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In Luca Giordano's compositions, consistency and costumes are not always preserved: a proof of this may be seen in his picture of Eliezer and Rebecca. The costumes of the personages has no reference to those that Abraham's servants must have worn; several of them are bareheaded, which is quite contrary to Eastern manners: even Rebecca's hair is elegantly and coquettishly attired, without a veil, which is also rather a remarkable incongruity.

To indicate the shepherd's daughter, the artist has put a crook in her hand: he has placed her near a well, over which a cord is seen, as if the wells of Canaan were constructed similar to ours: near the well is a vessel, the form of which would be far from convenient to carry water: then, if the length of the camel's neck allows his head to be seen above every thing, how must the horse, on the left side, he supposed to be placed, for his head to be even higher than the camel's.

It is also astonishing to see the bracelets presented by a young man, whilst the Bible says, that Eliezer offered them himself, to her who was to be his master's wife.

This picture is remarkable for its vigorous and faithful colouring the heads are graceful and highly expressive. It forms part of the Dresden Gallery, and has been engraved by Wagner.

Width, 5 feet 5 inches; height, 4 feet 8 inches.

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