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The Coliseum

282 Death of the Princess Charlotte.

285 Sunset

286 The Minstrel's Farewell to his Harp . 287 Moonlight

288 From Thalaba

289 Song

292 “She was a phantom of delight”

292 Lucy

293 “She dwelt among the untrodden ways” 295 “ The world is too much with us

295 “Surprised by joy”

296 Written at sunrise on Westminster Bridge 296 Third Sunday in Lent

297 Monday before Easter

299 Wednesday before Easter .

301 Second Sunday after Easter

302 Monday in Whitsun-week .

304 Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

307 Saint Matthew's Day .

308 All Saints' Day

310 Confirmation

311 Faith


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HEAVEN prosper long our noble king,

Our lives and safetyes all ;
A woeful hunting once there did

In Chevy-Chace befall.

To drive the deere with hound and horne,

Erle Percy took his way;
The child may rue that is unborne,

The hunting of that day.

The stout Erle of Northumberland

A vow he once did make,
His pleasure in the Scottish woods

Three summer days to take;

The cheefest harts in Chevy-Chace

To kill and beare away.
These tydings to Erle Douglas came,

In Scotland where he lay :

* The old spelling has been preserved in this and the following ballads, because when once explained it will not be any difficulty; and the differences between the ancient and modern form will afford a useful exercise in orthography.


Who sent Erle Percy present word,

He would prevent his sport.
The English Erle, not fearing that,

Did to the woods resort,
With fifteen hundred bow-men bold;

All chosen men of might,
Who knew full well in time of neede

To ayme their shafts aright.
The gallant greyhounds swiftly ran,

To chase the fallow deere:
On Munday they began to hunt,

When day light did appeare;
And long before high noone they had

An hundred fat buckes slaine;
Then having dined, the drovyers went,

To rouze the deere againe.
The bow-men mustered on the hills,

Well able to endure;
And all their reare, with speciall care,

That day was guarded sure.
The hounds ran swiftly through the woods,

The nimble deere to take,
That with their cryes the hills and dales

An eccho shrill did make.

Lord Percy to the quarry went,

To view the slaughter'd deere; Quoth he, "Erle Douglas promised

This day to meet me heere :
“But if I thought he would not come,

No longer wold I stay."
With that, a brave younge gentleman

Thus to the Erle did say:

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