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including Cookery and Housekeeping. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Leiter , How to Dress on £15 a Year as

Writer, Forms of Address, &c., a Lady, by a Lady. cloth boards.

Guide to London, revised to Home Book of Domestic 1878.

Economy, by Anne Bowman. Tables and Chairs, a Guide to Common Things of Every-Day Economical Furnishing, by the Lise, by ditto.

Author of " How to Dress on Rundell's Domestic Cookery, £15 a Year.unabridged.

The Competitor's Manual for Tricks of Trade in the Adultera. Spelling Bees.

tion of Food and Physic. Breakfast, Luncheon, and Tea, Common Objects of the Micro- by Marion Harland.

scope, by the Rev. J. G. Wood, Soyer's Shilling Cookery for the with 400 Illustrations by People. Tuffen West, boards.

How we Managed without Ser. Hints for the Table, by 7. Timbs. vants, by a Lady who can How to Make Money, by Freedley. Help. Insant Nursing, by MIrs. Pedley. Shilling Manual of F.tiquette. Practical Housekeeping, by Mrs. Knots and How to Tie Them, by Pedley.

7. T. Burgess, Illustrated. A Manual of Weathercasts and | The Pleasures of House Build. Storm Prognostics.

ing, a Story of Struggle and The Commercial Letter-Writer.

Adventure, by 7. Ford Mac. Ready-Made Speeches.

kenzie. The Dinner Question, by Tabitha The Electric Light, by T. C. Tickletooth.

Hepworth, with 35 Illustra. The Book of Proverbs, cloth. tions. 2,000 Familiar Quotations, cloth.

18. éd. each. The Book of Phrases and Mottoes, Landmarks of the History of cloth.

England, by Rev. Fames 500 Abbreviations made Intelli. White, boards. gible, cloth.

Landmarks of the History of How to Economise like a Lady, Greece, by Rev. James Whitr,

by the Author of “How to boards.

Dress on £15 a Year." Gazetteer (The) of Great Britain Buckmaster's Cookery; Lectures and Ireland.

delivered at South Kensing- Mrs. Rundell's Cookery, fcap., ton, cloth, 25. 6d.


Cheap Editions, in fancy boards, 2s. 6d. each ; or in cloth, 38.
John Mytton's Lise.

The Tommiebeg Shootings.
Jorrocks' Jaunts.

Sporting Sketches. Scrutator on Foxhunting.

Nimrod's Northern Tour. Scrutator's Horses and Hounds,


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