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To certify names to commissioners.


Who to cause printing of ballots, etc.

Number of ballots.

Proof copy where filed.

Who to print copies of act.

Ballots for

women voters.

Ballots, how


the date, the name of the candidate, office sought, and the amount of fees received. The said clerks respectively shall forthwith, after the last day for filing primary petitions, certify to the proper board of election commissioners the names of all candidates mentioned in said petitions, together with the name of the party and office stated: Provided, That for the primaries preceding the April elections in the year nineteen hundred three, such primary petitions of candidate may be filed with the proper clerk up to and including the seventh day before the first day of such primary election.

SEC. 5. The county board of election commissioners shall cause to be printed upon the ballots for any primary, preceding any regular election, all the names of candidates for county and district offices within the county limits in whose behalf the requirements of this act have been fulfilled, and no others. The respective boards of election commissioners of each city, village and township shall likewise perform such duty for local primary ballots within the jurisdiction of such boards, including the names of candidates for committees or delegates to conventions as herein provided. The number of ballots to be printed for use at any primary election in any election district shall be fifty per cent more than the total number of votes cast therein at the last general election.

Proof copy of the primary ballots shall be on file at the proper clerk's office for inspection by candidates at least three days before the primary.

It shall also be the duty of the said county and city boards of election commissioners to cause to be printed pamphlet copies of this act and to furnish at least two copies to each board of election inspectors at the same time the other supplies are furnished. And said boards of election commissioners shall also cause to be printed and distributed a sufficient number of primary ballots for the use of women voters, on which ballots shall be printed only the names of those candidates to be nominated at such primaries for whom women are by law allowed to vote on election day. No women shall be allowed to vote on any other ballot. Separate ballot boxes shall be provided for the votes of women.

SEC. 6. The ballots for primary election shall be printed by and by whom the board of election commissioners as follows: At the top of the ballot shall be printed "Primary Ballot" followed when proper by the designation of political subdivision as county, city, etc., and next underneath, these instructions: "Vote only in one column. Make a cross (X) in the square to the left of as many names for each office as is indicated by the number under the title of such office." Every ballot shall be numbered consecutively, and as provided for numbering of ballots by the general election law. The names of the candidates of each political party shall be printed in a separate column with the name of the party at the top thereof in large letters. No candidate's name shall be printed in more than one column. When there is more than one candidate for the same office or position

To be numbered.


to be printed in the same column, the board of election commissioners shall determine by lot the order in which such names shall be printed. In a column upon the left of the bal- Titles, where lot shall be printed the titles of offices to which nominations are to be made, also of committees or delegates to be elected and under each title the number of candidates for which each elector may vote. In the column next to the title of offices shall be printed the ticket of the party which had the greatest number of votes for Governor within the State at the last preceding election for Governor; the position of other tickets to be governed relatively by the same rule. Opposite the title to any office or other position shall be printed the names of all candidates for such office or position, each in its proper column according to the political party, and to the left of each name a small square in which a voter shall signify his choice by making a cross (X). The form of the ballot shall be as follows:



Vote only in one column. Make a cross (X) in the square Form of in front of as many names for each office as is indicated by the number under the title of such office.

[blocks in formation]


SEC. 7. All primary elections shall be held by election dis- Polls, when trict or precinct at the same times and places as the sessions of the boards of registration are or shall be held preceding each election held in any year, and the polls thereof shall be kept open from eight o'clock a. m. until eight thirty o'clock p. m., standard time, each day: Provided, That in townships, Proviso. villages and cities other than the city of Detroit, primaries shall be held in each district on the third Tuesday preceding any April election, and on the third Wednesday preceding any November election, from the hours of nine o'clock a. m. to five o'clock p. m., or longer, at the option of the township board, but in no case shall the time be longer than from eight o'clock a. m. to eight thirty o'clock p. m.: Provided further, Further That days now provided for supplemental registration in the proviso. city of Detroit shall not be days for holding primaries. No Electors to person shall be permitted to vote at a primary election in any

be registered.


whom con


election district or precinct until he has been lawfully registered therein: Provided, That in election districts outside of the city of Detroit, any elector not registered therein, may vote upon making oath that he is a duly qualified elector of Primaries, by such election district. Such primary elections shall be presided over and conducted by the members of the board of registration of each election district, precinct or township, who shall, by virtue of their office, constitute the board of primary election inspectors, except in townships and villages having two or more precincts where elections shall be conducted by persons appointed by the township or village boards, which persons shall constitute the board of primary election inspectors.

When special primaries may

be held.

Notices of primaries.

To be conducted same as other elections.

Expenses, how paid.

Ballot, how prepared.

How folded.

Duty of inspectors.

SEC. 8. Special primary elections, shall, when necessary, be held prior to any special election; and as near as may be in all matters pertaining thereto shall be held in conformity with this act.

SEC. 9. All officers required by law to give notices of regis 'tration shall also give notice that a primary election shall be held at the same places, and shall state the dates, the time the polls will be open and the purposes for which such primary shall be held.

SEC. 10. Primary elections shall, except as herein otherwise provided, be conducted and regulated as near as may be as [prescribed] perscribed by law for the conduct and regulation of April and November elections. All officers required by law to perform any duty or to provide places, ballot boxes, equipments, and supplies for general elections, shall likewise do and provide for primary elections with like power and compensation. All expenses of primaries shall be defrayed from the same fund from which are defrayed like expenses of elections.

SEC. 11. After the polls are open at a primary election, any elector who is legally qualified and registered shall, before entering a booth, be given the proper ballot, and shall, while in the booth, concealed from view, prepare such ballots by marking a cross (X) in the square at the left of such names as he may vote for in the column of the political party of his choice, but in no case in more than one column nor for more candidates for the same office than is indicated by the number under the title thereof. He may, however, vote in his party column for any candidate whose name is not printed on the ballot, by so writing in such other name as shall make it a substitute for any name which is printed thereon or when no candidate's name appears on the ballot. He shall then fold the ballot so that the ballot number shall be on the outside, and present it to the proper inspector, who shall tear off the number and deposit the ballot in the ballot box. The inspectors shall enter on the poll list the name of each elector and the number of his ballot, before the same is given to him, and the inspector receiving the ballot, shall, before depositing it in the box, ascertain by comparison with the poll list, whether it is the same ballot given him and if it is not the same ballot, he shall reject it.

If any elector shall, after marking his ballot, so expose it to Ballots not to be exposed. any person as to reveal the name of any person voted for thereon, such ballot shall be rejected and such voter shall forfeit his right to vote at such primary and a brief minute of such occurrence shall be made in the registration book and on the poll list.

keep ballot

SEC. 12. The primary inspectors, upon the opening of the Inspectors to polls of the primary, shall lock the cover of the ballot box, boxes locked. which shall not be unlocked or opened until the close of the primary. Each time when the polls are closed for adjournment over night, the ballot boxes shall be locked, sealed and guarded and returned as is directed by law for safekeeping of ballot boxes at regular elections during any recess, or pending the counting of the ballots.

over to police

In the city of Detroit, and in any other place where like To be turned provision may be made by law or ordinance, upon the closing at night. of the polls of the primary each night, the ballot boxes shall be turned over to the police department, which shall safeguard the same over night and return them on the following morning before the time for opening the polls.

of ballots.

SEC. 13. Upon the closing of the polls on the last day for the Counting, etc., holding of any primary, the ballots shall be counted as provided by law for the counting of ballots at any regular election. In counting such votes those candidates who have a cross (X) made in the square at the left of their names shall be deemed to have been voted for, but no ballot shall be counted where a cross (X) has been made before the names of candidates in more than one column or whereon any name has been transposed by writing or pasting from one column to another; and any ballot upon which more candidates for any office have been voted for than may by law be elected to such office, shall be rejected as to that office.


SEC. 14. After the votes in any primary in any district shall officers to have been counted, the officers counting the same shall publicly result. declare the result and forthwith make and certify written detailed statements as are required by law for April and November elections, of the whole number of votes cast in such district for each candidate for each of said offices or positions provided for in section two of this act, and shall certify, subscribe and seal in a separate envelope such statements and write thereon the name and number of the election district, and deliver such statements to such persons and at such times, as are required by law for April and November elections.

lots, etc., to

SEC. 15. As soon as the officers making the count have com- Care of balpleted the counting of the votes of their precinct they shall be same as at return all the ballots to the ballot box, which shall be locked elections. and sealed, and the same and all books, supplies and lists shall be safeguarded or returned as is prescribed for so doing at the close of general elections. The ballots in the ballot boxes shall be preserved until after the respective boards of election commissioners shall have made up their respective tickets, and said boards of election commissioners may open such ballot

Who to canvass returns


boxes and count the votes therein whenever they may deem it necessary to verify or correct returns, and the custodian thereof, shall, upon written request from said board, produce the same before such board at a time and place designated in such request.

SEC. 16. The board of election commissioners of each city, of townships, Village or township, shall convene at the clerk's office upon the day (except Sunday) following the last day of any primary at one o'clock p. m. and proceed to canvass the returns of election districts, and shall forthwith thereby truly determine and make public the names of the nominees for each village, town or city office and the names of members of each political party, committee or delegate to convention elected, which nominees shall be such as shall have received the largest number of votes cast as set forth in such returns for such offices or determined by said commissioners on a recount by them of such ballots. Tie votes in the same column for only one position shall be determined by lot.

Who to canvass county returns.

Printing of ballots for elections.

Proviso as to death, etc., of candidate.

Unlawful soliciting of votes a misdemeanor.

SEC. 17. At one o'clock p. m. upon the first day after the last day of any primary election preceding any April or November election, the county board of election commissioners shall convene at the county clerk's office, and canvass the returns received, and thereby forthwith determine and make public the names of nominees of each political party for county or district offices within such county.

SEC. 18. The several boards of election commissioners shall cause to be printed upon the ballots to be used at elections for each office included in section two of this act, the names of candidates for office selected under the provisions of this act, and no others: Provided, That when any candidate shall die or shall withdraw as such candidate, then the proper board of election commissioners shall cause to be printed or placed upon such ballot, in the place of such candidate, the name of the candidate who shall be selected by the proper party committee upon the certificate of its chairman and secretary, as is provided for general elections by section three thousand six hundred twenty-six of the Compiled Laws of eighteen hundred ninety-seven.

SEC. 19. Any person who shall, while the polls are open at any polling place on any primary day, solicit votes in the said polling place; any person who shall offer or give to any other person any intoxicating liquors or drink any intoxicating liquors within any such polling place; any person who shall solicit or receive, directly or indirectly, any money or any promise of place or position or any valuable consideration for his vote or support at any such primary election; any person who shall offer any voter any money or reward of any kind, or who shall promise any place or position for the purpose of securing such votès or vote or support at any such primary election; any person who shall knowingly violate any of the requirements or provisions of this act; any person who shall refuse or neglect to perform any duty enjoined upon him thereby;

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