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Sic, cum suavis amantium corona
Languescet mihi decidentque gemmæ,
Amissos mihi subsequi sodales
Quamprimum liceat! Quis optet esse
Caris atque fidelibus superstes

Et tristem hunc habitare solus orbem?


Οὐκ οἶδα πότερα σίγ ̓ ἀπαλλάξαι πόδα, ἢ τοὺς παρόντας πίκρ ̓ ὀνειδίζειν ἔπη, πρέπον τ ̓ ἐς ὑμᾶς ἔστ ̓ ἐμοῦ τ ̓ ἐπάξιον. τὸ μὲν γὰρ εἰ χρὴ μηδὲν ἀντειπεῖν-τάχ ̓ ἂν φιλοτιμία δόξαιμ ̓ ἐπεστομισμένος

ζυγὸν δέχεσθαι χρύσεον μοναρχίας, ᾧ σπεύδετ ̓ ἀμαθίᾳ με περιβαλεῖν κάρα. ἦν δ ̓ ἐξελέγξω τάσδε τὰς ὑμῶν λιτὰς · πρόσχημ ̓ ἐχούσας εὐμενῶν θωπευμάτων, φήσει με τις φίλοισι μέμφεσθαι λίαν.

Therefore, to speak, and to avoid the first;
And then, in speaking, not to incur the last,-
Definitively thus I answer you.

Your love deserves my thanks; but my desert
Unmeritable shuns your high request.

First, if all obstacles were cut away,

And that my path were even to the crown,
As my ripe revenue and due of birth;
Yet so much is my poverty of spirit,

So mighty and so many my defects,

That I would rather hide me from my greatness,
(Being a bark to brook no mighty sea,)
Than in my greatness covet to be hid,
And in the vapour of my glory smother'd.
But, God be thank'd, there is no need of me;
(And much I need to help you, if need were);
The royal tree hath left us royal fruit,
Which, mellow'd by the stealing hours of time,
Will well become the seat of majesty,
And make, no doubt, us happy by his reign.
On him I lay what you would lay on me,

The right and fortune of his happy stars,

Which God defend that I should wring from him!

ὡς οὖν θέλοντος πάντα δὴ φυγεῖν ψόγον,
καὶ μήτε σιγᾷν μήτ' ἐρεῖν ἀγνώμονα,
τάδ ̓ ἀντακούεθ ̓ ὡς διαῤῥήδην λέγω.

χάριν μὲν ὑμῖν οἶδα τῆς προθυμίας,
ἀνάξιος δ' ὢν δωρεὰς ὀκνῶ λαβεῖν·
ἐμοὶ γὰρ εἰ καὶ μηδὲν ἐμποδὼν ἔτ ̓ ἦν,
τὸ μὴ οὐχ ἱκέσθαι τὴν τυραννικὴν ἕδραν,
κτῆσιν δικαίαν καὶ προσήκουσαν γένει,
οὕτω ταπεινός εἰμι τῷ φρονήματι,
οὕτω δὲ σοφίας κἀρετῆς λελειμμένος,
ὥσθ' εἱλόμην ἂν μᾶλλον ἐκστῆναι τύχης,
(πόντον γὰρ εὐρὺν πλεῖν ἔφυν ἀμήχανος,)
ἢ λαμπρὰ νῦν μὲν σχεῖν, ἔπειτα δὲ σκότον,
κλέους τ ̓ ἐν ἀτμῷ πνικτὸς ἐξολωλέναι.
ἀλλ ̓ οὔτ ̓ ἐμοῦ δεῖσθ ̓, ἐν Θεῷ πράσσοντες εὖ,
οὔτ ̓, εἰ δέοισθε, πόλλ ̓ ἂν ὠφελοῖμ ̓ ἐγώ.
δένδρου γὰρ ἤδη βλαστάνων τυραννικοῦ
καρπὸς πέφυχ ̓ ὅμοιος, ὃς χρόνῳ πέπων
θρόνων πατρῴων ἄξιος γενήσεται,
ἡμῖν τ ̓ ἀνάσσων ὄλβιον στήσει βίον.
τούτῳ δίδωμι πάνθ' ἃ νῦν ὑμεῖς ἐμοί·
κείνου γὰρ ἔστι μακαρίας τύχης δόσει
γνώμης δ ̓ ἔχοιμι μήποθ ̓ ὡς ἀποστερῶν.


1. O be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands: serve the Lord with gladness, and come before his presence with a song.

2. Be ye sure that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

3. O go your way into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and speak good of his name:

4. For the Lord is gracious, his mercy is everlasting: and his truth endureth from generation to generation.


Omnes Terræ jubilate,

Læti Deum adorate,

Cumque cantu festinate

In conspectum Domini.

Dominum scitote Deum

Nobis esse, solum eum;

Deus est qui nos creavit ;

Sumus illi, quos curavit,

Pecus atque populi,

Ejus ante portam state,

Ejus curias intrate;

Nomen ejus collaudate ;

Redditote gratias.

Namque Deus laude dignus,
Semper clemens et benignus,

Serus vindex peccatorum ;

Inque sæcla sæculorum

Durat ejus veritas.

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