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The rocks can rend, the earth can quake,
The feas can roar, the mountains shake;
Of feeling, all things shew some fign,
But this unfeeling heart of mine.
To hear the forrows thou haft felt,
Dear LORD, an-adament would melt
But I can read each moving line,
And nothing move this heart of mine.
Thy judgments too, unmov'd I hear,
(Amazing thought) which devils fear,
Goodness, and wrath, in vain combine,
To stir this stupid heart of mine.
But fomething yet, can do the deed,
And that dear something, much I need;
Thy spirit can from drofs refine,
And move, and melt this heart of minc.

CLXXXIII. Remember me.


O soodness hows


I lift my heart to thee;
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,

Dear LORD, remember me.
When groaning on my burden'd heart,

My fins lie heavily ;
My pardon speak, new peace impart,

In love, remember me.
Temptations fore obstruct my way,

And ills I cannot flee;
O give me strength, LORD, as my day,

For good, remember me.
If on my face, for thy dear name,

Shame, and reproaches be
All hail reproach, and welcome shame,

If thou remember me.

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“ Stand o'er yon terraqueous ball;
“ Sound the trumpet's final call.”
CLXXXVI. Invitation. Ifa, fv. I. P. M.
O! every one that thirsts, draw. near;

To living waters pure and clear,
Which sov'reign grace imparts :
The invitation wide extends,
The LORD, by me, MESSIAH sends,

To broken, contrite hearst.
Why loiter then, ye fallen race,
Time flies, on wings, with rapid pace,

Obey the friendly call:
The hoary head, the heedless youth,
Receive this folemn, cheering, truth,

We rise just as we fall.


CLXXXVII. Christmas.--To Cheshunt

HENworlds were form’d by sov'reig

How nobly fang the fons of light! When the high music of the spheres First founded in JEHOVAH's ears. But hark! in Judah's humble plains, They warble fofter, sweeter, strains; “ Peace on the earth--to men good will, Fly, heav'nly news, creation fill. Lo! from the East, with meekest eye, A lovely star fails thro' the sky, And shews three sages the nigh way, To Beth'lem, where an infant lay. Where is the babe ? tell, angels' where? Look, see him in the manger, there! 'Tis he, the Ancient of all days, Whom worlds celestial, ceaseless praise.

Lo! at his feet, the richest worth
Of eastern climes is poured forth;
The hour is come! Mefliah born!
Ne'er shone before, so bright a morn!
See, where he reigns exalted ! see
Mansions prepar’d, my soul, for thee,
Redemption's Author, and its end,
The King of kings, my endless friend.

CLXXXVIII." Dismission. L. M. D.
ET softeft ftrains of music rise,

To him who'reigns above the kies;
Shout all creation, his great name!
And daily fing his matchlefs fame.
He made the worlds, and gave his Son
To rescue man; the work is done!
Let angels and the ransom'd race,
Forever, loud extol his grace.


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