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By kind skill and without loss,
Through all lands there shall be peace,
Good time for all things to be done,
But he that stealeth shall be found soon ;
What child that day born may be,
A great lord he shall live to be.

If Christmas day on Monday be,
A great winter that year you 'll see,
And full of winds, both loud and shrill ;
But in the summer, truth to tell,
Stern winds shall there be and strong,
Full of tempests lasting long;
While battles they shall multiply;
And great plenty of beasts shall die.
They that be born that day I ween,
They shall be strong each one and keen ;
He shall be found that stealeth aught;
Though thou be sick thou diest not.

If Christmas day on Tuesday be,
That year shall many women die,
And that winter grow great marvels ;
Ships shall be in great perils;
That year shall kings and lords be slain,
And many other people near them.
A dry summer that year shall be,
As all that are born therein may see;
They shall be strong and covetous.
If thou steal aught, thou losest thy life,
For thou shalt die through sword or knife ;
But if thou fall sick, 't is certain,
Thou shalt turn to life again.


If Christmas day, the truth to say,
Fall upon a Wednesday,

There shall be a hard winter and strong,
Be With many hideous winds among.


The summer merry and good shall be,

And that year wheat in great plenty ; be Young folk shall die that year also,

And ships at sea shall have great woe.
Whatever child that day born is,
He shall be doughty and gay, I wis.


And wise and crafty also of deed,
And find many in clothes and bread.

If Christmas day on Thursday be,
A windy winter you shall see ;
Windy weather in each week,
And hard tempests strong and thick.
The summer shall be good and dry,
Corn and beasts shall multiply;
That year is good lands for to till;
Kings and princes shall die by skill.
If a child that day born should be,
It shall happen right well for thee-
Of deeds he shall be good and stable,
Wise of speech and reasonable.
Whoso that day goes thieving about,
He shall be punished without doubt ;
And if sickness that day betide,
It shall quickly from thee glide.

If Christmas day on a Friday be,
The first of winter hard shall be,
With frost and snow and with great flood,
But the end thereof it shall be good.
Again, the summer shall be good also ;
Folk in their eyes shall have great woe;
Women with child, beasts, and corn
Shall multiply, and be lost none.
The child that is born on that day,
Shall live long, and lecherous be alway.
Who stealeth ought shall be found out,
If thou be sick it lasteth not.


If Christmas day on Saturday fall,
That winter's to be dreaded by all ;
It shall be so full of great tempest,
That it shall slay both man and beast;
Great store shall fail of fruit and corn,
And old folk die many a one.
What woman that day of child doth travel,
She shall give birth in great peril;
And children born that day, by faith,
In half a year shall meet with death.
The summer shall be wet and ill;
Thou shalt suffer if thou aught steal ;
Thou diest if sickness do thee take.


F Christmas day on the Sunday be,
A troublous winter ye shall see,

Mingled with waters strong;
Good there shall be without fable,
For the summer shall be reasonable,

With storms at times among.

Wines that year shall all be good,
The harvest shall be wet with flood,

Pestilence fall on many a country;


[blocks in formation]

Ere that sickness shall have past,
And while great tempests last,

Many young people dead shall be.

Princes that year with iron shall die,
There shall be changing of many lords high,

Amongst knights great debate,
Many tidings shall come to men,
Many wives shall be weeping then,

Both of poor and great estate.

The faith shall then be hurt truly,
For divers points of heresy

That shall then appear,
Through the tempting of the fiend,
And divers matters unkind

Shall bring great danger near.

Cattle shall thrive, one and the other,
Save oxen, they shall kill each other;

And some beasts they shall die ;
Both fruit and corn will not be good,
Apples will be scarce for food,

And ships shall suffer on the sea.

That year on Monday, without fearing
All things well thou may'st begin,

They shall be profitable ;
Children that on this day are born,
I'faith shall mighty be and strong,

Of wit full reasonable.

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