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[March, B I R T H S. Jan. 15. At Bishop's Penn, Jamaica, At Calverton, near Stoney Stratford, the the wife of the Bishop of Jamaica, a son. Hon. Mrs. Chas. Perceval, a dau. - 5.

Feb. 8. At his Prebendal House, Can At Serlby Hall, Notts. the Viscountess Galterbury, the wife of the Rev. J. Peel, a sou.

-6. At Bushmead Priory, -19. At Mersham-hatch, the lady of Bedford, the wife of Hugh Wade Gery, esq. Sir Edw. Knatchbull, a son.-21. The a son and heir. -7. The wife of G. Henewife of J. Cleveland Green, esq. of Hoopern age, esq. of Compton Bassett House, Devon, Villa, Exeter, a dau. 22. At Waterford,

a son and heir

-At the Ray, near Maidenthe lady of Leut.-Col. W. Vincent, E.1. C., head, Lady Phillimore, a son -In Whitea son. - 24. In Harley-street, the wife of hall-place, Lady Henley, a son. The lady Capt. Berkeley Maxwell, R. N., a son. of Lieut.-Col. Alex.Stewart, E.I.C. a son.25. The lady of Capt. Sir J. Gordon Sinclair, At Sir Wm. Ouseley's, Foley-place, the wife Bart., R. N., of Stevenson, near Haddington, of W.G. Ouseley, esq. of His Majesty's Le4 dau..

-26. At Badminton, the Right gation in the United States, a son.Hon. Lady Isabella Kingscote, a dau. Worthing, the wife of the Hon. Capt. A. R.

Mar. 1. At Dunstable-house, Rich- Turnour, R.N., a son.-12. Ac Clifton, mond, the lady of Sir H. Loraine Baker, the lady of Sir S. Stuart, Bart. a dau.Bart., 8 dau -At Brighton, the lady of At Oakingham, the wife of Capt. Lieut.-Col. Baillie, a dau. -At Brighton, Mayne, a son.-18. At Paris, Mrs, W. Mrs. Jas. Hunter Hulme, a dau. S. Browning, a dan.

-9. At


MARRIAGES. Aug. 26, 1830. At Madras, T. Sharp, esq. solicitor of the General Post-office. esq. 43d N. I., eldest son of Mr. Sharp of -At Goudhurst, co. Kent, Rev. W. Coventry, to Isabella-Jane, 2d dau. of Arthur Har ison, A. M. rector of Warmington, co. Brooke, esq. of the Civil Service.

Warw. to Mary Anne, third surviving dau. Jan. 19.

At Ashbourn, co. Derb. the of Rev. W. B. Harrison. -At Trinity Rev. John T. Flesher, of Great Easton, co, Church, St. Mary-le-bone, the Rev. S. Leic. to Miss Eliza Spencer. - Feb. 3. At Douglas, only son of the late Rear Adm. Uppingham, co. Rutland, E.W.Wilmot, esq. Stair Douglas, to Maria Edith, youngest fourth son of Sir Rob. W. Bart, to Augusta dau. of Woodbine Parish, esq. of Upper Matilda, only dau. of Cha Champion, esq. Harley-street. In Dublin, W.H. Wilson, of Beaumont Chase -At Aspley, co. esq.3d Dragoon Guards, to Louisa, youngest Beds., John Marshall, esq. eldest son of dau, of the late Rich. Lee Hunt, esq. of Joseph M. esq. of Waldersea House, co. Artramon, co. Wexford. Camb., to Anne Penelope, youngest dau. of Mar. 1. At St. Mary's, Bedford, W.R. late Rev. Edw. Orlebar Smith, of Aspley Mesham, M.D., of Woburn, to Anne, seHouse. - 17. In Devonshire, Alfred Lord cond dau. of Chas. Bailey, esq. of Bedford. Harley, heir apparent to the Earl of Oxford, -The Rev. R. Antram, of Pentridge, to Eliza, dau. of the Marq. of Westmeath, Dorset, to Hanrah-Burnaby, youngest dau. and grand-dau. of the Hon. Mrs. Cavendish of T. B. Galloway, esq.

of Corfe Castle.Bradshaw. -At Fareham, Hants, the Rev. At Bath, the Rev. F. Duncan Gilby, Vicar T. Wentworth Gage, to Lady Mary Dou of Eckington, Worcestershire, to Louisa, glas, 2d dau. of t!he Marq. of Queensbury. youngest dau. of W. Capper, esq. of Green -22. The Rev. H. Speyd, of Stone, to

Park Buildings.

-2. Mr. Wood, the voMary Ann, second dau. of Tho. Sneyd Kyn- calist, to Miss Paton, the divorced lady of nersley, esq., of Loxley Park, co. Staff. Lord William Lennox.5. J. M. Bos

At Betley, G. A. M•Dermott, esq. ville Durrant, of the Priory, Southover, H. P. Rifle Brigade, second son of Col. Sussex, esq. to Fanny, second dau. of J. M Dermott, to Eliz.-Burrowes, second dau. Hubbard, of Stratford, Essex, esq.of Chas. Short, esq.-24. At Kilmaine, At St. George's, Hanover-sq., the Hon. W. Capt. Portlock, Royal Engineers, to Julia, Ashley Cooper, son of the Earl of Shaftessecond dau. of Arthur Browne, esq. of bury, to Maria Ande, eldest dau. of Col. Glencorrib, co. Mayo: -Ac Ealing, Alex. Hugh Bailey, of Mortimer-street, CavenCobham Cobham, esq. of Shinfield House, dish-square. -At Brighton, Henry SandBerks, to Jane-Halse, second dau. of Rich. ham, esq. Royal Engineers, to Augusta Chambers, esq. of Cradley Hall, co. Here Cath. Adne, youngest dau. of John White, ford. -26. At West Teignmouth, the esq. M.D. F.L.S. R.N. -9. The Rev. H. Rev. H. Woollcombe, Rector of Pillaton, Demain, M.A. of Ashford, Kent, to Sarah Cornwall, to Sarah Baker, youngest dau. of Ann, only dau. of Mr. T. Alehorne, of West the late Rev. Geo. Rhodes, Vicar of Coly- Brixton. At East Down, the Rev. O.H. ton.-26. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Williams, youngest son of the late Sir J.H. J.R.Yglesias, esq. of San Sebastian, in Spain, Williams, to Mary Anne Eliz., eldest dau. to Louisa, dau, of the late Anthony Parking of the Rev. Chas. Pyoe Coffio.



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LADY de Roos.

Jan. 9. Iu Stratford Place, aged 60, Jan. 20. At bis seat, Frognal, Kent, the Right Hon. Charlotte Fitzgerald de aged 66, the Right Hon. Jobn-Thomas Roos, Baroness de Roos. Townshend, second Viscount Sydney of Her Ladyship was the only surviving St. Leonard's in Gloucestershire (1789), child and heiress of Capt. the Hun. Roand Baron Sydney of Chislehurst in Kent bert Boyle Walsingham (fifth and young. (1783); Ranger of St. James's and Hyde est son of Henry Ist Earl of Shannon), Parks, High Steward of Yarmouth, M.A. by Charlotte, daughrer of Sir Charles and F.S.A. ; brother-in-law to the Earl Hanbury Williams, K.B. She was marof Chatham, K.G., the Earl of Leitrim, ried Aug. 4, 1791, to Lord Henry FitzLord de Clifford, and Lord Dynevor; gerald, uncle to the present Duke of and uncle to the Duke of Buccleugh Leinster. and Queensberry, K.G. and Viscountess The ancient Barony of de Roos bad Stopford.

been in abeyance for 119 years, when it His Lordship was born Feb. 21, 1764, was allowed to ibis lady in 1806. Havthe eldest sun of Thomas first Viscount ing petitioned the King to terminate the Sydney, Secretary of State, by Elizabeth, abeyance in her favour, the petition was eldest daughter and coheiress of Ricbard on the report of the Attorney-general Powys of Hintlesbam in Suffolk, esq. (by referred to the House of Lords; who, Lady Mary Brudenell, aunt to the pre on the 7th of May, 1806, reported tbat sent Earl of Cardigan). He was of Clare the Barony was then in abeyance be. Hall, Cambridge, where the degree of tween 1. Sir Henry Hunluke, Bart. (heir M. A. was conferred on him in 1784. In general of Bridget Manners, eldest 1789 be was appointed one of the Lords daughter and coheir of George 7th Earl Commissioners of the Admiralty ; and of Rutland); 2. George Earl of Essex (as at the general elections in 1790 and son and heir of Frances, elder daughter 1796, he was returned to Parliament for and cobeir of Sir C. H. Williams); and Wbitchurch. In June 1793 he was 3. the petitioner. Two days after the transferred from the Admiralty Board date of this report, the King was pleased to that of the Treasury, where he sat to terminate the abeyance in her Ladyuntil, having succeeded his father in the sbip's favour. The descent of her moPeerage, June 13, 1800, he was in July ther, through whom her title was detbat year appointed a Lord of the Bed- rived, was as follows. She was the cbamber. He resigued that post, we younger daughter of Sir Charles Hanbelieve, in 1812.

bury Williams, K. B. by Lady Frances His Lordship was twice married; Coningsby, daughter and at length only firstly, April 12, 1790, to the Hon. So- surviving child of Thomas Earl of Copbia Southwell, third daughter of Ed- ningsby; by his second wife Lady Franward Lord de Clifford, and by that lady ces Jones, daugbrer and eventually sole had two daughters; the Hon. Sophia- heir of Richard Earl of Ranelagh; by Mary Townshend, and the Hon. Mary. Elizabeth, daughter and ultimately sole Elizabeth, married in 1825 to George. beir of Francis 4th Baron Willougbby of James Cholmondeley, of Boxley House Parham ; who was son and heir of Wil. in Kent, esq. (who died on the 5th of liam ibe 3d Lord Willoughby of Parbam, November last, and of whom a memoir by Frances Manners bis wise, younger was given in our December number, sister and coheir of George 7th Earl of p. 567): these ladies are presumptive Rutland, which George was brother and coheiresses to the barony of de Clifford. beir male of Francis 6th Earl, and 1816 Having lost bis first lady Nov. 9, 1795, Baron de Roos, whose heirs-general failed Lord Sydney married secondly, May 27, on the death of George Duke of Buck. 1802, Lady Caroline Clements, third ingham and 19th Baron de Roos, in daughter of Robert first Earl of Leitrim, 1687. Mr. Nicolas, in bis Synopsis of the wbo died Aug. 9, 1805, in giving birth Peerage, has considered it “worthy of to her first cbild, the Right Hon. John remark that her Ladyship was only Robert now third Viscount Sydney. His younger coheir of one moiety of the Lordship has sat in Parliament for Whit Barony of Roos; the entire representachurch since the last general election; tion of the elder cobeir being vested in be is at present unmarried.

Sir Henry Hunloke, Bart.; and the

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268 OBITUARY.Lady de Roos. Lord Rivers [March, editor is not aware of any similar in- Ambrose, esy. his Lordship’s steward at stance (excepting in the case of the Mistley in Essex, deposed that he Barony of Zouche of Haryngworth, * thought it extremely probable that his but which is not precisely in point, be Lurdsbip had fallen off the footpath into cause, though Sir Cecil Bissbopp was only the river by accident, being very nearthe eldest cuheir of one moiety of that sighted; and a more unlikely person to Barony, no descendants could be traced commit self-destruction the witness had of the coheir of the other moiety after never seen than bis Lordship, he seemthe time of the Commonwealth,) of the ed so remarkably happy and contented. grace of the Crown baving been exer It appearing also, from the testimony of cised in favour of a cubeir who did not the superintendant of the Humane Sos wholly represent one moiety of the dig- ciety's Receiving house, that the pach nity."

at that part of the river was so exLady de Roos was left a widow on the tremely dangerous, that no less than 8th of July, 1829; and as on that occa ten persons fell in one foggy night, a sion we enumerated ber numerous fa short time ago, and were with difficulty m ly, in our memoir of Lord Henry saved, the jury returned this verdict: Fitzgerald, vol. xcvm. ii. 174, we shall “ Found drowned near the public path not now repeat them.

Her eldest son, at the head of the Serpentine River, conthe Right Hon. Henry-William, now sidered very dangerous for want of a rail Lord de Roos, was born in 1792, and is or fence, where many persons bave lately at present unmarried.

fallen in." -The rail has been since

erected by direction of the Duke of LORD RIVERS.

Sussex, the new Ranger of Hyde Park. Jan. 23 Drowned in the Serpentine Subsequently to the inquest, there river, aged 53, the Right Hon. Horace has been considerable discussion in the William Pitt, ibird Baron Rivers, of newspapers regarding the cause of the Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire (1802). occurrence ; and it has been stated,

In our memoir of bis predecessor in with what truth we cannot say, that when that title, in our volume for 1828, part the body was taken out of the water, his ii. p. 463, we took a brief review of the Lordshp's bat was secured with a bandfamily of Pitt, one branch of which (in kerchief under his chin, and tbat bis the male line) then became extinct. umbrella was found on the bank, both The Peer now deceased was the only which circumstances are considered inson of Peter Bec ord, of Stapleton in

dicative that his immersion was intenDorsetshire, esq. by the Hon. Louisa tional; and it is added that on the SaPitt, second daughier of the first Lord turday night he had lost considerable Rivers. As Mr. Horace Beckford he sums at a gaming-house; and that this was for many years a distinguished passion for play had for some years so member of the haut ton; and it was far possessed him, that his uncle beonly after bis succeeding to the title on queathed to him only 4000l. a year, the death of his maternal uncle, July 20, leaving the bulk of his property, a1828, that he took the name of Pitt. mounting to 40,0001, a year, to trusThe manors of Sudley and Wincombe, tees for the benefit of his son, the prein Gloucestershire, were sold by auction sent Pter. in March 1829, for the sum of 74,8001.

Horace Lord Rivers married, Feb. 9, It will be remembered that Strathfield 1808, Frances only daughter and heiress Say in Hampshire, from which the first of Lieut.-Col. Rigby, of Mistley Hall in Lord took the designation of his first Essex; and by that lady, wbo survives Barony of Rivers (1776), was purchased bim, bad issue two sons and two daughby the nation some years ago for the ters: 1. the Hon. Fanny Pitt; 2. the Duke of Wellington.

Right Hon. George now Lord Rivers, Lord Rivers was first missed on the born in 1810; 3. the Hon. Horace Pitt, evening of Sunday Jan. 23. At the in- lately appointed a Cornet in the Blues ; quest beld on his body, his footman de and 4. the Hon. Harriet-Elizabeth, born posed that bis Lurdship had on that in 1816. day dined with his family, when be ap

There is a youthful portrait of Mr. peared much as usual, nothing being Horace Beckford, at full length in a observed about him indicative of aberra- . Vandyke costume, painted by R. Costion of mind, Ou Tuesday the Serpen way, R.A. and engraved in stipple by tine river was dragged, and in the after

Jubn Condé, 1792. noon bis Lordship's body was found at

It is stated that the present Lord Rithe east end, near tbe waterfall. John vers, when be becomes of age, which will

be shortly, comes into the Pitt property, * See our memoir of the late Lord de upwards of 40,0001. a year, and the la Zouche, in vol. xcix. i. 86.

Beckford property (in the West Indies),

1831.] OBITUARY.-Bishop of Cork, Bishop Hobart, &c. 269 a very considerable one; the Rigby es He was born in September 1750, the tates, coming through bis Lordship's eldest surviving son of Admiral Sir Thomother, he does not yet touch.

mas Frankland, the fifth Baronet, by

Sarah Rhett, granddaughter of a Cbief The BISHOP OF CORK.

Justice of South Carolina. He was edu. Jan. 10. At the Palace, Cork, aged cated at Merton College, Oxford, where 55, the Hon. and Rt. Rev. Thomas St. he was created M.A. July 4, 1771. He Lawrence, D. D. Lord Bishop of Cork was one of the representatives of Thirsk and Ross; uncle to the Earl of Howth in the Parliament which sat from 1774 and the Viscountess Dungarvon, and to 1780, and again in that wbich met faiber-in-law to the Bishop of Elphin. in 1796 ; but before the close of that

His Lordship was born in 1755, the Parliament, he resigned the representasecond son of Thomas first Earl of tion of the family interest in tbat BoHouth, by Isabella third daughter of rough to his younger brother Colonel Sir Henry King, Bart. and sister to Ed. Wm. Frankland, who died in 1816. ward first Earl of Kingston. He was Sir Thomas succeeded to the Baropreferred to the Deanery of Cork in netcy on the death of his father, Nov. 1797, and promoted to the Bishopric in 20, 1784. 1807.

He married in March 1775, Dorothy, His Lordship married Frances, eldest daughter of William Smelt, esq. and daughter and coheiress of the Rev. niece to Leonard Smelt, esq. Sub-GoHen. Coglan, D.D. by whom he had three vernor to the Prince of Wales ; and by sons and five daughters: 1. the Rev. that lady, who died May 19, 1820, had Thomas St. Lawrence, a Prebendary uf two sons and three daughters, who all Ross, who married in 1916 Harriet, only died young, excepting his successor Sir daughter of Lt.-Gen, John Grey; 2. the Robert Frankland, now M P. for Thirsk; Rev. Edward St. Lawrence, Archdeacon he was born in 1784, and married in of Ross, and Prebendary of Cork ; 3. 1815 Louisa-Anne, daughter of the late Robert ; 4. Emma, married in 1805 by Lord George Murray, Bishop of St. Dathe Rev. Wm. Lewis Beaufort, a Pre vid's, and sister to the present Bishop bendary of Cork ; 5. Isabella, married of Rochester, and the late Countess of in 1808 to the Rt. Rev. John Leslie, D.D. Ilchester; by whom he has several now Bishop of Elphin ; 6. Lætitia ; 7. children. Caroline, who died in 1812; and 8. Frances,


Dec. I. At Nice, aged 65, Sir Robert BISHOP Hobart.

Williams, ninth Baronet of Penrhyn, co. Sept. 12. At Auburn, in New York, Carnarvon, for forty years Knight in which place be was visiting in the tour Parliament for that county; balf-broof bis diocese, aged 54, the Right Rev. ther to the late Lord Viscount Bulkeley. John Henry Hobart, for more than Sir Robert was born July 20, 1764, eighteen years Bishop of the Protestant the elder son of Sir Hugh the eighth Episcopal Church in that State.

Baronet, by the Right Hon. Emma In 1825 he visited Europe, for the re dowager Viscountess Bulkeley (widow storation of his sbattered health, and of James the 6th Viscount), daughter was received in this country with great and heiress of Thomas Rowlands, of attention. The following eulogy is pass Nant, co. Caernarvon, and Caeren in ed upon him in New York paper :

Anglesey, esq. He was educated at a “ With bim the dignity of his situa school at Blackbeath; and then entered tion was no sinecure. Unwearied in his into the Guards, in which he was a Capactivity, and unwavering in bis princi tain when first elected to Parliament ples, he gave his life and soul to the for Carnarvonshire at tbe general elecpromotion of the interests of the Church tion in 1790, over' which be presided. To ber he de He succeeded his fat ber in the Barodicated the native strength of bis mind, netcy Aug. 19, 1794; and married in the treasures of his learning, and the June 1799, Anne, second daugbter of power of his eloquence. She has lost the Rev. Edward Hughes of Kinmel, a persevering friend and advocate, as Carmarthenshire, one of the proprietors well as an honoured Prelate."

of the Paris mine ; with whom he ac,

quired a considerable addition to his SIR Thos. FRANKLAND, BART. fortune. He had issue by that lady; Jan. 4. At Thirkelby, near Thirsk, who survives him, threr sons and seven aged 80, Sir Thomas Frankland, the daugbters : 1. Harriet-Georgiana, marsixth Baronet of that place, M.A. F.R.S. ried in 1826 to Brice Pearce, esq. of F.L.S. and F.H.S.

Barkham in Essex; 2. Sir Richard

270 Sir C. J. Smith, Bart.-Rear-Adm. Sir E. Berry. [March, Bulkeley Williams Bulkrley, who bas euc Horatio Nelson recommended bim for ceeded to the title; be was born in 1801; promotion for “ the masterly style in took the name of Bulkeley in addition to which he brought that ship to bear on that of Williams, by royal sign manual, the batteries." in 1826; married in 1828, Charlotte Next, he particularly distinguished Mary, eldest daughter of William Lewis himself in the same ship in the battle off Hughes, of Llewenny Hall in Kent, and Cape St. Vincent, 14th February, 1797, Kinmel Park, co. Denbigb, esq. M. P. for with Sir Huratio Nelson, and was the Wallingford, and has since bis father's first man wbo boarded tbe San Nicholas, death been elected in bis place as knight 80 guns, and the San Josef, 112 guus. in Parliament for Carmarthenshire ; 3. For tbis heroic conduct be was made a Emma ; 4. Robert; 5. Artbur-Welles. Post Captain, Marcb 16, 1797. ley; 6. Anne-Susanna; 7. Charlotte He next commanded His Majesty's Jemima ; 8. Eliza-Martha; 9. Selina- ship Vanguard, at the battle of the Nile, Mary; and 10. Amelia-Jane.

under Lord Nelson, whose estimate of

bis valuable services was thus expressed SIR C. J. SMITH, BART.

in bis dispatches to the Admiralty :

“ The support and assistance I have reJan. 14. In Portland-place, aged 30, ceived from Captain Berry cannot be Sir Charles Joshua Smith, the second

sufficiently expressed; I was wounded Baronet, of Suttons in Essex.

in the head, and obliged to be carried He was born May 31, 1800, the eldest

off the deck; but the service suffered son of Charles Smith, of Suttons, Esq. by no loss by that event; Captain Berry was Augusta, 3d daughter of Joshua Smith, fully equal to the important service then of Stoke Park, in Wiltshire, Esq. and going on." sister to the dowager Marchiovess of

Being cbarged with dispatches to the Northampton and the late Lady Dun

Admiralty on this occasion, he was resany. He succeeded to bis Baronetcy turning home as

a passenger in the Jan. 22, 1816, on the death of his mo

Leander, 50 guns, commanded by the ther's uncle Sir Drummond Smith, of late Sir T. B. Thompson, when that Tring Park, in Hertfordshire, on whom

sbip, after a desperate resistance, was the title bad been conferred in 1804, captured by the Genereux, a French 74, with remainder to the issue male of Captain Thompson particularly menCharles Smith, of Suttons, Esq.

tioned the great assistance be received Sir C. J. Smith was twice married; from Captain Berry on this occasion, 1st. Oct. 28, 1823, to Belinda, daughter and the Court Martial Captain of George Colebrooke, Esq. and grand- Thompson expressed their approbation son of Sir George Colebrouke, Bart. who

to Captain Berry “ for the gallant and died in childbed, Jan. 22, 1825, having active zeal be manifested by giving his given birth to a daughter, who also did

assistance in the combat.” not survive; 2dly, July 20, 1826, to He received the bonour of knightMary, second daughter of William Gos hood, December 12, 1798, and was preling, of Portland-place and Roehampton, sented with the freedom of the City of Esq. by whom he has left a son and suc London in a gold box, value 100 guineas. cessor, Sir Charles Cunliffe Smith, burn

Sir Edward afterwards commanded the Sept. 13, 1827.

Foudroyant, 80 guns, at the capture of

the said Genereux, and of the Guilliaume REAR-ADM. SIR E. BERRY, Bart. K.C.B.

Tell, 84 guns. In this conflict, tbe FouFeb. 13. At bis residence in Bath, droyant expended 162 barrels of gunaged 62, Rear-Admiral Sir Edward Berry, powder, and 2,749 cannon shot of various Bart., K.C.B.

sizes; the loss of the Guilliaume Tell This distinguished officer had been was upwards of 400 men killed and several years suffering under severe ill wounded. ness and extreme debility, the effect of In 1798, Sir Edward Berry conveyed paralysis, which rendered him totally the Royal Family of Naples from Palermo incapable of taking upon himself the to Leghorn, for which he had the honour active duties for which bis distinguished of receiving a gold box set with briltalents in his profession, and his bigh liants, inclosing a diamond ring with a cbaracter, so eminently qualified him. letter of thanks (in her own hand-writ

Sir Edward Berry was the only officer ing) from the Queen of Naples, sister in His Majesty's Navy who bad the bo of the unfortunate Maria Antoinette, nour of three medals, having commanded Queen of France. a line-of-battle ship in the battles of the In 1805, Sir Edward Berry commanded Nile, Trafalgar, and St. Domingo. tbe old Agamemnon, 64 guns, appointed

Being First Lieutenant of His Majes to join Lord Nelson's feet, and on his ty's ship Captain, at Porto Feraijo, Sir passage out, most conspicuously evinced


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