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Contents of this Number.


FOR 1861.

A Good Rural ANNUAL.-We are in receipt of “The IlTerms and Premiums for Cultivator for 1861,.

361 lustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs and Cultivator Salt or Salt and Lime for Crain Crops,..


Almanac for 1861”-a handsome and well filled work of 144 Suggestions to Young Farmers, by RUSTICUS,

802 The Season and Crops Abroad,

22 pages-published by LUTHER TUCKER & Son, Albany. A American and English Plows,

363 few days since we received an order for several hundred copies Stock and Dairying on Grain Farins,

Otiö The Ox Eye or White Daisy..


of a work of this character-the writer supposing us to be Hemlock for Grain Bins,.........

367 the publisher. We would therefore state that we only pubPreparing for Winter...

268 lish the Rural New-Yorker, but can commend the above Culture of the Carrot, by G. PAIRBAIRX,... Characteristics of the Fife Wheat, by J. W. CLARKE,.

370 / work as the best of the kind within our knowledge.- Rural l'se of Machinery-Cows for Draft, by Lewis BAILEY,

370 New-Yorker. Woodpeckers in the Cornfield, by D, H. J.,...

371 Cultivating and Pruning Hedges,

372 We most heartily commend this beautiful little manual to Experiments with Superphosphate of Lime and other Manures 373

the attention and patronage of our farmer friends in Maine.

It contains an almost incredible amount of valuable informaRemedy for Smut in Wheat, hy L, ODELL

373 The St. Lawrence County Show,

374 tion on farining and gardening, as well as other subjects, copiThe Rensselaer County Exhibition.

374 ously illustrated with appropriate engravings.- Me. Farmer. Some Items in Maryland Farming,

375 The Experience of Mr. Dennis,


This is the seventh number of the series, and to persons The Dairy and other stock on Mr. D.'s Farm,

378 who have seen the preceding numbers, we need only say that Hints for other Latitudes,.. Buruing and Applying lime,

311 this is fully equal to any, if indeed, it is not the best of all. Mr. Walker's Experience in Farming..

371 In the “ Hints for the Month," the author has given a new Suggestions to Readers of our Journals, Market Fair in Westchester County,

378 proof of his faculty of expressing much in small space and Richardson's Improved Horse Shoe,

378 few words. There are articles on Working Men's Cottages, Farmer's Clubs in Massachusetts,

379, 380 Poultry, Weeds and their destruction, either of which is worth Liberality to Yale College, The Garnet Chili Potato,

79 much more than the cost of the work, that being only twentyTrans. N. Y. S. Ag. Society,

380 five cents.-Boslon Cultivator. Notes for the Month,..

378 Inquiries and Answers, ......

The Register for 1861 is even an improvement on its pre381

decessors. The chapters on Working Men's Cottages, and on THE GRAZIER AND BREEDER.

weeds, and the hints for each month, are very good. The Fattening Hogs in Cold and Warm Weather,

367 Sour Food for Fattening Animals,


367 Chester County Hogs,...

367 Nuinber Seven of this valuable annual bas just made its apA Good Cow..

369 Wintering Horses..

pearance, and those who have possessed its predecessors will

370 The Pumpkin Seed Question,

372 not do without this. From the examination we have given it,

we think it inore valuable than those of former years. It HORTICULTURAL DEPARTMENT. Gas Tar Injurious to Trees, by JAMES TAYLOR,

contains a complete calendar for each month, with concise and The Pear Blight Beetle, by Dr. Asa FITCH,

371 appropriate hints for the same. Apples from Western New York,


The subject of working men's cottages is fully discussed, Quince from Cuttings,....


and beautifully illustrated, as is also the chapter on poultry. DOMBSTIC ECONOMY.

Another subject, not less important, is that on weeds and their Bed-Bugs and Cockroaches, by D. C. R....

369 destruction. A variety of other matter is crowded upon its How to Cook the Pie Melon........


pages. We should be glad to know that a copy of this work THE BEE-KEEPBR'S DEPARTMENT.

was in the hands every farmer and farıner's boy.-New-York Care of Bees in Autumn and Winter, by C. J. ROBINSON, ... Langstreth'& Patent Hive,


No practical agriculturist or horticulturist who has a parti. ILLUSTRATIONS. Plows,

cle of enthusitsın for his vocation, can afford to do without .363, 364, 365 Pruning Hedges,..

877 this work. We have not the space to notice its various valuaOx-Eye Daisy, 367 | Balloon Frames,.


ble features, but the reader by enclosing twenty five cents to

the publishers, can secure it with its 140 engravings and its E S T I CATED E R.

numerous pithy and timely hints. - The Congregationalist. including cage. Apply to C. N. BEMENT, Po'keepsie, N. Y. Nov, 22 w2tmlt.

"RURAL AFFAIRS"---2 vols. 12 mo.

These volumes consist of a reprint of our Illustrated Annual RegisTurkeys may be obtained by applying to the subscriber. Also ter, from its commencement to 1860, with the omission of the Calendar a great variety of FANCY FOWLS, including Black Spanish, Golden, pages and advertisements, and comprise a great amount of matter re. Silver Spangled and Black Ilamburgs, Spangled Chittagongs, Bolton lating to almost every subject of interest to the Country Resident, Greys, African, Smooth Legged White, Golden and Silver Spangled and are illustrated with over Eight Hundred Engravings, including Bantams, Brahmas and Aninos. Seven varieties Fancy Pigeons &c. Laying Out and Planting

Ornamental Grounds and Farms, Plans of Apply to Nov. 22--w2tmlt. C. N. BEMENT, Po'keepsie, N. Y.

Farm Houses and Cottages, School Houses, Baros, Ice and Smoke URE BERKSHIRES OF EXTRA QUALITY Houses, Garden Structures, Domestic Animals, Farm Implements and FOR SALE.

Machines, Fences and Gates, Plants, Trees, &c., &c. No Farmer's

Library should be without this work. Price $2-or $1 each, sent by One Bow 12 weeks old-price $10.

mail prepaid.

Three sows and three boars, ten weeks old-price $6 each,
Three sows and three boarg, four weeks old-price $5 each.
PAIRS-One from each of younger litters, $10.

Perfect Pedigrees Furnished.

We know of no works which afford so much Practical Information Pigs well boxed and supplied with feed. Address


on the subject of American Agriculture, which can be procured for Nov. 22—w4tmt.

Aurora, Cayuga Lako, N. Y. double the cost, as the Third Series of "THE CULTIVATOR," the 8th

vol, of which is now completed. The price of the Eight volumes, With Practical Directions for Laying Out a Farm and Erecting each sent by mail, post paid. Either volume from 1 to 8. can be had Buildings, Fences, and Farm Gates. Embracing also the Young Far separately at the same price. The Eight volumes will be sent per Exmer's Workshop: giving full directions for the selection of good Farm press to any part of the country, on receipt of $6. and Sbop Tools, their Use and Manufacture, with numerous Origin... Illustrations of Fences, Gates, Tools, etc., and for performing nearly every branch of farming operations. By 8. EDWARDS Topd. Price 1, by mail post paid. For sale by L. TUCKER & Sox, Co. Gent, Office,

FAN MILLS. Albany, N. Y.

They will chaff and screen wheat in passing throngh the mill once, VHE RURAL AMERICAN!-FIFTY THOU- ranted the very best in use.

in the most perfect manner, and all kinds of grain and seed. War SAND COPIES of the RURAL AMERICAN, of Utica, N. Y., will be sent FREE in Dec, next, to farmers and others who want the

Patent Rights for sale of all the Western States

Address best, largest, most splendid, and CHEAPEST Agricultural FAMILY May 1-m19+

Junction, Rensse. MTT.CON. Y. WEEKLY in the Union No other paper can now compare with it in style and real value-only $1 in clubs-35 per cent larger than any paper of the kind! CLUB AGENTS wanted in every town in the U, S. Premiums magnificent! Circulates in all the States. Vol. 6 begins Jan. 1st. Send your names singly or in clubs to T. B. MINER & SON, Clinton, Oneida Co., N. Y.

They are so Improved as to be taken down and packed in boxes for

transportation. One dozen can be packed in a box of about six cubic
Arenas de moto 860 per month to canvass for the Rural AMERICAN. made of the best material anak berimanship. For Price List, addresa
Details sent in paper. Direct as above.
Nov. 22--#tbmit

I. T. GRANT & CO. May 1-m120

Junction, Rensselaer Co.. N. y.

374 Obserder.

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