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When a subject is treated allegorically, it is often difficult to understand it, whatever may be the painter's skill, unless a perfect knowledge be possessed of the history of the individual in question. The present allegory might very well not be guessed, at the first glance, by those who should not recal to mind that Andrea Doria, a noble Genoese, was the best seamen of his time. His first atchievements at Sea were against the Heathens. Crowned with the greatest success, the artist, to preserve the remembrance of them, has represented Andrea Doria with the attributes of Neptune, to show, that, like that God, he was the master of the Sea. Near the Admiral is Christianity, indicated by the cross, held in her right hand, whilst with the other, she shows him the Prosperity that awaits him, should he continue to make the Catholic Faith triumph.

This picture was painted in 1512, by Francesco Raibolini, a Bolognese, generally known by the name of Francia, and who was then 62 years old. It was formerly in the Modena Gallery, and is now in that of Dresden : it has been engraved by James Folkema.

Height, 8 feet; width, 4 feet 7 inches.

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