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Topless, that which has nothing| Vaward, the fore part
above it, supreme
Velure, velvet
Topple, to tumble
Touch, sensation, sense, or feel- Vengeance, mischief
Vent, rumour, matter for dis-

Venew, a bout, a term in fencing

Touch, exploit or stroke
Touch, a spice or particle
Touch, touchstone
Touches, features
Touched, tried

Toward, in a state of readiness
Toys, rumours, idle reports, fan-
cies, freaks of imagination
Toze, to pull or pluck
medi-Trace, to follow

Trade, a custom, an established

Tradition, traditional practices
Traditional, adherent to old cus-

Tall, stout, bold, courageous
Tallom-keech, the fat of an ox or

Tame, ineffectual

Tame snake, a contemptible fel-

Tamed, flat, spiritless
Tarre, to stimulate, to excite,

Tartar, Tartarus, the fabled
place of future punishment
Task, to keep busied with scru-
Tasked, taxed
Taurus, sides and heart in
cal astrology
Tawdry, a kind of necklaces
worn by country girls
Taxation, censure or satire
Teen, sorrow, grief
Temper, to mould like wax
Temper, temperament, constitu-

Temperance, temperature
Tempered, rendered pliable:
Tend, to attend upon, to wait for
Tender, to regard with affection
Tend'ring, watching with ten-

Tib, a strumpet
Tickle, ticklish

Tent, to take up residence
Tercel, the male hawk
Termagant, the god of the Sara-
Termagant, furious
Tested, brought to the test
Testern, to gratify with a tester,
or sixpence

Tetchy, touchy, peevish, fretful
Tharborough, thirdborough,
peace officer


Trick, smeared, painted, in he-
Tricking, dress

Theme, a subject/
Theorick, theory
Themes, muscular strength
Thick, in quick succession
Thick-pleached, thickly inter-

Tricksy, clever, adroit
Triumphs, masques, revels pub-
lic exhibitions


Thill, the shafts of a cart
Thirdborough. See Tharborough
Thought, melancholy
Thrasonical, boastful, bragging
Thread, fibre or part
Thread, to pass through
Three-man-beetle, an implement

Trojan, cant word for a thief
Troll, to dismiss trippingly from
the tongue
Trol-my-dames, a game
Trossers, trowsers
Trom, to believe
Truth, honesty

Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a

Turlygood, or turlupin, a species
of gipsy

used for driving piles
Three-pile, rich velvet
Thrift, a state of prosperity
Throes, emits as in parturition
Thrum, the extremity of a weav-

er's warp
Thrumm d, made of coarse wool-
len cloth

Turn, to become acescent
Turquoise, a precious stone
Twangling, an expression of con-
Twigging, wickered
Tyed, limited, circumscribed
Type, distinguishing mark, show
or emblem
Tything, division of a place,



Trail, the scent left by the pas-
sage of the game
Traitress, a term of endearment
Tranect, a ferry
Translate, to transfer, to explain
Trash, a hunting phrase, to cor-
Travel, to stroll
Traverse, a term in military ex-


Tickle-brain, some strong liquor
Tight, handy, adroit
Tightly, cleverly, adroitly
Tilly-valley, an interjection of

contempt Tilth, tillage

Timeless, untimely inct, tincture

Tire, head-dress

Tire, to fasten, to fix the talons

Traversed, across
Tray-trip, some kind of game
Treachers, treacherous persons
Trenched, cut, carved
Trick, trick of the times
Trick, peculiarity of voice, face,


Tire, to be idly employed on
Tired, adorned with ribands
Tod, to yield or produce a tod, or
twenty-eight pounds
Tokened, spotted as in the plague
Toll, to enter on the toll-book
Tolling, taking toll
Tomboy, a masculine, forward Vast, waste, dreary
Vaunt, the avant, what went be-


Ventages, the holes of a flute
Venys, hits in fencing
Verbal, verbose, full of talk
Verify, to bear true witness
Very, immediate

Vantage, convenience, opportu-
nity, advantage
Vantbrace, armour for the arm
Varlet, a servant or footman to

a warrior

Via, a cant phrase of exultation
Vice, the fool of the old moralities
Vice, to advise
Vice, grasp

Vie, to contend in rivalry
Vied, bragged

Viewless, unseen, invisible
Villain, a worthless fellow, a ser-


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Unavoided, unavoidable

Unbarbed, untrimmed, unshaven
Unbated, not blunted
Unbolt, to open, explain
Unbolted, coarse r
Unbookish, ignorant
Unbreathed, unexercised,

Uncape, to dig out, a term in
Uncharged, unattacked
Unclew, to draw out, to exhaust
Uncoined, real, unrefined, una-

Unconfirmed, unpractised in the
ways of the world

Under generation, the antipodes
Undergo, to be subject to
Under-skinker, a tapster, an un-


Vail, to condescend to look, to Undertaker, one who takes upon
let down, to bow, to sink
himself the quarrel of another
Vailing, lowering
Underwrite, to subscribe, to obey
Vain, vanity
Under-wrought, under-worked,

Vain, light of tongue, not vera-

Valance, fringed with a beard
Validity, value
Vanity, illusion

Undeserving, undeserved
Unearned, not deserved
Uneath, scarcely, not easily
Unexpressive, inexpressible
Unhappy, mischievously waggish,

Unhidden, open, clear
Unhoused, free from domestic


Unhouseled, not having received the sacrament


Unimproved, not guided by know- Waist, the part between the quar-
ledge or experience
ter-deck and the forecastle
Union, a species of pearl
Waist, the middle


Unkind, contrary to kind or na- Walk, a district in a forest
Wannion, vengeance
Ward, posture of defence
no Ward, guardianship

Warden, a species of pears
Warder, guard, sentinel
Warn, to summon
Wassels, meetings of rustic mirth
Watch, a watch-light
Water-work, water-colours
Wax, to grow
Waxen, increase

Unquestionable, unwilling to be
conversed with
Unready, undressed
Unrespective, inattentive to con- Wealth, advantage, happiness

sequences Unrest, disquiet Unrough,

Wear, the fashion
Wee, little


Witch, to charm, to bewitch
Wits, senses

Wittol, knowing, conscious of
Witty, judicious, cunning
Woe, to be sorry
Woman, to affect suddenly and
Woman-tired, hen-pecked
Wondered, able to perform won.
Wood, crazy, frantic [ders
Woodman, an attendant on 2

Woolnard, a phrase appropriated
to pilgrims and penitentiaries
Words, dispute, contention
Work, a term of fortification
Workings, labours of thought
World, to go to the, to be marrie
Worm, a serpent
Worship, dignity, authority
Worth, wealth or fortune, the
value, full quota or proportion
Worts, cabbage
Wot, to know
Wound, twisted about
Wreak, resentment
Wreak, to revenge

Wrest, an instrument for tuning
the harp

Whe'r, whether

Wrested, obtained by violence
Writ, writing, composition
Writhled, wrinkled

Where, whereas

Whiffler, an officer who walks Wrongs, the persons who wrong
first in processions
Wrongs, injurious practices
Whiles, until
Wroth, misfortune
Whip, the crack, the best Wrought, worked, agitated
Whipstock, a carter's whip Wrung, pressed, strained
Whirring, whirring away
White, the white mark in archery
White death, the chlorosis
Whiting-time, bleaching time,

Usurping, false

Utis, a merry festival
Utter, to vend by retail

Whitsters, the bleachers of linen
Whittle, a species of knife

Utterance, a phrase in combat, Whooping, measure or reckoning

Wide, remotely from, wide of the
Wilderness, wildness [mark
Will, wilfulness
Wimple, a hood or veil
Winter-ground, to protect against
the inclemency of winter
Wis, to know

Unmastered, licentious
Unowed, that which has


Unpregnant, not quickened
Unproper, common
Unqualitied, unmanned, disarmed
of his faculties


Unsisted, untried
Unsisting, always opening, never

un- Weeds, clothing

at rest

Unsmirched, clean, not defiled
Unsquared, unadapted to their

Unstanched, incontinent
Untempering, not tempering, not
Untraced, singular, not in com-

mon use

Untrimmed, undressed

Untruth, disloyalty, treachery
Unvalued, invaluable

Up-spring, upstart

Urchins, hedge-hogs, or perhaps
Usance, usury
Use, practice long countenanced
by custom


Use, to make a practice of
Use, interest

Used, behaved


Waft, to beckon

Wage, to fight, to combat, to
Wages, is equal to [prescribe to

Ween, to think, to imagine
Weet, to know
Weigh, to value or esteem, to

Welkin, the colour of the sky,
Well-found, of acknowledged ex-
Well-liking, plump, embonpoint
Wen, swollen excrescence
Wend, to go

Whelked, varied with protuber


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Wish, to recommend
Wit, to know."



Yarely, readily, nimbly
Yearns, grieves or vexes
Yeasty, or yesty, foaming or froth
Yeild, to inform of, condescend t
Yeild, to reward
Yellowness, jealousy
Yeoman, a bailiff's follower
Yesty. See Yeasty


Zany, a buffoon, a merry andre


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