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Printed for D. HENRY 20 St Joht's GATI.

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To Mr URBAN, on compleating Volume XXXII. of the



on hy Fate in Career 0! may the yet far difant Day,
How Year for ever chases Year! Referved for his appointed Sway,

Like Dreams, terrestrial Objects fly! 1 Still seethe peaceful Olive spread

They fade, they vanish, change and Which now we plant o'er thousands

to die;

dead, !

To paint the shifting Scene is thine And Men learn only from thy Page

With hafty Tints, but juft Design, The purpled Wocs of hostile Rage,

Thine, to record the transient Deed And 'ark, the Record as they view,

With Hying FAME's impatient Speed: If Tales so strange can yet betrue ;

From thee focceeding Times thall know Enquire, with better Wisdom bleit,

What War's have vex'd the World What madness then ulusp'd the Break,


[wrought, When Man employ'd his Strength and

What LEARNING's patient Labour Alone to defolate and kill, [Skill

What Poets lung, what Sages thought: And brought on Earth infernal Flame

But from thy Works selected still, (hill, To add a Title to a Name ;

Tais Tome some favour'd place thall To do what no one wiso supply'd

Supreme where BRITAIN has decreud Of all that toil'd, and groan'd, & dy'd:

The Nations round no more shall bleed, O! may these horrid Wonders past

Has bid Itern War's Doininion ceale, Be true no more while Time shall last!

Andyiven this pendant Ball to PEACE: Henceforth, my Friend, maybettesDays

Where TIME records that BRIŤÁIN'S Secure thee Bliss in feeking Praise,


Nor frowning Fate all Fame deny,

Boasts a new Heir that's all her own. But well to paint Calamity! .

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HE important Events of the Year 1762, could not fail to render 2.

Work which recorded chem entertaining and interesting; we fhall,

therefore, as we did the latt Year, recommend our Miscellany to the

Artention of the Public, only by a brief Recapitulation of its Contents, claim.

ing no Merit, which is not implied by the Favour of the Leained and Ingenia

ous, who have preferred the GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE before other periodical

Pamphlets of the fame Kind, as a Channel to convey the Result of their ob-

lervations and Study to the Public: To this Preference, which has been long

our Honour and Advantage, we are content to owe our Superiority; and, as

te belt Testimony of our Gratitude, we promife still to exert our utmost Abi.

lities to deserve it, by our Regularity and Exactness in recording the public

Events of the Year ; the Impartiality with which we exhibit different Opinions,

whether in Literature or Politics, from other Publications, and our Care and

Fidelity with respect to the Manuscripts which we are favoured with by our


In the Magazine for the Month of January, there is a clear and ample Ac-

count of the Difpute between Great Britain and Holland, with relpect to the Pro.
ceedings of the English and Dutch Eaf India Companies at Bengal; the Mani
feftoes of the two Crowns of England and Spain are inserted, with the Declara.
tion of War that almost immediately followed. This Number also contains a
succinct yet full History of the public Funds, and of the Bulinels of Change-
Alley; an Account of the Death of ABEL, a celebrated German Poein; and aus
original Life of Dr Sherlock, the late Bishop of London.

In the Month of February, an Event is recorded, which had Consequences of
great Mement, the Death of the Emprefs of Ruffa, with an Account of the
irft Measures taken by Peter the IIId, who fucceeded her, in favour of Prufio:
This Magazine contains also the Life of the celebrated Cardinal Borromeus ; a
particular Account of a pretended Ghost in Cock-Lane; and a Speciinen of a
new poetical Version of the Psalms, by the learned and ingenious Mr Merrick.

In the Magazine for March, the Events which brought on the War with Spain
are traced back to their Source, by Facts authenticated in Papers relative to
that Subject, which were published by Order of Government : A tar her Ac..
count is given of the new Meafures pursued by the Emperor Peter III. of Ruffia;
a Scheme is proposed, which has since been executed with great Succels, for
fupplying the Markets of London with Fith, by 'Land: Carriage, at a reasonable
Price, and defeating the iniquitous Contrivances of Fifhmongers : An authentic
and particular Account is interted of the Reduction of Martinico; and a Scheme
is proposed for raising Money by Sale of Crown-Leases.

In April, we gave an Account of a Voyage undertaken by a Son of the in-

genious Mr Harrison, with his celebrated Clock, which measures Time with such

Exactness as sufficiently to ascertain the Longitude. Of severat Steps taken by

thé Powers at War tending to a general Peace: Of an Insurrection in Irelaní,

by some idle and mif-led People, who called themselves. Wbite Boys:' of the

Tranfit of Venus over the Sun, as observed at Madres; and a Narrative of the

Commiffion, Discovery, and Punishment of a Murder, attended with moll una

tommon and altonithing Circumstances.

In May, we gave an Account of the Proceedings of France and Spain, with

respect to Portugal, with the Memorials of the three Crowns: Of a Premiuin

for discovering the first common Usage of Linnen Paper : Of the Lile of the

late Admiral Holmes: Alfo a succinct History of Phylic, from the earlieit Times,

with the first Discovery and Introduction of many capital Medicines : Ande

Method of purifying the fouleft and most fætid Train Oil, without Trouble

of Expence. The Change in the Administration, which took place in Miny,

prodaced three new weekly political Papers, the Briton, the NORTH! Briton,

and the AUDITOR.



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