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Your very humble fervant,
P. Campbell,

To captain Inman.

A Lift of the French Squadron in Dunkirk Roads, on the Evening of the 7th of July.

La Pourfuivante, of 40 guns, 24, pounders on the main deck, wears a broad pendant, commodore's name Caftagnie, chief of divifion.—La Defirée, of 40 guns, 24-pounders on the main deck, commanded by citizen Deplancy; taken by his ma jefty's floop Dart.-L'Incorruptible, of 40 guns, 24-pounders on the main deck.-La Carmagnole, of 50 guns, 18-pounders on the main deck. [Here followed the list of killed and wounded.]

main deck, with a complement of you a lift of killed and wounded, 930 men, some of whom were on and am, sir, fhore. From your being fo nearly fituated to me during the attack, I have only to anticipate your approbation of the Dart's conduct; but, as individual merit could not be diftinguifhed but by thofe prefent, I truit I may be permitted to speak in terms the moft gratifying of lieutenant M'Dermeit, who gallantly led the boarders on this occafion, and who, I fear, will lofe his arm by a fevere wound he received; indeed I cannot fay enough in praife of his gallantry in this unequal conteft, having every reafon to believe the enemy were fully apprized of your intentions, from the refiftance they made, and the preparations that were found on board. Lieutenant M'Dermeit, with much prefence of mind, on being wounded, called to me he had poffeffion of the fhip, but feared they would rally, and requested an officer might be fent to take charge. Lieutenant Fierce gallantly anticipated my wifhes by jumping on board, completely repulfed the enemy, who were ralJying at the after-hatchway, inftantly cut her cables, got her under fail, and over banks, which could not have been effected half an hour later. I also beg to state Mr. Ingledon, the mafter's conduct, as highly meri torious, in placing the Dart to completely on board the Defirée, and who nearly lost his life fupporting the boarders, by falling between the hips; indeed all the officers whom I had the honour to command, behaved in a manner that will ever mefit my warmed acknowledgements; and when I think of the fupport given me by my brave crew, I feel confident I fhall never forget their loyalty and merit. Enclofed I fend

London Gazette, Auguft 9.


Copy of a Letter from the Earl of St. Vincent, K. B. Admiral of the White, &c. to Evan Napean, Efq. dated on board his Majefiy's Ship Royal George, at Sea, the 4th In flant.


I did not think the enterprise of fir Edward Hamilton, or of captain Campbell, could have been rivalled, until I read the enclosed letter from fir Edward Pellew, relating the defperate fervice performed by acting lieutenant Coghlan, of the Viper eutter, on the 29th July, which has filled me with pride and admiration; and although the circumftance of his not having completed his time in his majefty's navy operates at prefent againft his receiving the reward he is moft ambitious of obtaining, I am perfuaded

perfuaded the lords commiffioners of the admiralty will do all in their power to confole him under his levere wounds, and grant him promotion the moment he is in a capacity to receive it,

I am, fir, &c, &c. &c.
St. Vincent.

My lord,

Impeteux, Palais Road, ift Auguft.

I have true pleasure in ftating to your lordship the good conduct of lieutenant Jeremiah Coghlan, to whom, for former gallant behaviour, you had given an acting commiffion to command the Viper cutter from this thip.

This gallant young man, when watching Port Louis, thought he could fucceed in boarding fome of the cutters or gun-veilels, which have been moving about the entrance of that harbour, and, for this purpofe, he entreated a ten-oared cutter from me, with twelve volanteers; and on Tuefday night, the 29th inftant, he took this boat, with Mr. Silas H. Paddon, midshipman, and fix of his men, making, with himself, twenty; and accompanied by his own boat and one from the Amethyft, he determined upon boarding a gun-brig, mounting three long 24-pounders, and four 6-pounders, full of men, moored with fprings on her cables, in a naval port of difficult accels, within piftol-fhot of three batteries, furrounded by feveral armed craft, and not a mile from a feventy-four and two frigates, bearing an admiral's flag. Undifmayed by fuch formidable appearances, the early difcovery of his approach (for they were at quarters), and the loft aid of the other boats, he bravely determined to attack alone, and

boarded her on the quarter; but unhappily, in the dark, jumping into a trawl-net hung up to dry, he was pierced through the thigh by a pike, and feveral of his men hurt, and all knocked back into the boat.

Unchecked in ardour, they hauled the boat further a-head, and again boarded, and maintained, against 87 men, 16 of whom were foldiers, an obftinate conflict, killing 6 and wounding 20, among whom was every officer belonging to her. His own lofs 1 killed and 8 wounded; himself in two places, Mr. Paddon in fix. I feel particularly happy in the expected fafety of all the wounded. He fpeaks in the highest terms of Mr. Paddon, and the whole of his party, many of whom were knocked overboard, and twice beat into the boat, but returned to the charge with unabated courage. I truft I fhall ftand excufed by your lordship for fo minute a defcription, produced by my admiration of that courage which, hand to hand, gave victory to a handful of brave fellows over four times their number; and of that kill which formed, conducted, and effected to daring an enterprife.

Le Cerbere, commanded by a lieutenant de Vaiffeau, and towed out under a very heavy fire, is given up as prize by the fquadron, to mark their admiration, and will not, I know, be the only reward of fuch bravery; they will receive that protection your lordship fo liberally ac cords to all the young men in the fervice, who happily diftinguish themfelves under your command.

I enclofe lieutenant Coghlan's letter, and have the honour, &c. (Signed)

Edward Pellow. Admiral the earl of St. Vincent, K. B. &c.

His Majefty's Cutter Viper,
Tuesday Morning, eight
Dear fir,

I have fucceeded in bringing out the gun-brig Le Cerbere, of 3 guns, 24-pounders, and four 6-pounders, and 87 men, commanded by a lieutenant de Vaiffeau-pray forgive me when I fay from under the batteries of Port Louis, and after a moft defperate refiftance being made, first by her, and afterwards by the batteries at both fides, and a fire from fome fmall veffels which lay round her; but nothing that I could expect from a veffel lying in that inaive fituation, was equal to the few brave men belonging to your hip, whom I fo juftly confided in, affifted by 6 men from the cutter, and Mr. Paddon, midhipman, who, I am forry to fay, was wounded in feveral places, though I hope not mortally. am forry to ftate the lofs of 1 man belonging to the cutter, who was fhot through the head, and 4 of your brave men, with myfelf, wounded in different parts of the body: the principal one I received was with a pike, which penetrated my left thigh. Mr. Pattefhall, in the cutter's small boat, affifted with 2 midfhipmen from the Amethyft in one of their boats. The lofs of the enemy is not yet afcertained, owing

to the confufion.

I remain, &c.

J. Coghlan.

N. B. There are 5 killed and 21 wounded; fome very badly.

A Return of killed and wounded in a ten-eared Cutter belonging to his Majesty's Ship Impeteux, under the • Command of Lieutenant Jeremiah

[blocks in formation]

Be pleafed to inform my lords commiffioners of the admiralty that I have thought it indifpenfably neceffary to fend these dispatches to England by my firft officer, lieutenant Paul, to acquaint their lordships of the furrender of the valuable ifland of Curaçao to his majefty's frigate under my command. I beg leave to tranfmit duplicates of all my letters to the right honourable lord Hugh Seymour, and the articles of capitulation agreed between his excellency Johan Rudolph Lauffer and myself; as alfo inventories of warlike ftores, fhipping, &c. I hope their lordfhips will fanétion my conduct in taking poffeffion of this centrical and valuable ifland in his majesty's name.

Lieutenant Paul I cannot recommend in too ftrong language to their lordships, for his zealous exertions during the whole of the fiege; and for any farther information he is per


fectly able to defcribe every thing their lordships may be defirous of knowing refpecting Curaçao.

I have the honour to be, &c.
Frederick Watkins.

His Majefty's Ship Nereide, off Amfterdam, Iland of Curaçao, 11th September.

My lord,

I with not to lose a moment in fending a faft-failing veffel to inform your lordship, that the island of Curaçao has claimed the protection of his Britannic majefty. I have in confequence felt it my duty to take poffeffion of it in his name.

I am now running for the harbour, as it is abfolutely neceflary to lofe no time to fave the ifland from the enemy, who threaten to form the principal fort to-night; but I truft the Nereide's affiftance will be the means of fruftrating the enemy's views, and faving a moft valuable colony for his majefty.

I compute the force of the French to be about fifteen hundred now in poffeffion of the weft part of the ifland, but no ftrong poft of any confequence to prevent my holding the forts commanding Amfterdam, until I am honoured with an answer from your lordship.

There is great property afloat belonging to the Spaniards.

Lieutenant Paul will have the honour of delivering this difpatch to your lordship, of whofe exertions and zeal for the fervice I cannot fpeak in too strong terms.

I have the honour to be, &c. &c. (Signed) F. Watkins, The right hon. lord Hugh Seymour, &c. &c. &c.

His Majefty's Ship Nereide, off Amfterdam, Septem

ber 14.

My lord,

Since fending my laft difpatch of the 11th inftant, governor Johan Rudolph Lauffer has finally furrendered the ifland of Curaçao and its dependencies to his majefty's arms.

Enclofed I have the honour of tranfmitting to your lordship a copy of the terms of capitulation.

I have the honour to be, &c.
F. Watkins.

The right hon. lord Hugh

Seymour, &c. &c. &c.

Articles of Capitulation agreed between Frederick Watkins, Ejq. Captain of his Britannic Majesty's Ship Nereide, now lying off the Harbour of Curaçao and Johan Rudolph Lauffer, Governor (interim) of the faid Island, and its Dependen, cles, and Commander-in-Chief of all the armed Force of the faid Iland; namely, that the faid Ifland of Curaçao and its Dependencies Jhall furrender, and be placed under the immediate Protection of his Britannic Majesty, in Conformity to the following Articles, viz.

Art. I. The island of Curaçao and its dependencies fhall be placed under the protection of his Britannic majefty, and thall peaceably and quietly fubmit to the government of his faid majefty.

Anfwer.-Agreed to.

Art. II. The inhabitants of this ifland and its dependencies shall enjoy perfect fecurity in their perfons and properties, and the full exercise of their religion, except fuch as fhall appear to belong to the fubjects of the powers now actually at war with,


Great Britain; fuch property only excepted as was on board the veffels in the harbour of the 10th in, ftant.

Anfwer. Agreed to.

Art. III. All fhips and veffels of war that may be in the harbour, and all artillery, warlike ftores, ammunition, &c. that may be found in the forts and public magazines, and all property, of whatsoever nature it may be, belonging to the Batavian republic, fhall be delivered up to his Britannic majefty in the state in which they now are, and officers fhall be appointed on each fide by the joint parties to take inventories thereof,

Anfwer.-Agreed to.

Art. IV. All debts due by the government of this island shall be punctually paid out of the revenue of the faid ifland.

Anfwer.-Agreed to.

Art. V. No alteration fhall be made in the established laws of the faid ifland, except fuch as in future may be found necessary for mutual benefit or fafety, and which must be regulated by the concurrence of both parties.

Antwer.-Agreed to.

Art. VI. During the time this ifland may remain under the protection of his Britannic majefly, or, in cafe this ifland and its dependencies fhould, at the conclufion of the war, remain in the poffeffion of Great Britain, the inhabitants of the faid ifland and its dependencies thall enjoy the fame rights and privileges as his majesty's fubjects in the Weft


Anfwer.-Agreed to.

Art. VII. The laws heretofore observed, respecting property, fhall remain in full force.

Private. As it is impofiible for

the inhabitants of the faid island and its dependencies to fubfift without a free intercourfe with the Spanish main, the ports of Curaçao and its dependencies fhall be open to all Spanish veffels.

Answer.-Agreed to be allowed the fame free trade as the island of Jamaica.

Signed, fealed, and ratified, in
the prefence of Cornelius
Spencer and E. A. Van Eck,
on the part of Johan Rudolph
Lauffer; and in the prefence
of John Lewis March, on
the part of Frederick Wat-
kins; at the port of Amher
dam, in the island of Cura-
çao, this 13th of Septem
ber, 1800.

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Joh. Rud. Lauffer. Fred. Watkins. W. Ridley, fec.

Here follows alfo a lift of the exifting guns, ammunition, &c. deli vered in fome months ago, and which were really exifting before the prefent fiege, viz. two brafs 24-pounders and two brafs 18pounders, with four defective, five iron 24-pounders, ninety-eight iron 18-pounders, forty-fix 12-pounders, forty-four 8-pounders, twenty-four 6-pounders, two 4-pounders, twen ty 3-pounders, and two 2-pounders, befides thirty-eight of different ca libre defective. On the batteries, not including Fort Pifcadera, Fort St. Michael, the Hill St. Michael, and False Bay, five 24-pounders, fixty-three 18-pounders, many of their fhips' guns, twenty-eight 12pounders, twenty-fix 8-pounders, and twenty-feven of lefs calibre; upwards of 26,000lb. of powder, befides a powder magazine at the


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