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a ugwy man!” The honest tar at the jacket, laying himself out to please wheel pulled up his shirt, and looked the young ladies, with whom he beterribly cut at this plain remark on gan to be a regular hero. He was his phiz, which certainly wasn't the as blustering as a young lion, and as most beautiful ; meanwhile he had salt-tongued as a Channel pilot to the leech of the main to'gallant sail the men; but with the ladies, on the shaking. “Mind your helm, there," poop or in the cabin, he was always sung out the second mate from the twisting his sea-talk into fine lancapstan. “My good man," said the guage, like what you see in books, lady, " will you be so kind as to show as if the real thing weren't good us the land ?” “Ay, ay, sir,” growled enough. He rubbed his hands at he, putting up his weather spokes; hearing the mate on deck singing out " sorry I carn't, ma'am-please not to over the sky-light to trim yards, speak to the man at the wheel." and gave a look along to the captain. Jacobs was coiling down the ropes on " You must understand, ladies,' said a carronade close by, and stepped the mate, “this is what we mariners call forward : “ Beg your ladyship's par- the ladies' wind !'" " Oh delightdon," said he,“ but if ye'll give me ful!" " Oh so nice!" " You sailors charge o' the youngster till you goes are so polite!” exclaimed the young on the poop—why, I've got a babby ladies-" then does it actually belong at home myself." The stout lady to us ? " " Why it's a Trade wind, Miss handed him over, and Jacobs managed Fortescue!” said Ford the nautical the little chap wonderfully. This was cadet, venturing to put in a word; but the first time Tommy had been on the ladies paid no attention to him, deck since leaving home, and he and the chief mate gave him a look of could'nt see over the high bulwarks, contempt. “You see, ladies, the so he fancied it was a house he was reason is," said the mate, in a flourishin. “Oh, suts big tees, man!shouted ing way, “because it's so regular, he, clapping his hands as soon as he and as gentle as — as — why it wafts noticed the sails and rigging aloft; your bark into the region of, you “suts warge birds in a tees !" "Ay see,-the" " The Doldrums,'" ay, my little man," answered Jacobs, put in the third mate, who was a " that's the wonderfowl tree! Did brinier individual by far, and a true ye ever hear Jack and the Bean-stalk, seaman, but wished to pay his compliTommy?” “Oh, 'ess, to be soo, ments too, between his mouthfuls. man!” said Tommy, scornfully, as if "At any rate," Finch went on, “it's he should think he had. Well, congenial, I may say, to the feelings little un,” said Jacobs, " that's it, ye of the fair-you need never touch her see. It grows up every night afore braces from one day to another. I Jack's door-and them's Jack and just wish, Miss Fortescue, you'd allow his brothers a-comin' down out on the me the felicity of letting you see how wonderfowl country aloft, with fruits to put the ship about !" "A soldier in their hands." The little fellow was might put her in stays, miss," said the delighted, and for going aloft at once. third mate again, encouragingly, “and “Ye must wait a bit, Tommy, my out of 'em again; she's a remarkable lad, till you're bigger," said Jacobs; easy craft, owing to her- " “Con"here I'll show you the country, found it! Mr Rickett,” said the first though;" so he lifted the boy up to mate, turning round to his unlucky let him see the bright blue sea lying inferior, “you're a sight too coarse high away round the sky. In place for talking to ladies. Well the capof crying, as he would have done other tain didn't hear you!" Rickett looked wise, Tommy stared with pleasure, dumbfoundered, not knowing what and finished by vowing to get as soon was wrong; the old ladies frowned ; big as possible, Jacobs advising him the young ones either blushed or put to eat always as hard as he had been their handkerchiefs to their mouths, doing hitherto.

and some took the occasion for walkThis morning the breakfast partying off. was in high spirits: Mr Finch, the The weather began to have a difchief officer, rigged up to the nines ferent turn already by the time we in white trowsers and Company's got up—the clouds banking to lee


ward, the sea dusky under them, and to show them how fast she could the air-line between rather bluish. walk. Two or three lazy galls in our wake “D'ye know, sir," put in the third began to look alive, and show them- mate, coming from forward, “I'm in selves, and a whole black shoal of por- doubt it's going to be rather a sneezer, poises went tumbling and rolling across sir, if ye look round the larboard the bows for half an hour, till down stun-s'ls." Sure enough, if our fine they dived of a sudden, head-foremost, gentleman had had time, amidst his one after another in the same spot, politeness, just to cast an eye beyond like so many sheep through a gap. his spread of cloth, he would have no

My gentleman-mate was to be seen ticed the clouds gathered all in a lump everywhere about the decks, and ac- to north-eastward, one shooting into tive enough, I must say : the next another-the breast of them lowering minute he was amongst two or three down to the horizon, and getting the young ladies aft, as polite as a dan- same colour as the waves, till it bulked cing-master, showing them every- out bodily in the middle. You'd have thing in board and out, as if no- fancied the belly of it scarce half a mile body knew it except himself. Here off from the white yard-arms, and the a young girl, one of Master Tommy's hollow of it twenty-coming as stealsisters, came skipping aft, half in a thily as a ghost, that walks without fright. " Oh, Miss Fortescue!" cried feet after you, its face to yours, and she, * just think !-I peeped over the skirt of its winding-sheet in into a nasty black hole there, with a "kingdom come" all the while. I ladder in it, and saw ever so many went up on the poop, and away becommon sailors hung up in bags from hind the spanker I could see the sun the ceiling. Oh, what do you think, gleam for one minute right on the eye one of them actually kissed his hand of a stray cloud risen to nor'-west, to me !" "Only one of the watch with two short streaks of red, purple, below awake, Miss," said the mate; and yellow together-what is called "impertinent swab !-I only wish I a “wind-gall;" then it was gone. The knew which it was." "Poor fel. American was talking away with jolows !" said the young ladies ; " pray, vial old Rollock and Ford, who began don't be barsh to them-but what to look wise, and think there was mishave they been doing?" " Oh, no- chief brewing in the weather. “Mind thing," said he, with a laugh, “ but your helm there, sirrah !" sung out swing in their hammocks since eight the mate, walking aft to the wheel, bells." " Then are they so lazy as as everything aloft fluttered. “She to dislike getting up to such delight won't lie her course, sir !” said the ful-looking occupations ?” “Why, man. "All aback for’ud !" hailed ma'am," said the mate, staring a the men at work on the bowsprit ; little, “they've been on deck last and hard at it went all hands, trimnight two watches, of four hours each, ming yards over and over again; the I must say that for them.” “Dear wind freshening fast, stun-sails flapme !" broke out the ladies; and on ping, booms bending, and the whole this the chief officer took occasion to spread of canvass in a cumber, to launch out again concerning " the teach the mate not to be in such a weary vigils," as he called them, hurry with his infernal merchantman's “ which we mariners have to keep, far side-wings next time. The last stundistant from land, without a smile from sail he hauled down caught full aback the eyes of the fair to bless us! But before the wheel could keep her away however, the very thought of it gives quick enongh; the sheet of it hitched courage to the sailor's manly heart, to foul at the boom-end, and crack disregard the billows' fearful rage, and through went the boom itself, with a reef topsails in the tempest's angry smash that made the ladies think it a height!” Thought I, “he'd much case of shipwreck commencing. The better do it before.” However, the loose scud was flying fast out from young ladies didn't seem to see that, behind the top of the clouds, and evidently looking upon the mate as spreading away overhead, as if it the very pink of seamen; and he would catch us on the other side; actually set a second lower stud-sail, while the clouds themselves broke up slowly to both hands, and the north- over the skysail-mast truck, which I east breeze came sweeping along right could see from below. The second into the three topsails, the wind one mate looked in once more, caught the way and the sea another. As she first officer's eye with a glance aloft, rounded away steadying before it, you and the gallant mate left attending to felt the masts shake in her till the the ladies to go on deck. Down went topsails blew out full; she gave one the skylight frame, and somebody caresudden bolt up with her stern, like an fully threw a tarpaulin over it, so that old jackass striking behind, which there was only the light from the portcapsized three or four passengers in a windows, by which a dozen faces heap; and next minute she was surg. turned still whiter. ing along through the wide heave of The moment I shoved my head out the water as gallantly as heart could of the booby-hatch, I saw it was like to wislı, driving a wave under her bows turn out a regular gale from nor'-east. that swung back under the fore-chains Both courses brailed close up, and on both sides, with two boys running blowing out like rows of big-bladders; up the rigging far aloft on each mast the three topsail-yards down on the to stow the royals. The next thing caps to reef, their canvass swelling and I looked at was poor Ford's nautical thundering on the stays like so many hat lifting alongside on the top of a mad elephants breaking loose; the wave, as if it were being handed up wild sky ahead of us staring right to him ; but no sooner seen, than it through in triumph, as it were, and was down in the hollow a quarter of the wind roaring from aft in her a mile off, a couple of white gulls bare rigging; while a crowd of men in making snatches at it and one an- each top were laying out along the other, and hanging over it again with foot-ropes to both yard-arms. Below, a doubtful sort of a scream. Still the they were singing out at the reefwind was as yet nothing to speak of tackles, the idlers tailing op behind when once aft; the sea was getting up from the cook to the cabin-boys, a slowly, and the Indiaman's easy roll mate to each gang, and the first officer over it made every one cheerful, in with his hands to his mouth before the spite of the shifts they were put to wheel, shouting “Bear a hand !-d'ye for getting below. When the bell hear!-two reefs !" It did one's heart struck for dinner, the sun was pretty good, and I entered into the spirit of clear, away on our starboard bow; the it, almost forgiving Finch his fine waves to south-westward glittered as puppy lingo, when I saw him take it they rose; one side of the ship shone so coolly, standing like a seaman, and bright to the leech of the mainto'gal. sending his bull's voice right up with lant-sail, and we left the second mate the wind into the bellies of the tophauling down the jibs for want of use sails--so I e'en fell-to myself, and for them.

dragged with the steward upon the The splendid pace she went at was mizen reef-tackle till it was chock up. plain, below in the cuddy, to every. There we were, running dead before body; you felt her shoving the long it, the huge waves swelling long and seas aside with the force of a thousand dark after us out of the mist, then the horses in one, then sweep they came tops of them scattered into spray; the after her, her stern lifted, she rolled glaring white yards swayed slowly round, and made a floating rush ahead. over aloft, each dotted with ten or a In the middle of it all, something dar- dozen sturdy figures, that leant over kened the half-open skylight, where I with the reef.points in their hands, perceived the Scotch second-mate's waiting till the men at the earings twisted nose and red whiskers, as he gave the word ; and Jacobs's face, as squinted down with one eye aloft, and he looked round to do so-hanging on disappeared again ; after which I heard heaven knows what at one of the ends them clue up to'gallantsails. Still -was as distinctas possible against the she was driving through it rather too gray scud miles off, and sixty feet bodily to let the seas rise under her; above the water. A middy, without you heard the wind hum off the main- his cap, and his hair blowing out, topsail, and sing through betwixt it stood holding on in the main-top to and the main-course, the scud flying quicken them; the first mate waved

his hand for the helmsman to “luff a the brightest thing I could find-all little.” The ship's head was rounding the blue gone out of the waves was in slowly up as she rose on a big blue it. As for her seeing myself, I hadn't swell, that caught a wild gleam on it had space to think of it yet, when al} from westward, when I happened to of a sudden I noticed her glance light glance towards the wheel. I could for the first time, as it were, on the scarcely trust my eyes—in fact it had mate, who was standing all the while never been less in my mind since with his back to her, on the same plank coming aboard than at that very point of the quarterdeck. “Down main-bat outside one of the round-house course!” he sang out, putting one hand doors, which was half open, a few feet in hisjacket-pocket; "down both tacks from the bulwark I leant over-of all -that's it, my men-down with it!” moments in the day, there stood Lota —and out it fapped, slapping fiercely Hyde herself at last! Speak of faces! as they dragged it by main force into -why, I hadn't even power to turn far- the bulwark-cleets, tillit swelled steady ther round, and if I was half out of above the main-stay, and the old ship breath before, what with the wind and sprang forward faster than before, with pulling my share, I was breath with a wild wash of the Atlantic past less now-all my notions of her never her sides. - Another hand to the came up to the look of her face at that wheel, here!” said the first officer. instant! She just half stopped, as it He took a look aloft, leaning to the were, at sight of the state of things, rise of her bows, then to windward as her hands letting go of the large shawl, she rolled; everything looked trim and her hair streaming from under a and weatherly, so he stepped to the straw hat tied down with a ribbon- binnacle, where the lamp was ready her lips parted betwixt dread and be lighted, and it just struck me what a wilderment, and her eyes wandering smart, good-looking fellow the mate round till they settled a-gazing straight was, with his sun-burnt face; and at the scene ahead, in pure delight. I when he went to work, straight-foractually looked away aloft from her ward, no notion of showing off.“ Conagain, to catch what it was she seemed found it, though !" thought I of a to see that could be so beautiful !--the sudden, seeing her eyes fixed on him second reef just made fast, men crowd. again, and then to seaward. “Mr ing in to run down and hoist away Macleod," said he to the second mate, with the rest, till, as they tailed along " send below the watch, if you please. decks, the three shortened topsails This breeze is first-rate, though!" rose faster up against the scud, and When he turned round, he noticed their hearty roaring chorus was as Miss Hyde, started, and took off his loud as the gale. “Keep her away, cap with a fine bow. “I beg pardon, my lad !" said the mate, with another ma'am," said he, "a trifle of wind we wave of his hand ; the topsails swelled have! I hope, Miss Hyde, it hasn't fair before it, and the Indiaman gave troubled you in the round-house ? " a plunge right through the next sea, What Miss Hyde might have said I rising easily to it, heave after heave. don't know, but her shawl caught a The setting sun struck two or three gust out of the spanker, though she misty spokes of his wheel through was in the lee of the high poop; it a cloud, that made a big wave here blew over her head, and then loose-I and there glitter ; the ship's white sprang forward--but the mate had yards caught some of it, and a row of hold of it, and put it over her again. broad backs, with their feet stretching The young lady smiled politely to the the foot-rope as they stowed the fore- mate, and gave a cold glance of sursail, shone bright out, red, blue, and prise, as I thought, at me. I felt, that striped, upon the hollow of the yellow moment, I could have knocked the fore-topsail, in the midst of the gale; mate down and died happy. "Why, while just under the bowsprit you saw sir,” said he, with a cool half sneer, her black figure-head, with his white “I fancied none of you gentlemen turban, and his hand to his breast, would have favoured us this capful of giving a cool salaam now and then to wind plenty of air there is on deck, the spray from her bows. At that though." It just flashed through my moment, though, Lota Hyde's eye was mind what sort of rig I was in-I looked over my infernal 'long-shore long sea running after us. However, toggery, and no wonder she didn't by noon the sun came sifting through recollect me at all!" Curse this aloft, the breeze got warm, the decks confounded folly!" muttered I, and were dry as a bone, and one just saw made a dart to run up the poop-steps, the large dark-blue swells lift up where the breeze took me slap aback, alongside with a shower of spray, bejust as the judge himself opened the tween the seams of the bulwarks. By larboard door." Why, Violet !” ex- six o'clock, again, it was got pretty claimed he, surprised at seeing his dusk ahead, and I strolled forward daughter, “ are you exposing yourself right to the heel of the bowsprit, to this disagreeable-I declare a per- with Westwood, looking down through fect storm!" “ But see, papa!” said her head-boards into the heap of she, taking hold of his arm, “how white foam that washed up among changed the sea is !- and the ship ! the woodwork every time she plunged. just look where the sun was!" “Get in One knot of the men were sitting -get in, do!” kept on her father; “ you with their legs over the break of the can see all that again in some finer topgallant forecastle, swinging as place; you should have had a servant she rolled-laughing, roaring, and with you, at least, Violet.” “I shall singing as loud as they could bawl, come out oftener than I thought, papa, since the wind carried it all forI can tell you !" said she, in an arch ward out of the officers' hearing. I sort of way, before she disappeared. was rather surprised to see and hear The mate touched his cap to the judge, that Jacobs's friends, Bill Dykes and who asked where the captain was. Tom, were there: the rogues were tak" 'Gad, sir," said the judge crossly, ing back their savage to the Anda" the floor resembles an earthquake man Isles again, I suppose. "Well, -every piece of furniture swings, my lads," said Tom, a regular sample sir; 'tis well enough for sleep- of the man-o'-war's - man : " this ing, but my family find it impos- is what I calls balling it off! That sible to dine. If this oolta-poolta con mate knows how to make her go, any tinues in my apartments, I must speak how !” “We'll soon be into tropical to Captain Williamson about it! He regents, I consider !” remarked Bill, must manage to get into some other who made a point of never using seapart of the sea, where it is less rough," phrases except ashore, when he came saying which he swayed himself in out double salt, to make up for his and shut the door. I still kept think- gentility afloat.“ Hum,” grumbled ing and picturing her face - Lota a big ugly fellow, the same so flattered Hyde's—when she noticed the mate. at the wheel by little Tommy, “I After all, any one that knew tack doesn't like your fair winds! I'll tell from bowline might reef topsails in a you what, mates, we'll be havin' it fair wind; but a girl like that would puff more from east'ard ere third make more count of a man knowing watch." "What's the odds, Harry, how to manage wind and sea, than of old ship?" said Tom, " a fair wind the Duke on his horse at Waterloo still !"" I say, my lads," exclaimed beating Bonaparte; and as for talk, he Tom again, looking along toward the would jaw away the whole voyage, no poop, " yonder's the ould naboob doubt, about moonlight and the ocean, squinting out of the round-house and your genteel fancy mariners! “By doors !--what's he after now, I wonGeorge, though!" thought I, “ if the der?" On stooping down, accordmate's a better man than me, hang ingly, I could see the judge's face me—it's all right; but burn my wig with the binnacle-light shining on it, if I don't go and turn a Hindoo fakeer, as he swayed to and fro in the doorway, with my one arm stuck up in the air seemingly in a passion at something or till I die! Go it, old lady!” said other. "Why," said Bill, “ I consider I, as I glanced over the side before he can't altogether circumstand the going below for the night, “roll away, shindy as this here roll kicks up inonly shake something or other to do side of his blessed paliss!” “Nabob, out of the pace you're going at !" does ye call him !" said Harry, sulkily;

The next morning, when Westwood “I'll tell you what, 'mates, he ben't and I went on deck, there was still a nothin' but a reg'lar bloody ould

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