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with that nobleness, with that alacrity, with and what his causc might have suffered ; and that love to God, king, and parliament, that by this to give you all warning, that as he hath none of your ancestors before ever showed more vow begun to deliver you only by his hand, love, nor care, nor zeal, nor performed better, and by his power, he will expect that you will I have only tbis to say to you, If the times are express such a thankfulness to him for it, as such, (not that I think there is any great now to make bis cause your work; and to do peril in the king's army, now, for we have told it with your hands boldly and with courage. you nothing but the truth) yet when you have For by this Letter that you have heard read seen this Letter, you will find there is very now, you see what is threatened against you : good cause for you to crown this work; which the least that you must expect as to this great must be by following it with the same zeal, army of the king's is, that certainly, by the love, care, nobleness, and alacrity; which if disposition of those that command it, and have you do, you may well crown yourselves with great power in it, they intend you no less (and the name of a glorious city, and none more.". that is to be believed) than the destroying of

Here the Letter was read as follows: . f the city and your persons, and the preying

.. To the earl of Cumberland, general of his lupou your fortunes. This is not all;. for you majesty's Forces in the North: My very good see if this doth not prevail, or be not powerful lord; Your lordship's, of the 20th of this month, enough, an army must come from the West ; I have received by Stockdale, and have read it you see the preparation of another in the to his majesty; who willed me to signify to North ; from all parts of the kingdom the your lordsbip, that he is well pleased with your sword is drawn against you : and truly, having lordship's continuing of the sheriff in his place, those ill intentions that they certainly have, albeit he sent a writ for his discharge. His it is the wisest course they can take; for in majesty takes a special notice of your lordship's your city is the strength of the kingdom in. vigilancy and care in the trust he hath reposed deed: it is not only the life but the soul of it: in your lordship, as he hath, by many gracious if they can destroy you here, the rest of the expressions, declared at several times openly, kingdom must all submit and yield; and, in upon cunference of your business in that that yielding, must give over the maintenance county, Your lordship's care of my lady of all that is most dear to them." . duchess of Buckingham is, I assure you, very- Then lord Say und Sele made the following well taken by his majesty, Sir Ralph llopton, speech : “My lord and gentlemen, It cannot be and other gentlemen in the West, have raised doubted by what you have heard but that the 10,000 horse and foot, with which they have intentions of these malignant, mischievous counalready disarmed all persons in Cornwall that sellors, and these men of desperate fortunes that are disaffected to the king : they have taken they bave gathered to them, and into whose Lanceston, and are marching into Devonshire, hands they have put ur king, are, that this rich to disarm the disaffected there, and so intend, and glorious city should be delivered up as a to come to mret the king at London. There prey, as a reward, to them for their treason are also in Wales about 6 or 7000 men levied against the kingdom and the parliament; tbas for the king, which are to be under the marquis vour lives should satisfy their mualice; your of Ilertford, that will be ready upon all occa- wives, your daughters their lust; and religion ita sions to come to bis majesty ; but we hope he sell, tije dearest thing of all others to us, should will not need their help, baving given the earl be made inerchandize of to invite Papists, to of Essex such a blow, as they will make no invite foreigners.-Notwithstanding their inhaste again to adveuture themselves in that tentions, let no man's heart be discouraged: cause against God's Anointed. Your &c. Edw. you have power enough in your hands to Nicholas. Edyscot, Northamp. Oct, 24, 1642." bring all this wickedness upon their own After reading this letter,

heads, through God's blessing: if you will The earl of Holland said ;-" My lord use your hands, if you will hold them up mayor, and you gentlemen of the city; It is to serve your God, to defend the true relia more by obedience thau confidence, that I say gion of Almighty God, to defend your lives, any thing to you at this time. That which I to defend this kingdom and the parliainent; shall say to you, is to observe on the Relation you need not fear any thing that can be that this noble lord. hath maile : in the first done by this broken army; nor fear those part of it wbąt deliverance God hath sent you, tbiugs that are here written in this Letter, that in a danger (and indeed such as, I am vor those things that are falsely buzzed confident, all that were there believed the abroad by a Malignant Party in your city, to cause of religion, and liberty, and all lost) you amaze you. There is no fear of danger, but saw wbạt a present turn it had; such a one, ) in security, in sitting still; and thcrefore if you as if it did not give us the victory, yet it gave us will be stirred up (as I cannot doubt, cannot the advantage, that is, certain ; and truly a imagine but you will) to do what every man very great one, especially when it was taken both by the law of God, and by the law of from so unhappy a condition as we were likely nature in this case, will be induced to do, to be in; wherein God hath shewed us what | through God's blessing, you shall both honour a danger might have fallen upon us : and cer- God, maintain the true religion, save this tainly it is because every man should consider, kingdom, save the parliament, apd crown your in that danger, what he might have suffered, I guod beginnings that God hath pleased to

shew himself unto us in.---This is not now a rage you to go on : be not therefore dannted; time for men to think with themselves, that let not malignant parties, that go up and down, they will be in their shops to get a little money: and would go about to inform you that there this is a time to do what you do in caininon are these fears and these dangers, let them not, dangers ; let every man take his weapons in I say, inake you be wanting to yourselves; fear bis hand, let him offer himself willingly to serve then not at all. I shall conclude with the his God, and to paintain true religion. You which the good king said, Up and be done may remember what God saith by the prophet, and the Lord be with you." • My heart is set upon those people that are Then the Lord Wharton spoke agais, willing to offer theinselves willingly upon the “ Gentlemen, I shall trouble you but with high places:' let every man therefore shut up word or two; the one is upon part of that his shop, let him take his musket, let him of Narrative which I began withal; wherein, for himself readily and willingly; let him not truly, I take myself to be very beholding to that, think with himself, Who shall pay me! but ra gentleman that spoke after me, that he dd ther think this, I will eaine forth to sare the not forget to inform you of the extraordinary kingdoin, to serve my God, to maintain bis blessing that God bestowed upon the courage true religion, to save the parliament, to save of bodest, pious, and religious men; for, truly, this noble city; and when this danger is over there was rery few that did any extraordinan come, I will trust the state that they will have service, but such as had a mark of religion à regard unto whatsoever may be fit, either on them. That which I omitted to tell you was for my reparation in any loss, or for my recibis, That one great cause of our preservation, ward. Do as you do in common dangers, as' and of the success of that day, was the barte when there is a house on fire; mert ask not rousness and inhumanity of prince Rupert and who shall pay them their day's wages; hut his troops; who, while we were a-fighting, but every man comes forth of his doors; helps to only pillaged the baggage, (whieh was a pou quench the fire; brings a bucket, if he has enoployment !) but most barbarously killed the one; borrows one of his neiglıbour, if he has cotiutry men that came in with their teens, not: when the fire is quenched then the city and women and children that were with them will regard to repair any man that has suffered This I think comes not amiss to tell you, be all day. That do you; every oue bring forth cause you may see what is the thing they aim his arms, if he has any; if he has none, let at, wbieh is pillage, and baggage, and plauder him borrow tbemn of his neighbour, or he shall ing; and the way wbich they would come by be armed by the state ; let every mau arm it is murdering and destroying: and therefore himself and his apprentices, and come forth will come in very properly, to encourage you s with boldness, and with courage, and with that work, which the two noble lords bare 9 chearfulness, and doubt not but God will assist well opened to you, which is the standing upor you; for this is God's calise ; and that should your defence." be your encouragement: they are Papists, they | The Earl of Holland eonclurled thus :-* Yr Rre Atheists, that come to destroy you: they lord mayor and gentlemen; It is but a word ut come indeed, in tlre first and principal aim, to two that I shall say to you, for the shutting up destroy religion : Papists are invited; they liave of this business. The danger hath been repres cotomissions, are these the men that should sented to you, we must desire you likewise defend the Protestant religion, when they are consider low ncar it moves, so that you ne Papists and Recusants? If you shall come resolve and act both together. We conceite forth, God will go forth with you, he will fight this arny will be at Oxford as this night, the for you, he will save you; but bow? Ile will is within such a distance as, within three ders not save you without yourselves. You may they may march to London. It is very becsary reinember what was said, “Curse ye Meroz, ! for you to provide against this, as a danger tes! because they came not out to help the Lord may be very suddenly upon you, if they sboek against the Mighty.' He needs not your help, chance to march before our army; and with such but he will use your service, that he may bless an advantage as to break up bridges, or any sod you; and therefore let every man be cncou- thing as may hinder our army to move present raged, let him shew his readiness, let him shewly and suddenly after them. Consider bow his forwarduess. Remember what the Scrip- open you are to this danger, if you provide ture saith, Hear, O Israel, God is with you not presently for it: therefore, as we have so long as ye are with him.' The lord will be given you reasons, and indeed as you may take with you in this cause, for it is his cause ; but alonost from your own reasons, to defend var then you must shew yourselves ready to be selves, it will be very necessary for you to look with him. But I need not use these speeches upon this as a danger, that will not allow the to those that bave expressed, already, so much loss of an hour in providing against it: 28

etian as you have done; I shall only encou-l that is all I shall say unto you,



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