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condition; but Titan afterwards fufpecting that his brother had broke the contract between them, made war against him, and kept him in prison, from whence he was released by his fon Jupiter, and re-inftated in his government. He was afterwards dethroned by Jupiter himself.

Saturn is reprefented as the emblem of Time, with a scythe in his hand; and during his reign, it is faid, was the golden age of the earth, when the ground yielded all forts of fruits without culture, and Aftræa, or Juftice, dwelt among men, who lived together in perfect love and amity. He is faid to have destroyed all his children, becaufe Time devours all things.

CYBELE was the wife of Saturn, and accounted mother of the gods. She hath her head crowned with towers, and is the goddess of cities, garrifons, and all things that the earth fuftains.

In her hand fhe carries a key, because in winter the earth locks up her treasures, which in the spring the unloofes, brings forth, and dispenses with a plentiful hand.

She is feated in a chariot, because the earth hangs in the air, being poised by its own, weight. Her garments were painted with flowers of various colours, and figured with images of feveral crea



tures; which needs no explanation, fince every one knows, that such a dress is fuitable to the earth.



UPITER, the fon of Saturn and Cybele, or Ops, is the father and king of gods and men. He is reprefented fitting on a throne of ivory and gold, holding thunder in his right hand, and in the left a scepter made of cypress; which wood, being free from corruption, is a symbol of eternal empire.

He was born, and educated, upon Idá, a mountain in Crete. Some fay he was nurfed by the Nymphs, and others, that he was fed by the bees, with honey.

Jupiter, after he had depofed his father Saturn from the throne, and expelled him the kingdom, divided the paternal inheritance with his two brothers, Neptune and Pluto. He fo obliged and affisted mankind by great favours, that he not only got the title of Jupiter, but also obtained divine honors, and

and was esteemed the common father of gods and


Jupiter is ftiled Optimus Maximus, from his power and willingness to do good to all men. He is alfo named Olympius from Olympus, or the heaven, wherein he refides.

JUNO, the queen of heaven, both the fifter and wife of Jupiter, was born in the island of Samos, where the lived while fhe continued a virgin.

She is represented in a chariot drawn by peacocks, with a fceptre in her right hand, and a crown on her head. She was mother of Vulcan, Mars and Hebe.

Iris was her fervant and peculiar meffenger. Becaufe of her swiftnefs, fhe is painted with wings, fitting on a rainbow. It was her office to unloofe the fouls of dying women from the chains of the body.



is defcribed as a beardlefs youth,

with long hair, crowned with laurel, and fhining in an embroidered veftment; holding a bow



and arrows in his right hand, and a harp in the Sometimes he is feen with a fhield on the


one hand, and the Graces in the other.

He was the son of Jupiter and Latona. By the invention of phyfic, mufic, poetry and rhetoric, he deservedly prefided over the Muses.

He deftroyed all the Cyclops, the forgers of Jupiter's thunder polts, with his arrows, to revenge the death of his fon Æfculapius, whom Jupiter had killed with his thunder, because, by the power of phyfic, he restored the dead to life again.

Daphne, fo famous for her modefty, was changed into a laurel, whilft Apollo, who paffionately admired her, was using his utmost efforts to obtain her. The laurel is the most chafte of trees, which is never corrupted with the violence of heat or cold, but remains always flourishing, always pure.

Apollo raised the walls of the city of Troy, by the music of his harp alone.

He is called Cynthius from the mountain Cynthus, in the island of Delos; from whence Diana is also called Cynthia. He is also called Delius, from the fame island, because he was born there.

> He is called Delphicus from the city Delphi in Boeotia, where he had the most famous temple in the world. They fay that this famous Oracle be

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came dumb, at the birth of our Saviour; and when Augustus defired to know the reafon of its filence, the Oracle answered him, that, in Judæa, a child was born, who was the Son of God, and had commanded him to depart, and return no more anfwers.

From his exact skill in hunting he is called Paan, and armed with arrows. From the swiftnefs of his motion, he is called Phoebus.

SOL, who enlightened the world, is esteemed the fame as Apollo. He was the father of Phaeton by Clymene; and, as a proof of his paternal affection, promised to grant his fon whatever he should requeft. The rafh youth asked the guidance of his chariot for one day. Sol, in vain, used every argument to diffuade him from the enterprize; but, having fworn by the river Styx, an oath which it was unlawful for the gods to violate, he unwilling ly granted his request, and gave him the necessary inftructions for his behaviour.

Phaeton, transported with joy, mounted the chariot, and began to lafh the flaming fteeds; but they, finding the ignorance of their new driver, ran through the air, and fet heaven and earth on fire. Jupiter, to prevent a total conflagration, ftruck Phaeton with thunder from his chariot, and plunged him into the river Po. His fifters, Phæthufa, LamD 2 petia

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