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The following account, which never before appeared in print in this country, will be found of the greatest utility, as it conveys a just idea of the labours of Jeanne d'Arc, and the most important expedition of Charles VII. It cannot be denied that the tracing of this itinerary presented numerous difficulties, since the ancient chronicles are frequently very faulty: scarcely one indicates precisely the several stations; and when this happens, it frequently occurs that they ascribe to them different names, and vary in regard to the epochas: in short, there is not one definitive upon these points. Nearly all the historians omit the intermediate places, so that their notices are rarely to be met with, scattered, and, as it were, submerged in the volumes through which it is necessary to wade for the purpose of finding them. As these observations generally apply to the process instituted against Jeanne d'Arc, it was requisite, in order to avoid this labyrinth, to consult and compare, with infinite attention, all the recitals made by herself, together with the calendars, charts, &c. &c.


First. Journey undertaken in the LeagThe Present. The Ancient. Environs of Domrémy. Prior to

1. From Domrémy to Neufchâher

teau ; from thence to Toul; from expedition.

Toul to Neufchâteau; and from that

place to Domrémy. (See Note 1.) 1428. 1428. 2. From Domrémy to Vaucouleurs May. May.

and back; two journeys. (Note 2.) Middle Middle 3. From Domrémy to Nanci and of May. of May. back. (Note 3.) 1429. Feb.

4. From Domrémy to VaucouFeb.

leurs, being the third journey.
(Note 4.)

Second. - Journey to the Court of

Charles VII.

1429. 1428.

5. From Vaucouleurs to ChiEnd of End of

non, traversing the rivers Ornain, Feb. & 1st Feb. & 1st days of days of

Saux, Marne, Aube, Armançon, March. March. Serain, Yonne, Dovant, Loing, Loire,

Cher, and Indre; passing St. Urbain, then near Auxerre, and lastly by Gien, and St. Catherine de Fierbois. (Note 5.).........

6. From Chinon to Coudray, and

from thence to Chinon. (Note 6.) • End of End of 7. From Chinon to Poitiers Marcb & March & beginning 1429. of April. beginning 8. From Poitiers to Chinon

of April.










Third. - Expedition to Orleans. The Present. The Ancient.

1429. 1428. 9. From Chinon to Tours, and End of End of

from thence to Blois. (Note 7.) • March & March & beginning beginning 9. From Blois to Chinon by Tours, of April. of April. and return to Blois. (Note 8.). .

14 29. 1429. 10. From Blois to Orleans, by End of End of

La Sologne on the south of the
April. April.

Loire. (Note 9.)
May 4th. May 4th. 11. From Orleans to the Environs

of Pathay, in Beauce, and return to
Orleans; (Note 10.) subsequent to
which are divers attacks on the

Bastilles, &c. (Note 11.)
9th to the 9th to the 12. From Orleans beyond Loches;

end of end of the month. che nionth. (Note 12.) and return to the latter

place Ditto. Ditto. 13. From Loches to Tours, and

from thence back again. (Note 13.) June, 1st June, 1st

14. From Loches to St. Aignan; days of. days of from thence to Selles; from Selles

to Romorantin, and from that town
to Orleans. (Note 14.) .........





Fourth.-Expedition in the Environs

of Orleans, and Buttle of Pathay. June June 15. From Orleans to Gergeau, 11 & 12. 11 & 12. which was taken

13 and 13 and 16. From Gergeau to Orleans.
following following
days. days.



The Present. The Ancient.

17. From Orleans to the bridge of Leag. Meun, which was captured

3 18. From the bridge of Meun to Beaugenci, which was taken

2 19. From Beaugenci to Pathay, where the battle was fought

7 20. From Pathay to Jenville, which was captured; and excursions to the surrounding districts.....

5 21. From Jenville to Orleans ..

[blocks in formation]

22. From Orleans to Sully; from thence to St. Bennet, on the Loire; from St. Bennet to Chateauneuf; from the latter place to Sully; from Sully toOrleans; and from that city loGien. (Note 15.)

Fifth.- Expedition for the Coronation

of Charles VII. 29th June 29th June 23. From Gien to Auxerre ; from to the

to the 17th July. 17th July.

thence to St. Florentin; from that place to Troyes; from Troyes to Chalons sur Marne ; (Note 16.) and thence to Rheims, passing the rivers Loing, Douant, Yonne, Serain, Armançon, the Seine, Aube, and the Marne


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