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Clio, Euterpe and Thalia, seated and grouped together, are characterised, the first by the trumpet which she emploiys to celebrate mighty deeds, and by a book in which is recorded whatever is to be handed down to posterity; the second by a mere flute; and the third by a mask, the emblem of comedy. This composition of three figures formed part of a series of five pictures which adorned a cabinet of the hotel of president Lambert de Thorigny, in the isle Saint-Louis.

Le Sueur had before excited a high idea of his talents by the majesty of his compositions. Here, however, he has risen above himself, by shewing himself a better colourist. These pictures were the last he executed; and it is even affirmed that he died through his excessive application to the execution of them, having been employed nine years in finishing all the pictures with which this spacious mansion was embellished.

Breadth, 4 feet 8 inches; height, 4 feet 5 inches.

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