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pieces being the softest possible cast iron. The magnets and the pole-pieces form a solid frame, being held together by nuts on the tapped ends of the magnets. The armature, which is of the Gramme type, is supported by brackets of brass bolted to the polepieces, and the shaft runs in phosphor-bronze bearings fitted to the brackets. The armature is made of annealed wrought-iron wire supported by a three-armed spider of brass.

The brush arrangement is of improved construction, original with the designer, and enables the tension of the brushes to be ad justed without disturbing the setting of the same, and without exposing the attendant to shocks from the machine. This is effected by an insulated thumb-screw, – aside from the thumb-screw that holds the brushes, — which clamps the brush-holders to the brushpin. The rocker-arm is also movable. The cables from the brushes are carried to a board on top of the machine, on which are

two horse-power, and, being very compact, occupies a floor-space of only ten by nineteen inches, with a height of twelve inches.

The armature is of the Gramme ring type, and the pulley end of the shaft has its bearing in the neutral part of the field-magnet. The shaft is of English tool steel of the best quality, the bearings are ground true on dead centres, and the armature is so attached as to practically constitute a portion of it, avoiding all danger of loosening, — a point of importance in this class of machinery. Ball bearings are used, adınitting of self-alignment. They are made of phosphor-bronze, hand-reamed, and of considerable length, to give an even bearing surface and prevent all tendency to heat. The commutator sections are of drop-forged copper, hard, and of almost pure metal. The commutator is attached to the armature in a novel manner, and can be renewed without disturbing the armature wires.

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placed the terminals; also a switch for short-circuiting the field. coils, in case it is desired to “paralyze" the machine while running. Thus the switch and terminals are always in sight, and can be attended to at once, if necessary.

A remarkable feature of this dynamo is that it requires exceed. ingly small floor-space for its capacity, — a feature of great value when the space is limited, as on board of ships, etc. The floorspace required for a twelve-light dynamo is only twenty-four by twenty-four inches.

A New Constant-Current Electric Motor. The electric motor shown in the accompanying illustration is one of a series manufactured and placed on the market by the Electric Engine Company of Cincinnati. It is intended to run on a constant-current or arc-light circuit, has a maximum capacity of

The armature is accurately adjusted to a running balance, and provided with means for forced ventilation. The ordinary rockerarm supporting the brush-holder has been dispensed with, thus rendering the important parts more readily accessible.

The governor, the construction of which is shown in the figure, maintains the speed constant under all variations of load from zero to the full designed load of the machine, and is remarkably simple, having but one wearing point. It regulates solely by variation of pressure, practically eliminating motion and wear: hence it has great durability and sensitiveness.

For constant potential circuits, this company manufactures motors of similar design, but differing in detail. As they regulate automatically, they do not require governors. These are made for standard potentials of 110, 220, and 550 volts, though they may be made for any specified voltage.

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A Day.

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Publications received at Editor's Office, | REDWAY, J. W. The Teacher's Manual of Geography.

Boston, Heath.
Sept, 23-Oct. 12.

174 p. [Free of charge to all, if of satisfactory character.

12o. 55 cents.

SARGENT, C. S. Scientific papers of Asa Gray. Vol I. Address N. D. C. Hodges, 47 Lafayette Place, New

Reviews of Works on Botany and Related Subjects, York.) Allsop, F. C. Practical Electric Be!l Fitting. London

1834–87. Vol. II. Essays ; Biographical Sketches, and New York, E. & F. N. Spon. 142 p. 12o. $1.25 Will exchange “Princeton Review" for 1883, Hugh

1841-86. Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin, BALLOU, M. M. The New Eldorado : A Summer JourMiller's works on geology and other scientific works, for

& Co. 900 p. 8 . $6.

ney to Alaska. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin, & Co. | STEPHENS, Č. Ar Living Matter : Its Cycle of Growth back numbers of “The Auk," "American Naturalist,"

352 p. 12o. $1.50. or other scientific periodicals or books. Write. – J. M. Be

and Decline in Animal Organisms. Norway Lake, BERNTHSEN, A. A Text-Book of Organic Chemistry. Keck, Chardon, Ohio.

Me., The Laboratory Co. 107 p. 12o.

Tr. by George M'Gowan, Ph.D. New York, Van Tilden, w. s. Common School Song-Reader. Boston, A collection of fifty unclassified shells for the best offer Nostrand. 544 p. 12o.

Ginn. 176 p. 12o. 45 cents. in bird skins; also skins of California birds for those of BLAVATSKY, H. P.' The Key to Theosophy. London,

Theosoph. Publ. Co.; New York, W. Q. Judge. 307

Woman's Cycle, The. Vol. I. No. 1. New York, Mrs. bırds of other localities. Address Th. E. Slevin, 2413 |

C. J. Háley. 20 p. 4°$2.50 per year. Sacramento St., San Francisco; Cal.

p. 12° I have forty varieties of birds' eggs, side blown, first Burt. Mary E. Literary Landmarks. Boston and New class, in sets, with full data, which I will exchange for

York, Houghton, Mifflin, & Co. 152 p. 16o, 75 books, scientific journals, shells, and curios. Write me,

cents. stating what you have to offer. - Dr. W. S. STRODE,

CHAMBERS, G. F. A Handbook of Descriptive and

Practical Astronomy. I. The Sun, Planets, and Bernadotte, Fulton County, Ill.

Comets. 4th ed. Oxford, Clarendon Pr. 676 p. "I wish to exchange Lepidoptera with parties in the

8o. (New York, Macmillan, $5.25.) eastern and southern states. I will send western species

Cook Book, Presbyterian Compiled by the ladies of the mar8-112 for those found in other localities." - P. C. Truman,

First Presbyterian Church, Dayton, 0. Dayton,
Volga, Brookings Co., Dakota,
Historical Publ. Co. 1886. 178 p. 12o.

Shells and curiosities for marine shells, curiosities or Darwin, C. The Structure and Distribution of Coral
minerals address W. F. Lerch, No. 308 East Fourth St., Reefs. 3d ed. New York, Appleton. 344 p. 12o.
Davenport, Iowa.

$2. I want to correspond and exchange with a collector of ENSEÑANZA Primaria, Boletin de. Vol. I. No. 1. Monbeetles in Texas or Florida. - Wm. D. Richardson,

tevideo, Dornaleche y Reyes. 80 p. 8o. P.O. Box 223, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Ferrel, W. A Popular Treatise on the Winds. New
York, Wiley. 505 p. 8o. $4.

CASE OF A MAN WHO HAS BECOME ALL 100 botanical specimens and analyses for exchange. HOUSTON, E. J. A Dictionary of Electrical Words, RUN DOWN,” AND HAS BEGUN TO TAKE Send list of those desired and those which can be fur

Terms and Phrases. New York, W. J. Johnston Co. nished, and receive a similar list in return, Also cabinet

THAT REMARKABLE FLESH PRODUCER, 640 p. 16o. $2.50. specimens and curiosities for the same. Scientific corre- | Kapp, G. Alternate-Current Machinery. (Van Nostrand svoudence solicited. - Ę. E. Bogue, Orwell, Ashta. Science Series, No. 96.) New York, Van Nostrand. County, O.

199 p. 249. 50 cents. to chanters or individual members of the KLEMM. L. R. European Schools: or. What I saw in Agassiz Association, 25 fine specimens of fossil plants the Schools of Germany, France, Austria, and Switfrom the Dakota group (cretaceous), correctly named, for zerland New York, Appleton. 419 p. 12o. $2. $2.50. Send post office order to Charles H. Sternberg LANCASTER, A. Notes Biographiques sur J. (author "Young Fossil-Hunters "), 1033 Kentucky Street, Lawrence, Kan.

LESLEY, J. P. A Dictionary of the Fossils of Pennsyl

vania and Neighboring States named in the Reports One mounted single achromatic photographic lens for

and Catalogues of the (Pennsylvania Geological] Surmaking 4 X 5 pictures, in excellent condition: also one "new model ✔ double dry-plate holder (4" X 5'), for fine

vey. Harrisburg, Geol. Surv. 437 p. 8°. geological or mineralogical specimens, properly classi

Mills, W. A Text-Book of Animal Physiology. New OF PURE COD LIVER OIL WITH

York, Appleton 700 p. 8°. fied. - Charles E. Frick, 1019 West Lehigh Avenue, Morte Philadelphia, Penn.

le, Mott, H. A. A Chart Relative to the Composition. Di Hypophosphites of Lime & Soda

gestibility, and Nutritive Value of Food. ' New York, The undersigned wishes to make arrangements for the

IS NOTHING UNUSUAL. THIS FEAT Wiley. 1°. $1.25. exchange of Lepidoptera of eastern Pennsylvania for MURDOCK, H. The Reconstruction of Europe. Boston

HAS BEEN PERFORMED OVER AND OVER those from other localities. All my specimens are named

and New York, Houghton, Mifflin, & Co. 421 p.

AGAIN. PALATABLE AS MILK. EN. and in good condition. - Charles S. Westcott, 613 North

12o. $2.

DORSED BY PHYSICIANS. SOLD BY ALL 17th Street, Philadelphia, Penn.

Nichols, W. F. Topics in Geography. Boston, Heath. DRUGGISTS. AVOID SUBSTITUTIONS AND California onyx. for minerals and coins not in my col 174 P 12°, 55 cents. lection. - W.C. Thompson, 612 East 141st Street, New PARKES, L. C. Hygiene and Public Health. Philadel IMITATIONS. York, N.Y.

| phia, B1.kiston. 47 p. 12. $2.50.

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CAPITAL $250,000.

7° Guaranteed Farm Mortgages 7%

The Company sends each year to Kansas and Nebraska for the purpose of examining its loans and methods of business a

COMMITTEE OF INVESTORS. The Committee for 1889 visited Fifty counties in the two States, examined over 100 farms on which loans had been made and reported every one to be SAFE.

The Company will be glad to send to any address the Report of the Committee which presents a very interesting statement of the general development of Kansas and Nebraska.

A large number of loans equally as good as any examined by the Committee are always on hand for sale.

Address for Monthly Bulletin and Investors' Committee Report

HENRY A. RILEY, General Eastern Manager, 191 Broadway, N.Y. DAFT ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY. Power Stations.

Electric Railways

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Stationary Motors

Car Motors 15 to "'to 100 H.P.

250 H.P. : Executive Office, 115 Broadway, N.Y.

FACTORY, JERSEY CITY, N. J. Please Mention Science."

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ican Bell Telephone COMPANY

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the pneumatic tubes, and a brief discussion Philosophical Society, Washington.

of governmentally owned telegraphs ; elecOct. 12. – Everett Hayden, Hurricanes intric lighting as carried on in England; the

10% DISCOUNT. the Bay of North America ; Frank Baker, practice of telephony in Great Britain, certain We will allow the above discount to any Work of the Life-Saving Crews during the peculiarities in apparatus and methods ; also subscriber to Science who will send us an

order for periodicals exceeding $10, count. Recent Hurricane : Romyn Hitchcock, The the use of electric motors. Some of the elec ing each at its full price. Action of Light on Silver Chloride. trical features of the Paris Exposition were

Agricultural Science...
Engineers' Club, St. Louis.

American Agriculturist
American Architect and Building News

Imperial edition.......
Oct. 9. – President Meier presented a dis-

Gelatine " cussion of a new tractor recently invented

Regular "

American Garden ...... by H. L. Van Zile, an engineer of Albany,

American Journal of Philology ..... New York. The invention had resulted

American Machinist ....

American Naturalist... from certain mathematical investigations, AMP

Andover Review

Atlantic... and rendered it possible to make the total

Babyhood..... power, or pulling force, available for traction.

Bradstreet's......... A model had been made, which easily

Building (weekly)...... mounted a 20-per-cent grade, while the same

Carpentry and Building....

Century Magazine. model without the improvement could as

Chautauquan, The ...

Christian Union, The.. cend only a 10-per-cent grade. In the dis

Cosmopolitan, The...... cussion, Robert Moore called attention to the


Eclectic Magazine..... similarity of this device to the Fell tractor,

Edinburgh Review ..... which was in successful use on the Summit

Electrical World......

This Company owns the Letters Electrician and Electrical Engineer.... Railway, over Mount Cenis. Professor Gale Patent granted to Alexander Gra

Electrical Review.....

Engineering and Mining Journal... spoke of the probable advantages this motor ham Bell, March 7th, 1876, No. English Illustrated Magazine.... would have for street-railway work, where 174,465, and January 30, 1877, Forest ares

Forest and Stream..........

Forum, The........... the grades were serious, and where objec-No. 186,787.

Garden and Forest.... tions existed to the use of other forms of The Transmission of Speech by Harper's Bazar.:

Harper's Magazine.. tractors. Mr. C. H. Sharman then read a all known forms of ELECTRIC | Harper's we

Harper's Weekly............ paper on “ Some Reminiscences Connected SPEAKING TELEPHONES in- ! Harper's Young People .

| Illustrated London News (Amer. reprin with the Construction of the Union Pacific

| fringes the right secured to this Independent, The........... Railroad." Mr. Sharman entered the engi

ompany by the above patents, and Journal of Philology (Eng.) ...

renders each individual user of tel- Judge... neering department of this road in 1866 as ephones, not furnished by it or its

L'Art.... rod-man, and remained on the work in vari.

licensees, responsible for such un- Lippincott's Magazine..... ous capacities until the completion of the

Littell's Living Age.... | lawful use, and all the conse- ' Litter

London Quarterly ...... road in 1869, when he held the position of

quences thereof and liable to suit Macmillan's Magazine... division engineer. A graphic description

Magazine of American History. therefor. .

Medical and Surgical Journal... was given of the difficulties met with in en

Mechanical Engineer.....

Metal Worker...... gineering construction at that day at points

Microscope, The........ remote from civilization. Considerable in


North American Review ..... teresting engineering data were presented, but the paper in general deviated somewhat

Overland Monthly.......

Political Science Quarterly.... from the strictly technical papers usually | OF SUPERIOR AND STANDARD QUALITY.

Popular Science Monthly.

Popular Science News....... presented, being of a more popular and en- Leading Nos.: 048, 14, 130, 135, 239, 333 Portfolio, The..... tertaining character.

Practitioner ........
For Sale by all Stationers.

Public Opinion ..
American Institute of Electrical


Puck (German)...
Engineers, New York.

Works : Oamden, N.J. 26 John St., New York. Quarterly Review (London)....
Oct. 15. – A paper was read by Mr.

St. Nicholas..................

Readers of Science Scientific American.......... Thomas D. Lockwood, member, entitled

Supplement........... “ Electrical Notes of a Transatlantic Trip."| Corresponding with or visiting Adver

Architect and Builders' edition..

Scribner's Magazine..... It embraced some observations on teleg-tisers will confer a great favor by mention Texas Siftings.........

Trained Nurse...... raphy; description of the London operating ling the paper.

She an mondorid on 0wndinne oooowwoning on

MP3 & 88.888


C STEEL PENS. Sutinga neric

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Queries .......................

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W ANTED. – By a large manufacturing

Agassiz Association.
house, an intelligent, energetic young

Does your Chapter want a good collection or Any person seeking a position for which he is quali- man about twenty years of age, to make working

library? fied by his scientific attainmen's, or any person seeking drawings of electrical instruments from free-hand

Sometimes there are not enough funds in sight some one to fill a position of its character, be it that sketches and verbal assistance. Must be able to

to make the purchase. If so, satisfactory arof a teacher of science, chemist, draughtsman, or what execute tinted drawings and tracings as well, and

rangements can be made by paying part with not, may have the 'Want' inserted under this head have

order and balance in small monthly payments. FREE OF Cost, if he satisfies the pubiisher of the suit. ciples of electrical measuring instruments. One able character of his application. Any person seeking

Where a collection already exists we will conwho has had some practice in brass and machine information on any scientific question, the address of work preferred, as also one who will remain and

tract to fill it out to any desired extent and any scientific man, or who can in any way use this col

keep the cost within the resources of the learn the business. Specimens of work required. umn for a purpose consonant with the nature of the

chapter. Address, stating salary expected, experience and paper, is cordially invited to do so.

To parties who cannot see our specimens here references, E. G. W., SCIEŃCE Office, N.Y. City.

we will send boxes of samples upon approval. COLLEGE ALUMNI AND PHYSI

We issue no catalogues. CIANS. – The American Academy of

Old and Rare Books.

A. A, mineral collection. Medicine is endeavoring to make as complete a

64 large beautiful specimens, ready mounted, in list as possible of the Alumni of Literary Col.

Catalogue No. 29 nearly ready. Will contain

handsome walnut cabinet. Each specimen releges, in the United States and Canada, who

"presents one of the 64 sub-divisions in Dana's have received the degree of M.D. All recipi. | many scarce works pertaining to Natural HisTables for the Determination of Minerals, ents of both degrees, literary and medical, are tory, Americana, out of print books, as a whole.

With each collection we send copy of Dana's requested to forward their names at once to Dr.

Manual and complete set of determination apR. J. Dunglison, Secretary, 814 N. 16th Street, interesting.

paratus with blow-pipe, acids, etc., etc. EveryPhiladelphia, Pa.


thing first class. Price complete, $40.00 or

$20 down, and balance $5 per month. Cheaper W A NTED.-A teacher of science in an

34 Park Row, New York City.

collection can be supplied if wanted. A. A. ENDOWED MALE COLLEGE in Ky. Sal.

chapters, scientific societies and clubs, colleges, ary $1200.00. Address "M. H.” care o Sci.

DACK NUMBERS and complete sets of leading Magschools, and private individuals, desiring rare

D azines. Rates low. AŃ, MAG. EXCHANGE, ence 47 Lafayette Place, N.Y.

Schoharie, N.Y.

specimens, or books, or collection of the same,

please write to W ANTED.-Information concerning the

W. II. WINKLEY, Clearfield, Iowa. handling of air from Caves, for Cool.

Schools. ing and ventilating rooms. Address“M. H."

CONNECTICUT, NEW HAVEN, care of Science 47 Lafayette Place, N.Y.


Prepares for Smith and Wellesley, and admits to DHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE. – A Vassar by Certificate. Circulars. Early application I Fellow of the Mass. Med. Society, Mem

necessary. ber of the Suffolk District Medical Society, and

MICHIGAN, HOUGHTON. former Assistant Editor of The Annals of MICHIGAN MINING SCHOOL. - For Catalogues Gynæcology, desires a position as instructor in "V address M. E. Wadsworth, A.M., Ph.D., Director.

Turns Nuts, Gas Burners or Pipe without adjustment. Physiology and Hygiene. Address “N, " 47

Made of Best Polished Steel. Sent by mail for 25 cts.

CHARLES U. ELY, P. O. Box 1945, New York City.
Lafayette Place, N.Y. City.

W ANTED a young man with some knowl- for Soi
W for Science is now ready, and will be mailed

VV edge of mineralogy to assist in our Min.
eral Department. A. Ē. FOOTE, 1223 Bel. | postpaid on receipt of price.
mont Av., Philada., Pa.

Half Morocco · 75 cents. W ECHANICIAN.- An optician and maker

This binder is strong, durable and Commercial Printer,

elegant, has gilt side-title, and allows I of instruments of precision of experience

the opening of the pages perfectly 37 Clinton Place, near Broadwav, would be glad of a position where his skill

flat. Any number can be taken out
or replaced without disturbing the

New York. would be valued in connection with some higher

others, and the papers are not mutieducational institution. Address G. J., care of

lated for subsequent permanent bind | Wedding Orders, Souvenirs, Invitations, Or

ing. Filed in this binder, Science is ders of Dance, etc., etc., done in the latest and SCIENCE, 47 Lafayette Place, New York.

always convenient for reference.

most elaborate styles, at reasonable prices. LIGHTNING. – Concise descriptions of


All Favors promptly attended to. L the effects of lightning discharges are de

47 Lafayette Place, N. Y. sired. State whether the object struck was pro

THE CHANCE FOR ALL vided with a lightning rod, the character of the


GREATAMERICAN To Enjoy a cup of Perfect rod, and the way in which it was set up. Be

Tea. A TRIAL ORDER of 46

pounds of Fine Tea, either Oolong, Jaginning at the top, describe briefly the effects.

pan, Imperial, Gunpowder, Young Hy. State whether there was any smoke or dust

son, Mixed. English Breakfast or Sun

Sun Chop, sent by mail on receipt of raised, and whether there was any odor. Any

COMPANY 82.00. Be particular and state what kind reports of recent and of especially interesting 6 67 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK

of Tea you want. Greatest inducement

ever offered to get orders for our celedischarges will be published in Science.-Sci

brated Teas, Coffees and Baking Powder. For full particu. • ADVERTISING PURPOSES.

lary address THE GREAT AMERICAN TEA CO. ence, 47 Lafayette Place, New York.

449 In. Long.


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31 and 33 Vesey St., New York,

P. O. Box 289.

Sprague Electric Railway and Motor Company.
Lightest Weight Consistent with

Bearings Self Oiling.
Highest Efficiency.


Commutator Wear Reduced Not Liable to get out of Order.

to a Minimum.




Constable RC


R. & J. BECK,
1016 Chestnut Street, Phila.
Microscopes and all

Accessories and Ap-
JAMES McCREERY & CO. are show-

paratus. Photographing for Bridal Dresses, Evening, Dinner,

ic and Photo-MicroI ACES AND GAZES.-- Point and Duchesse Collars graphic Apparatus and

and sets in Van Dyke effecis. Bridal Vells in
Ducbesse Point and Applique, with trimming laces

to match. Real Jace Handkerchiefs, Duchesse and Spectacles, Eye
Valenciennes, Mousseline de Soles Embroideries,

Glasses, Opera and
Beautiful Designs and Combinations pro flounces and all overs in choice evening shades.
Black Lace Drapery Nets, White and Colored, Plain

| Marine Glasses, etc. curable.

and Fancy Crepes and Crepe de Chine for evening Illustrated Price List

toilets. In low and medium-priced Novelties,

mailed free to any adPARIS DRESS ES AND CLOAKS.-Costumes for dress. Mention SciENCE ladies will experience no difficulty in find Evening, Dinner, Reception and Promenade,

h us. Tea Gowns, Matinees, Sults, Wraps, Sacques, ing goods suited to the various uses to Cloaks, Long Garments, Opera Wraps and Jackets.

Also, those of our own manufacture, from Paris which Fancy Silks can be applied.

styles, in the most fashionable fabrics. Dress Silks in the latest Colorings and CURS AND FUR TRIMMINGS.-Sealskin Sacques,

r Dolmans, Jackets and Paletots (London dye), 621 Sixth Avenue, New York. the newest and most approved Weaves, Blue Lynx, Alaska Sable and Krimmer. Shoulder

Established 1852. | Capes, Pelerines and Muffs. Fur Trimmings. from 85 cents to $4.00 a yard.

MAKER OF Mail Orders receive most careful atten

Microscope Stands, tion.




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19th ot. Oil Immersion Object

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ives and Abbe Con-
densers for Bacterial
and Histological work,
of Objectives, Camera
Lucida and other ac-
cessory apparatus.




to any address for $5.00

This instrument is simply for
use by a beginner in Microscopy.
The finer Microscopes vary in
value from $25. to $250. Send
for catalogue to

New York.

E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO.

591 Broadway, N.Y. Manufacturers and Importers of

PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS, Apparatus and Supplies of every description, Sole proprietors of the Patent Detective, Fairy Nov. el, and Bicycle Cameras, and the

Celebrated Stanley Dry Plates. Amateur Outfits in great variety, from $9.00 upward.

Send for Catalogue or call and examine. More than 40 years established in this line of business.

IMPROVED OIL LIGHT MAGIC LANTERNS. Also Lime and Electric Light Apparatus, and mechanical, plain, and fine colored views.

J. B. COLT & co., Manufacturers, No. 16 BEEKMAN STREET, NEW YORK.



And its Detection. With photomicrographic plates and a bibliographical appendix. By J. P. Battershall. 328 pages, 8vo, cloth. Price, $3.50. Circulars and Catalogues on application. E. & F. N. SPON,

12 Cortlandt St., New York.

Sloucester Mass
Used by thousands of first-class
mechanics and by such manufact-
urers as Pullman Palace Car Co.,
Mason & Hamlin Organ and Piano

Co., &c., &c.

Repairs Everything.

Its success has brought a lot of
imitators copying us in every way
possible. Remers.ber that "THE
ONLY GENUINE LePage's Liquid

Glue is manufactured solely by the



Send 10c. and dealers' card who
Patent Pocket Can. No waste.fdoesn't keep it in stock, for sample.

MINERALS International Mineral Cabinets,

International Mineral Cabinets, specimens from Europe, Asia,

Africa, S. America, Mexico, Greenland, Canada, and U.S. 100 spec., $3.50; 50 spec.; $1.75; 25 spec., $i, each collection in handsome polished hard-wood case, expressage prepaid. Finest stock of specimens in U.S. Minerals for blowpipe analysis by the pound cheap. Complete Catalogue Free. Consign: ments from all parts of the world constantly arriving. GEO. L. ENGLISH & CO., Dealers in Minerals,

1512 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Readers of Science Corresponding with or visiting Advertisers

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