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TEMPLE SHAKESPEARE By the kind permission of Messrs Macmillan Ege Co.

and W. Aldis Wright, Esq., the text here
used is that of the Cambridge" Edition.

First Edition of this issue of " King Henry VIII." printed July 1895.

Second Edition, Fuly 1896,

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Ole the lare, Whitekt

From an old Print by Ionel Silvreten im 18. Madrum

THOSE hands which yok so clapt, go now and wring,
You Britaines brave; for done are Shakespeare's dayes :
His dayes are done, that made the dainty Playes
Which make the Globe of heav'n and earth to ring.
Dry'de is that veine, dry'd is the Thespian Spring,
Turn'd all to teares, and Phoebus clouds his rayes :
That corps, that coffin, now besticke those bayes,
Which crown'd him Poet first, then Poets' King.
If Tragedies might any Prologue have,
All those he made, would scarce make one to this :
Where Fame, now that he gone is to the grave,
(Death’s publique tyring-house) the Nuncius is.

For, though his line of life went soone about,
The life yet of his lines shall never out.


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