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i-tan'-a-no-ka-tan-han, adv. on both sides of. i-tan'-caŋ, n. a chief, ruler, head one; a lord,

master , the principal thing,-imatayćan, initan

can. i-tan'-can-ka, n. chief one, lord, master. i-tan'-can-ki-ya, v. a. to have for or acknow

ledge as chief or master ; to make lord or chief,

-itanćanwakiya, itaŋćanmakiya. i-tan'-can-ki-ya, adv. in a lordly manner, with

authority. i-tan'-can-ya, v. a. to have for chief or master,

-itandan waya, itanćayunyanpi. i-tan'-can-yan, adv. with authority, chief-like. i-tan'-i-hdu-ksan, adv. round about one. i-tan'-kan, adv. without, outside of. i-tan'-ki-ye-dan, adv. near to one,-mitankiye

day. i-tan'-pi, n. pride, vain-glorying. i-tan'-tan, v. red. of itan. i-tan'-tan-pi, n. pride, glorying, arrogance. See

witantanpi. i'-tan-wan-kan-hde, adv. up hill, ascending :

itaywankanhde ya, to go up hill. i'-tan-wan-kan-hde-ya, adv. ascending. i-tan'-yan, v. n. to grow by reason of, as by eat

ing meat,-—itan waya. i-tan'-ye-śni, v. n. to receive no benefit from, to

be of no use,-imatanyeśni. i-ta'-to, adv. on this side of, this side of; used

in reference to time, since. i-ta'-to-ki-ya, adv. on this side of. i-ta'-to-tan-han, adv. on this side of, from this

i'-te-han-yan, adv. far away from. i-te'-hde-ge-dan, n. striped-face, a name for the racoon, 3.9.

i. wića. i-te'-hna-ka-pi, n. See itohnakapi. i-t'e'-hu, n. the frontal bone. i-te'-bi, v. n. to be difficult to get along with,

imateli. i-t'en'-ya, v. a. to make slightly warm or tepid,

as water,—it'enunyanpi. i-te'-sin-ki-ya, v. to frown; to grin,-itesinwa

kiya, itesinunkiyapi. i-te'-sin-sin, n. a wrinkled-face-itemasinsin. i-te'-yu-sin-ki-ya, v. a. to draw up the face at

one; to grin; to frown,-iteyusin wakiya. i-ti'-ca-ġa, v. to set up a tent for a certain pur

pose, --itiwakaga. i-ti'-can-nan, adv. away out on the prairie from,

away from a house. Tinéannan is also used. i-ti-ma-ta, v. to beg for: he itimata wahi, I

have come to beg for that. i-tka', n. a blossom, capsule ; an egg ; the seed

of any thing; the testicles, i. q. susu. i-tka'-ska, n.

the white of an egg. i-tka'-zi-ce, n. the yolk of an egg. i'-tko-kim, cont. of ítkokipa; meeting ; in pre

sence of, before,-mitkokim ; ítkokim ya, to go to

meet. i'-tko-ki-pa, v. a. to meet, come together from

opposite directions,—ítkowakipa, ítkounkipapi. i-tko'-kpa, v. n. to be still-born,-itkomakpa.

See also itkotpa. i-tkom', adv. again, back again, in return, in

reply. i-tkom'-ya, adv. in return. i-tkon', v. n. to burn, blaze, as fire : peta itkon,

the fire blazes. i-tkon'-ya, v. a. to make burn or blaze,-itkon

waya. i-tkon'-ya-han, part. burning, alive, as coals. i-tkon'-za, adv. even with. See itkunza. i-tko'-pa-tan-han, adv. in reply, back again.

See iyeitkopatayhan. i-tko'-tpa, v.n. to be still-born : taku itkotpe cin,

an untimely birth, an abortion. i-tko'tpe-ya, v. a. to cause to abort or be aborted,

-itkotpewaya. i-tkun', v. n. to burn, blaze. See itkon. i-tkuns', cont. of itkunza. i-tkuns'-ya, adv. i-tkun'-za, adv. even with. See itkonza. i-to', adv. come, well : ito mde kta, well, I will

go; ito ećon wo, come do it. i-to', v. N.

to become blue by means of. i-tog', cont. of itoka. Obsolete. i-tog'-e-han, adv. at the first, formerly.

side of

i-ta'-to-wam, adv. to the windward of, on this

side of. i-ta'-to-wa-pa, adv. on this side of, to the wind

ward of i-ta'-to-wa-pa-tan-han, adv. on this side of i'-ta-wan-kan-hde, adv. See ítanwankanhde. i-ta-zi-pa, n.

a bow to shoot with : mitinazipe, my bow; nitinazipe, thy bow ; tinazipe, his bow. i-ta'-zi-pa-i-kan, n. a bow-string. i-te', v. n. to be made blue or bluish by, be made

grape-colored,-imate. i-te', n. the face, -miite, niite. i-t'e', n. the forehead. i-te'-a-ka-kpe, n. a cover for the face, veil. i-te'-a-nog or iteanokatanhan, adv. on both

sides of the face. i-t'e'-ća, adj. slightly warm, lukewarm, tepid.

Said of fluids only : mini it’eća, lukewarm water. i'-te-han, adv. far from. i'-te-han-han, adv. red. of itehan. i'-te-han-han-yan, adv. red. of itehaŋyan. i'-te-han-tan-han, adv. far away from.

even with.

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i'-to-han, adv. how far from ! how long from? i'-to-han-han, adv. red. of ítohan. i'-to-han-yan, adv. how far from? i-to'-he-ya, adv. towards : hekta itoheya, back

wards. i'-to-hna-ka-pi, n. brooches, such as are worn

by the men on their hair and by the women on

their gowns. i-to'-hna-ke, n. the face, countenance, visage,

appearance, presence,-mitohnake. i-to'-ho-mni, adj. dizzy, light-headed ; drunk,

itomahomni, itonihomni. i-to'-ho-mni-ya, v. a. to make dizzy or drunk,

itohomniwaya, itohomniunyanpi. i-to'-i-yo-hi, adj. each one. See otoiyohi. i-to'-ka-ga, n. the south. i-to'-ka-ga, adv. southward. i-to'-ka-ja-tan-hay, adv. to the south of, on the

south side of, from the south. i-to'-kah, cont. of itokaga; southward : itokah

mda, I am going south. i-toʻ-kah-ki-ya, adv. towards the south. i-to'-kah-wa-pa, adv. towards the south. i'-to-kam, adv. before, used either in reference to

place or time, in presence of, -mitokam, nitokam,

wićitokam, i'-to-kam-tu, adv. before. i'-to-kam-tu-ken, adv. before, prior to. i'-to-kam-tu-ya, adv. before. i-to'-ka-pa, v. n. to be before one in birth, be

older than, ---mitokapa, he is older than I. i-to'-ka-pa-tan-han, adv. before, from before,

from the presence of,-mitokapatanhan. i'-to-ka-tam, adv. before the time of a certain

event. i-to'-ke-ća, v. n. to be altered, changed; to be

affected by in any way,--imatokeća, initokeća. i-to'-ke-ca-śni, v. etayhan itokećaśni, it is none

of his business, or it makes no difference to him,

imatokecaśni. i'-to-ki, adv. where from? which way from? i-to'-ki-kta, adv. face to face, facing each other. i'-to-ki-ya, adv. which way from? i'-to-ki-ya-ka, adv. which way from? i'-to-ki-ya-pa, adv. which way from? i'-to-ki-ya-pa-tan-han, adv. which way from? i'-to-ki-ya-tan-han, adv. in what direction

from? i-to'-kto, adv. See itoto. i-to'-ķe-han, adv. formerly, of old. i-tom'-tom, adj. cont. of itomtopa. i-tom'-to-pa, adj. red. of itopa; every fourth

i'-to-na-ke-ća, adv. of what number? i'-to-na-na, adv. of a few : de itonana en yanka,

this is one of a very few. i-ton', v. n. to tell the truth. Not in use. See

itonsni. i-ton'-ka, and i-ton'-ka-e, v. n. to lie, tell a

falsehood; i. q. itoŋśni. i-ton'-kam, adv. See itunkam. i-ton'-ki-pa, v. pos. of itonpa; to value, guard,

take care of one's own,-itoŋwakipa, itoŋunkipapi ; itoniċipa, to take care of oneself,—itonmicipa ; itonicipeśniyan, not taking care of oneself,

neglectful of oneself. i-ton'-ki-pe-ya, adv. carefully, guardedly. i-ton'-pa, v, a. to guard, take care of; to refrain from, beware of,—ito wapa, itoņunpapi, itonċipa,

itonmapa. i-ton'-pa, adj. careful, prudent. i-ton'-pe-ya, adv. carefully, prudently. i-ton'-pe-ya-han, adv. carefully. i-ton'-pi-śni, n. untruth, lies. See itonśni. i-ton'-sni, v. n. to tell an untruth, to lie,-iwa

tonśni, iyatoyśni, uŋkitonpiśni. Hence, oitoyśni,

a lie ; oimayatonéni, thou liest about me. i-ton'-sni-sni, v, red, of itonéni; i. q. itonéni wa

nića. i-ton'-śni-yan, adv. falsely. i-ton'-wan, v. n. to look or see with, as with one's

eyes, --iwatoŋwan, iyatoŋwan. i-to'-o-pta, adv. through, by, as itoopta ya, to go

on past; from one to another, as itoopta wićaķu,

he passes it on to others. i-to'-o-pta-i-ya-ya-pi, n. a purge.

See iyooptaiyayapi. i-to'-o-pte-ya, adv. through, straight through,

passing on. i-to'-pa, adj. the fourth,-imatopa ; in or of the fourth, as itopa en zaptan, or itopa zaptan, five in

the fourth ten, i. e. thirty-five. i-top'-tom, adj. red. See itomtom. i-top'-to-pa, adj. red. of itopa. i-to'-to, v. n. red. of ito; to be made blue by. i-to'-to, adv. turn about, alternately : unmaitoto

ećonkupi kta, we will do it alternately. i-to'-wi-ća-ho-mni, n. a turning round, swim

ming, as of the head ; drunkenness ; something

turns round, as a wheel. i'-to-ye, n. the face, appearance,-mitoye, nitoye. i'-to-ye-ki-ton, v. pos. to wear braids of hair or

ornaments in front,-ítoyeweton. i'-to-ye-ton, v. n. to have braids or ornaments

dangling about one's face ; to wear any thing that

makes one look frightful,-ítoyewaton. i-tpa'-Kdo-ka, v. reflex. of paldoka; to break up

through, as a muskrat under ice.


i'-to-na, adv. of how many ? which number? i'-to-na-ka, adv. of how many ?

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i-tpi', n. the belly, abdomen ; the chest. See

ikpi. i-tpi'-hna-ka, v. a. to put in or around the abdo

men,-itpiwahnaka. See ikpihnaka. i-tpu'-ta-ka, v. pos, of iputaka ; to kiss one's

own,-iwatputaka. See iitputaka. i-tpu'-tpa, adv. mixed up. i-tu', adv. wildly, without being planted or tamed,

as, itu ićaġa, it has grown up of itself ; for no

thing, as, itu ećamoy, I have done it for naught. i-tuh', adv. for nothing, gratuitously, without


i-tu'-haŋ, v. a. to give, bestow ; to give for nothing,

give away, as the Dakotas often do,—ituwahan),

ituunhaŋpi. i-tu'-hay, adv. gratuitously, without reward. i-tu'-hin, adv. for nothing, gratuitously; without

cause, falsely. i-tu'-ka, v. a. to beg, ask one for,-iwatuka, iya

tuka, unkitukapi, imatuka, ićituka. i-tu'-ka-eś, adv. truly, indeed. i-tu'-ka-ga, v. a. to make up a lie on, tell a false

hood about one; to do for nothing, --ituwakaga,

ituunkagapi, itumakaġa. i-tu'-kah, cont. of itukaga. i-tu'-kas, adv. truly, at any rate. i-tu'-ka-sta, adv. for nothing. i-tu'-ki-Han, v. a. of ituhan ; to make a present

of to; to give to one, as the Dakotas do when they expect to be praised for it,-ituwakihan, itu

unkihanpi, itumakihan, itucićihan. i-tun'-kam, adv. on the back : itunkam wanka,

he lies on his back, itunkam ihpaya, to fall back

wards. i-tun'-kam-tu, adv. on the back. i-tu'-o-co-ka, adv. in the middle, between. i-tu'-o-co-ka-ya, adv. between, in the middle. i-tu'-o-ki-ta-he-dan, adv. in the middle, between. i-tu'-ádi, adj. abundant. i-tu'-śdi-ya, adv. abundantly. i-tu'-tu, adv. red. of itu. i-tu'-tu-ya, adv. red, of ituya. i-tu'-un, v. to be in a wild state. Hence, ituunpi,

wild beasts. i-tu'-wo-ta-he-dan, adv. far from any dwell

ing. i-tu'-ya, adv. for nothing, without cause, gra

tuitously. i-tu'-ya-ken, adv. causelessly, gratuitously. i-tins', cont. of itinza. i-tins'-ya, v. a. to make firm by means of,--itins

waya. i-tin'-za, v. n. to be firm by reason of.

i-tun'-ke-ca, v. n. to be suspected of,-imatun

keća. i-u'-ma-na-pći-wan-ka, adj. See iunmanapéin

wanka. i-un', v. a. to rub on, as ointment or soap,-iwaun,

unkiunpi. i-un'-ma-na-pćin-wan-ka, adj. the nineteenth. i-un'-ton, v. a. to put grease or brains on a skin,

in order to dress it,-iunwaton. i-un'-ton-pi, part. greased, prepared for dress

ing. i'-wa-cin, v. to think of going to,-iwaćanmi. i-wa'-cin-ko, v. n. to be impatient about, be out

of humor on account of,-iwaćinmako, iwaćin

niko, iwaćinunkopi. i-wa'-éin-ton, v. to be intelligent by reason of

iwaćinwaton. i-wa'-ein-yan, v. a. to trust in for or in refer

ence to,-iwaćinwaya, iwaćinuŋyanpi. i-wa'-cin-yan, adv. trustingly. i-wa'-cin-za-ta, v. it.

to be undecided about any thing,-iwaćinmazata. i-wa'-hna, adv. slowly. See iwahnana. i-wa'-hna-na, adv. slowly, by short stages ;

carefully. i-wa'-ho-kon-ki-ya, v. a. to instruct in regard

to, to counsel or advise concerning,-iwahokonwakiya, iwahokonunkiyapi, iwahokonmakiya ; wićoni owihanke wanića iwahokonciliya, I coun

sel thee in regard to eternal life. i-wa'-ho-kon-ki-ya-pi, n. instruction, counsel. i-wa'-ho-ya, v. a. to send word to concerning

any thing; to promise; to grant, give by promise ; to permit,-iwahowaya, iwahounyanpi,

iwahoinayan. i-wa'-han-i-çi-da, v. reflex. to be proud of,

iwahanmicida. i'-wa-Kte-da, v.

See iwaltedaśni. i'-wa-hte-da-ka and iwaħtedakae, v. a. to

dislike on account of something,-íwaktewa

dakae. i'-wa-hte-da-śni, v. a. to dislike on account of

something, to dislike something in one; to disesteem, think lightly of for something, -íwalite

wadaśni, íwaliteundapiśni. i-wa'-i-çi-ni-yaŋ, v. reflex. of iwakiniya; to be

dissatisfied with oneself. i'-wa-kan, adj. talkative, tattling, gabbling. i'-wa-kan, n.

a babbler. i'-wa-kan-yan, adv. in a babbling manner. i-wa'-kan-yan, adv. supernaturally. i-wa'-ki-ći, v. n. to dance the scalp-dance,-iwa

wakići, iwayakići, iwaunkićipi.

i-wa'-ki-ći-pi, n. the scalp-dance. This dance

follows the bringing home of the scalps of their enemies. A circle is formed, on one side of which stand the young men with their bodies painted, with their feathers in their heads, and their drums, rattles, and other instruments of music, in their hands; while, on the other side, stand the young women in their best attire, carrying the scalp or scalps stretched on a hoop. The warsong commences, and the women dance around, sometimes advancing towards the men, who are stationary, and then again retreating, and responding at intervals to the music in a kind of chorus. If the scalp is taken in the winter, the dance is kept up, frequently by day and night, until the leaves grow in the spring. If it is taken in the summer, they dance and rejoice

over it until the leaves fall off, when it is buried. i-wa'-ki-con-za, v. a. to influence one, command

one in regard to,-iwawećonza. i-wa'-ki-con-ze, n. a commandment, decree. i-wa'-ki-ni-ya, v. a. to get out of humor with,

to neglect,-iwawakiniya, iwayakiniya. i-wa'-kta, n. a mark, sign, pledge. i-wa'-kta, v. n. to be on one's guard, to be on the

look out ; to guard,-iwawakta, iwayakta. i-wa'-kta-ya, v. a. to put on one's guard, fore

warn,-iwaktawaya, iwaktaunyaypi. i-wa'-kta-ya, adv. guardedly. i-wa'-kte-hda, v. n. to go home in triumph

having taken scalps,-iwaktewahda, iwakteun

hdapi. i-wa'-kte-hdi, v. n. to come home in triumph

bringing scalps,-iwaktewahdi, iwakteunhdipi. i-wa'-na-gi-ye-ya, v.a. to trouble one in regard

to or with. Not much used. See nagiyeya. i-wa'-na-pi-stan-yaŋ, v. a. to kill, hurt, or do

injury with,-iwanapistan waya. Not much used.

See napiśtanyan. i-wa-ni-ti, v. n. to and spend the winter at

for some purpose,-iwaniwati. i'-wa-ni-ye-tu, n. the succeeding winter, next

winter. i-wang', cont. of iwanka; tahiŋća iwang mda, I

am going to lie out for deer. See awang. i-wan'-ga, v. a. to inquire of one, ask one a

question about, call to account,-imunga, inunga,

unkiwangapi, imawanġa, ićiwanga. i-wan'-ga-pi, n. inquiry. See wiwangapi. i-wan'-hdag, cont. of iwanhdaka; iwanhdag

unyakonpi, we are guarding our own. i-wan'-hda-ka, v. pos. of iwanyaka; to look to

or have regard for one's own,-iwan wahdaka. i-wank', cont. of iwaņģa; he iwaŋh wahi, I have

come to inquire about that.

i-wan'-i-çi-hda-ka, v. reflex. to look at oneself;

to guard oneself,-iwanmiţihdaka, iwanunkiệi

hdakapi. i-wan'-i-hdag, cont. of iwanihdaka : iwanjihdag

waun. i-wan'-i-hda-ka, v. to look at oneself in a glass;

to watch over, guard oneself, to set a guard,

iwanmihdaka, iwannihdaka. i-wan'-ka, v. n. to lie down, go and lie down,

go to bed,-imunka, inunka, unkiwankapi. i-wan'-kam, adv. above,-miwankam, niwan

kam, un kiwankam, wićiwankam. i-wan'-kam-tu, adv. above, up. i-wan'-kam-tu-ya, adv. up above. i-wan-kam-tu-ya-ken, adv. above. Not much

used. i-wan'-kan-pa, adv. above one. i-wan'-kan-pa-ta, adv. up above, above one. i-wan'-kan-pa-tan-hay, adv. from above one. i-wan'-ki-ci-ya-ka, v. to look to or watch over

for one,-iwanwećiyaka. i-wan'-ki-ći-ya-ka-pi, v. pl. they look to or

watch over one another,-iwanunkićiyakapi. i-wan'-yag, cont. of iwanyaka ; iwanyag wahi. i-wan'-ya-ka, v. a. to look to or at ; to survey,

examine; to spy out,-iwanmdaka, iwandaka,

iwaŋunyakapi. i-wan'-ya-ka-pi, n. spies, surveyors. i-wan'-ya-ke, n. something by which to see, the

sight of a gun. i-wan'-zi-ća, adv. very much. i-wa'-pe-tog, cont. of iwapetokeća. i-wa'-pe-tog-ton, v. a. to mark or brand with,

-iwapetog waton, iwapetoguntonpi. i-wa'-pe-to-ke-ća, n. a mark, sign. i-wa'-s'ag, cont, of 'was’aka. i-wa'-s'ag-ya, v. a. to strengthen by means of,

iwas'agwaya. i-wa'-s'a-ka, v. n. to be strong by reason of or

for,-iwamas'aka, iwauyś’akapi. i-wa'-s'a-ka, n. strength, the source of strength. i-wa'-se-ca, v. n. to be rich, in provisions espe

cially,-iwamaśeća, iwaunsećapi, iwawićaseća. i'-wa-si-cun, v. n. to be talkative, to talk badly,

-ímawasićun, iniwasićun. i-wa'-šte, v. n. to be better by means of,-ima

waste. i-wa'-ste-dan, adv. slowly, moderately, care

fully; but little, not much : iwastedan yazan, he

is not very sick. i-wa'-ste-ka, v. n. to be none the better for : he

taku iniwasteka, thou art none the better for that. i-wa'-ste-ya, adv. better. i-wa'-ste-ya-ken, adv. a little better. Not

much used.

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i-wa'-to-ki-ya-ka-e, v. n. he etanhan iwatoki

yakae, what matter is it to him ? how does it con

cern him? i-wa'-to-ki-ya-pa-ka-e, v. n. Same as iwato

kiyakae. i-wa'-to-ki-ya-pa-śni, v. n. it does not concern

one,-iwamatokiyapaśni. i-wa'-to-ki-ya-śni, v. N. to be none of one's busi

ness : he etanhan iwanitokiyaśni, it is none of thy

business. i-wa'-wi-ku-wa, v. a. to do something to make

one angry, to provoke one,-iwawiwakuwa. i-wa'-ya-zan, v. n.

to be sick in consequence of, -iwamayazan. i-wa'-yu-pi-ka, v. n. to be skilful, handy on ac

count of, or in doing,-iwamdupika ; i. q. iwayu

pi kiçun. i-wa'-yu-pi-ya, adv. handily, nicely, well. i-wa'-zi-ya-pa, adv. to the north of. i-wa'-zi-ya-pa-tan-han, adv. to the north of. i-wa'-zi-ya-ta, adv. at the north of. i-wa'zi-ya-tan-haŋ, adv. northward of. i-we', v. n. to bleed by reason of,—imawe. i'-we, v. n. to bleed at the mouth, -ímawe. i-we'-ce-ya, v. a. to have regard for, do as one

commands,—iwećewaya, iwećeunyanpi; iwećeye

śni, to disregard,—iwećemayeśni. i'-we-hi-yu-ya, v. to raise blood, spit blood,

iwehiyuwaya. i-we'-sde-ka, v. n. to do something entitling to

honor, as the killing of an enemy,-iwewa

śdeka. i-wi'-ća-hna-yan, n. of hnayan; deception. i-wi'-ca-hu-pi, n. of hu; sodomy. This is now

a vulgar bye word. i-wi'-ca-po, n. of po; a swelling, inflation on

account of i'-wi-ca-pu-za, n. of ipuza; thirst. i-wi'-ca-ste-ca, n. of isteća; shame. i-wi'-kće-mna, adj. the tenth. i-wi'-kće-mna-mna, adj. red. of iwikéemna ;

every tenth one; tithes. i-win'-kta, v. n. to glory in, be proud of,-ima

winkta, iniwinkta, unkiwinktapi. i-win'-kta-kta, v. red. of iwinkta. i-win'-kta-pi, n. a glorying in. i-win'-kta-ya, v. a. to cause to glory in,-iwin

ktawaya. i-win'-kta-ya, adv. glorying, proudly. i-wi'-stan, v. a. to treat well, as a sick person, —

iwawiśtan. See ikićiwistan. i-wi'-tko, v. n. to be drunk on,-imawitko: taku

iwitko, something that makes drunk, liquor. i-wi'-tko-tko-ka, v. n. to become foolish by

means of

i-wi'-tko-ya, v. a. to make drunk with,-iwitko

waya. i'-wi-yo-hi-yan-pa-ta, adv. at the east of. i'-wi-yo-hi-yan-pa-tan-han, adv. to the east

of i-wo'-hda-ka, v. pos. of iwoyaka; to speak in

reference to one's own,-iwowahdaka. i-wo'-hdu-ze, n. the cause of taboo.

hduze. i-wo'-mni-yan, adv. carefully, attentively : iwo

mniya, anagoptay, he listened attentively. i-wo'-mni-yen, adv. not hastily, leisurely, care

fully : iwomniyen ećamon, I did it carefully. i-wo'-mni-ye-tu, adv. slowly, carefully. i-wo-mni-ye-tu-ken, adv. not in haste. i-wo-ya-ka, v. a. to relate or tell of, to speak in

reference to--iwomdaka. See woyaka. i-ya', intj. of surprise, on meeting a friend unex

pectedly. I'-ya, n. a fabulous creature worshipped by the

Dakotas. i-ya'-be, adv. individually, singly, or in little

companies, as the Dakotas go in hunting deer :

iyabe unyanpi, we are going separately. i-ya'-be-ya, adv. singly, separately, scattered, as

in hunting : iyabeya unyanpi, we go separately. i'-ya-be-ya, adv. scattering around, dispersedly:

iyabeya unkodepi, scattering ourselves around we

hunted. i-ya'-ći-ća, adj. rough, ruffled up, said of hair or

feathers. i-ya'-éin, v. a. to liken to, compare with,-imda

éin, idaéin, unkiyacinpi. i-ya'-cin-ken, adv. by way of comparison. i-ya'-cin-pi, n. likeness, resemblance. i-ya'-cin-yan, adv. like to, in like manner, equal

to; parabolically, metaphorically. i-ya'-cin-yan-ken, adv. somewhat like. i-ya'-co, v.a. to judge of, judge on account of, to

condemn for,-imdaćo, idaćo. i-ya'-di, e'. a. to climb up on,-iyawadi, iyayadi,

iyaundipi. Hence, ćan iyadipi, stairs. i-yag'-ton, v. of iyake; to put a feather on an

arrow,-iyagwaton. i-ya'-ge, n. a bunch, a cluster, as of grapes. i-ya'-han, v. a. to go and stand on; to alight

down in or on, as birds in a corn-field or on a

tree, -iyawahan, unkiyahanpi. i'-ya-han, v. a. to put the foot on, step on any

thing,-iyawahan. i'-ya-hda-psin-yan, adv. bottom upwards. i-ya'-hda-psin-yan, v. a.

to turn over upon any thing,-iyahdapšinwaya. i-ya'-hda-ski-ca, v. n. to lie on, press on, cover,


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