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530 16

546617 To find the Month and Days

of the Month to which the 5500 17 Golden Numbers ought to be B5600 17 prefixed in the Calendar in any 5700 18 given Year of our Lord, con5800 18 sisting of entire Hundred Years,

and in all the intermediate 5900 19 Years, betwixt that and the B6000 19 next Hundredth Year follow610019 ing, look in the second Column 6200 20 of Table 11. for the given Year, 6300 21 consisting of entire Hundreds; and note the Number or Cypher B6400 20 which stands against it in the 6500121 third Column; then in Table 66002 III. look for the same Number 670028 in the Column under any given B6800 22 Golden Number, which when 6900 23 you have found, guide your Eye sideways to the Left Hand, and in the first Column you will find the Month and Day to which that Golden Number ought to be prefixed in the Calendar, during that period of one hundred Years.

7000 2 7100 24 B 7200 24 7300 2

740 25

7500 26

7800 27

The Letter B prefixed to cerB7600 26 tain Hundredth Years in Table 7700 26 II. denotes those Years which are still to be accounted Bissextile or Leap Years in the New Calendar; whereas all the other Hundredth Years are to be accounted only common Years.

7900 28

B 8000 27

8100 28
8200 29

8300 29

B 4400 12 4500 13 4600 13

4700 14

B4800 14

4900 14


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B 8400 29

Sunday Letter.



2 3 4 5

Mar.21 C 819 011 22 22 920 11223 23 E1021 21324

6 7 8 91011121314151617,18,19

3.14 25 617 28 520 11223| 4|15|26| 41526 7 18 29 1021 21324 5627 51627 819 01122 314 617 28 24 F1122 31425 61728 9 20 11223 41526 71829 718 29 10/21, 21324 51627 819 0

25 G12 23 415 26

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18 C 718291021 213 24 5 16 278 (19) 011 22



▼ The MINISTER shall begin the MORNING PRAYER, by reading one or more of the following Sentences of Scripture.


HE Lord is in his holy kindness, and repenteth him
temple; let all the earth of the evil. Joel ii. 13.
keep silence before him. Hab. To the Lord our God be-
ii. 20.
long mercies and forgivenes-
From the rising of the sun e-ses, though we have rebelled
ven unto the going down of the against him; neither have
same, my name shall be great we obeyed the voice of the
among the Gentiles; and in Lord our God, to walk in his
every place incense shall be of-laws which he set before us.
fered unto my name, and a Dan. ix. 9. 10.

pure offering for my name O Lord, correct me, but
shall be great among the hea-with judgment; not in thine
then, saith the Lord of hosts anger, lest thou bring me to
Mal. i 11.
nothing. Jer. x. 24. Psal. vi. 1.

Let the words of my mouth, Repent ye; for the king-
and the meditation of mydom of heaven is at hand. St.
heart, be always acceptable Mat. iii. 2.
in thy sight, O Lord, my I will arise and go to my
strength and my Redeemer father, and will say unto him;
Peal. xix. 14.
Father, I have sinned against

When the wicked man heaven, and before thee, and turneth away from his wick-am no more worthy to be cal ed edness that he hath commit-thy son. St. Luke xv. 18, 19. ted. and doeth that which is Enter not into judgment lawful and right, he shall save with thy servant, O Lord; for his soul alive. Ezek. xviii. 27.Jin thy sight shall no man livI acknowledge my trans-ing be justified. Psal. cxliii. 2. gressions; and my sin is ever Lefore me. Psal. li. 3.

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, Hide thy face from my and the truth is not in us; sins; and blot out all mine but if we confess our sins, iniquities. Psal. li. 9. God is faithful and just to forThe sacrifices of God are give us our sins, and to a broken spirit; a broken and cleanse us from all unrighte a contrite heart, O God, thoujousness. 1 St. John i. 8, 9. wilt not despise Psal. li. 17. Then the Minister shall say, Rend your heart and not EARLY beloved brethren, Your garments, and turn un- the scripture moveth us to the Lord your God; for he in sundry places, to acknowis gracious and merciful, ledge and confess our manislow to anger, and of great fold sins and wickedness, and



that we should not dissemble Lord, have mercy upon us, nor cloak them before the miserable offenders. Spare face of Almighty God, our thou those, O God, who conheavenly Father, but confess fess their faults. Restore thou them with an humble, lowly, those who are penitent; Acpenitent, and obedient heart; cording to thy promises deto the end that we may obtain clared unto mankind, in Christ forgiveness of the same by Jesus our Lord. And grant, his infinite goodness and mer-O most merciful Father, for cy. And although we ought, his sake; That we may hereat all times, humbly to ac-after live a godly, righteous, knowledge our sins before and sober life; To the glory God; yet ought we chiefly so of thy holy name. Amen. to do, when we assemble and The Declaration of Absolumeet together, to render thanks for the great benefits that we have received at his hands, to set forth his most worthy praise, to hear his most holy word, and to ask ALMIGHTY God, the Fathose things which are requi

tion, or the Remission of
Sins; to be made by the
PRIEST alone, standing; the
People still knecling.

ther of our Lord Jesus

site and necessary, as well Christ, who desireth not the for the body as the soul. death of a sinner, but rather Wherefore, I pray and be-that he may turn from his seech you, as many as are wickedness and live, hath givhere present, to accompany en power and commandment me, with a pure heart and to his Ministers to declare humble voice, unto the throne and pronounce to his people, of the heavenly grace, saying: being penitent, the AbsoluA general confession to betion and Remission of their said by the whole Congrega-sins. He pardoneth and abtion after the Minister, all solveth all those who truly rekneeling. pent, and unfeignedly believe

ALMIGHTY and most his holy Gospel. Wherefore,

merciful Father; Wellet us beseech him to grant have erred and strayed from us true repentance, and his thy ways like lost sheep. We Holy Spirit; that those things have followed too much the may please him which we do devices and desires of our at this present, and that the own hearts. We have of rest of our life hereafter may fended against thy holy laws. be purt and holy; so that at We have left undone those the last we may come to his things which we ought to eternal joy, through Jesus have done; And we have done Christ our Lord.

those things which we ought ¶ not to have done: And there is

health in us. But thou, O'

The People shall answer here, and at the end of every Prayer, Amen.

¶ Or this.

Min. Praise ye the Lord.

ALMIGHTY God, our Ans. The Lord's name be

heavenly Father, who of his great mercy, hath promised Forgiveness of Sins to all those who, with hearty Repentance and true Faith, turn unto him; have mercy upon you, pardon and deliver you from all your sins, confirm and strengthen you in all goodness, and bring you to everlasting life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Then shall be said or sung the following ANTHEM; except on those days for which other Anthems are appointed; and except also, when it is used in the course of the Psalms, on the nineteenth day of the month. Venite, exultemus Domino. COME, let us sing unto the Lord, let us heartily

Then the Minister shall kneel, and say the Lord's rejoice in the strength of our Prayer; the People still salvation.

kneeling, and repeating it

Let us come before his prewith him, both here, and sence with thanksgiving, and wheresoever else it is used in show ourselves glad in him with psalms. Divine Service.


For the Lord is a great UR Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy God; and a great King aName; Thy Kingdom come; bove all gods.

Thy Will be done on Earth,

In his hand are all the cor

as it is in Heaven; Give us ners of the earth; and the this day our daily bread; And strength of the hills is his forgive us our trespasses, as also.

The sea is his, and he against us; And lead us not made it; and his hands preinto temptation; But deliver pared the dry land.

we forgive those who trespass

us from evil : For thine is the O come let us worship and Kingdom, and the Power, fall down; and kneel before and the Glory, for ever and the Lord, our Maker.

ever. Amen.

Then likewise he shall say,

For he is the Lord our
God; and we are the people

O Lord, open thou our lips; of his pasture, and the sheep
Ans. And our mouth shall of his hand.

show forth thy praise.

O worship the Lord in the

Here, all standing up, the beauty of holiness; let the whole earth stand in awe of

Minister shall say,

Glory be to the Father, and him.

to the Son, and to the Holy For he cometh, for he comGhos:; eth to judge the earth; and Ans. As it was in the be-with righteousness to judge ginning, is now, and ever the world, and the people shall be, world without end. with his truth.

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