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and the People, standing and for our salvation, came And any Churches may omat cown from Heaven, and was the words, He descended incarnate by the Holy Ghost into Hell, or may, instead of the Virgin Mary, and was of them, use the words, He made man, and was crucified went into the place of de. also for us under Pontius Pi. parted Spirits, which are late. He suffered and was considered as words of the buried, and the third day he same meaning, in the Creed rose again, according to the I

ther Almighty, Maker of Heaven, and sitteth on the heaven and earth : right hand of the Father , and

And in Jesus Christ his on- he shall come again, with gloly Son our Lord; Who was ry, to judge both the quick conceived by the Holy Ghost, and the dead ; wliose king. Born of the Virgin Mary, Suf-dom shall have no end. fered under Pontius Pilate, And I believe in the Holy Was crucified, dead, and bu-Ghost, the Lord and giver of ried; He descended into Hell ; life, who proceedeth from the The third day he rose from Father and the Son, who with the dead; He ascended into the Father and the Son togeHeaven, And sitteth on the ther is worshipped and gloriright hand of God the Father fied, who spake by the proAlmighty ; From thence he phets. And I believe one Ca. shall come to judge the quick tholic and Apostolic Church. and the dead

I acknowledge one Baptism I believe in the Holy Ghost; for the remission of sins; and The Holy Catholic Church; I look for the resurrection of The communion of Saints; the dead, and the life of the The forgiveness of sins; The world to come. Amen. resurrection of the body, Anda. And after that, these Prayers the life everlasting. Amen.

following, all devoutly kneel. Or this.

ing ; the Minister first proI

nouncing, Father Almighty, Maker

The Lord be with you ; of Heaven and Farth, and of

Ans. And with thy Spirit. all things visible and invisible:

Min. Let us pray.
And in one Lord Jesus
Christ, the only begotten Son

O Lord, show thy mercy of God, begotten of his Father upon us ; before all worlds ; God of God. Ans. And grant us thy salI iglnt of J ight, very God of vation. very God, begotten, not made, Min. O God, make clean being of one substance with our hearts within us ; the Father, by whom allthings Ans. And take not thy Holy were made ; who for us men, Spirit from us.

T Then shall follow the Collect the United States, and all others

for the day, except when the in authority; and so replenish Communion Service is read ; them with the grace of thy and then the Collect for the Holy Spirit, that they may alday shall be omitted here. ways incline to thy will, and TA Collect for Peace.

walk in thy way: Endue them

plenteously with heavenly O

of peace and lover of and prosperity long to live ; concord, in knowledge of and finally, after this life, to whom standeth our eternal/attain everlasting joy and felife, whose service is perfect licity, through Jesus Christ freedom : defend us, thy hum-four Lord. Amen, ble servants, in all assaults of our enemies ; that we, sure. The following Prayers are to ly trusting in thy defence, may be omitted here, when the Lir not fear the power of any ad

tany is read. versaries, thro' the might of A Prayer for the Clergy and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

T A Collect for Grace.

ALMIGHTY and everlast

ing Godfrom whom OORD; our heavenly Fa

ther, Almighty and ever-cometh every good and perlasting God, who has safely tect gift, send down upon our brought us to the beginning of Bishops and other Clergy, and this day; defend us in the same upon the Congregations comwith thy mighty power, and mitted to their charge, the grant that this day we fall in-healthful spirit of thy grace ; to no sin, neither run into

and, that they may truly please

any kind of danger; but that all thee, pour upon them the conour doings, being ordered by

tinual dew of thy blessing: thy governance, may be righ-Grant this, O Lord, for the teous in thy sight through

honour of our Advocate and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Mediator Jesus Christ. Amen. TA Prayer for the PresidentT A Prayer for all Conditions of the United States, and all

of Men. in Civil Authority.

Preserver of all mankind, tier, the high and Inighty we humbly beseech thee for Ruler of the universe, who all sorts and conditions of men dost from thy throne behold all that thou wouldest be pleased the dwellers upon earth; most to make thy ways known unto heartily we beseech thee, with them, thy saving health unto thy favour to behold and bless'all nations. More especially thy servant, The President of we pray for thy holy Church

O CORD, our heavenly Fa-O GOD, the Creator and

universal ; that it may be so due sense of all thy mercies, guided and governed by thy that our hearts may be unseigngood Spirit, that all who pro-edly thankful, and that we may fess and call themselves Chris-show forth thy praise, not only tians, may be led into the way with our lips, but in our lives; of truth, and hold the faith in by giving up ourselves to thy. unity of Spirit, in the bond of service, and by walking before peace, and in righteousness of thee in holiness and righteouslife. Finally, we commend tress all our days, thro' Jesus thy Fatherly goodness, all Christ our Lord; to whom, those who are any ways afflict. with thee and the Holy Ghost, ed or distressed in mind, body, be all honour and glory, world or estate; that it may please without end. Amen. thee to comfort and level them, according to their seve- 1 A Prayer of St Chrysostom

them patience under their sufferings A hast given us grace at this

, who and a happy issue out of all time, with one accord to make their afflictions : And this we our common supplications unbeg for Jesus Christ's sake. to thee; and dost promise that Amen.

when two or three are gatherA General Thanksgiving. ed together in thy Name, thou LMIGHTY God, Father

wilt grant their requests; fulfil Ab

of all mercies, we, thine now, O Lord, the desires and unworthy servants, do give he most expedient for them

petitionsof thy servants as may thee most humble and hearty thanks for all thy goodness knowledge of thy truth, and in

granting us in this world and loving kindness to us, and to all men. We bless thee for the world to come life everour creation, preservation, and lasting. Amen. all the blessings of this life ;

2 Cor. xjii. 14. but, above all, for thine inestimable love in the redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus THE grace of our Lord

Jesus Christ, and the love Christ; forthe means of grace, of God, and the fellowship of and for the hope of glory. And, the Holy Ghost, be with us all we beseech thee, give us that evermore. Amen.

Here endeth the order of MORNING PRAYER.


The MINISTER shall begin the Evening Prarer, by read.

ing one or more of the following Sentences of Scripture. THI

THE Lord is in his holy ind repenteth him of the evil.

temple ; let all the earth Toel ü. 13. keep silence before him. Hab. To the Lord our God belong ii. 20.

mercies and forgivenesses, From the rising of the sun tho' we have rebelled against even unto the going down of him ; neither have we obeyed the same, my name shall be the voice of the Lord our God, great among the Gentiles; and to walk in his laws which he in every place incense shall be set before us. Dan ix. 9. 10. offered unto my name, and is O Lord, correct me, but pure offering : for my name with judgment; not in thine shall be great among the hea- anger, lestthou bring me to nothen, saith the Lord of hosts. thing. Jer. x. 24. Psal. vi. 1. Mal. i. 11.

Repent ye; for the kingLet the words of my mouth, kdom of heaven is at hand. St. and the meditation of my Mat. iii. 2. heart, be always acceptable in I will arise and go to my fathy sight, O,Lord, my strength ther, and will say unto him ; and my Redeemer. Ps.xix. 14. Father, I have sinned against

When the wicked man turn-heaven, and before thee, and eth away from his wickedness ain no more worthy to be callthat he hath committed, and ed thy son. St. Luke xv. 18, 19. doeth that which is lawful and Enter not into judgment right, he shall save his soul with thy servant, O Lord ; for alive. Ezek. xviii. 27. in thy sight shall no man liv

I acknowledge my trans-ing be justified.Psal. cxliii. 2. gressions ; and my sin is ever If we say that we have no before me.

Psal. li. 3. sin, we deceive ourselves, and Hide thy face from my sins; the truth is not in us ; but if and blot out all mine iniqui- we confess our sins, God is ties. Pra!, li. 9.

faithful and just to forgive us The sacrifies of God are alour sins, and to cleanse us broken spirit; a broken and from all unrighteousness. 1. contrite heart, O God, thou St. John i. 8,9. wilt not despise. Psal. li. 17.

Rend your heart and not. Then the Minister shall say. your garments, and turn unto the chord your God for he is DEARLY

beloved brethren, and , slow the anger, and of great kindness.lin sundry places, to acknow. ledge and confess our mani. And there is no health in us. fold sins and wickedness, and But thou, O Lord, have mercy that we should not dissen-upon us, miserable offenders. ble nor cloak them before the Spare thou those, O God, who face of Almighty God, our confess their faults. Restore heavenly Father, but confess thou those who are penitent ; them with an humble, lowly, According to thy promises de penitent, and obedient heart;clared unto mankind, in Christ to the end that we may ob-Jesus our Lord. And grant, tain forgiveness of the same O most merciful Father, for by his infinite goodness and his sake ; That we may here

And although we after live a godly, righteous, ought, at all times, humbly to and sober life; To the glory acknowledge our sins before of thy holy name. Amen. God; yet ought we chiefly soThe Declaration of Absoluto do, when we assemble and tion, or Remission of Sins ; meet together, to render to be made by the Priest thanks for the great benefits alone, standing ; the People that we have received at his still kneeling. hands, to set forth his most

: worthy praise, to hear his ther of our Lord Jesus most holy word, and to ask Christ, who desireth not the those things which are requi- death of a sinner, but rather site and necessary: as well for that he may turn from his the body as the soul. Where-wickedness and live, hath give fore, I pray and beseech you, en power and commande as many as are here present, ment to his Ministers to deto accompany me, with a clare and pronounce to his pure heart and humble voice, people, being penitent, the unto the throne of the hea- Absolution and Remission of venly grace, saying- their sins. He pardoneth and 1. General Confession, to be absolveth all those who truly

said by the whole Congre-repent, and unfvignedly be. gation after the Minister, lieve his holy Gospel. Where all kneeling

fore, let us beseech him to LMIGHTY and most mer-grant us true repentance, and


erred and strayed from thy things may please him which ways like lost sheep. We have we do at this present, and that followed too much the devices the rest of our life hereafter and desires of our own hearts. may be pure and holy; so We have offended against thy that at the last we may come holy laws. We have left un- to his eternal joy, through done those things which we Jesus Christ our Lord ought to have done ; And we The People shall answer have done those things which here, and at the end of eve ought not to have done :

very Prayer, Amen.

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