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upon you, and defpife not as ny jean beg y hoiaghey jeh the Goodnefs and Forbear- Mieys as Surranfe-foddey Yee, ance of God, which is de- ta kiarit dy leeideil oo gys Ar figned to lead you to Re-rys.


If you afk when you are to begin this neceffary Work, (if it is not already begun) the Anfwer is fhort:

My enys oo cre'n Traa t'ou dy yannoo Tofhiaght er yn Obbyr ymmyrchagh fhoh (mannagh vel Tofhiaght hannah The very Moment you afk jeant er) ta'n Anfoor giare; the Question; and this, 'Syn eer Shallid fhoh t'ou fe because, if you find an Un-naght y Question;-as fhen, erwillingness in yourfelf to fet yn-oyr, my t'ou gennaghtyn about it now, that Unwil- Neu-arryltys aynyd hene dy lingnefs will every Day in-gholl mygeayrt-y-myfh ec y creafe: Very probably you Traa t'ayn, dy jean yn Neuwill never repent, unless God arryltys fhen bifhaghey, dy by his Judgements, or by chooilley Laa: Feer laik nagh the Sight of Death, fhews you your fad Error, when it may be too late to be of any real Ufe to you.

gow dy bragh Arrys, mannagh jean jee liorish e Vriwnyffyn, ny liorifh fhilley jeh'n Vaafe, jeeaghyn dty Haghrynys treih dhyt, tra oddys eh ve ro-anmagh dy ve jeh Foays firrinagh erbee.

Nith, my nee ny fmooinaghtyn fhoh goaill Greme er dty Chree, myr fon fhickyrys nee

Now, if thefe Confiderations affect your Heart, as fure they will, if you have any Regard for your Salva-ad, my ta monney erbee dy tion, represent your Defires to God in fome fuch Words as these following:


Chiarail ort fon dty Haualtys, cheb feofe dty Yeearreeyn gys Jee ayns lheid ny Goan fhoh:


BANNIT dy row Jee, ta lio

LESSED be God, who by BAN


his Grace, and by the rish e Ghrayfe, as liorish Voice of his Church hath Goo e Agglifh er n'eamagh called me to Repentance! Dif- orrym gys Arrys! Soilfhee cover to me, Ò thou Search-dou, O ufs ta ronfagh ny Cree

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er of Hearts, the Charge | aghyn, yn Coontey ta m'oi, dy that is against me, that Ivoddym toiggal as goaill-rifh, may know and confefs, and as treigeil ny Peccaghyn ta forfake, the Sins I have fallen mee er huittym ayndoo.--Cur into Give me that true dooys yn Arrys firrinagh fhen Repentance, to which thou da t'ou er n'ghialdyn Myghin haft promifed Mercy and as Pardoon, dy voddym my Pardon, that I may amend Vea y lhiaffaghey raad ta mee where I have done amifs, er n'yannoo afs y Raad, as nagh and that Iniquity may not bee Mee-chairys yn Toyrtmow be my Ruin. And, O aym.-As, O ufs yn Er-bannit bleffed Advocate, who ever ta eddyr fhin as Jee, ta dy liveft to make Interceffion bragh bio dy chofney Parfor us, I put my Cause in- doon er nyn fon, ta mee coyrt to thy Hands; let thy Blood my Chooifh ayns dty Laueyn, and Merits plead for me, lhig da dty Uill as dty Hoiland by thy mighty Intercef- chinys loayrt er my hon, as liofion procure for me the Par- rifh dty Phleadeil niartal fow Par-rifh don of my paft Offences: Leih dooys fon ooilley my That thou mayeft fay unto Pheccaghyn:-Dy vod oo gra me, as thou did unto the Penitent in the Gofpel,-Thy Sins are forgiven;-fo that I may go with a quiet Confcience to thy Holy Table. Amen.

rhyms myr dooyrt oo rifh yn Arryffagh ayns y Tufhtal,-Ta dty Pheccaghyn er nyn leih dhyt;---myr hen dy voddym gall lefh Cooinfheanfe thecoil gys dty Voayrd casherick. A



Concerning the Purposes you
are to make of leading a
NEW, that is, a CHRISTI-
AN, Life.



Mychione ny Gialdynyn ta ort dy yannoo dy leeideil Bea NoA, ta fhen, Bea CHREES



'N the firft Place, take ef YNS y chied Ynnyd, pecial Notice, that God gow Taftey mie, dy vel accepts of our Repentance on Jee jannoo Soiaghey jeh nyn this Condition only, that wel Arrys er ynrycan yn Conaant


may afterwards glorify him by an Holy Chriftian Life,

And as he delivered the

bob, dy jean mayd veih'n Traa fhen magh eh y ghloyraghey lesh Bea Chafherick Chreeftee. As myr ren eh Pobble If

People of Ifrael from Bond-rael y livrey veih Bondiaght, age, not that they might do what was right in their own Eyes, but that, becoming an holy Nation, they might be an Honour to their Deliverèr,---Deut. xix. 5.Even fo Chrift hath redeemed us from the Bondage of Sin and Satan, that he might redeem us from this prefent evil World, and purify unto himfelf a People zealous of good Works.

And as the former perished, that is, all fuch as did not answer the End of their Deliverance, fo moft furely fhall we do, if we do not obey our Redeemer.

Your Duty to God, your Neighbour, and Yourself, you have known from a Child:

-Be affured of it, you will meet with Temptations from the Devil, the World, and your own corrupt Heart, both to neglect and tranfgrefs the Commands of God.

It will be abfolutely neceffary therefore, that you arm yourself betimes, both with boly Refolutions, and with this holy Ordinance, which you are

cha nee dy row ad dy yannoo fhen va cairal ayns ny Sooillyn oc hene, agh, erreish daue v'er jeet dy ve Afboon cafberick, dy voddagh ad ve fon Ard-ghloyr Dafyn ren ad y livrey.-Deut. xix. 5.-Dy jarroo myr fhen ta Creeft er cayley fhinyn veih Bondiaght Peccah as Noid ny Hanmey, dy livrey shin veih'n Seihll vee-chrauee fhoh, as dy chafherickey da hene Pobble jeean ayns Obbraghyn mie.

As myr ren Pobble Ifrael cherraghtyn, ta fhen dy ghra, Adfyn ooilley nagh ren ganfoor yn Oyr v'ad livreit er y hon, myrgeddin fon fhickyrys nee fhinyn, mannagh bee mayd biallagh da nyn Ver-kionnee.

Dty Churrym gys Jee, gys dty Naboo, as Hood-hene, ta Toiggal er ve ayd jeh neayr's v'ou dty Lhiannoo:-Bee fhickyr jeh, dy meet oo rish Miolaghyn veih'n Drogh-fpyrryd, veih'n Seibll, as veih dty Chree Molteyragh hene, chammah dy yannoo Meerioofe er as dy vrishey Annaghyn Yee.

Shen-y-fa bee eh ymmyrchagh erfkyn dy chooilley Nhee dhyt, nifh ayns dty Aegid dy niartaghey oo hene, chammah lesh Gialdinyn crauee,


preparing to go to, that you may be able, through the Grace of God, to go on in the Way of Salvation.

Now your Duty to God is, -To believe in him, to Fear, and Love him, with all your Heart and Soul; foraf much as you ftand indebted to him for all you have, or value, or hope for, in this, or the next Life.

as leth yn Oar daghey calberick fhoh, t'ou nifh aarloo er y hon, dy vod oo, trooid Grayfe Yee, goll er dty Hofhiaght ayns y Raad dy Haualtys.

Nifh fhoh dty Churrym gys Jee,Dy chredjal ayn, dy ghoaill Aggle roih, as dy chur Graib da lefh ooilley dty Chree as dty Annym; fon wheefh as dy nee dafyn t'on fo Lhiaftynys fon ooilley ny t'ayd, ny fhen Impo t'ou foiaghey jeh, ny jer kal rifh, ayns y Vea bob, ny'n Vea ta ry heet.

Smooinee ayns dty Chree kys yinnagh oo oo-hene y ym

Do but confider how you would behave yourself, if you were but half fo much o-myrkey, dy beagh oo ayns lich bliged to any Man on Earth; wheefh dy Lhiaftynys da How dearly would you Dooinney erbee 'fy Theihll;love him?----How often would Cre'n Ghraih jeean yinnagh oo you think of him?How da?-Cre cha mennick as yinoften would you ftrive to nagh oo gimraa er?-Cre cha pleafe him?How would mennick as veagh oo aggindagh you be grieved, if you fhould dy phleafal eh?----Cre cha be fo unhappy as to offend feaghnit as veagh oo, dy daghhim?How foon and ear-yragh dhyt ve cha mee vaynneftly would you beg his Pardon to be reftored to his Favour?

Now, if you thus love God, it will appear in fuch Inftances as thefe: You will have a very great Regard for every thing that belongs to him. You will not ufe his Name to any idle or wicked Purpofe.

You will religiously ob

rey as dy chur Corree er?-Cre cha leah as cre cha jeean hirragh oo Leih er as dy ve goit ftiagh reefht ayns Foayr rifh?

Nifh, my vees oo myr shoh graihagh er Jee, bee eh ry-akin ayns lheid ny Aghtyn fhoh: Bee Afrym crecoil ayd da dagb Nhee ta bentyn da.---Cha gow yn Ennym echey ayns Fardail ayns Ccoifh olk ny fardalagh erbee.Nee oo dy crauee



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ferve the Day confecrated to freayll y Laa t'er ny chafhe his Honour and Service. rickey gys e Ooathley as e You will carefully attend the Hirveish. Nee oo dy kiaraHoufe and Worship of God; lagh taaghey Thie as Ooafhley And behave yourself with Yee; -As oo hene y ymmyrkReverence and Devotion, while ey lefh Arrym as Craueeaght, you are in his Prefence.-You choud as t'ou 'fyn Eanifh ecwill hear his Word with Atten- hey.-Nee oo geaishtagh rish tion, and have a great Regarde Ghoo dy taftagh, as ver oo for his Ordinances, and for Ard-ammys da ny Oardaghyn the Perfons whom he hath ap- echey, as da ny Perfoonyn pointed to adminifter them.

If you truly fear God, you will part with any thing as dear as a right Hand, or a right Eye, rather than prowoke Him, who can destroy both Body and Soul in Hell,

t'eh er phointeil dy hirveish


My ta Graih firrinagh ayd er Jee, nee oo fcarrey rifh Nhee erbee ta cha deyr as dty Laueyeb, ny dty Hooill-yefh, roish my jean oo efbyn y vrafnaghey, oddys ftroie chammah Corp as Annym ayns Niurin.

If you believe Him to be My t'ou credjal dy vel Efbyn the Fountain of all Good, you Bun dy chooilley Vieys, gowee will pray to Him daily. oo Padjer huggey gagh Laa. And if you put your whole As my t'ou cur dty flane Treifb Trust in God, as it is your teil ayns Jee, myr te dty ChurDuty to do, you will en- rym dy yannoo,-nee oo ny deavour to be pleafed with oddys oo dy ve booiagh lefh all his Dealings with you.- ooilley ny Aghtyn teh goaill You will never murmur at rhyt.---Cha jean oo dy bragh the Ways of his Providence, plaiynt er Raaidyn e Chiarail nor fuffer your Heart to fret flaunyffagh, ny furranfe dty against the Lord. And ef- Chree dy hallagh noi'n Chiarn. pecially you will never at----As erfkyn ooilley cha jean tempt to better or fecure oo dy bragh goaill ayns Laue your Condition by any evil dy yannoo dty Stayd-beaghee Ways;----Believing affuredly, ny fhare, ny ny fhickyree, liothat God can and will make rifh Dellal neu-chairagh erbee; you full Amends in the next ---Credjal er fon fhickyrys, lioLife, for what you want or rifh ginjillaghey oo hene gys


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