.... prior to 1800.... for sale. London, 1858, 9.- ...Since 1800..1858, 9. In 1 v. 12”.

ALLENT, Gen. Ethan. Report of the Committee under the Act pro

viding for the erection of a monument over the grave of Ethan

Allen. Sen. Doc. Montpelier, Vt. 7 p. Pam. v.502. . ALLEN, Rev. Ethan. Maryland Toleration; or Sketches of the early

history of Maryland, to the year 1650. Baltimore, 1855. 64 p. 80. - Historical Notices of St.Ann's parish in Ann-Arundel county, Maryland, extending from 1649 to 1857.... Baltimore, 1857. 131

p. 12o. ALLEN, Rev. George. Resistance to Slavery every man's duty : A

Report on American slavery, read to the Worcester Central Associa

tion... Boston, 1847. 40 p. 8o. Pam. v.562. [- ] See Andover fuss. 1855. Cat. 1855. ALLEN, D;.J. A New Method of constructing artificial dentures ...

New-York, 1854. Pam. v. 246. ALLEN, Rev. James M. Apostolic Confirmation; or Reasons for dis

carding episcopal confirmation....Richmond, 1858. 76 p. 89. Pam.

v. 543. ALLEN, John. Associations against the established church indefensible.

A Sermon : Is. viii, 9, 10. Oxford, 1773. 89. Pam. v. 373. ALLEN, Lewis F. Address, N.Y.S. Agric. Society. Albany, 1849. 80.

Pam. v. 461. ALLENT, Thomas. The History and Antiquities of London, Westmin

ster, Southwark, and parts adjacent. Continued to the present time,

by Thomas Wright....London, 1837, 39. 5 vol. 8o. ALLEN, Thomas. Plain Directions for the prevention and treatment of

cholera. Oxford, 1848. 40 p. 89. Pam. v. 405. ALLENT, Rev. Thomas. An Historical Sketch of the County of Berk

shire and Town of Pittsfield. „Boston, 1808. 14 p. 8o. Pam. v.502. ALLEN, T. G. Memoir of the Rev. Benjamin Allen, late Rector of St.

Paul's Church, Philadelphia : By his brother.. To which is added,

Funeral sermon, by..G. T. Bedeli. .Philadelphia, 1832. 547 p. 120. ALLENT (William), D.D. Sermon : Installation of John W. Allen

as Pastor of the.. Trinitarian Church in Wayland, 1841 : 1 Cor. i,

23, 24. Boston, 1812. 89. Pam. v. 556. - Report on Popery.... Gen. Assoc. of Massachusetts. Boston, 1844. 28 p. 8o. Pam. v. 548.

An Historical Discourse, delivered in Dorchester, Jan. 2, 1848, on occasion of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Gathering of the Second Church... Boston, 1848. 8o. Pam. v. 233. - An Address delivered at Northampton ( Mass.)... Oct. 29, 1854, in commemoration of the close of the second century since the settlement of the town. . Northampton..1855. 56 p. 8o. - The American Biographical Dictionary; containing an Account of the lives, characters and writings of the most eminent persons deceased in North America froin its first settlement.... 3d edition.

Boston, 1857. 905 p. 89. ALLEN ( William II.), LL.D., Pres. Girard College. Eulogy on ....

Daniel Webster, pronounced at the request of the Select and Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia, Jan. 18, 1853. Philadelphia, 1853. 8". Pam. v. 201.

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ALLESTREE, Charles. Sermon, Oxford, July 26, 1685, Thanksgiving,

Defeat of Rebels in Monmouth's rebellion : Jud. v, 31. Oxford. 40.

Pam. v. 361.
ALLESTREE (R.), D.D. Forty Sermons, whereof twenty-one are now

first published, the greatest part preach'd before the King and on
solemn occasions. By Richard Allestree, D.D....To these is prefixt

an account of the author's life. London, 1684. 254, 307 p. 1

Stände : Conversations-Lexikon. Neunte originalauflage. In fünf-
zehn bänden. Leipzig, 1843 – 1848. 15 v. 8o.


Naturwissenschaften. 33 v. 12° & 80. Contents :

Eröffnungsrede der Jahresversammlung. St.Galien, 1819. 48 p. 18o.
Verhandlungen (Actes) : 1823, Aarau; 1824, Schaffhausen; 1825,

Soluthurn; 1826, Thur; 1827, Zurich.

Actes : Lausanne, 1828, 1829.

Verhandlungen : 1830, St.Gallen.

Actes : 1832, Genève.

Atti : 1833, Lugano.

Verhandlungen : 1834, Luzern; 1835, Aarau; 1836, Soluthurn.

Actes : Neuchatel, 1837.

Verhandlungen : Basel, 1838; 1839, Bern.

Actes : 1840, Fribourg.

Verhandlungen : 1841, Zurich; Altdorf, 1842.

Actes : 1843, Lausanne.

Verhandlungen : 1844, Chur.

Actes : 1845, Genève.

Verhandlungen : 1846, Winterthur; 1847, Schaffhausen; 1848, So-

luthurn; 1849, Frauenfeld; 1850, Aarau; 1851, Glarus.
Actes : 1852, Sion; 1853, Porrentruy.
Verhandlungen : 1854, St.Gallen.

Actes : 1855, Chaux-de-Fonds.
The papers are in German, French and Italian, and the titlepages vary as above.


Wissenschaften. Nouveaux Mémoires : Band xiv, xv, xvi. Neue
Denkschriften. Zurich, 1855, 57, 58. 3 v. 4o.

See Société Helvétique. Cat. 1855.
ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG für die Deutschen Land- und Forstwirthe.

(Moritz Beyer's.) Unter vielseitiger Mitwirking herausgegeben von

Dr. Theod. Kerndt. Dreissigster jahrgang. Leipzig, 1853. 4o.
ALLIANCE EVANGÉLIQUE. Bulletin du Monde Chrétien : Echo de

l'Alliance... 3me année : Jan., Fév., Mars, 1850. 8o. Pam. v. 495.
ALLIANCE WEEKLY NEws. The True Position of the controversy

regarding Mr. Gough's dead letter : Aug. 8, 15, 1857.- The Final

Word of the Alliance as regards the Gough controversy : Sept. 19,

1857. 8 p. fo. Pam. v. 1104.

ALLING, Jeremiah. A Register of the Weather...for the last twenty-

five years ending March 31, 1810... New-Haven, 1810. 80 p. 8o.

ALLMAN, George James. A Monograph of the Fresh-water Polyzoa ;

including all the known species, both British and foreign. London,

1856. See Ray Society.


ALLPORT, J. “The Sect everywhere spoken against ” : A Sermon,

Jer.ix, 3, in answer to a sermon, under the above motto, in defence

of Tractarianism. London, 1842. 8o. Pam. v. 378.
ALLSTON, R. F. W. Report on the Free School System in South Caro-

lina. Charleston, S.C., 1847. 26 p. 80. Pam. v. 217.
ALLYN, Avery. A Ritual of Freemasonry, illustrated by numerous

engravings. To which is added the Phi Beta Kappa, the Orange and

Odd Fellows Societies... New-York, Gowans, 1854. 300 p. 17o.
ALMANAC of the Amer. Temper. Union. New-York, 1851. 12o. Alm.

v. 15, 26.

politique, ecclésiastique et militaire de l'Asie, l'Afrique et de l'A-
mérique.... Tome 1 – vil. Edited by De la Roche-Tilhac. Paris,

1783 - 87. 7 v. 18o.

ALMANACH ASTROLOGIQUE, Astronomique, Physique, Satirique ...

1855. Paris. 192 p. 15°. Alm. v. 53. .

ALMANACH CHANTANT : Choix de Chansons...1855. Paris. 64 p. 12o.

Alm. v.51.

ALMANACH COMIQUE.. pour 1855... illustré par MM. Cham et Mauris-

set. Paris. 192 p. 120. Alm. v. 53.

ALMANACH DE FRANCE : Publié par la Société nationale. 1855. 160

p. 12o. Alm., v. 51.

ALMANACH DE GOTHA : Annuaire diplomatique et statistique pour

l'année 1856, 57, 58, 59, 60. 94 - 98me année: Gotha. 5 v. 180.

ALMANACHÉ DE L'ALGÉRIE, 1855 : Guide du colon. Paris. 192 p. 18o.

Alm. v. 54.

ALMANACH DE L'ILLUSTRATION, 1855. Paris. 4o. Alm. v. 47.


Alm. v. 47.

ALMANACH DE NAPOLÉON, illustré de gravures...1855. Paris. 120 p.

Alm. v.51.


p. 180. Alm. v.51.

ALMANACH DES JEUX DE SOCIÉTÉ, 1855. Paris. 92 p. 180. Alm. v. 51.


Alm. v. 47.

ALMANACH DROLATIQUE. .1855. Paris. 158 p. 18o. Alm. v.53.

ALMANACH DU COMMERCE de Paris, des Départemens de la France, et

des principales villes du monde. Par J. De la Tynna. XXIe année,

1818. Paris. 12o.

ALMANACH DU CULTIVATEUR : Par les Rédacteurs de la Maison ru-

stique de la 19e siècle. 1855. Paris. 192 p. 18o. Alm. y. 52.

ALMANACH DU JARDINIER : Par les Rédacteurs de la Maison rustique

de la 19e siècle. 1855. Paris. 192 p. 18o. Alm. v. 52.

ALMANACH DU MAGASIN PITTORESQUE, 1855. Paris. 40. Alm. v. 47.

ALMANACH DU Marin et de la France maritime, pour 1855. Paris.

Alm. v.51.

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