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be furnished. R. S., § 1270.

SEC. 9. That all posts and stations where there are public quarters Quarters in belonging to the United States, officers may be furnished with quarters kind; where may in kind in such public quarters, and not elsewhere, by the Quartermas ter's Department, assigning to the officers of each grade, respectively, such number of rooms as is now allowed to such grade by the rules and regulations of the Army: Provided, That at places where there are no public quarters, commu--where may be tation therefor may be paid by the Pay Department to the officer enti- commuted, and at tled to the same at a rate not exceeding ten dollars per room per month, and the commutation for quarters allowed to the General shall be at the rate of one hundred and twenty-five dollars per month, and to the Lieutenant General at the rate of seventy dollars per month.

SEC. 13. That from and after the passage of this act, all promotions in the Army, in each and every grade, arm, corps and department thereof, shall cease; and thereafter no promotions or appoinments shall be made to fill any vacancy which may occur, or be created therein, until after such report (1) shall be made and acted upon by Congress: Provided, That this limitation shall not apply to the line of the Army below the rank of captain.

what rate.
R. S., § 1270.
1879, June 23, ch.


1881, Feb. 24, ch. 79, par. 1.

16 Opin. Att'yGen., 577, 619. Promotions in Army to cease till January, 1879.

SEC. 15. From and after the passage of this act it shall not be lawful Army not to be to employ any part of the Army of the United States, as a posse comi- used as a posse comtatus, or otherwise, for the purpose of executing the laws, except in itatus, except as such cases and under such circumstances as such employment of said ized by Constituexpressly authorforce may be expressly authorized by the Constitution or by act of Con- tion and laws. gress; and no money appropriated by this act shall be used to pay any 16 Opin. Att'yof the expenses incurred in the employment of any troops in violation Gen., 162.

of this section


And any person wilfully violating the provisions of this section shall Punishment for be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof shall be violation of secpunished by fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars or imprisonment not exceeding two years or by both such fine and imprisonment SEC. 16. That all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with the provis- Repeal.

ions of this act be, and they are hereby, repealed. [June 18, 1878.]

NOTE.-(1) The report here referred to was required to be made by January 1, 1879, by a committee of Congress provided for in §§ 10, 11, and 12, which are omitted because special and temporary.

[blocks in formation]

[SECTION 1], That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized

June 18, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 163.

Additional life

to establish additional life-saving and life-boat stations at or near the saving stations. following-named points upon the sea and lake coasts of the United R. S., § 4242States, namely:


1874, June 20, ch. 344. 1881, March 2, ch. 111.

At Cranberry Isles;

- Delaware coast;

- Maryland coast;

-Virginia and


One complete life-saving station at Cranberry Isles, Maine;

One complete life-saving station at or near Scituate, Massachusetts; One complete life-saving station at or near Watch Hill, Rhode Island; One complete life-saving station on the coast of Delaware between Cape Henlopen and Indian River;

Two complete life-saving stations on the coast of Maryland, to be located, one between Indian River and Green Run, and one between Green Run and Chincoteague;

Fifteen complete life-saving stations on the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina North Carolina, ten of them to be located at intermediate points between the existing stations, three between the southernmost existing station and Hatteras Inlet, one at or near Cape Lookout, and one at or near Cape Fear Point;

- Texas coast;

-Lake Michigan;

-Lake Superior;

-Lake Huron;

- California.

Five complete life-stations on the coast of Texas, to be located, one at or near Sabine Pass, one on Galveston Island, near west end, one at or near Pass Cavallo, one at or near Aranzas Pass, and one at Brazos Santiago, and one life boat station on Galveston Island, near east end; Two complete life-saving stations on the coast of Lake Michigan, to be located, one at or near Sleeping Bear Point, and one at or near Bayley's Harbor, and four life-boat stations to be located, one at or near Manistee, one at Ludington, one at or near Muskegan, and one at Kenosha;

One life-boat station on the coast of Lake Superior, at or near the mouth of Portage Lake and Lake Superior Ship Canal;"

Two complete life-saving stations on the coast of Lake Huron, one at or near Port Austin and one on Middle Island, and a life-boat station at or near Sand Beach Harbor of Refuge;

And on the coast of California, a life-boat station at Bolinas Bay, in 1874, June 20, ch. place of that authorized to be established at Point Reyes by the act of 344, § i. June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, entitled "An act to provide for the establishment of life-saving stations and houses of refuge upon the sea and lake coasts of the United States, and to promote the efficiency of the Life-Saving Service";

of Mexico.

Superintendent And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized, whenever, for coast on Gulf in his opinion, it may become necessary for the proper administration of the Life-Saving Service and the protection of the public property at the stations, to appoint a district superintendent for the coast of the United States bordering on the Gulf of Mexico, whose compensation shall be at the rate of one thousand dollars per annum,

Keeper at each station.

Unexpended balances available.

Proceeds of sale

of old stations;

And also a keeper for each of the stations hereby authorized to be established.

SEC. 2. That the unexpended balances of appropriations heretofore made for the establishment of life-saving and life-boat stations are hereby made available for the payment of the expenses of the establishment of the stations herein authorized.

SEC. 3. That all moneys received from the sale of old stations and equipments and other material condemned by a board of survey as unR. S., § 3618, serviceable may be expended in rebuilding or improving and equipping 3672, 3692. stations.

how to be used.

1874, June 20, ch.

344, § 9.

Keepers' compensation.

SEC. 4. That hereafter the compensation of the keepers of life-saving and life-boat stations and houses of refuge shall be at the rate of four hundred dollars per annum;

-have powers of And they shall have the powers of inspectors of customs, but shall inspectors of cus- receive no additional compensation for duties performed as such:


to have charge

Provided, That said keepers shall have authority and be required to of property saved. take charge of and protect all property saved from shipwreck at which 16 Opin. Att'yGen., 645. they may be present, until it is claimed by parties legally authorized to receive it, or until otherwise instructed to dispose of it by the Secretary of the Treasury;

And keepers of life-saving stations shall be required to reside continually at or in the immediate vicinity of their respective stations. SEC. 5. That hereafter the life-saving stations upon the sea and gulf coasts at which crews are employed shall be manned and the stations opened for active service on the first day of September in each year, and so continue until the first day of May succeeding, and upon the lake coasts from the opening to the close of navigation, except such stations as, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, are not necessary to be manned during the full period specified;

-to reside near their stations.

Staticus; at what season to be kept open.

Crews to reside at stations. General superin


And the crews shall reside at the stations during said periods. SEC. 6. That the President of the United States may, by and with the consent of the Senate, appoint a suitable person, who shall be fa- tendent; his apmiliar with the various means employed in the Life-Saving-Service for pointment, salary, the saving of life and property from shipwrecked vessels, as general superintendent of the Life-Saving Service, who shall, under the immediate direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, have general charge of the service and of all administrative matters connected therewith, and whose compensation shall be at the rate of four thousand dollars per annum;

Assistant to gen

And the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to appoint an assistant to the general superintendent, whose compensation shall be two eral superintendthousand five hundred dollars per annum.


Duties of general

SEC. 7. That it shall be the duty of the general superintendent to supervise the organization and government of the employees of the superintendent. service;

To prepare and revise regulations therefor as may be necessary; To fix the number and compensation of surfmen to be employed at the several stations within the provisions of law;

To supervise the expenditure of all appropriations made for the support and maintainance of the Life-Saving Service;

To examine the accounts of disbursements of the district superintendents, and to certify the same to the accounting-officers of the Treasury Department;

To examine the property returns of the keepers of the several stations, and see that all public property thereto belonging is properly accounted for;

To acquaint himself, as far as practicable, with all means employed in foreign countries which may seem to advantageously affect the interests of the service, and to cause to be properly investigated all plans, devices, and inventions for the improvement of life-saving apparatus for use at the stations, which may appear to be meritorious and available;

To exercise supervision over the selection of sites for new stations the establishment of which may be authorized by law, or for old ones the removal of which may be made necessary by the encroachment of the sea or by other causes;

To prepare and submit to the Secretary of the Treasury estimates for the support of the service;

To collect and compile the statistics of marine disasters contemplated by the act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four; And to submit to the Secretary of the Treasury, for transmission to to make annual Congress, an annual report of the expenditures of the moneys appro- report. priated for the maintenance of the Life Saving Service, and of the 246, § 1, par. 3. operations of said service during the year.

1876, July 31, ch.

SEC. 8. That the Secretary of the Treasury may detail such officer or Revenue Marine officers of the Revenue Marine Service as may be necessary, to act as officers may be deinspector and assistant inspectors of stations, who shall perform such tailed as inspectduties in connection with the conduct of the service as may be required of them by the general superintendent.


SEC. 9. That upon the occurrence of any shipwreck within the scope Investigation of of the operations of the Life-Saving Service, attended with loss of life, shipwrecks with loss of life.


of oath.

the general superintendent shall cause an investigation of all the circumstances connected with said disaster and loss of life to be made, with a view of ascertaining the cause of the disaster, and whether any of the officers or employees of the service have been guilty of neglect or misconduct in the premises;

And any officer or clerk in the employment of the Treasury Department who may be detailed to conduct such investigation, or to examine into any alleged incompetency or misconduct of any of the officers or employees of the Life-Saving Service, shall have authority to administer an oath to any witness attending to testify or depose in the course of such investigation.

Compensation of SEC. 10. That section six of said act of June twentieth, eighteen members of volunteer crews of life- hundred and seventy-four, is so amended as to extend the compensaboat stations ex- tion of the enrolled members of volunteer crews of life-boat stations tended. therein named to occasions of actual and deserving service at any ship1874, June 20, ch. wreck, or in the relief of any vessel in distress, and that such persons 244, § 6. as may volunteer to take the place of any absent or disabled enrolled members of a crew, and who shall be accepted by the keeper, may be paid therefor, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, a sum not to exceed eight dollars each on every such occasion:

Duty of crews.

Pay of volunteers for saving, &c., property.

Drill, &c., of enrolled crews.

Life-saving med

Provided, That all crews and volunteers employed under authority of this act who may be present at a wreck shall be required to use their utmost endeavors to save life and properly care for the bodies of such as may perish, and, when such efforts are no longer necessary, to save property and protect the same, under the direction of the senior keeper present or of the superintendent of the district, until the arrival of persons legally authorized to take charge;

And for the time employed in so saving and protecting property volunteers shall be entitled to compensation not to exceed three dollars per day each, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury.

SEC. 11. That the enrolled members of the crews of life-boat stations may be called out for drill and exercise in the life-boat and life-saving apparatus as often as the general superintendent may determine, not to exceed twice a month, for each day's attendance at which they shall be entitled to the sum of three dollars each.

SEC. 12. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to als may be be- bestow the life-saving medal of the second class upon persons making stowed by Secre- such signal exertions in rescuing and succoring the shipwrecked, and tary of Treasury. 1874, June 20, ch. saving persons from drowning, as, in his opinion, shall merit such recognition. [June 18, 1878.]

344, § 7.


June 18, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 165.

Indian reserva

tion in Utah re



Indian reservation in Utah restored to sale, &c.

Be it enacted, &c., That so much of the act of Congress approved May stored to sale, &c. fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, and entitled "An act to vacate 1864, ch. 77 (13 and sell the present Indian reservation in Utah Territory, and to settle Stat. L., 63). Indians of said Territory in the Uinta Valley", as directs the Secretary of the Interior to cause to be appraised and offer for sale upon sealed bids the reservations therein referred to, be, and the same is hereby, repealed; and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed to restore the same to the public domain for disposition as other public lands. [June 18, 1878.]




1. In examinations for promotion in Navy, matters decided at previous examination not to be inquired into.

Be it enacted, &c.


2. When it has been done, re-examination to be

June 18, 1878. 20 Stat. L., 265.

In examinations [SECTION 1], That hereafter in the examination of officers in the Navy for promotion in for promotion no fact which occurred prior to the last examination of Navy, matters dethe candidate whereby he was promoted, which has been enquired into cided at previous and decided upon, shall be again enquired into, but such previous ex- examination not to amination, if approved, shall be conclusive, unless such fact continuing be inquired into. shows the unfitness of the officer to perform all his duties at sea.

R. S., §§ 14931504. Where it has been done, re-ex

SEC. 2. The President of the United States may in cases wherein the rule herein prescribed has been violated order and direct the re-exam- amination to be orination of the same. [June 18, 1878.]




Lieutenant-commanders' pension.

Be it enacted, &c., That from and after July sixteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two pensions granted to lieutenant-commanders in the Navy for disability, or on account of their death, shall be the same as theretofore provided for lieutenants-commanding. [June 18, 1878.]

June 18, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 166.


manders' pension. R. S., § 4695.



June 18, 1878.

20 Stat. L., 266.


1. District and circuit courts to be held at Fort Wayne.


2. Clerk, district attorney, marshal.

3. Court-house to be provided by county or city.

Be it enacted, &c. [SECTION 1], That there shall be two terms of the United States district and circuit courts for the district of Indiana, held in the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, in each year, from and after the passage of this act; the time and length of the terms to be fixed by the judges of said court respectively.

[blocks in formation]

SEC. 2. (Rep.) [That the clerk of the district court for the district of Clerk, district Indiana, the marshal, and district attorney for said district shall per- attorney, marshal. form the duties appertaining to their offices, respectively, for said courts; March 3, ch. 182, And the said clerk and marshal shall appoint a deputy, to reside and 1, keep their offices at Fort Wayne, and who shall, in the absence of their principals, do and perform all the duties appertaining to their said offices respectively.]

par. 14.

Court-house to be provided by

SEC. 3. That each of said courts shall be held in a building to be provided for that purpose by the county or city authorities, without expense county or city. to the United States. [June 18, 1878.]

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