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your children unclean ; but now 26 I suppose therefore that are they holy:

this is good for the present dis15 But if the unbelieving de-tress; I say, that it is good for a part, let him depart. A brother man so to be. or a sister is not under bondage 27 Art thou bound unto a in such cases; but God hath call- wife? seek not to be loosed. ed us to peace.

Art thou loosed from a wife? 16 For what knowest thou, seek not a wife. O wife, whether thou shalt save

28 But and if thou marry, thy husband? or how knowest thou hast not sinned : and if a thou, O man, whether thou shalt virgin marry she

marry she hath not save thy wife?

sinned. Nevertheless, such shall 17 But as God hath distribut- have trouble in the flesh; but I ed to every man, as the Lord spare you. hath called every one, so let him 29 But this I say, brethren, walk. And so ordain I in all The time is short. It remaineth, churches.

that both they that have wives, 18 Is any man called being be as though they had none; circumcised ? let him not be- 30 And they that weep, as come uncircumcised. Is any though they wept not; and they called in uncircumcision ? let that rejoice, as though they him not be circumcised. rejoiced not; and they that buy,

19 Circumcision is nothing, as though they possessed not; and uncircumcision is nothing, 31 And they that use this but the keeping of the command-world, as not abusing it. For the ments of God.

fashion of this world passeth 20 Let every man abide in away. the same calling wherein he was 32 But I would have you called.

without carefulness. He that is 21 Art thou called being a unmarried, careth for the things servant ? care not for it; but if that belong to the Lord, how he thou mayest be made free, use it may please the Lord : rather.

33 But he that is married. 22 For he that is called in careth for the things that are of the Lord, being a servant, is the the world, how he may please Lord's freeman; likewise also he his wife. that is called, being free, is 34 There is difference also Christ's servant.

between a wife and a virgin. The 23 Yeare bought with a price; unmarried woman careth for the be not ye the servants of men. things of the Lord, that she may

24 Brethren, let every man, be holy, both in body and in wherein he is called, therein spirit: but she that is married, abide with God.

careth for the things of the world, 25 Now concerning virgins, how she may please her husI have no commandment of the band. Lord: yet I give my judgment

35 And this I speak for your as one that hath obtained mercy own profit ; not that I may cast of the Lord to be faithful.

la snare upon you, but for that which is comely, and that ye we know that an idol is nothing may attend upon the Lord with in the world, and that there is out distraction.

none other God but one. 36 But if any man think that 5 For though there be that he behaveth himself uncomely are called gods, whether in toward his virgin, if she pass the heaven or in earth, (as there flower of her age, and need so be gods many, and lords require, let him do what he will, many ;) he sinneth not: let them mar- 6 But to us there is but one ry.

God, the Father, of whom are 37 Nevertheless, he that stan- all things, and we in him; and deth steadfast in his heart, hav- one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom ing no necessity, but hath power are all things, and we by over his own will, and hath so him. decreed in his heart that he will 7 Howbeit, there is not in evkeep his virgin, doeth well. ery man that knowledge; for

38 So then, he that giveth some with conscience of the idol her in marriage doeth well; but unto this hour eat it as a thing he that giveth her not in mar-offered unto an idol : and their riage doeth better.

conscience, being weak, is defil39 The wife is bound by the ed. law as long as her husband liv- 8 But meat commendeth us eth; but if her husband be not to God: for neither if we dead, she is at liberty to be eat are we the better ; neither if married to whom she will ; only we eat not, are we the worse. in the Lord.

9 But take heed lest by any 40 But she is happier if she means this liberty of yours beso abide, after my judgment: and come a stumbling-block to them I think also that I have the that are weak. spirit of God.

10 For if any man see thee, CHAP. VIII.

which hast knowledge, sit at 1 Charity preferable to knowledge...4 An meat in the idol's temple, shall idol is nothing to those who rightly know not the conscience of him which God.

is weak be emholdened to eat TOW, as touching things of those things which are offered to

fered unto idols, we know idols; that we all have knowledge. 11 And through thy knowlKnowledge puffeth up,but chari-edge shall the weak brother perty edifieth.

ish, for whom Christ died ? 2 And if any man think that 12 But when ye sin so against he knoweth any thing, he know-the brethren, and wound their eth nothing yet as he ought to weak conscience, ye sin against know.

Christ. 3 But if any man love God, 13 Wherefore, if meat make the same is known of him. iny brother to offend, I will eat

4 As concerning therefore no flesh while the world standthe eating of those things that eth, lest I make my brother to are offered in sacrifice unto idols, offend.


12 If others be partakers of I Paul asserteth his apostolical character, 3 this power over you, are not wo

and right to a maintenance : 24 he striv- rather? Nevertheless we have eth to obtain an incorruptible crown.

not used this power : but suffer AM M I not an apostle? am I all things, lest we should hinder

not free! have I not seen the gospel of Christ. Jesus Christ our Lord ! are not 13 Do ye not know that they ye my work in the Lord ? which minister about holy things

2 If I be not an apostle unto live of the things of the temple, others, yet doubtless I am to and they which wait at the alyou: for the seal of mine apostle-tar are partakers with the altar? ship are ye in the Lord.

14 Even so hath the Lord or3 Mine answer to them that dained, that they which preach do examine me is this;

the gospel should live of the 4 Have we not power to eat gospel. and to drink?

15 But I have used none of 5 Have we not power to lead these things: neither have I writabout a sister, a wife, as well as ten these things, that it should other apostles, and as the breth-be so done unto me: for it were ren of the Lord, and Cephas ? better for me to die than that

6 Or I only and Barnabas, any man shonld make my gloryhave not we power to forbearing void. working ?

16 For though I preach the 7 Who goeth a warfare at any gospel, I have nothing to glory time at his own charges? who of: for necessity is laid upon me; planteth a vineyard, and eateth yea, wo is unto me, if I preach not of the fruit thereof? or who not the gospel ! feedeth a flock, and eateth not 17 For if I do this thing of the milk of the flock? willingly, I have a reward: but

8 Say I these things as a man? if against my will, a dispensaor saith not the law the same tion of the gospel is committed also ?

unto me. 9 For it is written in the law 18 What is my reward then? of Moses, Thou shalt not muz- Verily that, when I preach the zle the mouth of the ox_that gospel, I may make the gospel of treadeth out the corn. Doth Christ without charge, that I God take care for oxen ! abuse not my power in the gos

10 Or saith he it altogether pel. for our sakes? For our sakes, 19 For though I be free from no doubt, this is written: that all men, yet have I made myself he that plougheth should plough servant unto all, that I might in hope; and that he that thresh- gain the more. eth in hope should be partaker 20 And unto the Jews I beof his hope.

came as a Jew, that I might 11 If we have sown unto gain the Jews; to them that are you spiritual things, is it a great under the law, as under the law, thing if we shall reap your car- that I might gain them that are nal things?

under the law;

21 To them that are without lowed them: and that Rock was law, as without law, ( being not Christ. without law to God, but under 5 But with many of them the law to Christ,) that I might God was not well pleased : for gain them that are without law. they were overthrown in the

22 To the weak became I as wilderness. weak, that I might gain the 6 Now these things were weak : I am made all things to our examples, to the intent we all men, that I might by all should not lust after evil things, means save some.

as they also lusted. 23 And this I do for the gos- 7 Neither be ye idolaters, as pel's sake, that I may be parta- were some of them: asit is writker thereof with you.

ten, The people sat down to eat, 24 Know ye not, that they and drink, and rose up to play. which run in a race, run all, but

8 Neither let us commit forone receiveth the prize! So run, nication, as some of them comthat ye may obtain.

mitted, and fell in one day three 25 And every man that stri- and twenty thousand. veth for the mastery is temperate

9 Neither let us tempt Christ, in all things. Now they do it to as some of them also tempted, obtain a corruptible crown; but and were destroyed of serwe an incorruptible.

pents. 26 I therefore so run, not as 10 Neither murmur ye, as uncertainly; so fight I, not as some of them also murmured, one that beateth the air : and were destroyed of the de

27 But I keep under my stroyer. body, and bring it into subjec- 11 Now all these things haption : lest that by any means pened unto them for ensamples : when I have preached to others, and they are written for our adI myself should be a cast-away. monition, upon whom the ends CHAP. X.

of the world are come. 1 The Jews had sacraments typical of ours.

12 Wherefore let him that ...6 Christians must not lust after evil thinketh he standeth, take heed things : 7. they must avoid idolatry; 13 lest he fall. God will in affliction make a way for them to escape, &c.

13 There hath no temptation MO

OREOVER, brethren, I taken you but such as is common

would not that ye should to man: but God is faithful, who be ignorant how that all our will not suffer you to be temptfathers were under the cloud, ed above that ye are able ; but and all passed through the sea ; will with the temptation also

2 And were all baptized unto make a way to escape, that ye Moses in the cloud and in the may be able to bear it. sea ;

14 Wherefore, my dearly be3 And did all eat the same loved, flee from idolatry. spiritual meat ;

15 I speak as to wise men; 4 And did all drink the same judge ye what I say. spiritual drink: for they drank 16 The cup of blessing which of that spiritual Rock that fol-we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ ? the you, This is offered in sacrifice bread which we break, is it not unto idols, eat not for his sake the communion of the body of that shewed it, and for conChrist?

science' sake: for the earth is 17 For we being many are the Lord's, and the fulness thereone bread, and one body : for of: we are all partakers of that one 29 Conscience, I say, not bread.

thine own, but of the other : for 18 Behold Israel after the why is my liberty judged of anflesh : are not they which eat of other man's conscience? the sacrifices, partakers of the 30 For if I by grace be a altar?

partaker, why am I evil spoken 19 What say I then that the of for that for which I give islol is any thing? or that which thanks ? is offered in sacrifice to idols is 31 Whether therefore ye eat any thing?

or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do 20 But I say, that the things all to the glory of God : which the Gentiles sacrifice,they 32 Give none offence, neithsacrifice to devils, and not to er to the Jews, nor to the GenGod: and I would not that ye tiles, nor to the church of God: should have fellowship with dev- 33 Even as I please all men in ils.

all things, not seeking mine own 21 Ye cannot drink the cup profit, but the profit of many, of the Lord, and the cup of dev- that they may be saved. ils: ye cannot be partakers of

CHAP. XI. the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.

1 He exhorteth them, 3 and forbiddeth men

to pray or prophesy with their heads cover22 Do we provoke the Lord ed, and women with their heads uncov. to jealousy? " are we stronger ered....23 of the Lord's supper. than he ?

BEye followers of me, even 23 All things are lawful for

. me, but all things are not expe- 2 Now I praise you, brethdient: all things are lawful for ren, that ye remember me in all me, but all things edify not. things, and keep the ordinan

24 Let no man seek his own, ces, as I delivered them to you. but every man another's wealth. 3 But I would have you

25 Whatsoever is sold in the know, that the head of every shambles, that eat, asking no man is Christ; and the head of question for conscience' sake: the woman is the man; and the

26 For the earth is the Lord's, head of Christ is God. and the fulness thereof.

4 Every man praying or pro27 If any of them that be- phesying, having his head covlieve not bid you to a feast, and ered, dishonoureth his head. ye be disposed to go; whątso- 5 But every ever is set before you, eat, ask-prayeth or prophesieth with ing no question for conscience her head uncovered, dishonoursake.

eth her head: for that is even 28 But if any man say unto all one as if she were shaven,

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