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Value. lation

in 1831. O'Donoghue, Rev. F. S. Over Peover, P.C.. Che- 92 561

shire Pearson, Rev. Hugh, M.A. Sonning, V., Berks 451 2588 Peers, Rev. John Wither- Tetsworth, C., Oxon

530 ington, M.A. Price, Rev. John

Pitchcott, Bucks

304 28

Sir H. Mainwar

ing. Dean of Salisbury Rd. Barry Slater,

Esq. M.D. Heirs of the late

Capt. Saunders D. & C. of York.

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D. & C. of Wind

sor. Vic.of St. Mary's,



Proctor, Rev. Wm., M.A. Bishop Burton, V.,

Pym, Rev. F.

Richards, Rev. C. W. St. Chad's, P.C., Lich-

field Rigg, Rev. George

rate, P.C., Linc. Salmon, Rev. Thos. Wm., Hopton, P.C., Suffolk

Sharpe, Rev. James, B.A. A Chaplaincy on the

Bengal station
Shaw, Rev. John

Stoke Poges, R., Bucks.
Snow, Rey. Thomas Newton Valence, V.,

with Hawkley, C.,

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Stocker, Rev. C. W. Draycott le Moors, R.,

Staffordshire Stratton, Rev. Joshua

Gravenay,v., W. Good

nestone, R. Sutton, Rev. Thomas Rural Dean. of Shef

field, Ecclesfield and

Tankersley Thornton, Rev. Watson Prebend of Wellington Joseph, M.A.

in Hereford Cath. Trollope, Rev. Edward Rauceby, V., Lincoln. Trollope, Rev. J. J. Wigmore, V., Heref. Thompson, Rev. R. Shotley, P.C., Nortumb. Venables, Rev. Jas., M.A. The Prebend of Alton

Australis, in Salis

bury Cathedral Webster, Rev. Gardiner, St. Peter's, Mancroft, B.A.

Wheeler, Rey. R. T. Surr. in Chester Dioc.
Whitehead, Rev. W. Dean of Worces. Coll.
Williams, Rev. H. Llangyvelach,v., Glam.
Williamson, Rev. William St. Nicholas, Cork


120 139 16

262 Sir J. C. Thorold,

Bart. 429 Bp. of Hereford. 1104 Bp. Crewe's Trs.

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Over Peover, Cheshire Snow, Rev. Thomas St. Dunstan's in the

West, London Stevenson, John 0. Dengy, R., Essex Taylor, Rev.Jonathan, D.D. Wigmore, v. Wood, Rev. R.

St. John's, Broughton,


See “ Appoint

ments." See Appoint

inents, Sed Appoint." See“ Appoint

ments. See “ Appoint."

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DEATHS. THE BISHOP OF CHICHESTER. tage of travelling on the continent in 1814

and 1815, and the acquaintance which he The Right Rev. Dr. Shuttleworth, Bis- then gained with France and Italy was enhop of Chichester, died on Friday evening, larged by a second visit to those countries the 7th of January, at his palace, after an in 1820, in company with Lord Leigh. illness of very short duration. He was For some years previously to 18:22, Mr. born Feb. 9th, 1782, at Kirkham, in Lan- Shuttleworth resided in Oxford, and filled cashire, his father being then vicar of that the office of tutor to his college, and for a parish, as well as a Prebendary of York. short time that of proctor in the university. He received the rudiments of his educa- When the wardenship of New College betion in Preston, of which place his father came vacant, he was unanimously elected was afterwards vicar. He was sent at the to that station, and he presided over the age of fourteen to Winchester, and was society for eighteen years. afterwards admitted a scholar on the In 1823 he married Emma, daughter of foundation. In December, 1800, he was the late George Welch, Esq., of High elected a scholar of New College, and in Leck, Lancashire; whom he leaves a the year 1803, he gained the Latin verse son and four daughters. prize, the subject of which was “ Byzan- His “Paraphrastic Translation of St. tium.” Soon after he had taken the degree Paul's Epistles,” his “Consistency of the of B.A., he became tutor to the Hon. Al- whole scheme of Revelation with itself, gernon Herbert, with whom he resided for

and with human reason,” and his last work, some time at Eton, as well as in the family “ On Tradition," are the chief fruits of of the Earl of Carnarvon. At a subsequent his theological studies. period he performed the same duties in the In 1840 he was raised to the honour of family of the late Lord Holland. With the mitre. Lord and Lady Holland he had the advan



Value. lation Patron.

in1831. Barker, Rev. G. A. Kevenlleece, R., Radn. £135 367 Bp. of St. Darid's Bowen, Rev. J. G.

Stanley, R., Somerset. 150 180 Rd. Harrison, Esq. Colmer, Rev. John

Askerswell, R., Dorset. 160 228 Rev. E.Cox, D.D.
Littleton Drew, R.,

141 177 Bp. of Salisbury.
Cricket Malherbie, v., 77 28 S. Pitt, Esq.

Somersetshire Davenport, Rev. Js., D.D. Weston-on-Avon, R.,


478 780 Univ. Coll. Oxf. Fisher, Rev. Philip, D.D.

Whaplode, V.,

Linc. 309 1998 Lord Chancellor. Fosbrooke, Rev. T. Dudley, Walford, V,, Heref. 218 1155 Precent. in HereM.A. W. Ruardean, c.

858 ford Cathedral Foxlowe, Rev. Francis Ordsall, Notts


809 Ld. Wharncliffe. Elmton, Derbyshire 55 340 C. H. Rhodes,

Esq. ; Garratt, Rev. Thomas

Audley, V.,

Staffordsh. 170 367 Geo. Tollet, Esq. Grant, Rev. Charles, L.L.B. West Barsham, v., Norf. 155

101 C. M. Balders,

Esq. Grylls, Rev. Rd. Gerveys,

B.C.L. Kuhff

, Rev. Henry, late Fellow and Assistant Tu

tor of Cath. Hall, Camb. Lade, Rev. William Wickhambreux, R., 790 486 Captain G. H. Kent

D'Aeth. Manley, Rev. G. P., late of

Jesus College, Cambridge Marsden, Rev. Wm. Everingham, R., York. 237 276 Rev. W. Marsden Marwood, Rev, G., M.A.,

of Busby Hall, Yorkshire


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Population Patron. inl831. 1104 Bp. Crewe's Trs,



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Messenger, Rev. J. Shotley, P.C., Northum.
Mrers, Rev. W. J., Curate

of Eltham, Kent
Powys, Rer. Littleton Titchmarsh, R., North-

amptonshire Press, Rev. Edward, M.A. St. Peters, Mancroft,

P.C., Norwich Premont. Rev. John Evke, C., Suffolk Roberts, Rev. James C. Witherley, R., Leicest.

Tarrant Rushton, R., Saunders, Rev. G. Eveloigh Tarrant Hinton, R.,

Dorset South, Rev. T. H.

Burton-Hastings, P. C.,

Warwickshire Stranger, Rev. Richard Zeal Monachorum, R.,

Devon Usko, Rev. Fred.

Orsett, R., Essex. Vivian, Rev. C. P.

Wellingborough, v.,

Northamptonshire Wagstaffe, Rev. Daniel, for

merly of Linc. Coll. Oxon Wait, Rev. W., formerly of

St. Mary-le-Port Church,

Watts, Rev. Robert St. Alphage, R., London

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COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS. Allen, Mr. George, son of the Bishop of Burrows, Rev. Henry N., to the Head Ely, to the Wardenship of Dulwich Coll. Mastership of Great Yarmouth Preparatory

Atkinson, Rev. Miles, late Fellow of School, Lincoln College, Oxford, to the Head Gough, Rev. Henry, to the Second MasMastership of the Free Grammar School tership of the Free Grammar School at at St. Bees.

St. Bees. Bramah, Rev. A. T., B.A., of Jesus Hughes, Rev. T., to the Head MasterCollege, Cambridge, to the Second Master- ship of Woodbridge Grammar School. ship of the Western Grammar School, Rushton, Rev. Wm., to the Mastership Brompton.

of Brewood Free Grammar School.

ORDINATIONS. On the 9th of January, the following gen- Christopher Greenside, B.A., St. Peter's tlemen were admitted into holy orders by College. the Lord Bishop of Ripon :

Alfred Bligh Hill, B. A., Jesus College. DEACONS.-Of Oxford.

John Swabey Oxley, B.A., Queen's Coll. William Baldwin, B.A., St. Edmund Hall.

Of Dublin.
Robert Marshall Martin, B.A., St. Edmund

Irwin Lloyd, B.A., Trinity College.
Samuel Browne Harper, B.A., New Inn

Thomas Henry Manning, B.A., Trin. Coll. Hall.

Literate. George Antrobus, B.A., Brasenose College, by letters dimissory from the Archbishop

Charles Henry Sinberry Nicholls. of York.

PRIESTS.-Of Oxford. of Cambridge.

Rev. Frederick Edwin Lott, B.A., St. Reginald John Mapleton, B.A., St. John's Alban's Hall, by letters dimissory from College.

the Bishop of Exeter.

Of Cambridge. Rev. Henry Bailey, B.A., St. John's Coll. Rev. Samuel Pagan, B.A., St. John's Coll. Rev. Thomas Harvey, B.A., Clare Hall.

Of Dublin. Rev. Thomas Briarley Browne, B.A.,

Trinity College. Rev. Benjamin Luke Poyntz, B.A., Trinity


The following gentlemen were admitted into holy orders on Sunday the 16th of Jan. by the Lord Bishop of Norwich :

DEACONSOf Oxford. Richard Firth, B.A.. New College. Geo. Francis Turner, B.A., Trinity Coll.

Of Cambridge. Wm. Barrett, M.D., Caius College. Charles Dockley Gibson, B.A., St. John's

College. Ambrose Wm. Hall, B.A., St. Peter's Coll.

PRIESTS-Of Oxford. Rev. Richard Cooke Denny, B.A., Trinity

College. Rev. Willoughby W. Dickenson, M.A.,

Brasenose College. Rev. John Wm. Dolignon, B.A., Balliol

College Rev. Wm. Ewing, B.A., Lincoln College. Rev. Thos. Lyon Fellowes, B.A., Christ

Church. Rev. John Edward Schreiber, B.A., Bal

liol College.


Of Cambridge.
Rev. John Atcherley Ashley, B.A., Jesus

Rev. John Black Bampton, B.A., Christ's

Rev. Hicks Thos. Deade, B.A., St. John's

Rev. Jas. Hen. Jerrard, D.C.L., Caius Coll.
Rev. Thos. Reynolds, B.A,, Pembroke Col.
Rev. William Charles Snooke, B.A., St.

Peter's College.
Rev. John Wood Spencer, B.A.. Pem-

broke College.
Rev. Frank Sugden, B.A., Trinity Coll.
Rev. Fred. Wm. Wilson, B.A., Christ's

Of Dublin.
Rev. Hugh Macmaster, M.A., Trinity Coll.

Of Durham.
Rev. Geo. Frederick Hill, Licentiate of

Ordinations to be holden.
Sunday, Feb. 20, Bishop of Salisbury, at

Sunday, Feb. 20, Bishop of Lincoln, at

Sunday, Feb. 20, Bishop of Peterborough, at Peterborough.

Sunday, March 20, Bishop of Lichfield, at London.

Sunday, May 22, Bishop of Oxford, at Oxford.

Sunday, July 10, Bishop of Winchester, at Farnham.


POETRY PROFESSORSHIP. Documents erplanatory of the contest between

the Rev. Mr. Garbett and the Rev. Mr. Williams, for the Chair of Poetry in the University of Oxford.

“ Christ Church, Nov. 17, 1841. “Sir,- Understanding that a circular is being sent round to all the Members of Convocation, soliciting their votes for the Rev. J. Garbett, late Fellow of Brasenose, and now Rector of Clayton, Sussex, in the approaching election for the Professorship of Poetry, I take the liberty of mentioning some circumstances, which may influence your decision, and with which you are possibly unacquainted.

“ The Rev. Isaac Williams, M.A., Fel. low of Trinity, was, before our recent unhappy divisions, generally thought by resident members of the University, to be marked out by his poetic talents to fill that chair, whenever it should become vacant. In 1823 he gained the prize for Latin Verse ; his subsequent larger works, “The Cathedral," and "Thoughts in Past Years, speak for themselves, both bearing the rich character of our early English Poetry.

“ To those unacquainted with his character, or who know him only through the medium of newspaper controversy, it may be necessary to state, that the uniform tendency of his writings and influence has been to calm men's minds amid our un

happy divisions, and to form them in dutifui allegiance to that Church of which he is himself a reverential son and minister.

“ He is also a resident; whereas employments which involved non-residence were considered a sufficient reason to prevent a member of a leading College from being brought forward by its head.

** On the other hand, it is a known fact, that Mr. Garbett would not even now have been brought forward, except to prevent the election of Mr. Williams.

“ Under these circumstances; it is earnestly hoped that the University will not, by the rejection of such a candidate as Mr. Williams, commit itself to the principle of making all its elections matters of party strife, or declaring ineligible to any of its offices (however qualified) persons whose earnest desire and aim it has, for many years, been to promote the sound principles of our Church, according to the teaching of her Liturgy. “ I have the honour to be, Your humble servant,

“ E. B. PUSEY."

taken. You have received from one of the Fellows a similar assurance concerning himself; and I find that many others of our body were equally destitute of information upon this point.

“ With respect to the non-residence of Mr. Garbett, you will yourself adınit that his case is decidedly distinguished from that of the gentleman to whom you allude. It is, however, precisely similar to that of the present Professor, whose example we have in support of our conclusion, that the duties of the office may be ably discharged notwithstanding.

“ After all, it may unfortunately be true, that what was begun in generous rivalry may be assumning, more or less, the character of religious division. But we deny that we are responsible for this, either generally, or now in particular. We have not sought such an issue ; we have encouraged no step towards it. We only advocate the just pretensions of a gentleman well qualified for the office which he is seeking; who has ably served his college as a Tutor; the University as Public Examiner ; whó has been selected to fill on the next occasion the important office of Bampton Lecturer; and of whom we assert, as you of his competitor, “that it is his earnest desire and aim to promote the sound principles of our Church according to the teaching of her Liturgy.'

dear Dr. Pusey, truly yours,

“ A. T. GILBERT. “Rev. Dr. Pusey, Canon of Christ Church,

" Regius Professor of Hebrew. “ Considering that you have printed and circulated your letter, you will not be surprised at my giving equal publicity to the above."

“ Believe me,

“ Brasenose College, Nov. 19, 1841, “ Dear Dr. Pusey, -Unfeignedly do I regret that any thing should have occurred to place us in opposition to each other; but I am compelled to notice some statements in your printed circular, dated 17th inst., of which I did not see a copy until late last night.

“ I must beg leave to deny altogether that the object of this college in bringing forward Mr. Garbett was to prevent the election of Mr. Williams.

“Mr. Garbett's talents are admitted by all who know him. His acquirements in every department of literature are extensive. He is intimately acquainted with the poetry, of most countries and ages. He has a singular power of retaining and combining all that he has ever read, and of developing his own systematised views to the apprehension of others.

* What I have already said almost implies, but I will distinctly add, that his feeling for the beauties of poetry is true, and his criticism manly, just and compreprehensive.

"With this conviction of his fitness for the office, are needed no other inducement to bring him forward for the Professorship of Poetry

“How far Mr. Williams - had been generally thought by the resident members of the University to be marked out by his poetic talents to fill that chair,' it is not for me to say. I can only state, that I never heard Mr. Williams mentioned for that post until after our own resolution had been

“ St. Giles' House, Dec. 11, 1841. “Sir,In the letter which I have had the honour of receiving from you 'to solicit my vote and interest in Mr. Williams's behalf, you desire also, on the part of the committee, a reply to their communication.

" I hasten to furnish that reply.

" The Rev. Isaac Williams has presented himself for the vacant chair of the Professor of Poetry. I have no doubt whatever that he possesses all those amiable qualities and high attainments which his supporters put forward as the ground of his election. Nor should I hesitate, as I replied to my friend Dr. Pusey, to render him any private service that might lie within my power ; but the rev. gentleman claims a public post, and seeks to be invested with public authority; and it has become, therefore, the duty of every one who has a voice in the decision, to consider

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