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The mother's frantic sbrick, or the dread sound,
When from the cannon burst its stores of death.
Fat flames the firo of joy on ruin'd piles,
And high heap'd carcasses, whence scared away
From his abhorred meal, on clattering wing
Rose the night-raven slov.

In the English forts,
Sad was the scene. There all the livelong night
Steals in the stragling fügitive; as when,
Past is the storm, and o'er the ažure sky
Serenely shines the sun ; with every breeze
The waving branches drop their gather'd rain,
Renewing the remembrance of the storm.

The Seventh Book.

Description of the English forts. The French troops attack and capture the forts of St. Loup and St. Fobn. Attack of Fort London. Salisbury encounters the Maid. Event of that encounter. The Tournelles surrounded by the French, who dispatch a troop to Orleans for provisions, and encamp before it for the night.

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