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HOPKINS, Samuel, formerly a clergyman, at Saco, Me.

1 Puritans (The): or The Church, Court, and Parliament of England, during the Reigns of Edward VI. and Queen Elizabeth. ... Vol. 1-3.

Boston, 1859–61. 8° (6.6X3.7). HOPKINS, Stephen, a signer of the Declaration, Chief-Justice of Superior Court

and Governor of R.I., &c.; b. in Scituate, R.I., 1707. d. 1785.

2 Account of Providence. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Coll., 2d Ser., vol. 9.) HOPKINS, W., Esq., M.A.

3... Elements of Trigonometry. Published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

London, 1833. 8°, pp. 68. HOPKINS, William, a clergyman of the Church of England; b. 1706. d. 1786.

4 Friendly Dialogue (A) between a common Unitarian Christian and an

Athanasian ... Or, An Attempt to restore Scripture Forms of Worship. [By W. Popkins. Edited by J. Disney.]

London, 1784. 12°, pp. 31. Note. – Much altered by Dr. Disney, who was afterwards considered its author. 5 Serious Address (A) to Christians of Trinitarian and Calvinistic Sentiments (on the Doctrine of the Trinity). By ...[W. Hopkins).

London, reprinted, 1800. 12°, pp. 23. HOPPUs, Rev. John, Prof. of Mental Philos. and Logic, Univ. of London.

6 Study (On the) of the Philosophy of the Mind and Logic. An Introductory Lecture ... Univ. of London, Nov. 8, 1830.

London, 1830. 8°, pp. 34. HORAPOLLO, or Horus APOLLO, an Ægyptian grammarian; lived about 400.

7. Hieroglyphica, a D. Hoeschelio fide Codicis Augustani MS. correcta, suppleta, & in lucem edita. ... [Francoforti, 1613.] 4°, pp. 21+.

Note. — Appended to “Valeriani Hieroglyphica." HORATIUS Flaccus, Quintus, the Roman poet ; b. in Venusia, 65 B.C. d. 8 B.C.

8 Euvres (Les) d'Horace, traduites en François [ facing the original]. Par M. Binet. Tom. 2.

Paris, 1783. 12° (3.8X2.4). 9 Oeuvres d'Horace en Latin et en François [facing), avec des Remarques

critiques et historiques. Par M. Dacier. 4me éd., revûë, corrigée & augmentée considerablement par l'auteur. Tom. 1-10.

Amsterdam, 1727. 12° (5 irr.X2.8). 10 Q. Horatii Flacci Poemata. Scholijs ... a loan. Bond illustrata. 3tia

ed. recognita & ... repurgata. *** Londini, 1611. 8° (4.5X3). 11 Q. Horatii Flacci Sermonvm ... Libri dvo: Epistolarvm Libri toti

dem. A D. Lambino ... emendati, ab eodémque Commentariis copi

osissimis declarati. ... •*. Lutetiæ, 1567. 2° (9.9X5.9), 2 cols. 12 Q. Horatius Flaccus, ex recensione & cum Notis atque Emendationibus R. Bentleii. Ed. altera. *** [Index 1. Verburgii, pp. 239, and Plate.]

Amstelaedami, 1713. 4° (7.1 X5.4), pp. 717. 13 Q. Horativs Flaccvs: cvm Commentariis & Enarrationibus Commenta

toris veteris, et lae. Crvqvii. Accesserunt, Iani Dovsæ in eundem Commentariolus ... Item, Avctarivm Commentatoris veteris, a Cruquio editi.

Lvgdyni Batavorvm, Ex. Off. Plant., M.D. IIIC.

(7.3X4.7), 2 cols., pp. 695+. 14 Q. Horativs Flaecvs (Odes and Epodes] . : . opera D. Lambini emendatus.: ab eodémque Commentariis copiosissimis explicatus, etc. ..

Lvtetiæ, 1567. 2° (9.9X5.9), 2 cols. HORDYNSKI, Joseph, an officer in the Polish revolution. i History of the late Polish Revolution, and the Events of the Campaign.

Boston, 1832. 8° (5.9X3.5). HORN, George, Prof. of History, &c. at Heidelberg and Leyden ; b. 1620. d. 1670.

2 Compleate Body (A) of Ancient Geography, both sacred and profane ...

[uith) Introduction to Ancient Geography ... Now first translated from the Latin. 3d ed., enlarged ...

The Hague, 1741. 2° (text 15X8.3; maps, folded sheets). Horn, Thomas, Rector of Martley.

3 Sermon preached at the Anniversary Meetings of the Eton-Scholars, Nov. 18, 1679.

London, 1680. 4°, pp. 33. HORNE, George, D.D., Dean of Canterbury, Bp.of Norwich, &c.; b. 1730. d. 1792.

4 Commentary (A) on the Book of Psalms. ... Vol. 1, 2. 7th ed. By

George, Lord Bishop of Norwich. *** London, 1802. 8° (6X3.6). 5 Commentary (A) on the Book of Psalms.... By George, Lord

Bishop of Norwich. *** New-York, 1813. 8°(6.7X3.7), pp. 620. HORNE, Melville, Curate of West Thurruck, Essex.

6 Letters on Missions; addressed to the Protestant Ministers of the British Churches. * * *

Bristol, 1794. 8° (5.5 X3.3). HORNE, Thomas Hartwell, D.D., Prebend. of St. Paul's, London ; 6.1780.

7 Introduction (An) to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy

Seriptures. 2d ed., revised, corrected, and enlarged. Illustrated with numerous Maps and Fac-similes of Biblical Manuscripts. Vol. 1-4.

London, 1821. 8° (6.7X3.9). 8 Introduction (An) to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy

Scriptures. 3d American ed. Illustrated with numerous Maps and Facsimiles of Biblical Manuscripts. Vol. 1-4.

Philadelphia, 1827. 8° (6.8 irr. X3.9). Translator. See BEAUJOUR, F. View of the Commerce of Greece. HORNE TOOKE, John. See Tooke, J. H. HORNECK, Anthony, D.D., Prebend. of Exeter, &c.; b. in Germany, 1641. d. 1696.

Joint Author. See GREAT BRITAIN. Popish Plot. Last Confession, &c. HORNER, Francis, M.P., an English statesman and essayist ; 6. 1778. d. 1817.

9 Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Horner, M.P. Edited by his Brother, L. Horner, F.R.S. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait.)

Boston, 1853. 8°(6.6X3.9). HORNER, Leonard, F.R.S.

Editor. See HORNER, F. Memoirs and Correspondence. HORSFORD, Eben N., M.D., Prof. of Chemistry at Harvard College.

10 Analysis of Grains and Vegetables, distinguishing the nitrogenous from

the non-nitrogenous Ingredients, for the purpose of estimating their serarate Values for Nutrition. Also on Ammonía found in Glaciers; and

on the Action and Ingredients of Manures. Boston, 1846. 129, pp. 68. li Investigation of Glycocoll and some of its Effects of Decomposition.

From American Journal, &c. — 1847. New Haven, 1847. 8°, pp. 48. 12 Service-Pipes for Water: an Investigation made at the suggestion of

the Board of Consulting Physicians of Boston. From the Proceedings of the American Academy, &c. Cambridge, 1849. 8°, pp. 48. Horsley, Samuel, LL.D., Bp. of St. David's, Rochester, & St. Asaph; 6. 1733.

1 Rising of the Pleiades. See VINCENT, W. Voyage of Nearchus.
2 Tracts in Controversy with Dr. Priestley upon the Historical Question

of the Belief of the First Ages in Our Lord's Divinity. Originally pub-
lished in the years 1783, 1784, and 1786. Now revised and augmented
with ... Notes, and supplemental Disquisitions by the Author, Samuel,

Lord Bishop of St. David's. *** Glocester, 1789. 8° (5.6X3). HOSPITAL, Michel de La. See L'HOSPITAL, M. de. HOTOMINUS, Franciscus. 3 Francogallia ...

Francofvrdi, 1586. 8° (5X2.6). HOUGII, James, Chaplain to the E. I. Company, at Madras.

4 History (The) of Christianity in India from the Commencement of the Christian Era. Vol. 1, 2.

London, 1839. 8° (6.2X3.3), m. b. 5 History (The) of Christianity in India from the Commencement of the

Christian Era. Second Portion: comprising the History of Protestant

Missions. 1706 to 1816. Vol. 1, 2. London, 1815. 8° (6.3X3.6). Houston, Gen. Samuel, Gov., Ex. Pres., and Sen. of Texas; b. 1793.

6 Nebraska Bill — Indian Tribes. Speech ... delivered in the Senate

of the United States, Feb. 14 and 15, 1854, in favor of maintaining the

Public Faith with the Indian Tribes. Washington, 1854. 8°, pp. 15. Hovey, Rev. Ivory, of Plymouth, Mass.; d. 1803, æt. 89.

7 Farewell Sermon (A). A Sermon, preached at Rochester, Oct. 15th, 1769.

Boston, 1770. 8°, pp. 32. HOWARD, Benjamin C., Esq., Clerk of the Supreme Court of the U.S.

8 Report (A) of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States,

and the Opinion of the Judges thereof, in the Case of Dred Scott versus John F. A. Sandford. December Term, 1856.

New York, 1857. 8° (6.6X4). HOWARD, Henry, Earl of Surrey ; b. 1518 ? beheaded 1546-7.

9 Memoir of. See (Poetical Works, post.- Pp. vii.-lxxii.).

10 Poetical Works. ... [Portrait,] Boston, 1854. 16° (4.8X2.8 irr.). HOWARD, John, LL.D., the philanthropist; b. about 1727. d. 1790.

11 Memoirs of Howard, compiled from his Diary, &c. By J. B. Brown. Abridged ... from the London quarto Edition. ***

Boston, 1831. 12° (4.5X2.7). 12 View of the Life, &c. of John Howard. See AIKIN, J. HOWARD, John C., A.M.

13 Discourse delivered before the Humane Society of Massachusetts, June 12, 1804.

Boston, 1804. 8°, pp. 64. [2 copies.] Howard, Rev. Simeon, D.D., of Boston ; b. 1733. d. 1804.

14 Election Sermon, Mass., May 31, 1780. Boston, 1780. 8°, pp. 48. 15 Election Sermon, preached at Boston, 1780. See THORNTON, J. W. (The

Pulpit of the American Revolution.) 16 Sermon on Brotherly Love, preached in Boston, Dec. 28, 1778, before

the Society of Free-Masons. Boston, [1778]. 8°, pp. 27. [2 copies.) 17 Sermon preached to the Ancient and Honorable Company, in Boston, June 7, 1773.

Boston, 1773. 8°, pp. 43. 18 Sermon, preached in Boston, Nov. 18, 1791 ; at the Ordination of Rev,

Thomas Adams, to the care of a Society in Camden, S. C. (Ch., by J.
Jackson; R. H., by E. Porter.] Boston, 1791. 8°, pp. 36. [3 copies.]

Howe, Henry; b. at New Haven, Conn., 1816.

i Historical Collections of Virginia ; containing a Collection of the most

interesting Facts, Traditions, &c. relating to its History and Antiquities, together with geographical and statistical Descriptions. To which is appended, An Historical and Descriptive Sketch of the District of Columbia. Illustrated by over 100 Engravings ... *** [Map.]

Charleston, 1845. 8° (6.8 X 4), pp. 544. HOWE, Rev. John, a Nonconformist; b. 1630. d. 1705.

2 Carnality (The) of Religious Contention. In two Sermons preach'd at the Merchant's Lecture ...

London, 1693. 8°, pp. 88. 3 Charity (Of) in reference to other Men's Sins.

London, 1681. 89, pp. 56. 4 Complete Works. With Memoirs of his Life, by E. Calamy. ... [Portrait.]

London, 1734. 8° (8.6X5.5), 2 cols., pp. lii., 1272+: 5 Discourse concerning the Redeemer's Dominion over the Invisible World, and the Entrance thereinto by Death. ...

London, 1699. 8° (5.2X2.7). 6 Discourse relating to the Expectation of Future Blessedness. With an Appendix.

London, 1705. 8°, pp. 91. ? Funeral Sermon. See BATES, W. Works, &c.

8 Memoirs of Life, by Calamy. See (Complete Works, ante.— Pp. i.-lii.). Howe, Nathanael, a Cong. clergyman, of Hopkinton, Mass.; 6. 1765. d. 1807.

Century Sermon delivered in Hopkinton, Mass., on Lord's Day, Dec. 24, 1815. ... 2d ed. ...

Andover, 1817. 8°, pp. 31. HOWE, Samuel Gridley, M.D.; b. in Boston, 1801.

10 Essay (An) on separate and congregate Systems of Prison Discipline; being a Report made to the Boston Prison Discipline Society.

Boston, 1846. 8°, pp. 90. HOWEL, William, LL.D., Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge, Eng. u Institution (An) of General History, or the History of the World. Pt. IL-IV. ...

London, 1680-'85. 2° (11.8 X 6), m. r. XOTE.- Each part has independent title-page and paging. 12 Institution (An) of General History, or the History of the Ecclesiastical Affairs of the World. Contemporary with the Second Part. ...

London, 1683. 2° (12X5.9), m. r. HOWELL, James, Esq., a voluminous writer ; b. in Wales, 1596. d. 1666. 13 S. P. Q. V. A Survay of the Signorie of Venice. ...

London, 1651. 2° (8.7X4.8). HOYT, Joseph G., LL.D., formerly teacher at Exeter Academy, N.H. 14 Address (An) at the Inauguration of Joseph G. Hoyt, LL.D. as Chancellor of Washington University, St. Louis, Oct. 4, 1859. ...

St. Louis, 1859. 8°, pp. 84. Howsox, Rer. John Saul, Principal of Liverpool Collegiate Institution.

Joint Author. See ConYBEARE, W. J. Life and Epistles of St. Paul. HVEBARD, Rec. Ebenezer, of Marblehead, Mass.; d. 1800, æt. 42. 15 Sermon, preached in Marblehead, June 12, 1796, occasioned by the Death of the Hon. Azor Orne. ...

Salem, 1796. 8°, pp. 31. HCEBARD, Fordyce M., teacher of a classical school in Boston.

16 Life of W. R. Davie. See SPARKS, J. (Amer. Biogr., 2d Ser., vol. 15.) HUBBARD, John, Esq.

1 American Reader (The)... 4th ed. Walpole, 1808. 12° (5.5X3.1 2 Rudiments (The) of Geography ... 6th ed., revised and correcte

Barnard, 1814. 12° (5.3X2.9 HUBBARD), M. F.

Editor. See AMERICAN Annals of Education. Vol. 9. HUBBARD, Rev. William, of Ipswich, Mass.; b. 1621. d. 1704.

3 General History of New-England from the Discovery to M.DC.LIT

See Mass. Hist. Society. (Collections, 20 Series, vols. 5, 6.) 4 Narrative of the Discovery and First Planting of the Massachuset

Colony. See YOUNG, Alex. (Chronicles of Massachusetts.) HUBER, Michel, Prof. of the French Language at Leipzig; b. 1727. d. 1804. 5 Choix de Poésies Allemande, par M. Huber. *.. Tom. 1-4.

Paris, 1766. 8°(4.9X2.6 Translator. See GELLERT, C. F. Lettres familieres. HÜBNER, Johann ; b. 1668. d. at Hambourg, 1731.

6 Kurtze Fragen aus der politischen Historia biss auf gegenwärtige Zei etc. Th. 2.

1703. 12° (4.3X2.6 Hudson, Henry, a celebrated English naval discoverer ; d. prob. 1611.

7 Henry Hudson the Navigator. The original Documents in which hi

Career is recorded collected, partly translated, and annotated, with a

Introduction, by G. M. Asher. [Maps.] London, 1860. 8° (6.4X3.7)

8 Life, by H. R. Cleveland. See SPARKS, J. (Amer. Biography, vol. 10. Hudson, Peter.

9 New English Introduction (A) to the Latin Tongue ... 4th ed. improved.

London, 1756. 8° (5.6X3.6) Hug, Johann Leonhard, Prof. of Theol. at Freiburg; b. 1765. d. 1846.

10 Hug's Introduction to the New Testament. Translated from 3d Ger man ed. by D. Fosdick, Jr. With Notes by M. Stuart.

Andover, 1836. 8° (6.7 irr. X3.8), pp. 778 HUEN-DUBOURG, J.

11 Life (The) of Cardinal Cheverus. ... Translated from the Frenc by E. Stewart. [Portrait.]

Boston, 1839. 12° (5.3X3.1) HUET, Pierre Daniel, Bp. of Poissons, aft. of Avranches ; b. 1630. d. 1721.

12 Histoire du Commerce et de la Navigation des Anciens. Par M. Huet 3e éd., revûè.

Paris, 1727. 8° (4.4X2.3) HUGHES, Rev. Griffith, F.R.S., Minister of St. Lacy's Parish, Barbadoes. 13 Natural History (The) of Barbados.... [Map and Plates.]

London, 1750. 2° (10.4 X6.4) HUGHES, John, Esq., A.M., of Oriel College, Oxford.

14 Poetry. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 5). HUGHES, Rev. Joseph, Secr. to British and Foreign Bible Society.

Joint Editor. See HENRY, M. Exposition of Old and New Testaments. Hugo, Marie Victor, a French poet and novelist; b. in Besançon, 1802.

15 Cromwell. Drame. By V. Hugo. Paris, 1828. 8° (5.5X3.2 irr.).

16 Life. See (SKETCHES of Conspicuous Living Characters of France.) Hull, William, General in the Revolution; b. in Derby, Conn. d. 1825.

17 Oration delivered to the Society of the Cincinnati in . . . Massachusetts, July 4, 1788.

Boston, 1788. 4°, pp. 22. 18 Revolutionary Services and Civil Life of Gen. Hull. See CAMPBELL, M.

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