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3 Direct, control, suggest, this day,
All I design, or do, or say;

That all my powers, with all their might,
In thy sole glory may unite.



1 GOD of the morning, at thy voice The cheerful sun makes haste to rise, And like a giant doth rejoice

To run his journey through the skies. 2 Oh! like the sun may I fulfil

Th' appointed duties of the day; With ready mind, and active will, March on, and keep my heavenly way. 3 Lord, thy commands are clean and pure, Enlightening our beclouded eyes; Thy threatenings just-thy promise sure; Thy gospel makes the simple wise. 4 Give me thy counsels for my guide, And then receive me to thy bliss; All my desires and hopes beside

Are faint and cold compared with this.



1 GOD of my life, my morning song To thee I cheerful raise:

Thy acts of love 'tis good to sing,
And pleasant 'tis to praise.

2 Preserv'd by thy almighty arm,
I pass'd the shades of night,
Serene, and safe from every harm,
To see the morning light.

3 While numbers spent the night in sighs,
And restless pains and woes,
In gentle sleep I closed my eyes,
And rose from sweet repose.

4 Oh let the same almighty care
Through all this day attend:
From every danger-every snare,
My heedless steps defend.

5 Smile on my minutes as they roll,
And guide my future days;
And let thy goodness fill my soul
With gratitude and praise.


HYMN. 7's.

1 THOU that dost my life prolong,
Kindly aid my morning song;
Thankful from my couch I rise,
To the God that rules the skies.
2 Thou didst hear my evening cry;
Thy preserving hand was nigh;
Peaceful slumbers thou hast shed,
Grateful to my weary head.

3 Thou hast kept me through the night; "Twas thy hand restor'd the light: Lord, thy mercies still are new, Plenteous as the morning dew.

4 Still my feet are prone to stray;
Oh! preserve me through the day:
Dangers every where abound;
Sins and snares beset me round.

5 Gently, with the dawning ray,

On my soul thy beams display;
Sweeter than the smiling morn,
Let thy cheering light return.

God our defence.


1 O LORD, how many are my foes,
In this weak state of flesh and blood;
My peace they daily discompose,

But my defence and hope is God. 2 Tired with the burdens of the day,

To thee I raised an evening cry; Thou heardst, when I began to pray,

And thine almighty help was nigh.

3 Supported by thine heavenly aid,

I laid me down and slept secure; Not death should inake my heart afraid, Though I should wake and rise no more.

4 But God sustained me all the night;
Salvation doth to God belong:
He raised my head to see the light,
And makes his praise my morning song.



1 THOU, gracious Lord, art my defence;
On thee my hopes rely;
Thou art my glory, and shalt yet
Lift up my head on high.

2 Guarded by him, I laid me down,
My sweet repose to take;
For I through him securely sleep,
Through him in safety wake.

3 Salvation to the Lord belongs;
He only can defend;
His blessing he extends to all,
That on his power depend.

Prayer for spiritual Light.

1 WE lift our hearts to Thee,

Thou Day-Star from on high;
The sun itself is but thy shade,

Yet cheers both earth and sky. 2 O, let thy rising beams

Dispel the shades of night;
And let the glories of thy love

Come like the morning light.
3 How beauteous nature now!
How dark and sad before!
With joy we view the pleasing change,
And nature's God adore.

4 May we this life improve

To mourn for errors past;
And live this short revolving day
As if it were our last.

[blocks in formation]

Awake, my active pow'rs, renew'd,
To run the heav'nly race.

2 See how the rising sun
Pursues his shining way;
And wide proclaims his Maker's praise,
With ev'ry bright'ning ray!

3 Thus would my rising soul Her heav'nly parent sing; And to her great original

Her humble tribute bring. 4 Serene, I laid me down

Beneath his guardian care;
I slept, and I awoke, and found
My kind preserver near.

5 Dear Saviour, to thy cross, I bring my sacrifice;

Ting'd with thy blood, it shall ascend
With fragrance to the skies.



God's Goodness renewed every Morning and Evening. 1 GREAT GOD! my early vows to thee With gratitude I'll bring;

And at the rosy dawn of day
Thy lofty praises sing.

2 Thou, round the heavenly arch dost draw
A dark and sable veil,

And all the beauties of the world,
From mortal eyes conceal.

3 Again the sky with golden beams Thy skilful hands adorn,

And paint, with cheerful splendour gay
The fair ascending morn.

4 And as the gloomy night returns,
Or smiling day renews,

Thy constant goodness still my soul
With benefits pursues.

5 For this will I my vows to thee
With ev'ning incense bring;
And at the rosy dawn of day
Thy lofty praises sing.


HYMN. 8. 8. 6.

1 ONCE more my eyes behold the day, And to my God, my soul would pay Its tributary lays:

O may the life preserv'd by thee,
With all its powers and blessings be
Devoted to thy praise.

2 Beneath the shadow of thy wings,
(Israel's great Keeper, King of kings)
My weary head found rest:
No dire alarms, or racking pains,
Devouring flames, or galling chains,
Disturb my peaceful breast.

3 How many, since I laid me down
Have launch'd into a world unknown,
To meet a dreadful doom;
While some on watery billows toss'd,
Or wand'ring on an unknown coast,
Have sigh'd in vain for home.

4 But, I am spared to see thy face, A monument of saving grace,

And live to praise thy name:
Still be thou near, my gracious Lord,
To keep and guide;-and by thy word
Peace to my soul proclaim.

5 Let me enjoy thy presence here,
In ev'ry storm my heart to cheer,
Till thou shalt bid me rise,
Where sin and sorrow never come,
Till at my blest eternal home,
I wake in sweet surprise.


The fear of God. Prov. xxiii. 17.


1 THRICE happy souls, who, born of heav'n, While yet they sojourn here, Humbly begin their days with God,

And spend them in his fear.

2 So may our eyes with holy zeal Prevent the dawning day;

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