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M A D A M, ***FTER having a great while with'd A to write something that might be

worthy to lay at your Highness's

Feet, and finding it impossible : Since the World has been so kind to me to judge of this Poem to my Advantage, as the most pardonable Fault which I have made in its kind; I had finn'd against myself, if I had not chosen this Opportunity to implore (what my Ambition is most fond of) Your Favour and Protection.


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Es is. I dare not think of offering any thing in h

this Address, that might look like a Paneis gyrick, for fear, left when I have done my

best, the World should condemn me, for saying too little, and you yourself check me, for medling with a Task unfit for my Talent.

For the Description of Virtues and Perfec1

tions fo rare as Yours are, ought to be done - by as deliberate, as skilful à Hand; the

Features must be drawn very fine, to be like; hasty dawbing will but spoil the Picture, and make it so unnatural, as must want false Lights to set it off: And your Virtue can receive no more Lustre from Practices, than your Beauty can be improv'd by Art, which as it charms the braveft Prince that ever amaz'd the World with his Virtue: So, let but all other Hearts enquire into themselves, and then judge, how it ought to be prais'd.:

Your Love too, as none but that great Hero, who has it, could deserve it, and therefore, by a particular Lot from Heaven, was destin'd to so extraordinary a Blessing, so matchless for its self, and so wondrous for its Constancy, shall be remember'd to Your · Immortal Honour, when all other Transactions of the Age You live in shall be forgotten.

But I forget that I am to ask Pardon for the Fault I have been all this while Com


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mitting. Wherefore I beg Your Highness
to forgive me this Presumption, and that
You will be pleas'd to think well of one who
cannot help resolving with all the Actions
of Life, to endeavour to deserve it : Nay
more, I would beg, and hope it may be
granted, that I may through Yours never
want an Advocate in his Favour, whose
Heart and Mind You have so entire a Share
in; it is my only Portion and my Fortune,
I cannot but be happy fo long as I have
but hopes I may enjoy it, and I must be
miserable, should it ever be my ill Fate to
lose it.

This with Eternal Wishes for Your Royal Highness's Content, Happiness, and Pro. sperity, in all Humility is presented by

2 A F

B Sc H

O Sa W В. Sin

Your most obedient and

devoted fervant,

Sin Th Ofi Yet Not



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