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[December 20, 1817.


FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. ling. The distress of the colonists is unpa. | testimony of their entire approbation of the

ralleled. This took place on the 7th ult. where accuracy, assiduity, and intelligence of Mr. The Paris papers present us with the projet of a law for regulating the recruiting of the by above 1000 persons lost their homes; and Henderson, the secretary, unanimously voted

on the 21st, only a fortnight after, there was the following resolutions :army, in conformity with the king's speech at

a new conflagration which destroyed great part 1st, That the cordial thanks and gratitude of the commencement of the session. in deve.

of the western town, where the first sufferers the company be now repeated to the directors. loping the object and nature of this measure, had taken refuge. It is impossible, in these

20, That there shall now be presented from M. Gouvion St Cyr, the minister of war, care

circumstances, not to give heed to the letters the company to Mr. Gilchrist, the manager, fully and distinctly stated, that the govern. which inpute the calamity to diabolical de- the sum of one thousand five hundred guineas ment of France entertained no intentions insign.

besides a piece or pieces of plate of the value consistent with the repose of Europe, and

of five hundred guineas. sought merely to preserve the army in its ef

3d, That there shall now be presented by fective strength, and to support the depart.


the company to Mr. Henderson, the secretary, mental legions in their full complement. An

London, December 16.

the sum of one thousand guineas. army for defence, and not for aggrandisement, is, he twice declares, the sole object of his ma

4th, That there shall now be presented from

His Majesty has been uniformly composed jesty :—The liberty of the press has been vir- through the last month, and has enjoyed good the company to Mr. i leming, the senior lell. iually abolished; the newspapers having been general health. though his Majesty's disorder er, and eldest officer in the company's


ment, in consideration of his long and faithful given up to the superintendence of the minis. continues unchanged. ter of police for three years. According to the The stock of the Bath Savings Bank already services during a period of 44 years, five hun

dred guineas. last census, the present population of France amounts to 20,0001. is 29,046,099. The rapidity with which the

5th, That it be remitted to the directors to

Since the establishment in the month of July British system of education is prosecuted in 1816 of the York Savings Bank, about Ten consider and determine to which of the other France, almost exceeds belief. No less than Thousand Pounds have been deposited, of officers and clerks of the company it will be 250 general and central schools are established which a considerable sum has been repaid to proper to make a donation at present, and to in the different departments. One at Bour. the depositors, but there is now in the hands what amount, and in what proportion corredeaux contains 500 children. The Duchess of of the society between Seven and Eight Thou- sponding to their merits; and that the directo

ors order the same to be paid to them accordDuras has established one in Paris for 150, and sand pounds. the Duke of Orleans another at Neuilly for Thursday a Court of Common Council was


On the 25th ult. at a general meeting of the 1000 poor children, on their own private ex- held at Guildhall, when Mr. Pearsall present. pence.

ed a memorial from Mr. Payne, clerk of the proprietors of the Royal Bank Stock, it was The King of Wurtemberg has just issued an Justice-room in Guildhall, stating the immense agreed to add 500,0001., part of the undivided ordinance, by one clause of which, he has, from number of vagrants which crowded the streets profits of the bank, to This they the 1st of January next, for ever abolished the and jails of the city, in filth, wretchedness, are enabled to do without any new subscrip. vas-alage of the peasantry.

and disease, without having any fixed place of tion: By this resolution 1001 stock will, after The canton of Berne has addressed a circu- settlement in this country; and hoping that Christmas, be augmented to 1501.

On the the 26th the presbytery of Edinburgh lar to the other cantons of Switzerland, recom- the Court would take into its earliest consider

met here, when there was laid before them a mending that they should watch the journals ation, the propriety of providing for this un. with great vigilance, lest they violate the res. fortunate class of people. The memorial was

petition from several gentlemen and heads of

families, stating that they had purchased the pect which is due to foreign states. They are referred to a Committee. likewise asmonished against publications which

The police report shews, that in the last Episcopal chapel at the foot of the Cowgate may expose them to the imputation of revolu- year nearly 2,000 culprits under 20 years of for 4,0001., and that they proposed to make it tionary principles.

age, were confined to the prison of the metro- a Chapel of Ease to the Established Church, In Spain there seems to be, as in old times, polis alone: about 1,300 of whom were under under the acts of the General Assembly. Are

ter reading the petition, it was ordered to lie 17 years of age, while 957 of this early age poverty and tranquillity. The people have got

on the table till next meeting. There were back their inquisition, and the government the

were confined for felonies. The police comonly thing for which they thought it worth mittee recommends a penitentiary system for likewise laid before the presbytery, a letter

and several papers from a number of .gentlewhile to negociate, the slave trade for five juvenile offenders in the metropolis.

men resiuing at Kensington, Jamaica, relative years! A proclamation of the British govern.

to the Presbyterian church which had been anent has probibited the natives of this country

Rdinburgh, Nov. 19. built in that place at the expense of 21,0001. from embarking in the service either of Spain The last quarterly court of the proprietors They wished the presbytery to procure a per. or its colonies during their contest. The ar- of the British Linen Company's bank, which son properly qualified to be minister of ibis dour of enterprize, however, does not appear was very numerously attended, the court con-church, to whom they are to give a salary of to be damped. The Emerald, Captain Wheat: firmed the resolutions of the last court of pro- 1,000). currency, besides a manse. A comley, had sailed from the Nore with Colonel prietors to give a bonus of 25 per cent on the mittee was appointed to take this matter into Herries, and a complete establishment of offi- company's stock, and farther to increase the consideration and to report. cers and non-commissioned officers, and men annual dividend from 9 per cent. to 10 per The bill of interdict against the buildings to form a band, for a regiment of cavalry, des-cent. The payment of the increased rate of at the end of the North Bridge has been pre. tined to join the insurgents in South America. dividend is to commence upon the 25th cursented, and the Lord Ordinary has appointed The Emerald, among other articles, which pro- rent, and the proprietors, of course, will receive it to be answered, and ordered the bill and bably consisted of warlike stores, had on board it upon the stock they formerly held, and also answers to be printed, that the opinion of the a considerable number of cases containing rifle upon the stock transferred to them as their Court (2d Division) inay be taken as to grantarms and pistols, and 200 barrels of gunpow proportion of the bonus. And that, upon con- ing the interdict de pluno, or deferring the pro. der !

sidering the present situation of the company's hibition to proceed farther with the buildings It is reported, and we hope truly, that peace affairs, the court, as a testimony of the high until the case be fully canvassed. In the has been established betwixt our government sense which the proprietors feel of the merits meantime, the application for interdict is to be and the Mahratta powers.

of the directors, and of Mr. Gilehrist's emi. followed up by an action for setting aside the Another dreadful fire lately occurred at St. nent abilities and zealous exertions in con contracts under which those buildings have John's, Newfoundland. The damage done is ducting the company's affairs so highly to the been commenced, and for declaring those conestimated at from 400,0001. to 500,0001. ster- advantage of every stock-holder ; and as a tracis a violation of the rights of the feuars of

December 20, 1817.)

Domestic News.


the New Town. The respondents afterwards' Meetings on the subject of Reform have al- its declination north, 9 degrees 14 minutes ; applied in the Court on Saturday morning for so been held in the Burghs of Dumfries, San- its rotatory motion was in the direction of east an extension of time to answer the bill of sus. quhar, Irvine, Dingwall, Wick, and Elgin. and west. pension, from the 17th instant to the first box

Dr. Black, well known as a light of the Presday in January, which was granted.

byterian church in Ireland, and as a political John Miller, Esq. and George Murray, Esq. COURT OF SESSION.-SECOND Division. character that has filled no inconsiderable space are appointed resident magistrates of Easter

The petition and complaint presented to the in her history, after transacting his ordinary and Wester Portsburgh.

Court of Session against tbe late election of business, as usual, drowned himself in the ri.

the Magistrates of Edinburgh, as informal, is ver Foye, at Londonderry. He was seen to BURGH REFORM.

founded on the following grounds.—1st, That throw himself off the bridge, aster divesting

several members of the Council hold places of himself of his upper garments, and struggled On the 20th ult. a special meeting of the in- profit in gift of the Magistrates, which is con- against swimming, endeavouring to plunge corporation of Mary's Chapel was held, for the trary to the set of the borough : 2d, That others downwards. No one can conjecture the cause purpose of instructing the committee formerly have no place of residence within the royalty; of this melancholy event. Dr. Black wallowed appointed to co-operate with other public bo- and, 3d, That one individual was not a free-in worldly riches, and appeared perfectly happy dies in obtaining an alteration in the set of the man of the borough at the time of his election. in his domestic affairs. burgh. A mandate to the agent who carries The petition and complaint is at the instance Good saddle and harness horses are now on the complaint at the instance of Deacon of Deacon Alexander Laurie, and Alexander much wanted throughout Great Britain, and Laurie, authorizing him to assist them as com- Henderson, late deacon of the Goldsmiths. An are found to be scarce animals. There are plainers, or to bring new and auxiliary com. order of their Lordships to give Deacon Laurie dealers, at present, searching every part in the plaints, was laid before the meeting, the purport access to the city records, and to furnish him North of England for these animals, who are of which went to pledge the incorporation to with extracts, has been issued. Deacon Laurie giving from 501 to 1501. each, very currently ; support the petition and complaint of Deacon twice protested and complained to the Court few of them can obtain the number wanted.. Laurie.- It was moved by Mr. Brydon, and that their Lordships order had been evaded ; seconded by Mr. Menzies Henderson, that the and in consequence, John Connel, Esq. Judgecommittee be instructed to sign all their names Admiral, was nominated commissioner by the SOCIETY OF SCOTTISH ANTIQUARIES. to this paper; which motion was opposed by Court, to examine the records, and to order Deacon Touch, Mr. M•Intosh, Mr. Ballan- extracts from them, agreeably to the interlo- held on the 28th ult. the following members

At the anniversary meeting of this society, tyne, and others, on various grounds. The cutor of the Court. There appeared in sup were elected office-bearers, viz. vote to sign was carried by a majority of above port of the petition and protests which have 80 ; 97 voting for, and 10 against the motion. been taken, John Clerk, George Cranstoun, dent. John Graham Dalyell, Esq. first Vice

The Right Honourable Lord Dundas, Presi. Deacons Touch, Knox, Ballantyne, and 'Go Francis Jeffrey, James Moncrieff, Henry Cock President. The Right Hon. Robert Dundas, van, withdrew their names from the commit- burn, John Archibald Murray, and Robert Bell, Lord Chief Baron, second Vice-President. Hentee. One hundred guineas was then voted by Esqrs. Advocates. William Bell, Esq. W. S.

ry Jardine, Esq. third Vice President. the incorporation to support Deacon Laurie's Agent.

Dr. Brewster, Thomas Allan, Esq. Dr. Farpetition. At a meeting of the Town-Council on the 3d,

quharson, Sir George S. Mackenzie, Baronet, Deacon Laurie took a protest against the funds, On the 6th, a meeting of the inhabitants of Keith, Esq. Sir Wm. Hamilton, Bart. John

James Haig, Esq. Gilbert Innes, Esq. Alex. of the burgb being expended in defending the this city took place, to receive the report of validity of the late election of Magistrates. He their committee respecting the means of bring. Esq. Treasurer. Rev. Dr. Jamieson, and Alex.

Dillon, Esq. Council. Robert Scott Moncrieff, was seconded by Deacon Anderson.

The society of barbers of Edinburgh, have when an extract of an act of council was sub: Smellie, Esq. Secretaries. Rev. Dr. Brunton, voted 251. from their funds, for the purpose of mitted to the meeting ; after some discussion,

Secretary for foreign correspondence. carrying on the proceedings now in progress it was agreed to approve the report generally, in regard to the reform of the burgh. and to leave the committee to confer farther

ASTRONOMICAL INSTITUTION. A very full meeting of the Guildry was held with the magistrates. on Tuesday, in Freemasons' Hall, to take into A .sad catastrophe has befallen the stone

At a general meeting of the Astronomical consideration their rights and privileges, as a beacon, which, for some years past, has been Institutiou, on Saturday se’ennight, Rear-AdCorporation, the state of their funds, and also erecting upon the Carr Rock, situate at the

miral Sir William Johnstone Hope, K. C. B. the propriety of an alteration of the Town Po- entrance of the Frith of Forth, and lying about the Hon. Captain Napier, Royal Navy, Robert ·lity. In the absence of the Dean of Guild, two miles off Fifeness. The building was vi- Downie, Esq. and James Innes, Esq. were who had declined to call the meeting, or to at- sited by the superintendent on the ioth No elected directors, in lieu of Dr. Hope, H. Jartend it, Mr. William Phin took the chair. Avember ult., and reported to be all in good dine, Esq. Lord Gray, and Sir William Forbes,

Bart, who variety of resolutions were unanimously ac order. On the evening of the 14th a very

go out, by rotation. greed to.

heavy swell of sea came ashore, and on the The Guild-brethren of Inverness, after hav- 15th the ground swell still continued, but the

CALEDONIAN HORTICULTURAL SO. , ing passed several resolutions relative to Burgh weather was so thick and foggy that the rock

CIETY. Reform, recommended a subscription for de- could not be seen till the afternoon, when the fraying any legal expences which may be in- sea was observed to break upon it with much At the meeting of the Caledonian Horticul. curred in the business. Upwards of 4001. was violence, but a great part of the building was tural Society, on Tuesday last, the following subscribed in a short time. gone.

were elected the office-bearers for 1818:The Burgesses and Guildry of Aberdeen have There will be four eclipses in the course of His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queenspresented two petitions to the Court of Session, the ensuing year; three of which will be vi.

berry, President. one for reducing the late election of the Ma. sible, viz. one of the moon at night, on the Dr Duncan, sen. first perpetual Vice-Presigistrates and Councillors of that city, and ano- 20th April; one of the sun on the 5th May; dent. Henry Jardine, Esq. George Bruce, ther for appointing fit persons to attend to the and another of the moon on the 14th October. Esq. John Wauchope, Esq. Vice-Presidents. affairs of the Burgh in the meantime.

On the 1st instant, about seven o'clock in Mr Patrick Neill, Secretary. Mr Andrew At a meeting of the Burgesses and Guild- the evening, Dr Olbers, at Bremen, discover- Dickson, Treasurer. brethren of Ayr, held last week, resolutions ed a comet in the western shoulder of the Ser. Professional.-Mr James Smith, Mr Charles - were entered into, to persevere with modera- pent, between the star K and that No. 104, Norval, Mr James Macdonald, Mr. Walter tion, but without deviation, in their efforts to according to the astronomer Bode. The comet · Dickson, Mr James Stewart, Mr Wm. Macnab. obtain an alteration of the set or constitution is small but brilliant, particularly towards the Amateurs.-George Bell, Esq. Gilbert Innes, of the Burgh, and, particularly, an alteration centre. It can only be discovered by means of Esq. William Pagan, Esq. David Falconar, of the inanner of electing the Magistrates and a telescope; at 14 minutes past seven, mean Robert Johnstone, Esq. Dr Joha Yule-CounTown Council."

time, its ascension was. 263. degrees 6 minutes, 1-sellors..


Births.- Marriages. Deaths.-Markets.

[December 20, 1817.


Gencral Committee for Prizes.

John Stein, Esq. of Clonmel, to Eliza, niece Walter Scott, Esq. They were both interred Sir George Mackenzie, Bart. Convener of Com- to Sir William Bellingham, Bart.

in one grave, in the family burying-place, mittees.

At Jersy, Thomas Nicol, Esq. banker, to within Hawick church. Professional.-Mr James Walker, Mr Alex. Elizabeth, daughter of the late Major-General At Kenmore, in Breadalbane, on the 6th Henderson, Mr Thomas Shade. Carruthers, R M.

inst. John M•Toryre, hostler at the inn ; much Amatents.—James Bryce, Esq. Dr Hope, Ar Kensington, Thomas Wenham, Esq. to and justly regretted. His death was occasion. Mr. John Linning.

Elizabeth, only child of Major Donald M.Doned by a blow on the forehead from a horse, on ald, late of Chelsea.

the 25th ult. CALEDONIAN HUNT.

At Glasgow, Mr. James Watson, surgeon, At his lodgings in Chelsea, James Glenie, to Miss Catherine Fullarton.

Esq. F. R. S. in the 67th year of his age. At a meeting held here on Tuesday, it was

At Dundee, Mr. Peter Kinmond, merchant, This gentleman is well known in the literary resolved, that their October meeting should be to Miss Margaret Leighton.

world. He was born in Aberdeen, and at a held next year at Perth, and they elected for

At Ayr, Peter M•Taggart, Esq. one of the very early period was sent as Cadet to Wool. the ensuing year,

Magistrates of Ayr, to Miss Mary, second wich. He rose to the rank of major of ene Richard Alexander Oswald, Esq. Preses. daughter of Baillie John sitken.

gineers, and was employed in Canada ; on his Sir Patrick Murray, Bart. Treasurer.

Ai Dundee, by the Rev. James Thomson, return to lingland he published a treatise reThe Marquis of Huntly, General Campbell, Lieut. Macdougal, R. N. to Miss Mary Smith, specting the inutility of some fortifications, Monzie, General Campbell, Lochnell,-Coun. Dundee.

and incurred the displeasure of the Duke of sellors.

At Dumfries, the Rev. James Hamilton, Richmond, then master-general of the ord. minister of Newabbey, so Miss Harriet Smith. nance; so much so, that he quitted the serv

At Paris, the Hon. Colonel Packenham, ice entirely. In 1806 he was made Professor WERNERIAN SOCIETY.

brother to the Earl of Longford and her Grace of East India Cadets, which situation he lost The following "gentlemen have been elected the Duchess of Wellington, to the Hon. Emily immediately after the trial of Col. Wardle. office-bearers for next year :

Stapleton, daughter of Lord Le Despenser. He also was appointed, in 1807, by the Earl Robert Jameson, Esq. President. Colonel

Al Genoa, the Count Gurge de Very, to of Chathan), master general of the ordnance, Imrie, Lord Gray, John Campbell, Esq. Sir Emily, granddaughter of William Ogilvie, inspecting engineer in some of the West India Patrick Walker, Vice-Presidents. Pat. Neill, Esq. of Ardglass Castle.

Islands. This situation, together with the

une already mentioned, he also lott. Esq. Secretary. William Ellis, Esq. Treasur. James Wilson, Esq. Librarian. P. Syme,

Esq. Fainter.

Council.-Dr Mack night, C. S. Menteath,
At Viewfield, John Drysdale, Esq. of View-

Haddington, Dec. 12. Esq. Dr Wright, Dr Yule, D. Bridges, jun. field.

A large supply of Wheat in market, which Esq Dr. D. Ritchie, D. Falconar, Esq. T.

At Sloane Street, Hyde Park, London, in met with a brisk sale ; prices a little higher Siev wright, Esq.

the 430 year of his age, Lieutenant-Colonel than last day ; best 46s. 6d., current prices Fraser, 76th, or Hindostan regiment.

from 34s. to 46s. Only two parcels of old At Glasgow, Mr. Gardner, jailer.

Wheat in market, which sold at 33s. and 34s. BIRTHS.

Here, Archibald Craul'uird, eldest son of Barley the same as last day; best 41s., curThe Honourable Lady Fergusson, of a son.

Archibald i'rausuird, Esq. writer to the signet rent prices from 32s. to 40s. Oats ls. higher The Lady of Captain Clarke, of Bemersyde At Dunnikier-house, Richard Oswald, Rs. than last day; best 34s., current prices from house, of a daughter.

fourth son of the late James Townsend Oswald, 22s. to 32s. Pease from 26s. to 34s., and At Ratho-house, Mrs. Macknight Crawfurd, Esq. of Dunnikier.

Beans from 26s. to 35s. of a daughter. At Seringapatam, Mrs. Caroline Grant, the

Dalkeith, Dec. II. Mrs. Joseph Bell, St. Andrew's Square, of lady of Colonel J. G. Scott, of the Madras ar. The supply of all kinds of grain was large, a daughter. tillery.

and in general sold heavily. At Painthorpe, Yorkshire, the Lady of Da At Calcutta, James Philp Inglis, Esq.

Dalkerth, Dec. 15. niel Maude, Esq. of a son and heir.

At Bangalore, in India, Lieutenant-Colonel Our meal market was nearly the same in At Westport House, the Marchioness of Archibald Campbell, younger of Jura. He quantity, 470 bolls, as last day, which sold Sligo, of a daughter.

was buried with military honours, and attend. well; for good meal, best 30s. 6d., inferior, of At Trinidad, the Lady of John Miller, Esq. ed to the grave by the 22d dragoons and 69th which the quantity was large, sold heavily and of a son.

regiment; and the officers of his own corps I considerably lower, current 26s. and as low as At manse of Boharm, Mrs. Forbes, of a have, as a mark of regard and esteem for their , 218. 6d. per boll; retail 1s. 9d. to Ise and Ild.

lamented late commanding officer, directed a per peck. At Bombay, the Lady of Michie Forbes, handsome mausoleum to be erected over his

Edinburgh, Dec. 16. Esq. of Crimond, Aberdeenshire, of a son and remains in the church yard of Bangalore. This day there were 507 bolls of Oatmeal in heir.

Letters are received from Calcutta, mention. Edinburgh Market, which sold, First 30s. 6d. At Egham Park, the Lady of Dr. Macken- ing the death of James Campbell, M. D. Apo- Second 298. per boll.--Retail price per peck zie, of a daughter.

thecary-General in the service of the East India of best oatmeal 28.--Second Is. 11s.- There
Company in Bengal, third son of the late John were also 84 bolls of Pease and Barley Meal,

Campbell, Esq. cashier of the Royal Bank of which sold at 20s. 6d.--Retail price per peck,

18. 5d. At Crieff, Robert Orr, Esq. of Lochwhin At George's Square, Margaret, eldest

December 17. noch, to Miss Jessie Campbell, third daughter daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Munro.

There were 1,000 sheep in the Grassmarket, of D. Campbell, Esq. Killin.

At Irvine, William Fullarton, youngest son Edinburgh, this morning, which sold at from At Queen Street, Stirling, Mr. George An- of Colonel Fullarton of Fullarton, Baxter's 11s. to 27s 6d. per head. There were also 240 derson, surgeon, Stirling, to Jane, only daugh- Place, Edinburgh.

black cattle in the market, which sold at from ter of John Anderson, Esq. of St. Croix.

Drowned, on the coast of Spain, on the 8th 6s. to 7s. 6d. per stone, sinking offals. At Charlotte Square Chapel, Edinburgh, ult. at the wreck of his Majesty's transport El.

Edinburgh Corn-Market, Dec. 17. the Honourable Thomas Bowes, to Lady Camp-lice, for Gibraltar, Lieutenant James Wallace, Our market was well supplied with grain bell of Ardkinglass.

of the 60th regiment, third son of the late to-day, and sales were heavy, and prices in At Ballenstadt, the Prince Frederie of Prus- Thomas Wallace, Esq. of Stockbridge, in the general rather lower. Best Wheat 48s., cursia, to the Princess Wilhelmina Louisa of An- county of Ayr.

rent 405. to 475. Best Barley 33s., current halt Bernbourg.

At Wauchope, after a few days illness, on 26s. to 32s. A small parcel of Oats was sold At Paris, Comte D'Osmond, son of his Ex. the 22 inst. Ann Scott, aged four years and at 36s. ; but general prices Is. to 25. lower ; .cellency the Marquis D'Osmond, to Mademoi. nine months: and on the 6th, Charles Scott, current 238 to 30s. Pease and Beans as last; selle Destilliers, the richest heiress in France. I aged three years and six months, children of best 346.


Aler. Lawrie & Co., Printers, Edinburgh.





No. 9.



Walks in Edinburgh and its Vicinity.

Glasgow some years ago, and previously ever distinctly stated. The declaration

to an alteration of the bankrupt-laws of the bankruptcy was immediately folCases of Bankruptcy-Gay the Poet-Beggars, which was then contemplated by the lowed, as usual, with keen disputes aOpera disapproved in America.

legislature, from all which it was easy bout the management ; the parties Ć


for a disinterested spectator to perceive struggled hard for the superintendence In last commuication I noticed some that gross abuses prevailed. Without of their own affairs under trustees, of the abuses to which the sanctuary presuming to point out the means of and for a time succeeded ; but some for debtors in Holyroodhouse is liable; correcting such abuses, which seems of the creditors, through favour or and I hinted, that as such a privilege to me a less difficult task than is com- right, claimed a preference ; one partis rarely enjoyed by those who are en- monly apprehended, I shall notice one ner charged another with unfairness titled in justice and equity to protection general test of inquiry which might with and misconduct;

recrimination followed; of this kind, and besides being super great propriety be applied to all bank- and after being for some time tossed in seded by the laws, if no suspicion of ruptcies, and it is contained in the sim- a tempestuous sea of troubles, partners, fraud exist, it ought to be entirely abro-ple question, What loss has been sus- debtors, and creditors landed safely in gated. But having some pensions and tained ? No man of respectability now the quiet and secure haven of the Court places attached to it, such a change is engages in trade without a regular set of Session. In such complicated conmore to be wished than expected. of books; but if a bankrupt cannot ex- cerns, where so many discordant interests

Observing what happens in numer- hibit a distinct view of his transactions, were to be adjusted and settled, endless ous cases of bankruptcy, observing the with corresponding documents ; if he litigation presented itself; as if by com. prosperity which springs up and fou cannot give a satisfactory answer to the mon consent the plan of a sequestration rishes in the midst of seeming misfor- above question ; or if under the sem- was adopted ; and this measure was tune, I cannot help thinking that some blance of a systematic form, his books soon followed by the offer of a composialteration is yet necessary in the laws are complicated and unintelligible, un- tion, which was accepted and succeeded relative to that subject, or that the le- susceptible of explanation by himself, or by a discharge. The amount of the gislative enactments now in force are of being understood by others, a very composition was between seven and ten overlooked and neglected. Fraud, it is natural suspicion arises that all is not shillings in the pound; but let it be true, is strongly guarded against, and exactly fair and right, and a stricter in- stated at the highest sum ; and let it be it is followed by severe penalties; but vestigation is imperiously called for. supposed that the loss on the whole conit is fraud of a dark and deep dye only But let it not once be imagined, that in cern was one-fifth, or 50,0001.-surely that is brought forward ; the slighter throwing out these reflections, a rigid a very ample allowance. This leaves shades pass altogether unnoticed. It is scrutiny is recommended in the affairs 200,000l. ; from which the amount of unfortunate that in a commercial coun- of any man who happens to be visited composition, at ten shillings in the try bankruptcy is unavoidably frequent; by misfortune, and whose dealings ap- pound, equal to 125,0001., is to be deit is one of those evils or imperfections pear fair and honourable : On the conducted. The balance remaining is which are inseparable from human af- trary let him be treated with gentleness | 75,000l. ; and if 25,0001, be allowed for fairs; but it is still more unfortunate and indulgence; for he is not the vo- management and law expenses, the sum that the derangement of a man's affairs luntary cause of the calamity which he of 50,000l. may be considered as clear should be converted into a source of deplores; he is the victim of those vi- gain in this view of the transaction. profit to himself or others, to the ruin cissitudes which are interwoven with the But suppose the loss to have been equal of some, and to the great injury of all lot of man. But the following cases to one-third of the whole, and suppose his creditors. When a bankruptcy create suspicion, and demand the exa- the expenses of management and litigatakes place, the competition to be no- mination alluded to.

tion to have been 12,0001., the profit minated commissioners and trustees is Some years ago a company failed for remaining is 30,000l. I suspect no inoftener the serious concern of the credit- a very large sum. The amount, accord- quiry of this kind was instituted; but ors who take a lead in the business, than ing to some, was not less than 300,0001. whether it was or not, a flourishing conan inquiry into its more immediate or sterling ; but for the sake of even num- cern was immediately entered into, and remote causes ; and examples are not bers and easy calculation, let it be stated during the whole progress of the busiwanting of considerable dilapidation of at 250,0001. The company by specu- ness little or no abridgment of a large the funds in settling this preliminary af- lation, no doubt experienced consider- expenditure was observed; while some fair. Few who are connected with able losses ; but I could never learn that of the unfortunate creditors were utter. commercial transactions can have for the proportion of the loss either in its ly ruined. No account is here taken gotten the violent and controversial dis- foreign or domestic transactions, or the of the original capital, which at no peeussions which issued from the press at amount of loss on the whole concern was | riod, as was asserted by those who had


Walks in Edinburgh and its Vicinity.'

[January 3, 1818.

the best opportunities of knowing, ex- | the benefit of the act above alluded to gate pastoral would make an odd pretty ceeded a few thousand pounds ; so that, was still rejected. But, in consequence sort of a thing. Gay caught the hint, in every view of the case, it was a bold, of an appeal to the House of Lords, the but altered the plan, and thought it but to some of the parties concerned a interlocutor of the Court was reversed, would be better to write a comedy on very successful speculation.

the debtor was enlarged, and the cre- the same subject. This gave rise to the I heard lately of another case of bank- ditors never received one penny. This far-famed Beggars Opera. When he ruptcy, which, in its general character ex- case presents another proof how neces- first mentioned the change which he hibited the strongest indications of fraud; sary it is that creditors should have projected, according to Pope's account, but every attempt on the part of the the power of directing a more rigor- Swift was not cordial in his approbation. creditors to establish it according to the ous scrutiny to certain points than was" As he carried it on,” says Pope, “he present system of laws, failed. An inn- authorized or practised by the former showed what he wrote to both of us, keeper in a neighbouring town, with the law.

and we now and then gave a correction, view of evading the payment of his From topics certainly not unimport- or a word or two of advice; but it was debts, transferred his whole property to ant to some part of the community, but, wholly of his own writing. When it one of his sons. The creditors, justly perhaps, of a less pleasing kind to the was done, neither of us thought it would irritated at being thus cheated, kept general reader, let us now return and succeed. We shewed it to Congreve; him in durance for fourteen tedious pursue the walk and the conversation who, after reading it, said, that it would years, and, no doubt, supported him at which this discussion had interrupted. either take greatly or be damned contheir own expence during great part of Passing along the Canongate, and some foundedly. We were all, at the first that time; but seeing no prospect of re- where nearly opposite to Queensberry night, in great uncertainty of the event; covering payment of one penny of their House, my literary friend, on what au- till we were very much encouraged by debts, permitted him at last to be liber- thority I know not, used to point out a overhearing the Duke of Argyle, who ated, when he returned to his former window belonging to an apartment sat in the next box to us, say, It will business, and seemed to wallow in af- which is said to have been occupied by do,-it must do! I see it in the eyes of fluence.

the poet Gay when he visited Scotland, them. This was a good while before The following is a third instance of a with the Duke and Duchess of Queens- the first act was over, and so gave us fraudulent bankruptcy which escaped berry, and it was added that he com- ease soon; for that Duke, beside his detection. A merchant who was long posed the Beggars Opera during his own good taste, has a particular knack, known for his extensive dealings, sud- residence in Edinburgh. Although as any one now living, in discovering denly and most unexpectedly declared we differed widely in opinion of the the taste of the public. He was quite himself bankrupt; and aware of the sus- merit and tendency of that singular pro- right in this, as usual ; the good nature picions which his conduct could not fail duction, yet we cordially agreed in our of the audience appeared stronger and to excite, instantly took refuge in the expression of a kind of reverential re- stronger every act, and ended in a cla. sanctuary of Holyroodhouse ; but on a gard by contemplating a spot which has mour of applause." charge of meditating his escape from the become in some degree memorable by But of the reception and success of country, he was imprisoned, and was his presence, and called up some pleas- this piece no words can convey a more finally shut up in Canongate jail

, where ing recollections of an agreeable poet distinct view than what is given in a he remained several years. A compo- and an amiable man.

note to the Dunciad. “ This piece was sition of five shillings in the pound, But it seems doubtful whether Gay received with greater applause than which was offered at the very first, was ever was in Scotland. In no part of his ever was known. Besides being acted indignantly spurned by the creditors, correspondence is such an event alluded in London sixty-three days without inand was obviously followed by a deter-to; and it generally happens that his terruption, and received the next season mination of the debtor that they should journies and residence in different parts with equal applause, it spread into all receive nothing. His application to the of England, particularly with his patrons the great towns of England ; was playCourt of Session to be admitted to the of distinguished rank, are noticed in his ed in many places to the thirtieth and benefit of the cessio bonorum, which was own letters or in those of his friends fourtieth time; at Bath and Bristol fifty, renewed from year to year, was as often ' which have been published. But it was &c. It made its progress into Wales, defeated by the opposition of his credit- not till after the appearance of the Beg- Scotland, and Ireland, where it was ors, on the ground of charges of fraud. gars Opera, the popularity which it performed twenty-four days successiveThe books when examined exhibited a acquired, and the celebrity which it ob- ly. The ladlies carried about with them singular and surely a suspicious system tained for the author, that he was ad- the favourite songs of it in fans, and of nomenclature. No company or indi- mitted to the acquaintance of these il- houses were furnished with it in screens. vidual was denominated by the usual or lustrious personages; and, perhaps, it The fame of it was not confined to the proper name. As a specimen of this was in the view of enjoying a kind of author only. The person

who acted system, a banking company was called reflected reputation, as is usual with the Polly, till then obscure, became all at the Great Gun, and a merchant was great, that they condescended to notice once the favourite of the town; her named Florizel. The report on the ex- the bard. All this, it is true, is a mat- pictures were engraved and sold in amination of the books by the account. ter of small moment.

great numbers ; her life written, books ant, stated that no fraud could be traced ; What is stated of the origin of this re- of letters and verses to her published, and although the Court of Session, with markable dramatic production is ex- and pamphlets made even of her sayings some difference of opinion, coincided tremely probable. Dean Swift it is and jests. Furthermore, it drove out of with this statement, the application for said, once observed to Gay, that a New England, for that season, the Italian 0.

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