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(On Appeal to Privy Council.) Collision ARTHUR GORDON.


-17 g. 18 Vict. c. 104, s. 296—Steamer INDEPENDENCE. towing and Vessel close-hauled on the

port-tack crossing ATLANTIC. Master's Wages Forfeiture of Wages Atlas. Salvage Right of Salvors who contribute to effect a

Salvage Service which is subsequently completed by others

- Misconduct or mistake of Sulvors— Responsibility of Salvors for act of Agent

Collision-Action and Cross-Action- AdAURORA.

miralty Lights-Maritime Rule, and 17 ROBERT INGHAM. $ 18 Vict. c. 104, ss. 295, 298– Estoppel

by Pleading
BILBAO. Collision-Damage by a Foreign Ship to a Barge in

the River Thames-- Absolute Appearance-Plea denying
Jurisdiction3 g 4. Vict. c. 65, s. 6–17 8 18 Vict.
c. 104, ss. 527, 529— Plea alleging fault of Harbour
Master -10 Vict. c. 27, ss. 52, 53





BLACK Prince. Collision-Measure of Damages Demurrage

- Costs of Appeal from Registrar's Report . BOMARSUND. Salvage - Vessel in Distress and Services of

Strangers acceptedInjury caused to Ship by Negligence
of Licensed Pilot

Possession-Sale of British Ship by Master

abroad - Necessity - Communication with

Owner-Order of Sale by Commercial Court
abroad-Ratification by acceptance of Pur-

Bothnia. Collision-Vessel at Anchor Pleading New Matter

in Reply-17 g. 18 Vict. c. 104, s. 296


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Cameo. Collision-24 Vict. c. 10, s. 34-Security required

to answer Cross-Cause



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Canada. CollisionTotal Loss-Measure of Loss of Freight 586
Cargo Ex Katharina. Prize— Right of Search— Wrongful

Detention- Proceedings after Cessation of War-Form
of Monition-Limitation of Proceedings— 17 Vict. c. 18,
ss. 2, 56, 57

142 CAROLINE. Salvage-Part-Owner of the salving Vessel, PartOwner of the Vessel salved .

334 CLEADON. (On Appeal to Privy Council.) Collision-Steam

tug, with British Vessel in Tow, meeting at Night a

eign Vessel close-hauled on the Starboard Tack 158

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Comte NESSELROOD. Salrage Agreement - Certificate for

Costs under 17 & 18 Vict. c. 104, s. 460—Costs up to

time of tender COMTESSE DE FRÈGEVILLE. Necessaries—3 8 4 Vict. c. 65,


S. 6




COURIER. Collision in Foreign Waters-Jurisdiction-24 Vict. c. 10, s. 7.

541 Crus. V. Salvage-Duty of Vice-ConsulCorrupt Agreement 583 Cuba. Salvage- Appeal from Award of JusticesDiscretion -17 8 18 Vict. c. 104, s. 464

14 D. H. PERI. Foreign Plaintiffs - Security for Costs and Damages

543 DESPATCH. (On Appeal to Privy Council.) Collision-Rule as to Recovery secundum allegata et probata

98 DIANA. Collision in Foreign inland WatersJurisdiction24 Vict. c. 10, s. 7


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Don FRANCISCO. Damage to Goods imported24 Vict. c. 10,

s. 6Right of set-off-Interrogatories - Production of

EARL OF AUCKLAND. Collision - Compulsory Pilotage-

Pilotage Certificate6 Geo. IV. c. 125, s. 59-17 g. 18
Vict. c. 104, ss. 332, 353, 354, 355, 376, 379-17 g. 18
Vict. c. 120, ss. 3, 4-Orders in Council, 18th February,
1854, and 16th July, 1857Construction of Statutes in

Admiralty Court .

On Appeal to Privy Council
EASTERN MONARCH. Life-Salvage - 17 f. 18 Vict. c. 104,



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S. 459


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East Lothian. (On Appeal to Privy Council.) Collision

Pleading-Onus Probandi
Edmond. Bottomry - Mortgagee in Possession Bond for

Homeward Voyage-Items in Bond of Expenses relating
to outward Curgo-Power of Master and Owner to

hypothecateAssignment of outward Freight
Items in Bond-Discharging Expenses of Outward Cargo

-Luw Expenses-- Payment of Money into Court-In

terest on Money pronounced due-Practice
EDWARD Hawkins. (On Appeal to Privy Council.) Salvage

-Ineffectual Efforts.
Eliza. Salvuge-Assistance by Advice .


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ELLORA. Salvage-Mail Steamer losing her Screu, and being

towed to her Destination by another Steamer carrying
Cargo .

550 EMPRESS EUGÉNIE. Collision-Reference to Registrar-Costs of Reference-Measure of Damages

138 EnchanTRESS. Salvage Apportionment17 & 18 Vict. c. 104, $. 498- Agreement

93 Time for asserting an Appeal from FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE. High Court of Admiralty-24 MAANDER.

Hen. VIII. c. 12; 25 Hen.
VIII. c. 19

530 Foyle. Collision --Pleading-Admission by Crew

10 Franz Et Elise. Wages, Foreign Master-Security for Costs 377 GANANOQUE. Master's Wages-Share in Cabin-passage-money

Profits— Presumption of Law as to Agreement extending
to a subsequent Voyage.

448 George Arkle. Collision-Subsequent SalvagePleadings . 222

On Appeal to Privy Council-Collision-Admiralty Regu

lation as to coloured LightsVessel under Way - Neyli-


Respondentia - Allowance of Commissions included in the Bond-Practice

115 GOLDEN Light. See ANNAPOLIS. Gustaf. Order of Precedence of Claims against Ship-Maritime and possessory Liens

516 Halcyon. Collision-Duty of Vessel on Starboard Tack closehauled-17 g. 18 Vict. c. 104, ss. 296, 298

100 HARRIET. WagesSpecial Contract—17 & 18 Vict. c. 104, s. 189.

285 Herzogin Marie. Suit by Foreign Master for Wages-Protest of Consul

292 H.M. Hayes. See ANNAPOLIS. Huntley. Bottomry-Cause by Default Excessive Premium 24 Ida. Jurisdiction-Damage-Foreign River-Action in Rem -Wilful Tort of the Muster

6 IRONSIDES. Damuge to Goods imported— Goods transshipped Statute retrospective-24 Vict. c. 10, ss. 3, 6, 35

458 JOHANNES. Salvage of Life from a Foreign Ship on the High

Seas-17 F 18 Vict. c. 104, ss. 458, 459, 460, 476-
Application of British Statutes to Foreigners out of



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John. Salvage Tender-Certificate for Costs—178 18 Vict. c. 104, s. 460

11 JULIA. (On Appeal to Privy Council.) Collision-Ship towing

and Ship towed— Terms implied by Law in Contract of

224 KENT. Possession-Co-owners-Right of Master and Part

owner against Owner of the greater part of the Vessel 495 KEPLER. Bottomry- Reference to Registrar and MerchantsCosts of Reference

201 KILLARNEY. Collision Compulsory Pilotage - Pilotage

Certificate of Muster-17 g. 18 Vict. c. 104, ss. 340, 353 202 KILLARNEY. Collision-Compulsory Pilotage of Vessels in

ward-bound to Goole2 8 3 Will. IV. c. 105 (local),
ss. 22, 34, 52, 89–6 Geo. IV. c. 125, ss. 58, 59-17 8.
18 Vict. c. 104, ss. 353, 387, 388-Practice as to allow-
ing further Evidence, and the Intervention of a third
Party interested in the Suit.

427 LADY EGIDIA. Salvage arising out of Towage

513 Lady KATHERINE BARHAM. Salvors' Lien after Release by

Receiver of Wreck-17 g 18 Vict. c. 104, s. 468 . 404 LEMUELLA. Master's Wages - Counter-claim Costs of Reference

147 Leo. Collision-Amount of Freight to be paid in by Owners of Cargo on board Ship sued

444 LITTLE JOE. Salvage Ambiguous Signal Information Costs.

88 MALVINA. Collision - Damage to Barge in body of a County -Jurisdiction-24 Vict. c. 10, s. 7

493 MARTHA. Towage Authority of Master to enter into un

unusual Agreement Jurisdiction —3 g 4 Vict. c. 65,
s. 6

314 Milan. Collision --Owner of Cargo suing - Both Ships to

blame-Admiralty Rule-17 g. 18 Vict. c. 104, s. 298 . 388 MINNEHAHA. (On Appeal to Privy Council.) Salvage arising

out of Contract to Tow -- Legul Effect of Contract to Tow
- Misconduct or Negligence of Tug occasioning Danger

- PleadingsCertificate as to Costs -17 8•°18 Vict.
c. 104, s. 460

335 NIGHTWATCH. Vessel in tow of a Steam-tug-Collision-Juris

diction-24 Vict. c. 10, s. 7–Damage done by any

542 Norma. Salvage-Value of Freight salved, how reckoned 124

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Collision Action and Cross-Action




North Star. Botlomry-General Average Contribution
OLIVIA. Collision - Duty of Fishing Vessel to show a Light

-Admiralty Regulations, 1st May, 1852; 24th February,
1858; 26th October, 1858-17 8 18 Vict. c. 104, ss.
295, 298–17 8 18 Vict. c. 120, s. 4






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OLIVIER. Bottomry Bond on Ship, Freight and Cargo

Duty of Master to communicate with Owners of Ship and

Shippers or Consignees of CargoPleading .
ONNI. Necessaries-3 8 4 Vict. c. 65, s. 6
Peerless. Collision- Inevitable Accident - Pilotage Exemp:

tion-Jurisdiction--Proof of Indian Law Proof of

Pilot being duly licensed
On Appeal to Privy Council. Collision Admission in

PleadingsCompulsory Pilotage in the Hooghly ·
Princess HELENA. Master's Wages-17 & 18 Vict. c. 104,

ss. 187, 191— Right to extra pay- Right to Salvage

Priscilla. Bottomry-Liability of Cargo - Marshalling of






Rouen. Taxation of Costs Counsel's Fees




RUBY QUEEN. Collision Preliminary Acts-Liability of

Defendant's Vessel for Contractor's Act
SAINT NICHOLAS. Salvage-- Amount-Distribution
SALACIA. Precedence of Liens - Seamen's Wages, Master's

Wages, and Bottomry Bond-17 & 18 Vict. c. 104, s.



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SALACIA. Bottomry Bond on chartered Ship and Freight

Advances by Charterers-Sale of Charterers' Goods by

Master— Amount of Freight payable by Charterers SARAH. Collision Keel-Jurisdiction on High Seas SARATOGA. Salvage arising out of Contract to Tow— Rights and Obligations of the Parties

(On Appeal to Privy Council.) Collision in the SAXONIA.

Solent between a British Ship and a Foreign

Ship-17 8 18 Vict. c. 104, ss. 296, 297, 298–

Maritime Law as to Lights and Rule of the
Road- Adhesion to Appeal-Costs .



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