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I beg to thank you for this very kind communication, and for your kind suggestion and offer thus to expedite the representation of Hawaii at the Conference.

In a dispatch dated the 18th day of December last, His Excellency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs at Honolulu wrote me in regard to the recommendation of the President in his message to Congress, that it might be serviceable to Hawaii to be represented in the Pan-American Congress if the recommendation of the President was favorably acted on by the Congress of the United States in time, and that in such case the Government would rely upon me to act in the capacity of Delegate of Hawaii, but further than this, I have no further instructions; and therefore, in view of the important character of the Conference and the weight which will doubtless attach to its decisions as a body of delegates fully empowered to represent their respective Governments, I regret to arrive at the conclusion that it would not be competent for me to act without the further instructions of my Government on the invitation so cordially extended by the President, to be represented at the Conference.

With reference to the probable contingency of an early adjournment of the Conference before I can receive the instructions of my Government, I would respectfully suggest that if the Conference is likely to adjourn before the 25th day of April next, by which date the formal answer of my Government should be received in this city, that an announcement of the invitation extended to Hawaii might be made in the Conference, and perhaps provision might be made so that, even after its adjournment, an opportunity might be opened to Hawaii to accede to such portions of its conclusions as might be of interest to Hawaii, and be favorably received by the Hawaiian Government.

I beg to renew to you, sir, the assurance of my very high regard and consideration.


Secretary of State, etc., Washington, D. C.

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Carter.


Washington, March 26, 1890. SIR: I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 25th instant, in response to my communication of the 20th, relative to the cordial invitation which in pursuance of a concurrent resolution of the Congress of the United States, the President has extended to the Government of His Majesty, the King of the Hawaiian Islands, to be represented in the International Congress of American States, now sitting in Washington.

While I regret the instructions you possess in this regard, and of the purport of which you are pleased to advise me, do not permit your attendance as a Delegate on the provisional footing proposed in my note, I welcome your alternative suggestion that, in the event of the adjournment of the Conference, before you received your expected credentials, provision might be made for the accessions of Hawaii to such portions of its conclusions as may be of interest to Hawaii and be favorably received by the Hawaiian Government.

Believing that many of the results towards which the labors of the Conference are tending will be no less commendable to Hawaii than to the other States of the American confraternity, to which the Hawaiian Islands so naturally belong in their commercial and political association, I will forthwith take steps to cause announcement to be made in the Conference of the invitation which has now been extended to Hawaii, and to ensure to His Majesty's Government the opportunity to accept such mutually beneficial conclusions as it may desire to become a party to.

In this way, the friendship of the United States for Hawaii, and the intimacy of the relations of the Hawaiian Islands to the States of the American system, will find adequate expression. Accept, etc.,


Mr. Stevens to Mr. Blaine.


Honolulu, April 9, 1890. SIR: I improve the earliest opportunity to inform the Secretary of State that I promptly obeyed the instructions in his dispatch No. 20, of March the 20th, 1890, covering an invitation to His Majesty's Government of Hawaii to participate in the International Conference now being held in Washington, and in response have just received an affirmative communication from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, of which a copy is herewith inclosed. I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,


Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.



Honolulu, April 19, 1890. SIR: Referring to Your Excellency's dispatch of April 4, instant, conveying an invitation in the name of the President of the United States to His Majesty the King to be represented by such a number of delegates as may seem to be convenient at the International Conference which has convened at Washington on the 2d of October last, I have now the honor to inform you that it has pleased His Majesty to accept the invitation of the President and to appoint and commission His Excellency the Hon. H. A. P. Carter, His Majesty's minister at Washington, to be such Delegate to represent this Kingdom at the said Conference.

I have the honor to be, sir, Your Excellency's most obedient servant,


Minister of Foreign Affairs. His Excellency John L. STEVENS,

United States Minister Resident, Honolulu.

Mr. Blaine to Mr. Stevens.


Washington, April 26, 1890. SIR: I have to acknowledge with gratification the receipt of your number 22 of the 9th instant, in which you communicate the affirmative response of Hawaii to the invitation by which that Government was requested to send a Delegate to the Pan-American Conference..

The Conference has adjourned - and while, therefore, the participation of Hawaii therein by her distinguished Delegate, Mr. Carter, is not now possible, the action which you report illustrates anew the good will existing between the two countries.

As soon as Mr. Carter shall notify the Department of his appointment, he will be furnished with copies of the conclusions of the Conference, with a view to the accession of Hawaii thereto, to such extent as may be found possible and in the interest of Hawaii as a member of the American family of States. I am, sir, your obedient servant,



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The Conference assembled in the Diplomatic Chamber of the Department of State, Washington, D. C., at noon on the 2d of October, 1889, the following Delegates being present: For Bolivia: V

Mr. Juan F. Velarde.
For Brazil: V

Mr. Lafayette Rodrigues Pereira.
Mr. J. G. do Amaral Valente.

Mr. Salvador de Mendonça.
For Columbia: V

Mr. José M. Hurtado.
Mr. Carlos Martinez Silva.

Mr. Climaco Calderón.
For Costa Rica:

Mr. Manuel Aragón. For Guatemala:

Mr. Fernando Crux. For Honduras: V

Mr. Jerónimo Zelaya. For Mexico:

Mr. Matias Romero. For Nicaragua:

Mr. Horatio Guzman.
For Peru:

Mr. F. C. C. Zegarra.

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