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Livius, Titus, continued.

1 T. Livii Historiarum Libri priores quinque: in usum Juventutis Academicæ.

Uticæ, 1813. 12° (5.6X3.4). 2 T. Livii Historiarum quod exstat, cum integris J. Freinshemii Supplementis Emendationibus & suis locis collocatis, Tabulis Geographicis & copioso Indice. Recensuit et Notulis auxit J. Clericus. 10 vols.

Amstelædami, 1710. 12° (5.1X3). Note.-Title-pages are engraved. Vol. 10 consists of maps and index. 3 T. Livii Patavini Decades Tres, cym dimidia, longe qvam hactenvs emendatiores ... partim C. S. Cyrionis industria, partim Collatione meliorum Codicum ... restitutis. Eiusdem Cælii S. C. Præfatio, Summam continens de Mensuris, Ponderibus, Reque Nummaria Romanorum & Græcorum. ... Ad hæc, L. Flori Epitomæ... B. Rhenani & S. Gelenij ... in hunc auctorem Annotationes. Chronologia H. Glarea

ni ... [and] Index. Basileæ, 1549. 20 (10.8 X 6.5), pp. 829+. 4 T. Livii Patavini Libri omnes svperstites recogniti pridem et emendati

... a Francisco Modio: nunc vero etiam ... a lano Grytero. Cum Indi

ce ... Francofurti ad Mænum, 1612. 2° (12 X 6.6), m. b., pp. 600+. 5 T. Livii Patavini Opera (In), Observationes, Emendationes, Animadver

siones, Annotationes, etc. L. Vallæ, M. Antonii Sabellici, Beati Rhenani, etc. etc. **.

Francofvrti, 1607. 2° (12.2X7), 2 cols., m. b., pp. 511. Note. — To accompany the preceding, and bound with it. LLORENTE, Don Juan Antonio, a Spanish writer; b. 1756. d. 1823.

6 Osservazioni critiche sull’ Originalità dell' Autore di Gil Blas. See LE

SAGE, A. R. Gil Blas de Santillano. LLOYD, Edward.

7 Mathematical Geography. See SOCIETY for the Diffusion of Useful

Knowledge. Library, &c. (Natural Philosophy, vol. 3.) LLOYD, II. J.

8 Physical Geography. See SOCIETY for the Diffusion of Useful Know

ledge. Library, &c. (Natural Philosophy, vol. 3.) LLOYD, Thomas.

9 Congressional Register (The); or, History of the Proceedings and De

bates of the First House of Representatives of the United States of America: ... Containing an impartial Account of the most interesting Speeches and Motions; and accurate Copies of Remarkable Papers laid before and offered to the House. Taken in Short Hand, by Th. Lloyd. Vol. 1, 2.

New-York, 1789. 8° (6.4X3.4). LOBECK, Christian Augustus, Prof. of Anct. Lang., &c., at Königsberg ; b. 1781.

10 Aglaophamus sive de Theologiae Mysticae Graecorum Causis Libri Tres.

Scripsit C. A. Lobeck idemque Poetarum Orphicorum dispersas Reli

quias collegit. Tom. 1,2. [1 paging.] Rigimontii, 1829. 8°(6.2X3.6). LOBEIRA, Vasco de, a Portuguese writer, of the 13th or 14th century.

11 Amadis of Gaul. [Translated from the Spanish Version of Montalvo,

by R. Southey.] ... Vol. 1-4. London, 1803. 12° (4.2X2.6). LOCKE, John, the English metaphysician ; 6. 1632. d. 1704.

12 Essay (An) concerning Human Understanding. In four books. 7th ed., with large Additions. Vol. 1, 2. .. [Portrait.]

London, 1716. 8° (6.2X4). [2 copies.] NOTB. - Second volumes of above are dated respectively 1715, 1721.

LOCKE, John, continued.

1 History of Navigation to A. D. 1704; &c. See CLARKE, J. S. Pri

gress of Maritime Discovery.--Appendix, pp. 75-202. 2 Letter concerning Toleration. 3d ed. Boston, 1743. 8°, pp. 71 3 Letters concerning Toleration. [Portrait.]

London, 1765. 4° (8.4x5.5 4 Life of Locke. See (Works, Ed. 1794, post.-Vol. 1, pp. xix.-xxxis 5 Life and Writings of Locke. See LE CLERC, J. 6 Reasonableness (The) of Christianity, as delivered in the Scripture

...With] An Essay on the Understanding of St. Paul's Epistle: and a Discourse on Miracles. With a Biographical Essay, an Appel

dix and Notes by a Layman. New York, 1836. 8° (8.1 X 4.9), 2 col 7 Reasonableness of Christianity, as delivered in the Scripture. S

Watson, R. (Theological Tracts, vol. 4.)
8 Remains (The) of John Locke, Esq. ; viz. I. Some Memoirs of the Lit

and Character of Dr. E. Pococke. II. Instructions for the Conduct
a Young Gentleman, as to Religion and Government, &c. III. Th
Best Method of Studying and Interpreting the Seriptures. IV. Sent
ments concerning the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. ..
[And] Three Copies of Verses ....

London, 1714. 2° (9.5x5.2), pp. X 9 Works. ... With Alphabetical Tables. Vol. 1-3. 3d ed. [Portrait.

London, 1727. 2° (10X5.2), m. l 10 Works. ... With Alphabetical Tables. Vol. 1-3. 4th ed. [Por trait and Frontispiece.

London, 1740. 2° (10.9X5.6), m.! 11 Works. ... 9th ed. Vol. 1-9. London, 1794. 8° (6.8X3.8)

Translator. See Nicole, P. Discourses: from Nicole's Essays. Locke, John, M.D., Prof. of Chem., &c. Med. Coll. of Ohio. 12 Observations on Terrestrial Magnetism. Pp. 30. See SMITHSONIAI

Institution. (Contributions, vol. 3.) 13 Papers. See AssOCIATION of American Geologists and Naturalists

(Proceedings of 1st-3d Meetings.) LODGE, G. Henry.

Translator, &c. See WINCKELMANN, J. J. History of Ancient Art. Lodge, Thomas, an English author & physician ; b. 1555. d. 1625. 14 Glaucus and Silla. With other Lyrical and Pastoral Poems.

Chiswick, 1819. 12° (4 X 2.4 inr.) Translator. See JOSEPHUS, F. The Famous and Memorable Workes, &c LOCKHART, John Gibson, a Scottish author; b. 1792. d. in Abbotsford, 1854.

15 Ancient Spanish Ballads ; historical and romantic. Translated, with

Notes, by J. G. Lockhart. New ed., revised. With an introductory
Essay on the Origin, Antiquity, Character and Influence of the Ancient
Ballads of Spain; and an Analytical Account, with Specimens, of the
Romance of the Cid.

New-York, 1842. 4° (5.7X3.8) 16 History (The) of Napoleon Buonaparte. ... Vol. 1, 2. (Harper's Family Library, No. 4, 5.)

New-York, 1843. 18° (4.5x2.7). 17 Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait.]

Philadelphia, 1837. 8° (7.1 X 4.1). Loftus, William Kennett, F.G.S., an English archæologist; b. 1820. d. 1858.

1 Travels and Researches in Chaldæa and Susiana; with an Account of

Excavations at Warka, the “Erech” of Nimrod, and Shush, “ Shushan the Palace” of Esther, in 1849–52 ... * * * [Plans and Engravings.]

New York, 1857. 8° (6.6X3.9). LOGANIAN Library, Philadelphia. Catalogue of the Books belonging to the

2 Loganian Library; . . . [with] Account of that Institution, &c. [Classified; with Index of Authors. Portrait.]

Philadelphia, 1837. 8° (7.6X4.3). LOHNEYSS, Georg Engelhard von. 3 Gründlicher und aussführlicher Bericht von Bergwercken ... [Plates.]

Stockholm und Hamburg, 1690. 2°(10.2X5.2). LOKMAN or LOCMAN, an Arabic philosopher, of uncertain date.

4 Fabylæ et selecta quædam Arabvm Adagia. Cum Interpretatione Latina & Notis T. Erpenii.

Amstelrodami, 1636. 4° (5.5X4). LOLME, Jean Louis DE. See De LOLME, J. L. London, City of. The Different Methods of electing Sheriffs for the City of

5 London and County of Middlesex, from the First Granting of the Char

ter ... to the Present Time. ... London, 1724. 89, pp. 62. 6 Great Metropolis (The). ... Vol. 1, 2. 2d ed.

New York, 1837. 12° (5X2.8). 7 Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education; with Appendices, and Plans of School-Houses. 1842–43.

London, 1844. 8° (6.9X3.8), pp. 853. 8 View (A) of London ; or, The Stranger's Guide through the British Metropolis. ...

London, n. d. 12° (4.5X2.8). LONDON (The) Catalogue of Books, with their Sizes, Prices, and Publishers. Con

9 taining the Books published in London and those altered in size or price

since the year 1800 to 1827. [Classified.] London, 1827. 8° (7X3.8). 10 Supplement (A) to the London Catalogue of Books, published in March

1827, containing all the New Works and New Editions published in London ... to June 1829, with their Sizes, Prices, &c.

London, 1829. 8°, pp. 47. LONDON (The) Chronicle. Vol. 1. Jan.-June, 1757. I

London, 1757. 4° (9.7X7.1), 3 cols. LONDON (The), Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of

12 Science. Vol. 1-37—New and United Series. ... Vol. 1-24-Fourth Series. ... [Continued. Monthly. Plates.]

London, 1832-'62. 8° (6.7X3.7). NOTE.- The continuation of Tilloch's Philosophical Magazine', Nicholson's “Jour

nal,' and Thornson's ‘Annals of Philosophy, Vol. 1-16 - Yew and United Series are titled, The London and Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine,' &c. Conducted by Sir D. Brewster throughout. jointly with, R. Taylor to vol. 17_Fourth Series : R. Phillips to vol. 1-Fourth Series ; Sir R. Kane from vol. 17-New and United Series; w. Francis from vol. 1-Fourth Series; and J. Tyndall from vol. 7--Fourth

Series. 13 General Index to the London and Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science. ... For Vol. 1 to 12.

London, 1839. 8° (6.6X3.8), 2 cols., pp. 58. LONDON (The) Gazette. No. 1908–2011. 1 vol.

London, 1683–'84. 2° (9.9X5.3), 2 cols. LONDON Linnean Society. See LINNEAN Society of London.

LONDON Missionary Society. See MISSIONARY Society, &c.
London Quarterly Review. See QUARTERLY Review; FOREIGN Quarterly.
London Royal Society. See ROYAL Society of London.
London Society for the Encouragement of Arts, &c. See SOCIETY, &c.
LONDON University. See UNIVERSITY of London.
Long, Roger, Prof. of Astronomy, Univ. of Cambridge, Eng.; b. 1680. d. 1770.

1 Life of Mahomet. (Pref. to Vol. 1. of Ockley’s History of the Saracens.) LONG, Major Stephen H., an American civil & military engineer; 6. 1784.

2 Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains. See JAMES, E.

3 Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River, &c. See KEATING, W. H. LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth, Prof. of Modern Languages at Boud. Coll.,

1830–35, at Harv. ('oll., 1836–54; b. in Portland, 1807. 4 Ballads and other Poems. 3d ed. Cambridge, 1842. 8° (4.2x2.5 irr.). 5 Belfry (The) of Bruges and other Poems. 4th ed.

Cambridge, 1846. 8° (4.2X2.5 irr.). 6 Evangeline, a Tale of Acadie. Boston, 1848. 8° (4.3X 2.8 irr.). 7 Poets (The) and Poetry of Europe. With Introductions and Biographical Notices. *** [Portrait.]

Philadelphia, 1845. 8°(7.5X4.7), 2 cols., pp. 779. 8 Saggi de' Novellieri Italiani d'Ogni Secolo: . . . con brevi Notizie intorno alla Vita di ciascheduno.

Boston, 1832. 12° (4.8X3). 9 Seaside (The) and the Fireside. Boston, 1850. 8° (4.2 X 2.7 irr.) 10 Syllabus de la Grammaire Italienne. ... Boston, 1832. 12° (5X3.1).

11 Translation of Coplas of Manrique, and Essay. See MANRIQUE, J. LONGinus, Dionysius Cassius, a Greek critic; b. 213. executed at Palmyra, 273.

12 D. Longinus on the Sublime: translated from the Greek, with Notes

and Observations, and some Account of the Life, Writings, and Character of the Author. By W. Smith. * * * [Plate.] 2d ed., corrected and improved.

London, 1742. 8° (6.2X3.5). 13 D. Longinus on the Sublime: translated from the Greek, with Notes

and Observations, and some Account of the Life, Writings, and Character of the Author. By W. Smith. *** 3d ed., corrected and improved. [Plate.]

London, 1752. 8° (6X3.5). 14 D. Longini de Sublimitate Commentarius, ceteraque, quæ reperiri potue

re. [Greek.] In Usum Principis Electoralis Brandeburgici J. Tollius e quinque Codicibus MSS. emendavit, & F. Robertelli, F. Porti, Gabrielis de Petra, G. Langbænii, & T. Fabri, Notis integris suas subjecit, novamque Versionem suam Latinam [facing the Greek], & Gallicam Boilavii, cum ejusdem, ac Dacierii, suisque Notis Gallicis addidit. •*. [Index.]

Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1694. 4° (7.2X4.5). 15 D. Longini de Sublimitate Commentarius, quem nova Versione [facing

the Greek] donavit, Notis illustravit, . . . emendavit (additis etiam omnibus ejusdam Auctoris Fragmentis) Z. Pearce. Ed. 2da ... [Plate.)

Londini, 1732. 8° (6.2X3.4). [2 copies.] NOTE. – Onc copy is dated 1762, and the cdition is not designated. 16 Longinus de Inventione, Græcè. See WALZ, C. (Rhetores Græci, vol. 9.)

17 Treatise on the Sublime. See HOLMES, J. Art of Rhetoric. Book II. LOOKER-On, a periodical paper, published 1792-'94. See ROBERTS, W. Loomis, Elias, LL.D., Prof. of Nat. Philos., N. Y. Univ.; b. 1811. 18 Astronomical, &c. Observations. See AMERICAN Philos. Society. (Trans

actions, vol. 7-10.)


Loomis, Elias, LL.D., continued.

I Certain Storms in Europe and America, December, 1836. Pp. 28, and

thirteen Plates. See SMITHSONIAN Institution. (Contributions, vol. 11.) 2 Memoirs of American Missionaries, formerly connected with the Society

of Enquiry respecting Missions, in the Andover Theological Seminary: embracing a History of the Society, etc. [By E. Loomis.] With an Introductory Essay, by L. Woods. ... [Portraits.)

Boston, 1833. 12° (5.6X3.2). 3 Recent (The) Progress of Astronomy; especially in the United States.

New York, 1850. 12° (5.3X3.1). 4 Recent (The) Progress of Astronomy; especially in the United States. 3d ed., mostly re-written, and much enlarged.

New York, 1856. 12° (5.7X3.5). LOPE DE VEGA. See VEGA CARPIO, Lope Felix De. LORD, Rev. Benjamin, D.D., of Norwich, Conn.; b. 1694. d. 1784.

5 Ministers of the Gospel under special Obligations, to universal constant

Purity. Sermon preached at the Ordination of Rev. J. Huntington at
Salem, Sept. 28, 1763. Ch. by Rev. P. Clark ; R. H. by Rev. T. Bar-

Boston, 1763. 8°, pp. 41. LORD, David N., a merchant of New York City.

Editor. See THEOLOGICAL and Literary Journal. LORD, Eleazar, A.M., of New York City.

6 Compendious (A) History of the Principal Protestant Missions to the Heathen ... Vol. 1, 2.

Boston, 1813. 12° (5.6X3.4). 7 Universal · Biography: with Additions. See LEMPRIERE, J. LORD, John, M.D., of Portland.

8 Address (An) delivered before the Peace Society of Amherst College, July 4, 1839. ...

Amherst, 1839. 8°, pp. 31. 9 Christian (The) Philosopher, and Metaphysician. Series of [12] Tracts ... upon Anthroposophy, and its Connective Subjects.

Portland, 1852. 12° (5.4X3.2). LORD, Nathan, D.D., Pres. of Dart. Coll. ; b. in Berwick, Me., 1792.

10 Address (An) delivered at Hanover, Oct. 29, 1822, at the Inauguration of the Author as President of Dartmouth College.

Windsor, 1828. 8°, pp. 28. 11 Discourse (A) commemorative of Abiel Chandler, Founder of the Chand

ler School at Dartmouth College, delivered at Commencement, July 29, 1852.

Boston, 1852. 8°, pp. 32. 12 Eulogium on Rev. J. Smith ...

Hanover, 1809. 8°, pp. 15. LORD Chancellors of England, Lives of the. See CAMPBELL, J. L. LOREDANO, Giovanni Francesco, a senator of Venice; b. 1606. d. 1661. 13 Dianea (La). 23a impr.

Venetia, 1667. 12° (5X2.6). 14 Scherzi Geniali. 28a impr.

Venetia, 1667. 12° (5X2.6). LORENZO DE' MEDICI. See MEDICI, L. DE.' LORING, James Spear, of Boston.

15 Hundred (The) Boston Orators appointed by the Municipal Authorities

and other Public Bodies, from 1770 to 1852; comprising Historical Gleanings, illustrating the Principles and Progress of our Republican Institutions. ... 2d ed. enlarged.

Boston, 1853. 8° (6.6X3.9), pp. 716.

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