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ment of the Gospel plan of salvation. Gospel to be true, to come out from their The people are willing to hear, and idolatrous neighbours; and urged him at ready enough to dispute. As the com- once to forsake Heathenism, and come mon objectors are not difficult to be into the true way. The cursed bondage silenced, we generally secure a quiet of caste holds such a one back : neverhearing for the Gospel. We have some theless, it was not difficult to see that common ground with all: all readily the truth had an influence on his mind. admit the sinfulness of man; that sin This lad had been used to long familiarity must be aloned for; and that without a with the truth, and is one of the instances Mediator sinners cannot come to God: in which we see the great value of the our business is therefore to show them school-room in our Mission-work. In. the utter uselessness of their washings, deed, unless some extraordinary outceremonies, and pilgrimages to take pouring of the influence of the Holy away sin, and the folly of putting their Ghost on India take place, in answer to helpless idols in the place of the true the prayers of God's people, the means Mediator, Jesus Christ.

of teaching in the school-room must be Our Canarese schools are well attend. greatly enlarged ere we shall see any ed; and it is encouraging to observe the extensive change for the better in the correct acquaintance with the facts and moral and spiritual state of any class of doctrines of the Gospel which these natives. It would be a glorious and schools are the means of imparting, not hopeful thing to see a Christian school only to the boys, but to the adults, of in every one of the towns and villages of the villages in which they are established. this country, in which there are now The people are accustomed to resort to either no schools at all, or those in the school-rooms to hear the Scriptures which, besides the alphabet and arithand Catechisms read. Five of such metic, the boys read nothing but idle schools, however, are all that our means or tilthy tales. As the attention of Goallow, though it costs but about eighty vernment has long been turned to this rupees a year for the support of each. subject, it is to be hoped that some Extended vernacular education in these general plan will be soon adopted, which parts, remote froin large cities and Euro shall insure at least instruction in geopean influence, would be of great aid to graphy and true history, in the place the Missionary. The Mysore Govern of the crimes and debaucheries of the ment makes a liberal grant for an Eng- Hindoo gods. And why should not lish school in each of the four divisions they be instructed in Government-schools of the country, two of which are under in Christianity, too? The people are the care of our Missionaries. These everywhere willing to send their children schools, as well as the Mysore Rajah's to Mission-schools. If the same amount school, are the means of giving to num of money which is annually given to bers of youth not only a knowledge of heathen establishments in this country the English language and elements of were given for the better education of European science, but of Christian and the people, the cursed dominion of idolGospel truth. Several youths from these atry and its licentious priesthood would schools are in Government employ insoon vanish. this neighbourhood. One of them came We have been greatly cheered in our to me the other day for an English Bible. work this year by the visit of the breHe said he wished to possess an entire thren Hardey and Sanderson, who, with copy of our Shastras. I said, “How Ezra, the converted Brahmin, remained can you, who have been so well instructed here some time, visiting the surrounding in the Christian religion, remain an towns and villages. Many of the Brahidolater, fold your hands, and make pros. mins were extremely wroth against tration to a senseless and helpless idol?” Ezra : he, however, stands fast, and He said, “ I do not worship idols. These will, I trust, prove a blessing to his people, who know nothing, do as their fore- countrymen. His visit produced much fathers did; but it is all idle and vain." excitement. Some of the Brahorins “ If so," I said, “why do you not leave wrought themselves up into a fury when such a vain and useless system?” I speaking of him : their rage seemed then explained to him the nature and more like that of demods than of men. object of baptism ; told him that God Even from such excitement good may required all who professed to believe the come,

MISSIONS IN FEEJEE. The following letter from Mr. Williams, describing the erection and opening of a new chapel at Televa, will be read, we are persuaded, with extraordinary interest, and ought to be generally known. These converted Feejeeans have furnished an example of zealous and laborious effort on behalf of the house and worship of God, which may well rebuke the supineness or avarice of some British Christians, and be a useful pattern for the imitation of all; while it must deepen our conviction of the value and very hopeful character of our Feejeean Mission, and of our clear obligation to maintain and extend it by an increased supply, both of labourers, and of the pecuniary means required for their support. Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Thomas Williams, dated Televa, Vanua-levu,

Bua Circuit, May 24th, 1850. The first professor of Christianity on Bua. Varane was married to his chief Vanua-levu was Raitono, the friend and wife; the others he returned to their Prime Minister of Tui Bua, Chief of friends, with explanatory and conciliatory the sandal-wood district. Tui Bua never messages. Amongst the returned ladies was very favourable to the lotu ; yet was a daughter of Tui Bua, who detersuch was his esteem for Raitono, that, on mined to revenge her dismissal by perfinding him fixed in his determination secuting his Christian subjects. Raitono, to renounce idolatry, he engaged to seek the companion of his life, and most a Teacher for him. Shortly after making trusty servant, was disgraced, because he the engagement, he visited Vewa, and would not again become a Heathen. A received permission from Mr. Cross to man of low birth was invested with much remove the veteran Josua Mateenaniu of his power, because the most likely from Ovalau tо Bua, on his return home. person to gratify the revengeful determiJosua was well qualified for the post to nation of Tui Bua, by using it to the which he was appointed : be found a fair injury of the Christians. The profession and open field, “white already for the of Christianity was prohibited, and those harvest." Christianity was countenanced who adhered to it were subjected to by the Heathen Chief, and zealously much wrong. Their hogs, fowls, and urged upon the attention of all ranks by gardens were destroyed; their yam-stores his Christian friend. Additions to the broken open, and plundered of their conChristian party were made daily, so that tents. An incendiary was employed to Josua was fully employed in teaching fire their neat chapel, the flames from the truths communicated by the Mis which consumed one of the Teachers' sionaries, and confirmed by his own ex houses; and it was only by great activity perience. The whole district was fast that the rest of the village was saved submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ, from ruin. when a wide-spread war broke out, and The faithful few, with Josaia Raitono the face of events assumed another as. at their head, were as a threefold cord : pect. After several reverses, Tui Bua they took joyfully the spoiling of their conquered his enemies by the help of goods, and for some months subsisted on Vewa. Prospects of success again such wild roots as they found in the cheered the old Teacher, and an assist woods. Although so disadvantageously ant was sent to lessen his labour, and circumstanced, they contrived to rebuild share his success.

their chapel, but satisfied themselves About this time Ratu Varane became with a very plain edifice, not knowing a Christian. The people around Bua, that it would stand unburnt a week. It where he had great influence, had long stood, however, until takt n down in said they should lotu, to a man, when January last, that the building, of which Varane did, and now the time had come. I enclose a sketch,* might occupy the But it was quickly seen that Varane was old site. The old chapel did those credit intent on being a Christian, not, like his who, under so many difficulties, built uncle, Namosemalua, seeming to be one: it; but it was, in compari on with the and one of his first steps towards be- new one, a mere barn. The native style coming one gave huge offence to Tui of building is ill-suited for a place of

* For the sketch, see Quarterly Papor for March, 1851.

worship, and there would be certainly divided from each other by jet-black nothing amiss in attempting an improve- lines, three and four inches wide. The ment on the architecture of our chapels wings of the communion-rail are of ornain the Feejee and Tonga groups.

mental reed-work ; the centre of banisters The Televa new chapel does the little made of the warrior's spear, and the company of natives who built it much scented sandal-wood. The rail itself is credit. The present Chief, Ra Esekaia a piece of beautiful nut. Vunendango, (successor to Raitono,) is Ofren, whilst superintending their a very sensible and persevering man, operations, have I heard the builders On commencing this chapel, he adopted cheer each other, by chanting such pas. it as a principle, that neither material sages as the following:-"I was glad nor labour could be too good for the when they said unto me, Let us go into house in which the true God was to be the house of the Lord.” “But will worshipped. Acting in accordance with God indeed dwell on the earth ? behold, this principle, he, and some of his men, the heaven, and heaven of heavens, canwho had fame for “lifting up the axe," not contain Thee; how much less this travelled over many miles of the sur. house that I have builded !” To this rounding country, in search of timber for another party would respond, “The Lord the frame of the building. Whilst they hath chosen Zion; He hath desired it were thus employed, the old men en for His habitation." Another favourite livened the village by the rap-tap-tap chant was 1 Kings viii. 28–30. And, of the beaters with which they separated with suitable feeling, a number would the fibre from the fleshy part of the nut join in the petitions, “ Hearken unto husk, that it might be plaited into the prayer which Thy servant shall sinnet, for the ornamental lashings. At make;"_“And when Thou hearest, intervals of two or three days, the joyous forgive.” shout of the returning wood-cutters Several pleasing facts are connected broke the quiet of the evening, a signal with the building of this chapel. Had at which those who were left in the vil. it been built eighteen months ago, the lage-old men, women, and children - heathen Chief of that day would have ran off to assist their weary friends in construed our work into an offence, for dragging some giant of the forest to the which nothing short of our mourning spot where it was to become a pillar in over its ashes could atone ; whereas, the the Lord's house. Happier groups than present heathen Chief sent us a message these formed, eye never saw. In about to the effect, “ that we were few, and three months eighty beams of from engaged in a great work, and, if agreetwelve to fifty feet long were collected, able, he would help us." His proposal many of them from a distance of ten was accepted ; and the wall and roof of and twelve miles, and by manual labour one side of the chapel were done by the only. The logs were vesi, or “green- Heathen, and well done, too. And, at heart," the most valuable timber in the the opening of the chapel, the Heathen islands. These were carefully wrought assisted in pr paring food for our visiters. into a very substantial frame ; completed We rejoice in so pleasing a change. The by walls and roof. The sketch will give man who burnt down the former chapel you an idea of the outside of the chapel; was one of the most active in building and you may form one of the appearance the new one. He is now a very useful of the inside, by supposing yourselves Local Preacher. between two colonnades of mahogany Many have been attracted to this place pillars, sixteen pillars in each colonnade, by the report of the chapel, and these and three feet apart. These support a opportunities have been improved to circular mahogany cornice, or wall-plate, preach into them Jesus. The strangers, seven inches in diameter, on which the without exception, expressed surprise capitals are wrought in sinnet. Between that such a work could be done by Feethe pillars is seen the inner fence, formed jeeans. One company said, “By this of bright canes, the whole extent of we are convinced that religion is true : which, fifty feet by nine feet, is divided if it was not, you would run away, and by black lines into diamonds of one leave the work undone.” Another party, inch and a half long. The tops of the fresh from the slaughter, and their battledoors and windows are finished as the axes dyed in blood, declared their cunoutside, in triangular pediments, done in viction, “ that no number of Heathen black sinnet. The foot of each spar is could do what these few Christian men secured to the cornice by ornamental had done." We have been visited by bands. The roof is relieved by alternate Ratu Jlaija Varane, and other Vewa rows of open and closed reed-work, friends, who say, “ You are the first who have surpassed the temples built by gregation, among which was a good our Chiefs for the devil : you have put sprinkling of Heathen. All parties all their works under your feet.”

seemed to enjoy the day; and to many The chapel is a proof of the growing it was one of much spiritual good. industry of the people. The Mission - The Bua Circuit has been formed house is a large and very substantial nearly three years, during which time we building, on an European plan, its tim have entered six new preaching-places, bers and walls of green-heart; and to- and built three chapels. Nearly two wards its erection the Christian natives hundred Heathen have embraced Chrisdid a great deal. They have, also, built tianity, and three hundred persons have a good house for the native Teacher, become members of the visible church of and twelve improved houses for them. Christ by baptism. We are looking for. selves. The whole of the above has been ward to still better days, and praying done within two years. The Rev. that God will abundantly bless His David Hazlewood opened the chapel on word, that the yet heathen tribes may the 24th of April. We had a large con- learn to bless His name.

A SECUND letter from Mr. Williams mentions some further incidents connected with the chapel at Televa, and shows that while we cordially rejoice in the pleasing instances of surprising success with which we have been favoured, much more remains to be done. We sympathise with our Feejeean Missionaries in their joyous and grateful feelings; but we are still called to a corresponding sympathy with them in their sorrows and perplexities, and should earnestly pray that they may have grace from God to prosecute with cheerful patience their arduous and trying labours.

Extract of another Letter from the Rev. Thomas Williams, dated Televa,

Vanua-levu, Feejee, May 29th, 1850. In obedience to the calls of duty and mercy; and in the case of some, who inclination, I prepare to give you some have been often and affectionately warned, account of what is doing in this corner there is something like malevolence, a of the world. Surrounded as I am by “We will not have this man to reign those appalling forms of human cruelty over us.” My mind is painfully opand wickedness, which have attained a pressed when I think of these characters; giant growth in Feejee,-and every de- the feeling will not yield to ordinary re. velopment of which is a new and indis sistance, and at times pushes me to the putable proof how greatly Feejeeans brink of despair, so far as concerns many need the ameliorating influences of the of them. Gospel,-I am not without my doubts, I am often surprised to see, in close whether most of the adult part of the connexion with this fighting agairst heathen population around me will not God, a strong desire for gods that are die without experiencing the blessings not. An English word, which was put they so greatly need. They hear of into use by the Missionaries at Tonga, them, see others in possession of them, found its way some years ago into a but care not themselves to secure them. village a few miles north-east of this. In past years their ignorance of the With it the villagers received a notion, paths of peace and truth excited peculiar that it was the name of a Tonga god ; pity, because no man cared for their and, being agreed to give it a place souls; but now they are cared for, and in their pantheon, built it a temple, sought after, and in too many instances found it a Priest, and became its worare blameworthy, because they turn a shippers ! deaf ear to admonition, and seek death In another village, some two months in the error of their way. Besides giv. ago, a youth, “ full of ambition of the ing them the Gospel, the Almighty has baser sort," professed to be “ entered" done much for them, which ought to by a god, which profession he supported make them own, “ The Lord He is by priestly shakings; and there were not God;" but they prefer the worship of wanting those who believed him, not. “gods many.” They frame frivolous withstanding his confession, that it excuses for not attending the Gospel. was a god that had been turned adrift feast; they lightly esteem the offers of from some of the wind ward islands, in

consequence of its votaries having begun new chapels and a temporary building to worship the true God.” Such, on for the public worship of Almighty this side of the subject, is the credulity God, is reflected on with pleasure, and of a people who are very sceptical on recorded with gratitude everything that relates to Him who is At the opening of Tavulomo chapel, “the true God, and eternal life.”

a few months back, there was a good Among those who do seem to believe atendance of Christians, and many Heaour report, there is too often an inclina. thens sat outside, yet so that they could tion to procrastinate. A very fatal in hear. About half the service was over, stance of this kind transpired a short when the unwelcome bakolo shout fell time ago, at a hamlet in this Circuit. upon our ears; and a party of savages The truth of what we teach was admite carrying one cooked and two uncooked ted, and the people persuaded to become bodies passing soon after, nearly all my Christians, but waited to profess them outside congregation followed them ; it selves such until their yams were dug: being more congenial for them so to do, before, however, that time arrived, they than to listen longer to the truths of the were surprised by their neighbours, and Gospel. However, a great change has slain. A woman and her child, who been effected already on many of the escaped, fied to the Christian Chief of villagers; and, bad as are the rest, they Dama, under whose protection they are are not beyond hope. at this time. Many others there are at the second chapel is the one in this moment who are waiting until some Televa, and is acknowledged, by all who work is done, or some obstacle removed, have seen it, to be very superior to any that their loluing may be easier ; and thing yet built in Feejee. The Rev. D. well it will be if they do not delay until Hazlewood opened it in April last. We it is too late.

had a good day. Many blessed the Having listened to some of the causes Lord that they were allowed to see what of my sorrows, you have a right to know they did on that day. The Lord was what yields me joy. And, first, I name with us for good. It was a heart-gladthe fact of our Mission having enjoyed dening sight to see several hundred peace the past year. No hostility worth neatly-dressed Christians--scores of recording has taken place. Some of our whom, a year ago, were besotted Heaenemies have become friendly, and have thens—chanting with heart and voice assisted the Christians in some of their portions of the Psalms, and of Solomon's temporal concerns : a better understand. prayer at the dedication of the ten ple. ing exists between parties, from which, Many of them had been up most of the I sometimes hope, abiding good will night preparing food for their visiters; result.

yet their attention to a rather protracted Although I cannot record great pros- service was very gratifying. Here and perity, yet, thank God, there has been there in the congregation was seen the some improvement in this Circuit. bushy head of a Heathen; many of the Rarely a Sabbath passes on which some congregation, both lotu and Heathen, one or more Heathen do not declare were outside, because the chapel could themselves on the Lord's side. Three not contain them. Some of the HeaSundays past, thirteen Heathen did 30 then, who wished to show their good at three several preaching-places. On feeling to us by being at the first serthe Sunday following forty-three persons vice, yet fearing they should be looked were admitted into the visible church by upon by other Heathens as Christians, baptism, in the new chapel at Televa. applied black powder (with which they The conduct of these, during the term cover themselves for war or the dance) of their probation, confirmed the evi to their persons in such abundance, as dence previously given of their desire to to preclude the possibility of any one flee from the wrath to come being sin. making such a mistake. cere; and on their examination they Mr. Hazlewood was detained with us witnessed a good confession before many a fortnight from a severe attack of acute witnesses. The above remarks apply, dysentery, from which, after much sufalso, to forty persons at Dama, thirty- fering, he was mercifully restored. My four at Tavulomo, and two at Naiwai. family did not quite escape this contawai, who have been baptized during the gious disease. We all had a slight past quarter.

touch of it, and it hung about the chil. The taking up of Na Watha as a dren several weeks : they are now about preaching place is an equivalent for free from it. Thumbue, which is dropped.

Mr. and Mrs. Moore, who have just The building and setting apart of two come amongst us, accompanied Mr.

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