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In which ou and ow have the sound of ou as in bout. Flounce rout loud sour owl ounce scout proud COW scowles found house fount how down ground louse

mount mow brown sound mouse

flour now crown gout cloud

stour fowl

Easy Lessons in Words of one Syllable. T

HE first thing that a child should learn, is, to know mind of a child, like a young plant, will bend which way you please.

II. God doth see and know all that we do: and though the place where he dwells is far on high, yet doth he look down on us, here in this low world, and see all the ways of the frail sons of men.

III. My son, you must hate vice, and love that which is good. You must not lie, nor cheat, nor steal, nor use bad words, nor fight. Do not play with bad boys, lest. you should be as bad as they.

When you go to school, you must sit still, and mind your book. Do not talk nor play in time of school : for God's eye is on us all the day long : He sees how we spend our time : He knows all our thoughts and what we aim at: in short, He sees, hears, and knows all things, both in this world, and in the world to come.

IV. In six days God made the world, and all things which are in it. He made the sun, moon and stars; the earth and sea,

and all things which are ia them. God nade man, at first, in state of bliss; but man, by

fell from that good state, to a state of sin and wo. Christ, our Lord, came down from on high, and took on him the form of man, to show to us the way of life, and to die in our stead ; that, by his death, he might give life to our souls.


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Bit Boat Boo't Bush' U'se Bur' Boy' Bon't

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Familiar Lessons for little Children.


YOME hither, Charles, come to Mamma. Make haste.

Now read your book. Where is the pin to point with ? Here is a pin. Do not tear your book. Charles shall have a pretty new lesson. Spell that word. Good boy. Now you may go and sit down.

Charles, where is puss ? Puss has got under the table.
You cannot catch puss. Do not hurt her.

Poor puss !
But why did you kill the bird, puss? You must catch
mice, you must not catch birds. Well, what do you say?
Did you kill the bird? Why do you not speak, puss?
Puss cannot speak.

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LESSON III. The sun shines. Open your eyes, little boy, and get up. Maid, come and dress Charles.

Go down stairs, and get him some breakfast. Boil some milk for a poor little hungry boy. Do not spill the milk,

Hold the spoon in the other hand. Do not throw your bread upon the ground. Bread is to eat, you must not throw it away. Corn makes bread. Corn grows in the fields.

Grass grows in the fields. Cows eat grass, and sheep eat grass, and horses eat grass. Little boys do not eat grass ; ao, they eat bread and milk.

Somebody knocks at the door.. Open the door. Come
in. How do you do? Very well. Come to the fire.
Hand chair. ' Sit down. Bring some wood. Make

Sweep the hearth. Where is the brush?
Do not stand upon the hearth, Charles. Do not med.
dle with the ink-horn. See, you have inked your frock.
Here is a slate and pencil for you. Now sit down upon

up the fire.

Ba'ke Bark Bắck' Ball Box' Bee't Bet" Bilte









No, you

the carpet and write. I want Papa's watch. must not have it. You will break the glass. You broke it once. You may look at it. Put it to your ear. What does it say? Tick, tick, tick.

LESSON V. I want my dinner. I want some pudding It is not ready. It will be ready presently, then Charles shall have his dinner. Lay the cloth. Where are the knives, and forks, and plates? The clock strikes. Take up the dinner. May I have some meat ? No ; meat is not good for little boys who have a cough. Here is some appledumpling for you, and some potatoes, and turnips, and carrots, and beets, and rice pudding, and bread. I want some wine. What! wine for little boys! I never heard of such a thing. No, you must not have wine. Here is some water for you.

LESSON VI. Charles, what are eyes for? To 'see with.

What are ears for ? To hear with. What is tongue for? To talk with What are teeth for? To eat with. What is nose for? To smell with. What are legs for? To walk with. Then do not make Mamina carry you. Walk yourself. Here are two good legs. Will you go abroad? Fetch your hat. Come, let us go into the fields, and see the sheep, and lambs, and the cows, and trees, and birds, and water. There is a man on horsebacki Where are you going, man ? He does not mind us.

He rides away. Now he is a great way off. Now we cannot see him að all. There is a dog. The dog barks. Well, do not be afraid, he will not hurt you. Come here, dog. Let him lick your hand. Poor dog ! Charles is tired, come, let us go home.

LESSON VII. It is winter now, cold winter. There is ice in the pond. It hails. It snows. Will you run out into the

Go, then. Let us make snow-balls. Pretty



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' Bit Bo'at Boo't Bush' U'se But Boy'' Bou't


take wade same space

stake tame wait save spare strain


wake say sprain strange taste ware scale spray stray

trail7! waste scaré stage

swain traipse wave skate stake sway trait

way skein stain swear


wear slain stairs tail veil

yea slave stay

taint vein


Ark art ask aunt bar barge bark barn can't car card

in which a, au, e, and ea have the sound of a.
cart flaunt

jaunt serge
carve gape large smart

lark snarl clerk graft last

spark dance grant mark

staff dark

gaunt parse star dart

grasp part starve far

grass pass start farce hark

past task farm

prance waft fast heart scarf yard




Act add am an

In which e, ai, and e, have the sound of a short.

bad black
ate bade bran

brand as back band



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In which a, au, aw, o and ca have the sound of a. All dawn hall orb straw bald draw halt

orts sward ball drawl


pall swarm

il born dwarf hawk

pause tall brawl fall horn

paw taunt broad false jaw pawn

vault call fault laud sauce wall cause fawn law

saw war clause flaw

lawn scald ward claw for loft

scorn warm çord form malt scrawl warn

1 corn maul

warp corpse gawze morn sprawl wart crawl groat nor

stork yawl daub hale oft

storm yawn daunt

TABLE V:s ja



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Block box clock

In which o and a have the sound of a short.

copse cross flock ** from
cost dodge fog frost
crop drop



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