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Domestic Occurrences.

[April, sipce petitioned the Lord Lieutenant for a lowing individuals :-General M.Leod and remission of the sentence to transportation four servants; Mrs. Boyd and three serfor life.

vants ; eighteen sailors, going to join the South Sea whalers ; a Colonel of the army,

supposed to be Col. Gordon ; Mr. Anderson, VARIOUS PARTS OF THE COUNTRY.

of the Dock-yard, his only son and eldest On the second reading of the Reform daughter, from Milford; and the estire Bill, splendid and general illuminations took crew, amounting to 15 or 17. place in Edinburgh, Leith, Glasgow, Pais - The Burning Cliff at Weymouth has been ley, Dumbarton, Old and New Lanark, lately visited by many parties, the fire being Dunbar, Dunferinline, Perth, Leven, Ha- frequently to be seen in the evening from the wick, Dundee, Strathaven, Greenock, &c. Esplanade. &c. The magistrates of many of the towns paraded the streets in their robes, accompa LONDON AND ITS VICINITY. nied with music and banners, and amid the OPENING OF Exeter Hall, STRAND.discharge of guns and the blazing of boa March 29.-This spacious and superb buildfires.

ing (described in p. 264), was this day It is in contemplation to institute a col

opened in the presence of between 3000 and lege at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to afford the 4000 persons. . Sir Thos. Baring, the chairsons of merchants and others of the middle man, addressed the meeting ; he observed class of society, suitable instruction in the that the necessity of such an edifice was first higher departments of a liberal education.

suggested by Mr. Brooks, in 1822, and a Feb. 24. Heythrop House, Oxfordshire, few thousand pounds were collected for the the property of the Earl of Shrewsbury, and purpose ; but the matter fell to the ground the hunting residence of his Grace the Duke until about two years ago. when Capt. Powe of Beaufort, was destroyed by fire. Only a nall directed the energy of his mind to the small portion of the furniture could be same object. With regard to the building saved, and none of the superb paintings, itself, great credit was due to Mr. Geary, owing to their being secured to the walls the architect, as the simplicity which was too fast; the rich tapestry, beautiful speci- everywhere apparent did not detract from its mens of sculpture, all are lost; and nothing splendour and magnificence. Before, howremains but hare walls and large masses of ever, all the arrangements were completed, smoking embers. The origin of the fire about 5,000l. more would be necessarily exwas purely accidental,--not entirely free pended, which he doubced not would be from carelessness. Some clothes having shortly supplied either by donations or the been left to air all night, it is supposed purchase of shares. The Rev. Mr. Cunningthat the horse must have fallen.

ham, vicar of Harrow, the Rev. Dr. TownThe remaining part of Kilnsea Church, ley, the Rev. J. Burnet, and the Hon. and which has long formed a conspicuous object Rev. Baptist Noel next spoke upon the relifrom the Holderness coast, near the entrance gious institutions of the metropolis. The of the Humber, gave way, in a storm in Rev. Dr. Cox stated, that there were 16 geFebruary, and was swallowed up by the sea. neral hospitals and infirmaries, 27 for gene

Aprilil. A frightful accident happened ral complaints, 47 lying-in-hospitals, 14 to a party of the 60th Rifles, while cross district societies, 9 annuity and pension so. ing the chain bridge at Broughton near cieties, 40 for the relief of distressed memManchester. Scarcely had the leading file bers, 18 general visiting societies, 11 penitouched terra firma, when a tremendous tentiaries, and a variety of others of a minor noise, resembling musketry, arrested the description-making altogether an aggreattention of the party. In an instant after, gate of 336 institutions in the metropolis the bridge separated at the end next the and its vicinity.--Henry Drummond, esq. toll-house, and with a large quantity of the addressed the meeting upon the literary and stone pier, was precipitated into the river. scientific department.-- Professor Hoppus About 40 of the party, encumbered with congratulated the meeting that this building their arms and accoutrements, were entan- was intended to be devoted to the promotion gled with the railing of the bridge, or over- of three causes, viz. religion, charity, and whelmed in the river. Providentially the science; a threefold cord which could never river was low, and thus no lives were lost; be broken. Religion was the parent, charity but six were sent to the hospital with fraco the daughter, and science the handmaid. He tured limbs; and fourteen others were in found, upon looking over a

found, upon looking over a list in his hand, jured more or less.

that there were 50 scientific institutions in A melancholy destruction of human life the metropolis, and he doubted not that was lately sustained by the loss of the Frolic they would continue to be increased : insteam vessel. The scene of this most dis- quiry was alive, and the mind of man could tressing accident was the Ness Sands, on not be repressed, and in proportion as a union the Glamorganshire coast, a short distance was formed between religion, charity, and from Cowbridge. Between 70 and 80 persons science, would the happiness of man be inperished. Among the number were the fol- creased.

Domestic Occurrences.

363 Circulars have been issued by the Secre- feet in circumference. The case was what tary of State for the Home Department to is called elephantiasis of the scrotum. the different Lords-Lieutenant, requesting April 15. A proclamation was issued, them to ascertain froin the magistrates the ordering the coinage of double sovereigns, operations of the new Beer Bill.

sovereigos, and half sovereigns of gold, and The Court of King's Bench has recently, the usual silver and copper coins. The new after solemn argument, determined that one stamps will differ little from the former ones, foreigner may arrest another in England for except in the inscription, and the addition a debt which accrued in Portugal while of the words “ shilling" and "six pence" both resided there, though the Portuguese on the coins of such respective value.' law does not allow of arrest for debt.

April 27. This evening, pursuant to & A grand opening is effected in Newgate notice from the Lord Mayor of London, a street, by the removal of two or three old splendid illumination took place, in consehouses, which will give an uninterrupted quence of his Majesty having aissolved Parview of Christ's Hospital, particularly the liament, for the purpose of takiog the sense New Hall, built by Mr. Shaw, the archi. of the people on the present state of the tect, and which exhibits a fine specimen of Representation. The illumination was very an imitation of the ancient style of English general--the transparencies, devices, &c. architecture. It is 200 feet in length by in allusion to Reform, being ipaumerable. 50 in breadth. A fine organ and gallery is The streets of London presented one dense at one end, and a pulpit is fixed against the and moving mass of spectators duriog the south wall for the purpose of prayer and ex whole evening. hortation.

Mr. W. Pickersgill, Royal Academician, THEATRICAL REGISTER. has liberally given his fine picture of

DRURY Lane. Mr. Faraday to the Royal Institution. A copy of the picture of Sir H. Davy, by Sir March 14. A farce, entitled High-ways T. Lawrence, is in progress for the Institu and By-ways, was produced. It excited tion. The portrait of Mr. Brande is to be much merriment, and was tolerably well purchased by a subscription of individual received. members, to be placed as an accompaniment April 1. A tragedy by Mr. Keuney, to the others. These are inteoded as the under the title of The Pledge, or Castilian commencement of a collection of portraits Honour, was produced, which met with comof distinguished scientific individuals con

hed scientific individuals con. plete and deserved success. nected with the establishment, and are to April 4. The Easter piece was entitled decorate the theatre. Proof impressions of The Ice Witch, or the Frozen Hand, attriSir H. Davy, Count Rumford, Dr. Young, buted to the pen of Mr. Buckstone. The and others, have been already presented to music and scenery were very pleasing, and the Institution for this purpose.

the piece was well received. April 5. An arrangement took place this April 7. A farce called Netllewig Hall, day for the delivery of general post letters in or Ten to One, was produced. It was very the suburbs of London, within three miles common-place and jejune. Amidst many of the general post office, free of any acidic dissentient voices it was announced for reditional expense. They have heretofore petition. had the extra charge of the twopenny post office.

Covent Garden. April 10. An unfortunate Chinese, of the April 4. An Eastern piece was produced, name of Hou Loo, aged 37, late a labourer under the title of Neuha's Cave; or the in the East India Company's service at Can South Sea Mutineers. The scenery was parton, was operated on at Guy's Hospital, ticularly splendid; and the piece was anfor the extirpation of an enormous abdomi- nounced for repetition amidst great applause. nal tumour.' The operation was conducted April 5. Spohr's opera of “ Azor and with great skill and care by Mr. Key, but Zemira," which has been arranged for the with a fatal result. The death of this man, English stage by Sir G. Smart, was this whose case had excited great interest, is at- evening produced, under the title of Azor tributed solely to nervous exhaustion. The and Zemira, or the Magic Rose. The music, tumour, when separated from the body, though perhaps inferior to Rossini's, was of a weighed fifty-six pounds, and measured four rich and pleasing character.


bell, G.C.B. to be Lieut.-Governor of New

Brunswick and its dependeucies. March 20.-Knighted, Major-Gen. H. Mar. 22.-22d Foot-Captain Lysaght Wheatley.

Pennifather to be Major. Upattached Mar. 21,-Major-Gen. Sir Arch. Camp- Major Craster to be Lieut.-Col. of Infantry. 364

Promotions and Preferments.-Births. [April, Mar. 23.-Knighted, Capt. Geo. Francis Launceston—Major-Gen. Sir J. Malcolm. Seymour, R. N.

Londonderry—Sir R. Ferguson, Bart. Mar. 24.-Capt. the Hon. S. Hay, to be Malton-Rt. Hoo. F. Jeffrey. one of her Majesty's Equerries.

Queen's Co.-Sir H. Parvell, Bart. Mar. 24.-Lieut.-Col. T.Lord Grantham, Shaftesbury-W. L. Maberly, esq. and Lieut.-Col. E. Baker, to be his Majesty's Winchelsea-S. Lushington, D.C.L. Aides-de-Camp for Yeomanry Cavalry.

Mar. 24.-Lieut.-Col. Fox, Gren.Guards, ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. to be one of his Majesty's Equerries. April 4.-60th Foot-Brevet Lieut.-Col.

Rev, R. J. C. Alderson, St. Mathew's R. Alex. Macpherson, to be Major.- 691h

Ipswich Foot-Brevet Lieut.-Col. R. Johns, to be

Rev. J. Brett, Woolferton R. Norfolk. Major. Unattached_To be Lieut. Col.

Rev. C. J. C. Bulteel, Holbeton R. Devon. of lufantry Major Cha. Shee.

Rev. H. Burton, Atcham V. Salop. To be Major of Infautry, by purchase,

Rev. F. J. Courtepay, North 'Bovey R.

Devon. Capt. E. S. Prideaux ; to be Major, without purchase, hrevet Major E. C. Archer.

Rev. N. T. Ellison, Nettlecombe R. Som Brevet–To be Majors, Capt. W. Sweet

Rev. G. L. W. Fauquier, Bradfield R. Suf.

Rev. J. Fisher, Stoney Stanton R. co. Leic. man; Capt. Anthony Alex. O'Reilly; Capt.

Rev. J Flockton, Sherborne R. Norfolk. Denis Mahon.

Rev. T. O. Foley, Leansadwrn V. co. CarApril 13.-Krighted, George Harrison,

marthen. esq. April 15.-Capt. Pechell, R. N. to be

Rev. J. H. Harrison Water Orton, P. C. co. one of the Qneen's Equerries.- Adolphus

Warwick. Cottin, esq. to be Gentleman Usher Quar

Rev. H.D.C.S. Horlock, Box Wilts.

Rev. H. P. Jeston, Cholesbury P. C. Bucks. terly Waiter to her Majesty. April 19.-4th Dragoon Guards—Major

Rev. A. M‘Donald, Cotterstock with GlassH. Pratt, from the half pay to be Major."

thorne V. co. Northampton. Royal Staff Corps.—To be Majors, Capt.

Rev. H. Matthie, Worthenbury R. co. Flint. G. Harriott, and Capt. H. Piers.

Rev. W. Pullen, Gilding Parva V. Hants. April 22.-31st Foot-General Sir H.

Rev. J. Randall, Binfield R. Berks. Warde, to be Col.- 68th Foot-Lieut

Rev. A. Roberts, Woodrising R. Norfolk. Gen. Sir J. Keane, K.C.B., to be Col. —

Rev. R. Tomes, Coughton V. Warwick. 94th Foot.—Major-Gen. Sir J. Campbell,

Rev. W. Uvedale, Stixwold R. co. Lincoln. K.C.B. to be Col.

Rev. R. Vevers, Kettering R. Northampton. Garrisons-Gen. Sir G. Don, G.C.B., to

Rev. R. Williams, Kidwelly V. co. Carm. be Governor of Scarborough Castle.

Rev. W. P. Williams, Nantmellan V. co. Adm. Sir W. Harwood, to be G.C. of the

Radnor. Guelph, and Captains Usher and G. Sey

CHAPLAINS. mour, K.G. of the same order.

Rev. W. J. Coppard, to Earl of Morley. Lieut. Stratford, R. N. to be the Super- Rev. W.B. L. Hawkins, to Duke of Sussex. intendant of the Nautical Almanack. Rev. T. B. Murray, to Earl of Rothes.

Rev. H. F. Willoughby, lo Lord Holland. Members returned for the late Parliament.

Civil PREFERMENT. Clare (co.)—Maurice O'Connell, esq. Rev. W. R. Crotch, Master of Taunton Colchester-Wm. Mayhew, esq.


BI R T H s.

March 22. At Edinburgh, the Countess of Hopetoun, a son and heir.- 31. At Colcorton-ball, Leicestershire, the lady of Sir Geo. Beaumont, Bart, a son. In Harley-street, the Hon. Mrs. W. Rodney, a dau.— In Eaton-place, London, the wife of C. Brownlow, esq. M. P. a son and heir

- At Lyme, the wife of the Rev. C. Ran. dolph, vicar, a son.- In Charles-street, Berkeley-square, Lady Julia Hobhouse, á dau.— The lady of the Hon. Capt. Maude, C.B. R.N. a dau.- In Gower-street, the wife of Mr. Serj. Russell, a son.

April 2. At Stonor Park, Oxfordshire, the wife of Tho. Stonor, jun. esq. a son.- 4. In the Cloisters, Eton College, the wife of the Rev. J. C. Wright, a dau.— 7. The wife of the Rev. Wadham Knatchbull, prebendary of Wells, a son.- ll. The wife of the Rev. H. Stoneman, a son.- 18. In Whitehall-place, Lady H. Cholniondeley, a daughter. - 20. At Shortgrove, Essex, the seat of Sir John St. Aubyn, Baronet the wife of the Rev. D. B. Lennard, a dau.


[ 365. ]

MARRIAGES. Jan. 19. At Alexandria, in Egypt, W. House, Suffolk.- 5. At Trinity Church, N. Peach, esq. only son of N. W. Peach, St. Mary-le-bonde, F. J. Walthew, of Alesq. M.P. of Ketteringham Hall, Norfolk, bany-street, Regent's-park, esg. to Eliz. to Hester-Eliz. dau. of John Barker, esq. third dau. of John Bent, esq. of Oat-hall, his Majesty's Consul-general for Egypt. Lindfield, Sussex. At St. Joho's, Hamp

Feb. 9. Ac Goudhurst, Kent, Rev. W. stead, the Rev. Tho. Henly Causton, to the Harrison, rector of Warmington, co. Warw. Hon. F. Hester Powys, fifth dau. of the late to Mary Anne, dau. of Rev. W. B. Harri- Lord Lilford.— At St. James's, Edward son, vicar of Goudhurst.- 12. James Til) Eardley-Harris Repton, esq. Bengal civil bitts, 'esq. of Braunston, co. Northamp. to service, to Mary-Henrietta, eldest dau. of Eliza-Catherine, dau. of William Webb, esq. H. Thompson, esq. of Bedford-square. of Elford.

At Hastings, Wm. Hankes, jun. esq. of Mar. 10. At Bath, the Rev. William Norwich, to Hannah, third dau. of the late Hutcheson, rector of Ubley, Somersetshire, Wm. Graburn, esg. of Kingsforth-ball, Linto Marianne eldest dau, of the late William coloshire.- 6. At Oswestry, the Rev. T. Whitaker, esq.- 14. At St. Mary's Bry- G. Roberts, Canon of St. Asaph, and Rector anstone square, the Rev. F. Cole, to Eliz. of Llanrwst, to Maria-Diana, eldest dau, of dau. of the late J. Ewing, esq. and sister to C. T. Jones, esq. Ac Bath, the Rev. J. Ewing, esq. M.P. - 15. At Titnes Park, Wm. Beadon Buller, vicar of Over Stowey, the Hon. Wm. Law, youngest brother of to Marianne-Jane, only child of Edın. ShepLord Ellenborough, to the Hon. Augista pard, esq. 7. At Elvaston Hall, near Graves. At All Souls, Langham-place, Derby, the Right Hon. Chas. Stanhope, Capt. W. H. Elliott, 51st Light Infantry, Earl of Harrington, to Miss Foote, the celeto Jane, youngest dau. of the late W. Ash- brated actress. At Betley, Staffordshire, more, Esq. of Ipswich. - 16. At St. Lieut. M.Dermott, 14th foot, eldest son George's, Hanover-square, Wm. Hutt, esq. of Col. M‘Dermott, to Ann Thacker, third to Mary, Countess of Strathmore.- 17. dau. of Chas. Short, esq.- 9. The Rev. At Belvoir Castle, the Hon. Cha. Stuart Samuel Ramsden Roe, of Grafton Manor Wortley, second son of Lord Wharpcliffe, House, Worcestershire, to Anne Whitchurch, to the lady Emmeline Char. Eliz, Manners, only child of Rev. John Ellis, vicar of Wootsecond dau. of Duke of Rutland.- 19. At ten Wawen, co, Warwick. - 12. At Iver, All Souls, Langham-place, the Rev. Geo. co. Buckingham, Lieut.-Col. Bridger, C.B. Sandby, juo. of Denton Lodge, Norfolk, to to Jane, fourth dau. of John Copeland, esg. Eliz. Cath, second dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Hodg 14. Ai Lyme, Cha. Knott, esq. grandson.- 20. At Stoke Canon, the Rev. Wm. son of Major Koott, of Lyme, to Caroline, Gifford Cookesley, of Eton, Bucks, to Au third dau. of E. Hillman, esq. of the Grove, gusta, dau. of the late John Davy Foulkes, Lyme. At Kingsclere, Hants, the Rev. esq.- 24. At St. George's Bloomsbury, W. N. Pedder, vicer of Clevedon, SomersetMarcus Martin, esq. barrister-at-law, to shire, to Caroline Eliz. eldest dau, of Peter Harriett-Mary, only child of the late John Cotes, esq. At Hackney, James C. SoStapleton, esq. of Calcutta. — 26. At merville, M.D. to Albinia, fourth dau, of T. Paington, Devonshire, the Rev. Benj. Hall Hankey, esq. of Dalston.— At St. James's, Kennedy, to Janet, youngest dau. of che Westminster, the Rev. C. Dilnett Hill, of late Tho. Caird, esq. and niece of Capt. De Fetcham, Surrey, to Cicely, youngest dau. von, R. N. - At Stoke Coonon, near Ex of the late Sir Christ. Willoughby, Bart. of eter, the Rev. W. G. Cookesley, to Augusta Baldon-house, Oxon.— A Richmond, dau. of the late J. D. Foulkes, esq. of Daw Capt. Henry Jelf, third son of Sir Jas. Jelf, lish, Devon. At St. George's, Hanover- to Miss C. A. Sharp, of Kincarrochy, co. square, J. Cunninghame, esq. of Hensol, co. Perth, dau. of the late Major Sharp. Dumfries, N. B. to Eliza Mary Upton, dau. At Twyford, F. P. Delme Radcliffe, esq. to of the late Capt. Clottworthy Upton, R. N. Einma, odly dau. of J. H. Waddington, esq. - 31. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, of Shawford-house. At St. Mary's, BryR. Willis, M.D. to Eleanor, third dau. of anston-square, George Drummond, esq. of of the late Mr. David Watson, of Whitehall. Stanmore, to Marianne, second dau. of the

April 2. At Manchester, Capt. W. D. late E. B. Portman, esq. of Bryanston, DorDavies, of the Queen's Bays, to Susan-Jane set.- 16. At. All Souls Church, Sir Rich. Forbes, only dau. of the late John Aberne Annesley O'Donel, Bart. of Newport-house, thie, esq.- 4. At Plymouth, Edmund Newport, co. Mayo, to Mary, third dau. of Lockyer Pym, esq. second son of Capt. Pym, Geo. Clendining, esq. of Westport, same R.N.C.B. to Harriett-Ann, second dau. of county.- 18. At Stanton, the Rev. Edw. Joseph Whiteford, esq. At St. Pancras Rowden, vicar of Highworth, Wilts, to Elchurch, J. W. D. Moodie, esq. 21st Fusi. Jen Frances, eldest dau. of the Rev. Dr. leers, to Susanna Strickland, youngest dau. Ashfordby Trenchard, of Stantou-house. of the late Tho. Strickland, esq. of Reydon


[ 366 ] OBITU A R Y.


the Right Hon. William Brownlow, a March 17. At Cobham Hall, Kent, Privy-Councillor of Ireland, by whom he aged 63, the Right Honourable Jobo bad four sons and tbree daughters : Bligh, fourth Earl of Darnley (1725), 1. Lady Catherive, who died in 1802, in Viscount Darnley of Athbay in the her tenth year; 2. the Right Hon. John county of Meath (1723), and Baron Lord Clifton, who died an infant in 1793; Clifton of Raihmore in the same county 3. the Right Hon. Edward now Earl of (1721), in the peerage of Ireland ; Ba Darnley, late M.P. for Canterbury ; he ron Clifton of Leighton Bromswold, co. was born in 1795, and married in 1825, Huntingdon (by writ 1608), in the peer Emma Jane, daughter of Sir Henry age of England; bereditary High Stew Brooke Parnell, Bari. now Secretary at ard of Gravesend and Milion ; D.C.L., War, and bas two sons and a daugbrer; F.RS.

4. Lady Mary, married in 1822 to ber His Lordship was born June 30, 1767, cousin Charles Brownlow, esq. M. P. for the eldest son of John the 3d Earl by Armaghshire, and died June 20, 1823; Mary, daughter and heiress of Johann 5. the Hum. William, who died when at Stoyte, of Street, co. Westmeath, esq. Eton School, in 1807; 6. the Hon. John (by Mary, sister to Ralph first Viscount Duncan Bligb; and 7. Lady Elizabeth. Wicklow,) and succeeded his father in A bust of the Earl of Darnley, by his uitles and estates July 30, 1781. He Nollekins, was exhibited at Somerset was educated at Eton; and the degree House in 1808. of D.C.L. was conseried on bim as a member of Christ Church, Oxford, in LORD CHARLES H, SOMERSET. 1793.

Feb. 20. At the Bedford Hotel, BrighTbe Earl of Darnley was for many ton, aged 63, the Right Hon. Lord years an active senator. In 1788 he was Charles Henry Somerset, a Privy Counamong the Prince's friends on the Re- cillur, General in the Army, and Cologency question; and he afterwards ge. nel of the 33d regiment; next brother nerally sided with the Opposition. In to the Duke of Beaufort, and brother1805 (May 2), after a long and able in-law to Earl Pouleit. speech on the civil department of the His Lordship was born Dec. 12, 1767, Navy, he insisted on its superior situa the second son of Henry fifth Duke of tion during the administration of Earl Beaufort, K.G. by Elizabeth, daughter St. Vincent, and moved for a commitee of Adm. the Hon. Edward Boscawen, of inquiry, consisting of the Duke of and aunt to the present Viscount FalClarence, Marquis of Buckingham, &c. mouth. He was appointed Cornet in The motion was negatived by 88 to 33. ibe first regiment of dragoon guards in

On March 3, 1808, the Earl of Darn- 1785, Lieutenant in the 13th light dra. ley made a motion of censure on the goons 1786, Lieut.-Colonel in the army expedition to Denmark, negatived by 1791, Lieut.-Colonel commandant of 155 to 76. He was always favourable to the 103d foot 1794, Colonel of the same the claims of the Roman Catholics. regiment 1795, Major-General 1798,

In 1829 bis Lordslip presented a peti Colonel commandant of the 4ih foot tion to the King, claiming the Dukedom 1799, Lieut.-General 1803, Colonel of of Lennox, in tbe peerage of Scotland, the Ist West India regiment 1814, Geas heir of line of Charles sixth Duke of neral in tbe same year, and Colonel of Lennox, and fourth Duke of Richmond, tbe 33d regiment 1830. on whose death in 1672 King Charles Such were bis Lordship's military grathe Second was served heir to him. As dations. We shall now notice, in order his Majesty's (legitimate) issue becanie of dates, his several preferments in the extinct in 1807 with the Cardinal York, State and the Court. He was returned and as that personage was the last beir to Parliament for Scarborough at the male of the Stuarts, the Earl of Darnley general election of 1796, being then a put forward his claim as heir-general, Gentleman of the King's Bedchamber. being descended from Carberine sister In April 1797 he was appointed Compto the Duke above-mentioned. The troller of the King's Housebold; and, petition was referred to the House of on the consequent issue of a new writ, Lords, and their Lordships bave not was re-elected for Scarborough. At bitherto decided upon it.

the general election of 1809 he was The Earl of Darnley married, Sept. returned for the town of Monmouth; 19, 1791, Elizabeth, third daughter of again, in June 1804, when (having re

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